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Annexure to Tender Enquiry No. DPS/IRPU/ENG/56088

Technical Specifications for High-purity Water Treatment Plant

1. Scope of work
Scope of work includes:
a. Supply, Installation & Commissioning of High-purity Water Treatment plant
of 800 liters per hour capacity at RRCAT. The scope does not include any civil
construction at site.
b. Supply and installation of one no. of water storage tanks of capacity 5000 liters
as per point No 7.1 of this specification.
c. Supply and installation of two nos. of water storage tanks of capacity 2000
liters each as per point No 7.13 and 7.15 of this specification.
d. Supply of one no. of water storage tanks of capacity 2500 liters as per point No
7.21 of this specification.
2. Intended Use
The plant will be used to produce high-purity water of resistivity > 12 M-cm having
TOC < 300 ppb. The water will be used for rinsing of superconducting radio
frequency cavities at 100 bar pressure in a class 100 cleanroom. Quality of high-purity
water is required to be similar to the water used in semiconductor industry. The high
purity water quality shall conform to ASTM D5127, grade E3 or equivalent. The
Water purification system should be capable of operating continuously for 8-10 hours
in a day. The frequency of operation may be once or twice in a week.
3. Pre-Qualification criteria for the bidders

a. The bidder shall be original manufacturer or his authorized dealers /

representative. The bought out items required for the high purity water treatment
plant shall be procured from OEM or their authorized dealer. In the event of
placement of an order the supplier should submit proof/copy of invoice of
procuring the material from authorized dealer/OEM at the time of supply.
b. The bidder shall have supplied and installed the water purification system of
similar capacity and quality at 2 installations in India. The bidder shall submit a
list of customers with their address and contact details along with the names of
the contact persons. The purchaser reserves the right to communicate with them
for getting information on the bidders as well as systems performance. Please
attach a performance certificate issued by the client in support of the above.
c. OEM shall give an undertaking that they will support the purchaser for this
project for the next five years from the date of acceptance by providing all spare
parts, components and devices.
d. The original equipment manufacturer shall operate under ISO 9001:2008 or
equivalent Quality Management System with High-purity Water Treatment Plant

manufacturing in scope of certification. The Certifying Body (CB) must be accredited
as per applicable International Standard (ISO 17021). The bidder shall submit a
certificate to this effect along with their bid. The ISO certificates submitted by
bidders are subject to verification and bids with certificates not conforming to ISO
accreditation requirements shall be rejected.

4. List of documents to be submitted with offer :

Following documents should be submitted by the supplier along with the offer:

a. Full description including P&I diagram for the water purification system
b. Technical datasheet of individual items including make and model nos.
c. Total energy consumption by the offered water treatment plant
d. Compliance statement as per Annexure-A of this specification.
e. List of clients with full contact details to whom similar water purification
systems have been supplied.
f. Authorization letter for sales & service of the water purification system in case
bidder is not the original manufacturer of the water purification system.

5. Basic requirements of water purification system

The basic requirement parameters of water purification system are as following:

S No. Parameter Value

1. Product water flow rate > 800 Liters per Hour (LPH)
2. Product water Resistivity >12 M-cm
3. TOC < 300 ppb
4. Total Bactria Count <10 CFU/100 ml
5. Material of construction:
Storage tank Polypropylene (PP) / Polyethylene (PE)

Gaskets Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) /

Ethylene propylene diene terpolymer

Plumbing Forward line: SS 316L

Rcirculation loop : Poly Vinylidene
Flouride PVDF

Water transfer pump SS 316

System should be able to handle feed water with following parameters (typical

a. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) = 520 ppm
b. Total Hardness (as CaCO3) = 350 ppm
c. Electrical conductivity = 750 S/cm
d. pH = 7.7
e. Turbidity expressed in NTU unit < 1
f. Silica (as SiO2) = 25 ppm
g. Sulphate (as SO4) = 20 ppm
h. Chloride (as Cl) = 25 ppm
i. Total iron < 0.1 ppm

6. Layout and description of water treatment plant

The required water purification scheme is shown in figure 1.

6.1. Water purification scheme should include but not be limited to: Raw Water
Storage Tank with Chlorine dosing, Pressure sand filters, Watre softening
plant, Sodium Meta Bisulphite (SMBS) doser, Antiscalant doser, pH
correction doser, Micron filter cartridge, RO modules with pump, Electro-
Deionization (EDI) module, Mixed bed resin module, Ultraviolet (UV)
sterilization system, micron/sub-micron size filters, suitable transfer pumps,
associated plumbing work and storage tanks.

