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Subject : English for Architect

Class/Semester : XII/2
Time : 2 x 45 minutes
Standard Competence : Understanding and Analyzing Terminologies in English for Architect

Basic Competence Indicator strategy material Learning assessment time resources

technique forms instrument
1. Students are 1.1 Students 1.1.1 Need Architects Written test Matching Match the suitable 2x45 1. G. William Quatman II, FAIA, Esq. and
able to are able assessm terminologies terminology with minutes Ranjit (Randy) Dhar, FRAIC, The
know about to know ent, and common the useful Architects Guide to Design-Build
architect about Interact vocabularies Services.The American Institute of
terminologi specific ive Architects.p : 32
es and vocabular Lecturi 2. Https://www.lifeofanarchitect.com/words-
sufficient ies are ng, that-architect-use/
vocabularie used and Guided 3. Https://www.vocabulary.com/
s about applied. book,
architect. and

1.2 Students 1.1.2 Active Presentation Playing - Asking to

are able Learnin hide and find
to g, seek missing
analyzes Guided word words.
the Book, card - Put them
vocabular Questio making
ies and n and correlation
make Answer
with other
sentences , Need
using the Assess words.
vocabular ment - And
ies are Ecletic making
learned. sentences
using their


School : SMKN 3 Pamekasan

Subject : English for Architect
Class : XII (Twelve Grade)
Time : 2 x 45 minutes
Meeting : 1 meeting
Skill : Vocabulary

A. Standard Competence
Understanding and Aalyzing terminologies in english for architect
B. Basic Competence
Students are able to know about architect terminologies and sufficient vocabularies about architect

C. Indicator
1. Students are able to know about specific vocabularies used and applied.
2. Students are able to analyzes the vocabulary and make sentences using the vocabularies are learned.

D. Material

1. Attic : Loteng
2. Fence : Pagar
3. Plafond : Langit-langit
4. Chimney : Cerobong Asap
5. Brace : Penjepit
6. Washing Machine : Mesin Cuci
7. Vacum Cleaner : Penyedot Debu
8. Book Case : Lemari Buku
9. Bunk Bed : Tempat Tidur Tingkat
10. Power Saw : Gergaji Mesin

E. Strategy
1. Need assessment, Interactive Lecturing, Guided book, and Ecletic.
2. Active Learning, Guided Book, Question and Answer, Need Assessment Ecletic.
3. References
- G. William Quatman II, FAIA, Esq. and Ranjit (Randy) Dhar, FRAIC, The Architects Guide to Design-Build Services.The American Institute of
Architects.p : 32
- Https://www.lifeofanarchitect.com/words-that-architect-use/
- Https://www.vocabulary.com/
4. Class Activity
1. The Meeting
a. Pre Activity (10 Minutes)
1) Saying salam and praying together.
2) Greeting
3) Checking the attendant list.

b. Main Activity (70 Minutes)

1) Brainstorming : Asking the students knowleges about the terminologies
2) Giving them list of spesific vocabularies of architect
3) Asking students to read and memorize
4) Asking them to matching the terminologies with the used and make
sentences use own word based on terminologies of architect
c. Post Activity (10 Minutes)
1) Reviewing the topic by asking and questioning.
2) Giving motivation to the students.
3) Closing the class by praying together and saying salam.

F. Learning Assesment
1. Technique : Written test
Forms : Matching
Instrument : Match the suitable terminologies with the useful

2. Technique : Presentation
Forms : Playing hide and seek word card
Instrument : 1. Asking to find missing words.
2. Put them making correlation with other words.
3. And making sentences using their own
G. Evaluation
1. Match the terminology with the suitable use
a. Plane
b. Hammer
c. Hack Saw
d. Pailt Brush
e. Chisel
f. Nail
g. Vise
h. Handchet
i. Sand
j. Sand Paper

a. To cut the wood
b. To repaint
c. Makes getting stuck nails
d. Making nail more embed
e. The bended wires
f. To merge thing each other
g. To patch brics each other
h. To cleave irons
i. To hole or curve hard things
j. To poke at sands and comments
2. Make a sentence using these words below
a. Sculpt
b. Carve
c. Drill
d. Measure
e. Put in