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Skepticism and Excitement on the unlikely OKCash Call

October 31st, 2017

If youve been paying attention to crypto today, you likely noticed the
huge run up that OKCash had on Bittrex. If you dig a little deeper youll
find that the entire thing appears to be in response to a report that
was posted on Reddit:

My team and I picked this apart throughout the day because if its true,
we want to be involved, as its clear to anyone whos been watching that
Teeka Tiawari, knows his stuff. However, the more we looked into it, the
less convinced we were. Heres why.

Our first thought was, okay, it fits the criteria But why would Teeka
Tiawari, whos famous for his big predictions on upcoming platforms like
Ethereum and NEO, suddenly come out and recommend a community based project
that will be focused on The Internet of Things? If you look on the OKCash
website, you will not see a team page, there is no sign of a CEO, and
the main developers are all anonymous. Weve been following Teekas calls
for a while now, and are confident that there is NO WAY he would recommend
to his 180,000+ subscribers to invest in a coin with that kind of backing.

Let me be clear, our intention here is not to bash OKCash. Im sure its
got some potential and blockchain + the Internet of Things definitely has
a good year coming up. But our interest right now is finding out what coin
will be discussed on November 2nd on Teekas big webinar and after hours
of investigation and discussion, were 99.99% certain that OKCash will not
be the feature coin that Teeka will be recommending to his huge audience
on Nov. 2nd.

All this excitement has us very intrigued though, and upon reaching that
conclusion, we instantly got to work on finding the actual coin that will
be featured on his webinar. Of course, there is no way to know for sure,
and we dont intend to go all-in on some wild speculative guess. But were
fairly certain weve found a tremendously promising candidate. The coin
were thinking of fits ALL of the same criteria that OKCash fits, but in
our estimate, is HEAVILY undervalued and thus is a far more likely candidate
for Teeka to select. See below for details.

Both of Teekas major bragworthy calls that he mentions repeatedly on
his website have been Dapp Platforms (ETH/NEO). Thats not to suggest that
he recommends nothing but platforms, but we see this Webinar as his major
coming out party. Hes invested $1,000,000 in a BTC giveaway, just to
promote this thing! We believe hell be sticking to his big guns (platforms)
when this many people are watching, and considering whether or not to buy
his $3,000USD subscription.

For all of the same reasons, as OKCash the platform we found, fits the
bill. We wanted more though, so we dug deep into their website, scoured
their White Paper and even looked into the mentions and social trends using
the google trends app. Take a look at what we found:

Figure 1: Google Trend of Rise (Google Trend 2017)

We noticed a spike in activity on Google in the week leading up to the
25th of October. This spike did not coincide with the big price spike in
September of course so its curious to see that a few days before Teeka
informs the public that hell be recommending a new coin, there is a
increase in RISE traffic on google. Then it MUST be RISE right? Settle
down, that was just an observation.

There are a few criteria that we agree, must be met for this coin to fit.
Weve made quick work of those below before we get into the really good
stuff about RISE.

1) Coin must be listed on bittrex. We agree. He will not be shilling a

coin that cant be accessed by everyone watching his webinar. Most of them
will have followed his video to sign up for Bittrex in preparation for
this. Many coins are on Bittrex though, so this doesnt really narrow it
down but its there, so moving on.

2) Coin must be oversold on RSI. Teeka only recommends coins that are
oversold on the RSI indicator. RSI for RISE = Oversold

Figure 2: RSI Indicator of RISE (Own source)

Price is most likely hovering on or around $.20 USD on or close to
October 25th, 2017. Below is a list of the historical price snapshots of
RISE from Coin Market Cap. You can see that RISE fits the bill perfectly.
In fact, for what its worth, it appears to fit much better than the price
of OKCash at time of his e-mail. RISE PRICE HISTORY

Table 1: Comparison of RISE and OKCASH price history (Coinmarketcap)


Oct 25, 2017 0.234612 0.251238 0.216189 0.228657 634,815 26,543,800

Oct 24, 2017 0.219235 0.272653 0.204197 0.234300 945,916 24,804,100

Oct 23, 2017 0.227841 0.238389 0.191350 0.219132 426,649 25,777,700


Oct 25, 2017 0.18301 0.231807 0.169101 0.209770 1,695,56 13,373,900

Oct 24, 2017 0.15667 0.198007 0.152271 0.181259 770,814 11,448,000

Okay so we know it COULD be RISE at this point. It fits the criteria for
this speculative investigation. Now we get into the interesting stuff we
learned about RISE that made us very excited. As of this writing,
weve determined that aside from Teekas big Webinar, RISE is quite possibly
the most undervalued platform in the crypto space.

Our main concern with new platforms is that there are already a number of
successful ones out there, who were first to market. However, as youll
read below, Rise is doing a number of things differently that we believe
give it the potential to be the next BIG thing in crypto. Millions of
people and thousands of businesses are going to be pouring into crypto in
2018, and we think Rise will be offering them more than most. We think
Teeka likely sees this too.

Rise Overview
A fork of Lisk with many notable improvements Rise (RISE) is a lisk-based
currency and distributed decentralized application platform emphasizing
security and ease of use. The team is currently led by Cormac Lucking (aka
Alty), the founder of Cloakcoin and previous Project Manger of Mintcoin,
Steven Remington (aka Scifi.rem), and Frank Thijssen (aka McVenture). The
initial RISE development was outsourced to Don't Panic Consulting Inc.
out of Lewiston, Maine, during 2016. However, development progress during
the year was significantly slower than hoped for and the community began
to lose confidence in the project. That loss of confidence was also shared
by both Cormac and Steven. In February 2017, Rise announced Don't Panic
Consulting Inc. was no longer working on development of the project, and
Cormac and Steven were taking over.