Figure 1: Water Purification Scheme

6.2. RO module/s should consist of suitable composite RO membrane inside a

stainless steel/FRP housing and mounted on skid.

6.3. Provision of sampling valves at the feed and permeate sides of RO systems
shall be provided

6.4. System should have self-regenerating electro-deionization (EDI) module for

further removal of ions and organics from RO water. The modules should
have sufficient flow capacity to match with the required product water flow
rate. The modules should be provided with a resistivity / conductivity meter
and PLC based control panel with all basic features.

6.5. System should have suitable UV module. Ultra violet (UV) sterilizers must
provide sufficient dosage levels at the end of the lamp life. Guaranteed
service life for lamp shall be provided.

6.6. Water storage tanks must have conical bottoms with drains located at the
nadir of the tank. Tank should have smooth inner surfaces to prevent bio-film
formation. The tanks should be translucent with water levels visible through
the tank wall. Tank floats or level meters must be compatible with high-
purity water and therefore should not be a potential source of contamination.

6.7. Pumps should be oil free to prevent oil flow into purified water. Material of
construction of pumps shall be stainless steel.

6.8. All the main line pipes and fittings shall be made of Stainless Steel grade
316L. The pipeline in recirculating loop shall be made of PVDF. All the
pipes and fittings should have smooth inner surfaces free from rough under
bead, cracks and crevices. There shall be no dead legs in the piping to avoid
the potential for bacteria propagation

7. Technical requirement specifications of Components of water treatment plant

7.1. Raw Water Storage Tank

Raw water storage tank of 5000 litres capacity made of PVC material with triple
layer construction shall be provided. Tank will be kept outside the room and will
see all weather condition round the year. Tank must be 100% UV stabilised.
Tank shall be of reputed make with ISI certification like Sintex or equivalent.

7.2. Hypo Solution dosing system

About 10 % sodium hypochlorite dosing of raw water is required to safeguard
the static filtration systems from microbiological growth. Hypo dosing system
consisting of 1 no. of self-supported FRP preparation cum dosing tank and 1 no.
of electro-metering plunger pump shall be provided. The tank should be fitted
with agitator, low level switch and sight glass for level indication. NRV should
be available in the discharge segment.
Dosing tank details:
Capacity : 100 litres or nearest standard
Top & bottom : Flat: bottom, removable covered top
Material : FRP :
Liquid to be : 5 -10
: % sodium hypochlorite at ambient temperature
held (slightly acidic in nature)
Accessories :Agitator with drive motor
Magnetic float operated level switch, interlocked
with hypo dosing Pumps (Low level)

Level switch shall be compatible with working fluid.
Manufacturer test certificate for material
compatibility shall be provided. Preferred makes of
level switch are Teleflo, Pune Techtrol or equivalent.

Dosing pump details:

Type : Plunger type, skid mounted electronic

metering pump
Capacity : 0-5 LPH, 5.0 bar injection pressure
Drive : Solenoid coil with pulser, single phase
220V AC 50 Hz supply

Diaphragm : PTFE
Head : SS316
Valve ball : Ceramic
Valve ring seal : PTFE
Suction tubing : LDPE
Discharge pipe : 25 mm CSRL
Make :ASIA LMI/SANDUR/ Equivalent
7.3. Raw water feed pump
Suitable pump of stainless steel 316 shall be provided. Capacity of the pump
shall be decided by the supplier and mentioned in the offer. Pump shall be of
reputed make like Grundfos/Wilo/ SPX Johnson etc.

7.4. Pressure Sand Filters

Suitable multigrade sand filters shall be provided for removal of suspended
solids. Filter housing shall be designed for minimum operating pressure of 2 bar.
Filters should be of sufficient capacity to provide required flow rate. Material of
filter containers and pipes shall be FRP. Filters shall be provided with multiport
valves. Automatic operation of pre-filters shall be preferred

7.5. Water softening unit

To reduce calcium and magnesium scaling on the membranes, an automatic
water softening unit shall be provided. The capacity of softening unit shall be
sufficient to provide required flow of the product water. MOC of vessels shall be
FRP. Water softening unit shall be of reputed make like Pentair/Structural etc.

