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Key Selection Criteria

We want to establish a Panel that comprises a range of skills and draws upon the broad and
varied experience of our co-op members.
We are looking for people who want to work with others to gather their views and opinions,
develop recommendations, and provide advice to the CEHL Board which is focussed on
improving the program for the future. The Panel will be undertaking its work over an 18 month
period and we need people who are willing to contribute throughout that period. It is expected
that panel members will take a whole of program view rather than individual interests.
The skills and experience that we are seeking amongst panel members includes :
Experience and expertise Experience of consultative processes with member-based
or community organisations;
Experience of engaging with a broad range of individuals
and including stakeholders in a planning process
Experience of and commitment to the Co-operative
Knowledge and skills Verbal communication listens effectively, confidently
conveys ideas and information in a clear and interesting
way, accepts feedback and considers things from other
points of view, able to advocate for the consultation
process and for ideas that may differ from their own;
Problem solving investigates and probes for the facts,
analyses issues from different perspectives and draws
sound inferences from information available, develops
and evaluates solutions with consideration for likely
business impacts, ensures stakeholders are actively
engaged in the problem solving process;
Interpersonal skills genuine and sincere when dealing
with others, uses insight to build common understanding
with individuals and groups and addresses difficult and
sensitive topics in a way that provides a sound basis for
mutual solutions, shows respect in dealing with others
and acceptance of their propositions;
Systems thinking understands components of a system
and their interconnections, identifies and understands the
long-term impact of particular courses of action on a
program or organisation;
Personal qualities Decision Making uses available information and
exercises good judgement to make sound, timely and
well-informed decisions;
Flexibility adapts approaches to changes in the
environment and effectively meets new challenges;
Team Work cooperates effectively with others and
works constructively and collaboratively to achieve goals;
Resilience demonstrates perseverance in achieving
objectives and works around setbacks and problems.

Expressions of Interest will be assessed against the Key Selection Criteria by CEHLs Managing
Director and the Panel Chair. All applicants will be advised of the outcome by Monday 25th May.
Further information or assistance to complete your Expression of Interest can be obtained by
calling Trish Reid at CEHL on 9208 0800