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Cell phone in Our Life

In this life, all come from a simplicity. Then, technology changes the simplicity into something
which is very useful in all aspects of human life. This world, as if it cannot get off of information, and
this world really needs the presence of technology to process the information. Technology also makes
our life without distance, all felt close by the presence of technology.

Originally technology is only to help a man in fulfilling their needs, but as the development of it,
there was a transfer of technology functions. Cell phone was used only for a means to communicate and
only used by certain people who are usually businessperson. But, as the development of era, the cell
phone is getting complete with many interesting features and used by all the circles especially among
teenagers. Now, the cell phone is not just a tool of communication but has become a lifestyle for most of

Now, the world of cell phones is the world of communication to share, and entertain, such as
picture, games, music, and video. The price offered of a cell phone is quite affordable and cell phone is
also equipped with features like the internet, games, music, video, camera that support technological
development. Only by a cell phone, we can get a lot of information through the features of cell phone
which is called internet. The internet is the most updated source of information. Now, the use of cell
phone is dominated by internet features especially social networking media, like facebook. Facebook
has already been friend of in this life. Among teenagers, cell phones is used as a multi function tool of
communication. Because of that, they may use it in positive and negative way. It depends on the
individual itself. However, nowadays, teenagers are very prone to negative impacts. It is as result from
their attitude which tend to try new things and their age which is liable of influence from outside or
inside their environment.In the past, children went to school bringing books, but now instead they bring
cell phone as if the cell phone is obligatory goods they have to bring, whether they really need it or just
take it as a style of their lives to keep confident. If we look at a lot of people from various communities,
they will not miss the popping up technology in this world. Various circles do not only have one cell
phone but more than one cell phone which actually spends more money.

We also often see on the road, many drivers misuse the cell phone. They are driving and at the
same time, they are calling, sending text messages or accessing internet. Whereas, this can cause traffic
accidents because they do not focus on the road but they focus on their cell phone. In addition, there is
also the misuse of the cell phone at the time of the process of teaching and learning at schools that while
the teacher is explaining the lesson in front of the class, the students are playing the cell phone. It has a
very negative impact on the students achievement. Their achievement can be dropped. Even, at the
examination, there are some students who misuse the cell phone to exchange answers through text
messages with their friends.

We are as the young generation should be able to control the flow of globalization. We must also
be smart in controlling our emotions in the use of cell phone and other technology. We have to be wise
in using the technology, especially cell phone. We should develop it, not only misuse it.
The reason why floods are common in Indonesia
Flood has been included in the annual disaster agenda in Indonesia. Not only in Jakarta, but in
almost all areas of Indonesia flooded in December to February. Every year the government is always
trying to solve the problem of flooding. But as they have done before, the flood is still there. Even tend to
get worse from year to year. So who is responsible for this flood disaster? The whole community is
responsible for the flood. we can not just blame the government alone. There should be cooperation
between government and community to support each other. The following three factors are the main cause
of the flood that always hit Jakarta.

The first is the high rainfall. The exact weather forecast submitted by BMKG agents, January and
February is the peak of the rainy season. This means the rainfall in these two months is at the highest
intensity. The volume of rainwater that spilled into the mainland could eventually not be accommodated
in rivers, ditches, lakes and water reservoirs in the wider Jakarta area. The increasingly narrow green land
also causes the rainfall can not soak to the ground. Logic, if the volume of water that eventually flows
into the river cuts Capital which then overflows and floods the inhabitants and highways.

The second factor is caused by human ignorance. Building settlements and homes on the banks of
the river, littering, and neglecting to create green open spaces is a form of ignorance that eventually brings
floods and other disasters. Flood is basically a disaster for ourselves by accident because of our ignorance
of the ecosystem and the environment. The settlement on the banks of the river narrows the width of the
river and makes river sedimentation faster. Consequently, the capacity of the river is very limited and
uncompromising the flow of water and flooding of settlements.Trash is also a major cause of flooding.
Tons of garbage dumps, drainage, and sluice keep water flowing into the sea. This blockage causes the
water to overflow. The lack of green open space in Jakarta keeps the water from sinking into the ground.

The last factor is the lack of government attention in development policy towards environmental
capacity. Economic motivation has always been the driving force for construction. Settlements outside
Jakarta generate thousands of constructors. As a result, the open area is narrower. It makes the rain fall in
this area growing rapidly flowing into the sea. Unfortunately, before reaching the sea, first pass through
Jakarta area. This is proof that its development is driven by pure economic motives that often cause
disaster. Because of the greed of this man, we must be willing when disaster comes, especially the flood
in the rainy season, will be an unresolved problem. Both government and society must work together and
support each other in the face of floods. instead of blaming each other.