7.6. SMBS Doser

To ensure complete dechlorination of the feed water Sodium Meta Bisulphite

(SMBS) dosing shall be provided before water enters R.O. Membranes. MOC of
doser shall be FRP. Doser shall be equipped with suitable pump and level
switch, isolation valve. An ORP meter shall be provided to indicate the presence
of chlorine.

7.7. Antiscalant Doser
In order to avoid fouling of membrane filters by hardness salts in water, suitable
antiscalant dosing system shall be provided. Dosing system should comprise of
dosing tank of approx. 100 litres capacity or as available, all necessary
associated piping, valves, mounted with dosing pump of suitable capacity.
Dosing pump shall be plunger type with head made of FRP/PP and all other
contact parts of stainless steel. M.O.C. of tank shall be HDPE. Tank shall be
equipped with suitable level switch and agitator. Pump shall be of reputed make
like Milton Roy/Equivalent.

7.8. pH Correction Doser

A pH correction doser shall be provided for dosing a calculated amount of
sodium hydrochloride to maintain the pH of water just above 7, in order to
remove CO2 from water. Doser shall operate in automatic mode. It should be
equipped with suitable pH analyser and controller. MOC of doser tank shall be
FRP. Dosing pump shall be of compatible material. Pump shall be of reputed
make like Milton Roy/Equivalent.

7.9. Micron cartridge filter unit

A stainless steel pressure vessel with PP cartridges/elements of 5 micron rating
for removal of particles shall be provided. Make of cartridge shall be GE
Osmonics / Purtrex or Equivalent.

7.10. High pressure pumps for RO module

High pressure pumps should meet the following specifications :

Type : Centrifugal vertical multi-stage
Purpose : Feed water pump for RO unit
MOC : SS 316
Capacity : 2 m3/h
Head : 150 m
Working pressure (Max.) : 10 bar
Service fluid : Raw water
Temperature range : 20 - 450C
Suction / discharge pipe size : Suitable for capacity mentioned above
Motor : Suitable for pump (single / three phase)
Motor protection : IP55 or better

The pump shall be of reputed make like Grundfos, ITT Lowara etc.

7.11. Reverse Osmosis (RO) Module-I:

A suitable chemically sanitizable reverse osmosis (RO) module shall be
provided to separate water from dissolved impurities. The RO module should be
skid mounted, fully assembled and tested in the factory before supply. The RO
system shall consist of spiral wound synthetic semi-permeable membrane

module, housed within side ported FRP pressure vessel of suitable pressure
rating. RO unit shall provide recovery of minimum 65% at a pressure of about
10 bar.

Design basis:
Total permeate flow 1.0: m3/hr
Treated water resistivity > 0.1: M. cm
Operating pressure ~ 10 bar at the time of
Operating temperature : 20 45 oC

Membrane Element Details:

Type : Spiral wound 4040 RO element
: 4.0 inch diameter and 40 inch length (06
Size Nos.) / 8.0 inch diameter and 40 inch length
(03 Nos.)

Membrane materials : Thin film composite polyamide membrane for

brackish water services having following
stability characteristics and with minimum life
of 3 years under stated operating feed

Stability Characteristics:
Chlorine stability : Minimum of 1000 ppm-hr
free chlorine for doubling the salt passage
pH stability : 2-11 (Continuous) ; 1-12 (Short-
Thermal stability : Upto 45oC
Mechanical stability: Upto 40 bar
Feed Characteristics:
Turbidity : 1.0 NTU (maxm)
SDI15 : 5.0 ( maxm)
Chlorine : 0.1 ppm (maxm)

Nominal Active
:7.0 m2 or more
membrane surface
area per element

Test conditions of :Individual element should show average of

elements 99.5% stabilized salt rejection (SR)

Test certificate :Original manufacturers test certificate is to be

provided along with the supply of membrane

RO module shall be equipped with necessary control valves and instrumentation
like flow indicators, high and low level pressure switches, suitable pressure
gauges and online conductivity indicator. Provision for sampling at the feed and
permeate sides of RO shall be provided.

7.12. RO membrane cleaning system

Necessary system shall be provided for chemical sanitization of RO membrane.
The system shall comprise of suitable sized HDPE tank, stainless steel pump, a
micron size cartridge filter and required tubing and fittings. Pump shall be of
reputed make like Grundfos/Wilo etc.

