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com Grade Level: V

GRADES 1 to 12 Teacher: File Created by Maam IRENE A. MANZANERO Learning Area: ENGLISH
DAILY LESSON LOG Teaching Dates and
Time: OCTOBER 30 NOVEMBER 3, 2017 (WEEK 1) Quarter: 3RD QUARTER


A. Content Standards The learner. The learner. The learner. The learner. Weekly test
listens critically to different text listens critically to different text listens critically to different text listens critically to different text
types; expresses ideas logically in types; expresses ideas logically in types; expresses ideas logically in types; expresses ideas logically in
oral and written forms; needs. oral and written forms; needs. oral and written forms; needs. oral and written forms; needs.

B. Performance Standards The learner... The learner... The learner... The learner...
demonstrates interest in reading demonstrates interest in reading demonstrates interest in reading demonstrates interest in reading to
to meet various to meet various to meet various meet various
C. Learning Distinguish fact from opinion - Infer the meaning of unfamiliar - Infer the meaning of words -Compose clear and coherent
Competencies/Objectives Observe politeness at all times words (Compound) based on based on given context clues sentences using appropriate
Write the LC code for each EN5LC-IIIa-2.10 given context clues (Synonyms and Antonyms) grammatical
EN5A-IIIa-16 - Read grade level text with - Show tactfulness when EN5G-IIIa-7.3.1
accuracy, appropriate rate and communicating with others
CG PP 109 proper expression EN5V-IIIa-20.4
- Observe politeness at all times EN5A-IIIa-17 CG PP 109
EN5F-IIIa-1.3 CG PP 109
CG PP 109
II. CONTENT Distinguishing Fact from Compound Words (Vocabulary Synonyms and Antonyms Composing clear and coherent
Opinion ( Listening ) Development) (Vocabulary Development) sentences using appropriate
grammatical structures

A. References
1. Teachers Guide pages
2. Learners Material pages
3. Textbook pages Lesson Guide in Elementary Lesson Guide In English 5 pp. 103- Lesson Guides in Elementary English Expressways: Reading and
English pp. 33 35 104 English 5 pp. 117-121 Language (Teachers Manual) pp.
English Expressways (Textbook in Google Images 185 188
Reading) pp.215-216 English Expressways:Language (Text
Google Images book for Grade 5) pp. 243 251
4. Additional Materials from
Learning Resource (LR)
B. Other Learning Resources metacards, strip of paper rolled picture, strip of cartolina, realia topic wheel, puzzle, poem realia, pictures, chart of
with ribbon, box, manila paper, prepositions
pentel pen
A. Reviewing previous lesson Game: Pick out a strip ( rolled Study the picture. Tell something A. Setting the Stage Directions: The teacher will show
or presenting the new with ribbon ) with a statement about it. 1.Use a topic wheel. Answer the pictures showing the use of
lesson stating a fact or an opinion inside 1. What are the following question at the center. prepositions. The pupils will analyze
a box. Those who picked an pastries/cakes made of? the different positions of the mouse
opinion should go to the left side; 2. List down some ingredients in on the image.
those who picked a fact should go making cupcakes or
to the right side. Pupils who did pancakes/applesauce etc.
not get it correctly should recite a
poem or a dance number.

* Boats never sink.

* Ice is cold.
* Three is not a number
between two and four.
* All people can read.
* A kitten grew up to be a cat.
* You should brush your teeth.
* A baby cannot count one to
* Rich people are happy.
B. Establishing a purpose for the Infer the meaning of unfamiliar 2. Distribute each letter to pupils. The teacher will show the chart of
lesson words (Compound) based on Ask them to rearrange the letters preposition and explain the
given context clues and give the meaning of the meaning and use of each
Read grade level text with word. They will stand in front Original File Submitted and
accuracy, appropriate rate and with the letter. (Encourage the Formatted by DepEd Club Member -
proper expression pupils to give other meanings of visit depedclub.com for more
the given word)
(lovely) LYVELO
_________ 1. beautiful
(elegant) GEELTAN
_________2. graceful
(adaptable) EAAADPTLB
_________3. pliant
(fragrant) TRANFRAG