Providing Graphical User Interfaces to decentralized / distributed
application development
Smart Contract creation
Sidechain / asset token creation
Blockchain Incubator similar to BaaS
Creation of Dapps
Running Dapp Masternodes
Backed by Proof of Stake system

Initiatives to Increase Platform Adoption

Rise will offer SDKs in addition to the SDK for JavaScript that comes
standard with Lisk
Rise will support more languages than Lisk such Python, C#, Ruby and
For a drastic reduction in user difficulty, Rise will employ a drag
and drop Dapp development tool
Enabling individuals without coding experience to create Dapps.
Imagine being able to build your own decentralized application and
Asset Tokens / Custom Coins on the RISE blockchain without needing
to have the knowledge or skills of a developer. To us, this is a
huge plus for adoption of Rise, will first to market in that respect.

What Rise has to Offer
GUI Smart Contract and Dapp Builders will enable anyone to build Smart
Contract and Dapps, greatly reducing Time to Market, and increasing the
number of people who can build apps for the Rise platform Investors are
entitled to 20% of tokens that use Rise platform. Seriously?

Lets rephrase that just so were clear. ALL businesses/projects/developers

who choose to build on the Rise platform, will pay for its use by reserving
20% of their created tokens for Rise. ALL of these tokens will then be
given out to the holders of Rise tokens. Seems kind of unbelievable, but
see figure 3.

Figure 3: RISE Blockchain Incubator (RISE Website 2017)

High transparency with development status and weekly update in form of

newsletter: As we all know, communication from team is key in Crypto, and
a lack of communication can kill a projects value and public opinion.
What weve found tells us that Rise is doing everything right in this
aspect. https://rise.vision/index.php/overview/development/status-page

Technological Advantages
This is exactly what makes Rise stand out, its technology. Rise uses a
Shift-Ark hybrid which is the code from the Shift and Ark project. Some
people may think Rise is just a clone but it isnt. Rise takes the best
features from Shift and Ark and makes its own unique features that are not
offered in other systems. Rise goes above and beyond just another Dapp
creation platform by working on the mobile side, creating a mobile app
store for blockchain.

Opportunities for Passive Income

Weve noticed that over the last few months, interest in the Proof of Stake
(PoS) system has been growing rapidly. There is no better feeling than
watching your coins grow, not only in value, but in overall quantity. Rise
PoS system gives token holders an opportunity to do just that! Rise Resource
Billing System Explained - Rise Node owners will be able to monetize the
hosting of Dapps on their Nodes using the Rise Resource Billing System.
This system will be built into the Rise Dapp Store and allows billing for
the use of system resources by Dapps hosted on the Rise Node.

Resources that can be billed for are:

1) CPU
2) RAM
3) Storage
4) Network I/O

What is billed for, and how much, is determined completely by the Node
Owner. Any Dapp registered on the Rise network will be available for Node
Owners to use on their own Nodes. Invoicing will be done in Rise, and
automation will be available. If invoices aren't paid, automatic shut-
downs, and deletion is possible. This is all customizable by the Node

First two projects being launched on the Rise platform

Interlet is a direct competitor to vacation rental services like AirBnB.
Interlet is distributing 20% of their tokens to RISE holders.

Chipz is a fully operational online casino working together with an

established company providing software to casinos right now. As with

Interlet, Chipz will also be distributing 20% of their tokens to RISE

What can I say, Im actually blown away that this coin is still under
$.30 with a market cap of only ($28,000,000) as of this writing. We
believe that everything about this coin looks promising going into the
extended crypto boom of 2018. It also happens to fit the criteria for
a hot pick recommendation for Teeka Tiawaris upcoming Webinar, which
at this point, just feels like icing on the cake. Were confident in
our decision to invest heavily in this project and wrote up this report
to share our findings with the world. This coin is still a 400%+ Rise
away from its all time high of just 1.5 months ago.

At the time of this writing there is some growing price action on Rise
as weve also noticed its been mentioned on twitter in a few places
as a possible PBG target. Volume is still relatively low at the moment
though and we believe that anything under 10k satoshis will look like
an absolute steal in under 6 months. Quite possibly much sooner if our
conclusions are correct.

Either way, enjoy the many rewards that come with holding Rise tokens!
Our humble recommendation is that you not let this opportunity pass you
by! However, due to the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market,
we also encourage you to do your own research (DYOR) and come to a
conclusion you feel comfortable with. This is no doubt, a great starting
point to that end.

If you feel youve benefited from reading this and appreciate the hours
of research we put into this analysis, please feel free to send modest
BTC/ETH donations to the addresses that are listed below. Weve also
listed them in the Primary Reddit post where this article is being
share to allow you to confirm that the addresses have not been doctored
or changed by someone who wants to scam us by replacing them and

ETH: 0xB502D27e023C652746B940283000D09eD521f0A8

BTC: 3GjEeCfvUwF3jSjq3eJdBDWn95HNsz8bPC

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Figure 4: Roadmap of Rise (Rise Website)


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