7.13. RO permeate storage tank

For storing RO permeate water, a storage tank of 2000 litres capacity shall be
provided. Material of tank shall be Poly Ethylene (P.E.) or Polypropylene (P.P.)
The tank shall be cylindrical in shape with conical bottom. Tank should be
complete with threaded connections for drain line, inlet and outlet line, over
flow line and two spare ports at suitable place. The tank top cover shall also be
of P.E./P.P plate with proper sealing and clamps for easy opening during
maintenance of the tank. The tank shall be provided with proper support
structure of mild steel painted with epoxy paint. Suitable level switch (preferably
non-contact type) shall be provided in the tank for auto ON/OFF of RO module.

7.14. RO-EDI module

A skid mounted RO-EDI system shall be provided for further purification of
first RO permeate water. The skid shall be made of stainless steel grade 304.
The integrated system shall include suitable high pressure RO feed pump, heat
sanitizable RO (HSRO) module, heat sanitizable electro-deionization (HSEDI)
module and micron size polypropylene filter cartridge. The feed pump shall
provide high- pressure during filtration and a low-pressure operation during hot
water sanitation and electrodeionization. The pump shall be Centrifugal vertical
multi-stage type made of stainless steel 316. The pump shall be of reputed make
like Grundfos, ITT Lowara etc.
The RO unit shall consist of suitably sized high pressure FRP vessels
fitted with hot water sanitizable RO elements that should have been pre-
conditioned to reduce TOC levels. The RO module should have a minimum
capacity of 800 LPH.
Size of RO elements shall be as follows: 4.0 inch diameter and 40 inch length
(04 Nos.) / 8.0 inch diameter and 40 inch length (01 Nos.)
RO membrane shall be of reputed make like GE / HYDRAMEM / DOW etc.
A continuous electrodeionization (CEDI) module shall be provided for
removal of residual ions and further reducing organic levels. No. of EDI module
may be one or more and should meet the flow requirement. The CEDI module
should regenerate the ion exchange resins continuously in-situ, without the
addition of chemical reagents. EDI module should be equipped with following
Online Resistivity meter

Suitable Rotameters
High & low level pressure switches
Pressure gauges
pH transmitter with S.S. flow chamber for measuring pH of
ultrapure water
ORP meter for monitoring and tracking of critical disinfectant
Temperature indicator
SS multipurpose tank of suitable capacity (Hot water sanitizable)
with CIP (Clean In Place) facility and level switch
Level transmitter
Flow switch, etc.
Provision for TOC sampling of water after EDI
Provision for recirculation of final treated water through RO-EDI
The module should have a PLC based control panel with display of all
important parameters like pressure, flow, conductivity, pH etc. The product
water resistivity after EDI shall be > 12 M-cm. EDI module shall provide
overall recovery > 95%.
The Resistivity meter should contain titanium electrode and shall have a
cell constant of 0.01cm-1. The meter should have suitable provision for
temperature compensation.
The module should also contain 150 liters or nearest standard capacity
stainless steel tank for hot water sanitization of EDI unit. The SS tank should
have electro-polished internal surfaces (Ra <0.4 m). Necessary arrangement
for carrying out hot water sanitization with steam or heater shall be provided.
EDI module shall be of reputed make like Ion pure, Dow, Toray, GE, Qua,
Siemens etc. The entire system should operate with 415V10%,50 Hz, Three
phase, Five wire supply. All the instrumentation should be suitable for
ultrapure water application and should be of reputed make like Forbes
Marshall, Emerson, Danfos, Switzer, Mettler Toledo etc. Make of EDI module
shall be E-cell / Ionpure / SnowPure / Equivalent

7.15. Treated water storage tank

A treated water storage tank of 2000 litres capacity made of P.P. shall be
provided after RO-EDI module. The tank shall be cylindrical in shape with
conical bottom. Tank shall be provided with a level switch (preferably non-
contact type) for automatic fill control. The level switch shall be compatible
with ultrapure water. Tank should be complete with threaded connections for
drain line, inlet and outlet line, over flow line and two spare ports at suitable
place. The tank top cover should also be of P.P plate with proper sealing and
clamps for easy opening during maintenance of the tank. EDI water storage tank
shall be fitted with a vent filter with 0.22 PTFE to avoid microbial
contamination in the tank and maintain sterile condition. The tank shall be
provided with proper support structure of mild steel painted with epoxy paint.

