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Multimedia Project : Gas Laws iBook

Teacher Name: Machaela Laramee

Student Name: ________________________________________

CATEGORY 4 Francium 3 Flourine 2 Barium 1 Helium

Content 25% Covers Gas Laws in the Includes essential Includes essential Content is minimal OR
-3 examples of gas human body in-depth knowledge about the information about the there are several
laws in the body - with details and Gas Laws in the Gas Laws in the human factual errors.
Explanations of how examples. Subject human body . Subject body but there are 1-2
the gas laws work knowledge is knowledge appears to factual errors.
within the examples excellent. be good.

Organization 15% Content is well Uses headings or Content is logically There was no clear or
-Introduction organized using bulleted lists to organized for the most logical organizational
-3 Examples headings or bulleted organize, but the part. structure, just lots of
-Conclution lists to group related overall organization of facts.
-Works Cited material. topics appears flawed.

Writing Mechanics No misspellings or Three or fewer Four misspellings More than 4 errors in
20% grammatical errors. misspellings and/or and/or grammatical spelling or grammar.
mechanical errors. errors.

Attractiveness 15% Makes excellent use of Makes good use of Makes use of font, color, Use of font, color,
font, color, graphics, font, color, graphics, graphics, effects, etc. graphics, effects etc.
effects, etc. to effects, etc. to but occasionally these but these often distract
enhance the enhance to detract from the from the presentaion
presentation. presentation. presentation content. content.

Use of Widgets 15% There are 3-4 widgets There are 3-4 Widgets 1-2 Widgets are used. No widgets are used.
used to effectivly but one or more may To various degrees of
convey the topic of not be used effectivness
Gas Laws in the effectively.
human body.

Sources 10% Source information Source information Source information Very little source
-MLA Format collected for all collected for all collected for graphics, information was
-Must include a graphics, facts and graphics, facts and facts and quotes, but collected.
works cited page quotes. All quotes. Most not documented in
-Images must be documented in MLA. documented in MLA. MLA.

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