________ 4. sweet
(shining) NIIHGSN
________ 5. sparkling
C. Presenting 1. Say: I have here a paragraph to 1. I have here a paragraph. Please 1. I have here a poem. Please The teacher will ask the pupils to
examples/instances of the read with you. read orally. Follow the proper read orally. Follow the proper choose the appropriate preposition
new lesson 2. Read the paragraph to the reading with accuracy, reading with to complete each sentence. Choose
pupils. appropriate rate and accuracy,appropriate rate and from the word bank below
3. Comprehension check-up proper expression. proper expression.
4. Ask them to distinguish fact
from opinion. 2. Read the paragraph.
One Sundayafternoon,
Listen to the following Julian, the baker is busy making
paragraphs. cupcakes and cooking pancakes.
a. Jose works with animals. In Celia, his helper is busy packing
fact, he spends every spare applesauce and strawberry jam.
moment in a neighborhood pet They will bri2ng these to
store. After school, he helps feed Chinatown where anybody can
the animals and clean their cages. buy them anytime.
He spends a lot of time training
the animals so that they could 3. Comprehension check-up
get along with people. a. Who is Julian?
b. Jose believes that being a b. What is the work of the baker?
veterinarian and working with c. What does Celia pack?
animals would be a wonderful d. When did the story happen?
thing for him to do when he e. If you were a baker what bread
grows up. He thinks that he will would you prefer to bake?
become an excellent veterinary 4. Ask them to pick out the
doctor in the future. different compound words from
Which paragraph expresses truth paragraph mentioned above
or fact?
D. Discussing new concepts and Let the pupils read sentences Modeling for Pupils MY NATIVE LAND
practicing new skills #1 distinguishing fact from opinion. 1. Look for the underlined words by: Esmeraldo B. Pascua
a. A forest is the best place to in our story.
relax. 2. Read the two words found in How beautiful are her mountains
b. Forests protect our wildlife and each word. grand
provide homes, food and water to The peaceful valleys between
animals and birds. Sunday =sun + day Her sparkling sun and cooling
c. Trees prevent flood that can kill afternoon=after + noon rains
people and crops. cupcakes =cup + That bathe the fertile plains
d. From these forests come wood cakes
for houses, telephone posts, pancakes =pan + How graceful are her stately
electric light polesand many other cakes plains
things. applesauce=apple + Her towering emerald trees
e. Forest fires can be prevented. sauce How pliant her rustling bamboos
Fact is a statement which strawberry=straw + green
experiences and experiments berry Dancing blissfully in the breeze
have proven to be true. Chinatown=China + town How pretty her white
Opinion is a view or guess which anybody =any + body sampaguitas
may or may not be true. Clue anytime =any + time And fragrant orchids so rare
words like think,believes, feel, How modest and sweet her
must be, must and probably, Compound Word comes from daughters
seems often signal opinion. two different words that have Who harvest the golden grain
been put together to form anew
word with a new meaning. How I love her rainbow birds
Her blue skies and sparkling
How I love this dear Philippines
Home on this troubled earth.
E. Discussing new concepts and Fact is a statement which Comprehension check-up
practicing new skills #2 experiences and experiments a. What are found
have proven to be true. between grand mountains?
Opinion is a view or guess which b. How will you describe
may or may not be true. Clue the plains?
words like think,believes, feel, c. Explain why bamboos
must be, must and probably, are pliant.
seems often signal opinion.1. The d. Compare the
teacher will direct the pupils to sampaguitas and the orchids.
write at least 2 sentences e. Can you name three
distinguishing factfrom opinion. things you love most in our
F. Developing mastery 2. Group Activity a. Group the pupils accordingly Directions: The teacher will ask Directions: The teacher will ask the
(Leads to Formative a. The pupils will group into five. b. Explain the directions of the the pupils to copy the words that pupils to read the short paragraph
Assessment 3) b. The teacher will explain the activity is spelled correctly. below. Let them analyze the use of
Directions of the activity. 3. Activity proper gloruious prepositions in sentences.
c. There are metacards where the Directions: Lets make compound glorious
sentences of fact and opinion are words. Write the compound word gloriouos Maria is walking on the grass. Riaz is
written. on the blank before its meaning. resplendent walking on the foot-path.A boy and
d. The group will distinguish _____________________ 1. store resplenden a girl are running across the road.It
whether the sentences are fact or where books are sold rescplendent is not safe.They should look right
opinion by pasting it in the _____________________ 2. verdant verdent and left and then cross the