7.16. Purified Water Pump
A centrifugal pump made of stainless steel 316 shall be provided for
transferring the treated water. The pump shall have sufficient head to deliver
water @ 800 liters per hour at 4 meter height. The pump shall be of reputed
make like SPX Johnson/Grundfos etc.

7.17. Mixed Bed Module (Non Regenerated)

To ensure consistent quality of ultrapure water, Non-regenerated type mixed
bed resin (MB) module shall be provided. MB modules shall be of sufficient
capacity for the required flow rate of ultrapure water. Mixed bed resin used in
this bed must be suitable for production of ultrapure water having low
leaching rate for TOC and must not contain heavy metal ions. MOC of vessel
shall be FRP. Vessels shall be of reputed make like Structural, Pentair etc. The
MB modules shall use Non regenerated type resins of reputed make like rohm
7 hass/ purolite etc. Quantity and replacement schedule of resins shall be
indicated in the offer.

7.18. Ultra Violet Sterilizer

An UV systems of length suitable for 800 LPH flowrate shall be provided for
effective reduction of microbes in treated water. Wave length of UV lamp shall
be 185 nm. UV lamp shall be mounted inside stainless steel 316 chamber. UV
module should be provided with intensity monitor.

7.19. Micron Cartridge Filter :

A 0.2 micron rating pleated polypropylene type cartridge filter shall be
provided after final storage tank. The filter housing shall be made of stainless
steel. The filter size shall be suitable to provide 800 LPH flow rate.

7.20. Recirculation loop

A recirculation loop shall be provided to circulate the purified water through
Mixed bed module. The loop shall comprise of suitable valves, pipes and
fittings of PVDF/PP.

7.21. Additional water storage tank

An additional water storage tank of capacity 2500 litres (not included in the
scheme in figure 1) shall be supplied. M.O.C. of tank shall be P.P. The tank shall
cylindrical in shape with conical bottom. Tank shall be provided with a level
switch (preferably non-contact type) for automatic fill control. The level switch
shall be compatible with ultrapure water. Manufacturers certificate for material
compatibility shall be provided. Tank should be complete with threaded
connections for drain line, inlet and outlet line, over flow line and two spare
ports in the top portion for nitrogen blanketing arrangement. The tank top cover
should also be of P.P plate with proper sealing and clamps for easy opening
during maintenance of the tank. The tank shall be fitted with a vent filter with

0.22 PTFE element. The tank shall be provided with proper support structure
of mild steel painted with epoxy paint.

8. Essential spares and accessories:

Bidder shall quote for following essential spares:
1. Cartridge filters (10 nos. each) for various filtering units included in the
treatment scheme
2. Spare valves (1 no. each type) for offered units
3. Test kit (1 set comprising of necessary chemicals) for Hardness & Free
chlorine and TDS meter.
4. Mixed bed resins for one recharge.

The price of spares will also be included for the evaluation of bids.

9. Inspection and Testing

Final responsibility lies with the bidder to show satisfactory operation of the plant
w.r.t. quality of purified water and flow rate. Inspection and testing of the water
treatment plant and components shall be conducted in a manner satisfactory to and
shall be subject to approval from purchaser. Detailed drawings of storage tanks and
piping layout shall be provided for approval of RRCAT before executing the order.
The components' original packing shall not be removed and the same shall be
opened before the purchaser's engineer during inspection at suppliers premises.
Following tests shall be carried out by RRCAT during inspection at the supplier
premises before dispatch:

a. Verification of the stage-wise inspection documents prepared by the

fabricator and manufacturer test certificate
b. Verification of make and model no. of components used in the plant
c. Verification of Test and calibration certificates of various instrument used in
the plant
d. Verification of invoices of bought-out items to ensure the originality of the
supply of items/parts from authorized distributor.

After installation at RRCAT site, water quality verification tests shall be performed
to ensure compliance with these specifications. Supplier shall demonstrate final
filtering capacity of the plant. Measurement of Resistivity, TOC and Bacterial
count shall be carried out and values should match with those specified in point no.
5. For TOC measurement and Bacteria count, samples shall be collected and tested
in RRCAT laboratory.

