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This Legal form of documents is been establish by two concern sides; (side A ______________) also known as the

______________________ and (side B ______________) also known as the ______________________ wherein, The two concern
sides have approved on the provisos which were stated in This Legal form of document.

Electronic Trading System refers such electronic INFORMATION interchange system and/or World Wide Web application and/or
other application with such message standards and protocols as the (side B) may specify from time to time.

Unless otherwise stated in the Order, the (side A) is responsible for obtaining all export and import licenses for the Goods and shall
be responsible for whichever setbacks due to such licenses not being available when needed.


No payment of or on account of the Contract Price shall constitute whichever admission by the (side B) or whichever Beneficiary as
to proper performance by the (side A) of its obligations. In the event of the (side B) or whichever Beneficiary breaching Clause ____,
the (side A) shall be entitled to charge interest on the outstanding amount owed by the (side B) or whichever Beneficiary in harmony
with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act ____.

The (side B)s or whichever Beneficiarys right of rejection shall continue irrespective of whether the (side B) or the Beneficiary has
in law accepted the Goods. In particular, taking release, inspection, use or payment by the (side B) or whichever Beneficiary of the
Goods or part of them is not constitute acceptance, waiver or approval and shall be with no prejudice to whichever right or remedy
that the (side B) or whichever Beneficiary may have against the (side A) provided that the right of rejection shall cease within a
reasonable time from the date on which the (side B) or the Beneficiary discovers or might reasonably be expected to discover the
latent defect or other relevant breach of contract.

If needed by the (side B) or whichever Beneficiary, the concern sides shall co-operate in sharing information and developing
performance measurement criteria with the object of improving the concern sides efficiency. whichever such agreements shall be
fully recorded in writing by the (side B) or Beneficiary as the case may be.

If with the (side B)'s or whichever Beneficiarys consent the (side A) sub-contracts the production or supply of whichever Goods,
every act or omission of the sub (side A) shall for the reasons of the Contract be deemed to be the act or omission of the (side A)
and the (side A) shall be legally responsible to the (side B) or whichever Beneficiary thereafter as if such act or omission had been
committed or omitted by the (side A) itself.

The Concern Parties agree to the abovementioned listed legal conditions. In witness whereof, the concern sides hereto set their
hands as of the date first written above.

(side A), signature & date (side B), signature & date
Date Date

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