proper heading. marker placed between the pages vardent road.They are going to school.They
3. Activity proper. of the book plaintive pliantiv are late for school.They are all in a
Sentences: _____________________ 3. a set plaintive hurry.The school begins at half past
a. I love water. of shelves or cabinet for holding boundlhes seven.The children are in the class
b. Drink about 6-8 glasses of books boundiless room.They are putting their bags
water each day to be healthy and _____________________ 4. boundless on desk. They are sitting on
strong. person who spends much time their chair. The teacher in coming
c. Animals need water to survive. reading a book into the class room.The children are
d. Some plants can live without _____________________ 5. used looking at the teacher.She
water. to protect the eyes from the suns is writing on the black board.She
e. Clean water is pure. glare is writing with a piece of chalk. Zia is
late.He is walking into the class
G. Finding practical applications F. READ AND LEARN Pick out the compound words 1. The teacher will ask the pupils
of concepts and skills in daily Directions:Read each statement from the sentences. to use the following words from
living and then circle whether it is a fact 1. Daylight begins at early the poem in sentences
or opinion. Explain your morning. 2. Group Activity:
answer. 2. We put all our toys in the a. The pupils will be
1. The fastest land dwelling playroom. grouped into five
creature is the Cheetah. 3. I got sunburn when we went to b. The teacher will
Fact or Opinion Explain: the beach. explain the activity
2. The ugliest sea creature is the 4. The teacher told the pupils to Group Activity
manatee. underline the correct answer. Directions: Make a list of 5
Fact or Opinion Explain: 5. We have P.E. in the afternoon. synonym or antonym word pairs.
3. Oranges contain both calcium Use each pair in a sentence.
and vitamin C. Examples:
Fact or Opinion Explain: sad and unhappy
4. Diamonds are the hardest mistake and error
substance on Earth. sleepy and drowsy
Fact or Opinion Explain: perhaps and maybe
5. McDonalds sells more Groups 1-3: Synonyms
hamburgers than any other Groups 4-5: Antonyms
restaurant chain in the world.
Fact or Opinion Explain:
H. Making generalizations and What have you learned from What have you learned from *Synonyms words that have What have you learned from
abstractions about the lesson todays lesson? todays lesson? similar meaning todays lesson?
Give other examples of *Antonyms words that
compound words have opposite meaning
I. Evaluating learning Directions: Distinguish fact from Read each sentence and fill in the Directions: Identify the words
opinion. Write F if the sentences blank with a compound word. that have similar meaning or
express fact and O if it is Choose your answer below. opposite meaning of each
anopinion on the blank before underlined words.
the number. 1. The 1. The grand mountains are
______ 1. From birth to ____________________did their beautiful.
adulthood, we grow physically, best to save the burning building. a. attractive c. elegant
intellectually, and emotionally. 2. Please go to the b. marvelous d. radiant
______ 2. According to many, ___________________________ 2. How graceful are her stately
girls mature earlier than boys do. for some medicine. plains!
______ 3. I guess growing up has 3. Grandfather went to the a. willowy c.
many challenges. barber shop for a delicate
______ 4. During adolescence, ___________________________ b. obedient d.
boys grow to manhood and girls __. refined
develop into womanhood. 4. We will go to the 3. How sweet and modest are
______ 5. Maybe, I would look ___________________________ her daughters who harvest the
like my mother. _to harvest fruits and vegetables. golden grain!
5. I have a. darling c.
________________________may harmonious
be because I ate too much. b. pure d. fragrant
haircut firemen stomachache 4. How graceful are her towering
drugstore backyard cornfield emerald trees!
a. brief c. tiny
b. little d. low
5. How I love this dear
Philippines, home on this
troubled earth!
a. peaceful c.
b. restful d.
J. Additional activities for 1. The pupils will write the
application or remediation compound word that mean the
_______________________ bell
by the door
_______________________ ache
or pain at the back of the body
_______________________ cake
fried on a pan
room where classes are held
_______________________ cloth
to cover
A. No. of learners who
earned 80% in the
B. No. of learners who require
additional activities for
remediation who scored
below 80%
C. Did the remedial lessons
work? No. of learners who
have caught up with the
D. No. of learners who continue
to require remediation
E. Which of my teaching
strategies worked well? Why
did these work?
F. What difficulties did I
encounter which my principal
or supervisor can help me
G. What innovation or localized
materials did I use/discover
which I wish to share with
other teachers?

File Submitted by DepEd Club Member - depedclub.com

File Created by Maam IRENE A. MANZANERO