10. Acceptance Criteria

The high-purity water treatment plant shall be accepted on the basis of Installation,
Commissioning and Successful demonstration of performance parameters viz.
purified water flow rate, water resistivity, TOC and total bacteria count as
mentioned in point no. 5, at RRCAT. Supplier shall demonstrate continuous trouble
free operation of the full integrated system for 8 hrs. at site.

11. Installation and Commissioning
The supplier shall install and commission the water treatment system at RRCAT
Indore. The installation shall include but not be limited to:
a. Positioning and installation of all the equipment at their proper place, with
due care. The required material handling equipment can be provided by
b. Total interconnecting piping. The required material like pipe, valves etc &
joining of the same (threaded/ flanged) is in the scope of supplier.
c. Total interconnecting power cabling and other related electrical work. The
required material like wires, switches etc is in the scope of supplier.
d. Total interconnecting water line from raw water supply point to the
treatment system.

12. Scope of RRCAT

a. All civil work. The supplier has to inform RRCAT in advance to facilitate
the civil work required for installation of water purification system.
b. Unloading of the crated equipment from truck & storing till the installation
at location.
c. Electrical tie-in point for the required rating. The exact power requirement
shall be provided by the supplier.
d. Water and air supply points. Raw water storage tank has been provided at
roof height of the building (8 m). Necessary pipe line from water tank to
distribution point near water treatment plant is in the scope of RRCAT. The
exact requirement shall be provided by the supplier in his offer.

13. Warranty:
13.1 Comprehensive warranty for the system and all supplied accessories/ items
for 12 months from the date of commissioning at RRCAT, Indore shall be
13.2 The bidder has to provide a performance bank guarantee (PBG) of 10% of
the order value valid for the complete warranty period. The bidder has to
confirm to the above condition in his offer. Without the confirmation of
PBG, the offer may not be considered
14. Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
The supplier shall submit an offer for AMC of the offered plant for two years after
the completion of warranty period as an option. The price of AMC shall not be
considered during price comparison of offers received.

15. Validity of offer: At least 90 days from due date

16. Packing:

All the items shall be adequately packed to prevent possible damages or
deterioration of performance during transit to RRCAT Indore. Safe delivery of all
the items to RRCAT Indore shall be sole responsibility of supplier.
17. Delivery period:
System to be delivered within 12-16 weeks from the date of confirm purchase order
18. Bid evaluation criteria
The price comparison of offers shall be carried out considering the following
components of the cost:
A. Basic cost of plant
B. Cost of essential spares and accessories as per clause 8 of specification
C. Installation cost of plant
d. Applicable taxes, duties and safe delivery charges.
19. NOTE:
19.1 Bidder should read the specification document carefully before submitting the
offer. He should not skip any item mentioned in the specification.
19.2 Bidder shall provide technical catalog of all the items offered in his quotation
19.3 Gaskets used in the system shall be procured from reputed suppliers in original
packing and with manufacturers material test certificate.
19.4 All the materials including PTFE and PE used shall be fresh and no
counterfeit/recycled material shall be used for any component in the plant.
19.5 Cost of installation and commissioning of plant shall be quoted separately.
19.6 A probable list of spares shall be quoted as an optional item for at least five
years trouble free operation. The list should include technical details of the parts,
quantities and schedule of replacement. However, the purchaser may or may not
include them in the purchase order. This will not be considered for price

Annexure- A


Sr.No Parameter Value as per tender Value offered by the

specification supplier
1. Product water flow rate > 800 LPH
2. Product water Resistivity >12 M-cm
3. TOC < 300 ppb
4. Total Bacteria Count < 10 CFU/100 ml
5. Material of construction:
Storage tank PP/PE
Forward pipeline SS 316 L
Recirculation loop PVDF
Water transfer pump SS 316
6. Scheme of water As a minimum
purification requirement, the water
treatment scheme should
include: Pressure sand
filter, water softening
plant, SMBS doser,
Anti-scalant doser, pH
correction doser, RO
modules, Electro-
Deionization (EDI),
Mixed Bed resins
Ultraviolet (UV)
sterilization system, ,
suitable transfer pumps
and storage tanks
7. Recirculation loop To be provided by the
8. Make & model of RO To be provided by
membrane, EDI module, supplier in his offer
pumps, instrumentation
9. Is the supplier original If No, whether
manufacturer authorization letter from
principal enclosed

10. Client list To be enclosed