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1900-1910 1920-1930 1940-early 1950 1950-1960 1970-1980 1990-2008

First documented use First use of the term World War 2 and the US The increase of us of Microcomputers become Use of the internet starts
of media in instruction. audio-visual army air force produces Computer Aided inexpensive and very to increase. University
School museums, instruction. 400 training films and 600 Instruction (CA). popular. enrolment in distance
portable museum filmstrips. The US federal Instructors begin using learning courses increases,
Sound becomes Microcomputers
exhibits, stereographs, government establishes Computer-Aided along with the number of
important. Radio and increasingly used in
slides, films, charts are the Division of visual Aids instruction in the public computers per student.
movies with sound schools.
prevalent. for War Training schools and universities.
become prevalent. Computer based training,
The term Instructional
First use of the term Television becomes a The Ford Foundation E-learning, simulations,
The great depression media is defined as a
visual education and method of instructing. The invests heavily in games, social media
visualizing the means of instruction.
visual instruction Federal Communications educational TV. become more popular.
curriculum book
commission sets aside 242
released, presenting a First use of the term
channels for educational
hierarchy of media. educational
technology and