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Gop debate transcript washington post

So I hope and pray and cannot wait until this state and others give me an opportunity to serve this party as its nominee because I will defeat Hillary
Clinton. It's not that hard. If this all works out, I'm happy to consider naming you as V. And I believe that Puerto Rico ought to have the right of
self-determination. So the fact is that we work for the people. Today, we have So question, how on Earth specifically would you pull that off?
What will be the first thing you will do to stimulate economic growth in our country and bring more jobs to the United States? And he got on a
plane and he flew back to my mother and me. Let me begin by saying this: When somebody -- when eminent domain is used on somebody's
property, that person gets a fortune. Welcome to the first debate night of the presidential campaign, live from Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland,
Ohio. It is not -- I couldn't even imagine how we would even begin to think about taking a mom or a dad out of a house when they have not
committed a crime since they've been here, leaving their children in the house. Oz Guinness, the theologian, said that liberty requires restraint but
the only restraint consistent with liberty is self-restraint. Now, on that tariff -- here's what I'm saying, China -- they send their goods and we don't
tax it -- they do whatever they want to do. There's much to do. Reports this week said the administration is considering new air strikes, possible
special operations raids. And you know, the problem with the left is, another tax, another regulation, another mandate makes it harder for them to
rise up. We're nowhere close to a balanced budget or fiscal discipline. Haven't you already proven that you cannot be trusted on this issue? We
should be for these things to create high sustained economic growth. Trump has said that your position on health care means that maybe you've
got, quote, "no heart". But I combine this also with the millions upon millions of dollars they've taken from regimes in the Middle East who treat
women like cattle. If Senator Cruz does not act, then he clearly represents D. The Kelly file starts in a moment and guess who is going to be there?
What has President Obama do -- done to illustrate that he wants to go after guns? I think it's already happening. The Emanuel AME church
killings. We can't do anything right. The formula is working. We will -- when I am president of the United States, on my first day in office, we are
canceling the deal with Iran, and nations will have to make a choice. We're closing hospitals, we're closing wards, we're closing so many because
the states want to save money. They are looking to our knowledge. Tell the voters watching tonight why you are. It is the biggest job-killer in this
country. You must have an agenda that you are ready to move on in the first days. Because I don't think it is. And I am the one true fiscal
conservative who will look at all spending. Because -- assuming that she runs, by the way, how she gets away with the e-mail stuff is hard to
believe. That's why John McCain, even though he was born in Panama, was eligible to run for president. The way to take that away from them is
to talk to our military officials and ask them, "what do you need in order to accomplish this goal? Here are just a few examples. And -- and I guess
I can -- can frame it another way. Well, first of all he said the exact same thing about me, that I would make a great Vice Presidential nominee
when Mitt Romney was considering. To see an annotation, click or tap the highlighted part of the transcript; if you would like to leave your own
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6th Republican debate transcript, annotated: Who said what and what it meant
I will take her on, and when I take her on I guarantee you one thing, she will never get within 10 miles of the White House. We can do this. It is a
systematic effort to change America. The lying and stealing has already occurred. Bad by those in the Senate who voted for it and if I'm president,
we'll make our intelligence community strong, and won't have to keep everybody out, we're just going to keep the bad folk out and make sure they
don't harm us. You favor a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage. Would you want Congress to change that if you're elected
president? I'm going to come back. We are nineteen trillion dollars -- our country's a mess and we can't let all these people come into our country
and break our borders. That's what they do, whether it's the San Bernardino attack or if it's these tragedies that take place, I think we need to
focus on what the bigger issue is. It's not the same. This president has had weak leadership, which has led to bad choices. Enforcing the law -- we
can do it. What is your plan to fix the ailing roads and bridges without breaking the bank? And wherever you are sitting Nikki, I'm a friend. Well,
first, let me say I think God has blessed us. Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York just said yesterday those exceptions are preposterous. I think
we all support that. Third, if you look at my record as governor of New Jersey, I have vetoed a caliber rifle ban. It all will be scrutinized. But first,
we want to ask them an interesting closing question from Chase Norton on Facebook, who wants to know this of the candidates: Well, I've got
news for you, we can. Governor Christie, you said that she must follow the law or be moved to another job that would be in keeping with her
conscience. In fact, we vetoed five income tax increases during my time as governor. Last week, Secretary Carter announced that the Navy's
going to be cut again. Every morning, when I wake up, I think about what kind of problem do I need to solve for the people who actually elected
me? They are looking to our knowledge. And make this century a new American century. Number two, this isn't me saying it. This election is not
about the past. His 11 Commandment was not to speak ill of another Republican. I'm running hard and I believe I'll be the Republican nominee
and I'll be the one best suited to beat Hillary Clinton, who should not be president of the United States. Economic growth is the key to everything.
The major concessions, in other words, are up front in this deal. Attorney of New Jersey. My older sister, Myriam, who was my half- sister,
struggled her whole life with drug and alcohol addiction. We do need curriculum reform. It works incredibly well in Scotland. When that war
began, we had 8, planes. Because I've seen so many things get accomplished in my lifetime. How do you attack a network that does not respect
national borders? They can't -- when they order the product and when they finally get the product it is taxed. I don't think Ted can have it both
ways. And that child today is a total superstar, a great, great child.
Transcript of the New Hampshire GOP debate, annotated - The Washington Post
Well, listen, I've spent my entire life defending the Constitution before the U. Ronda Rousey feels the Bern, endorses Bernie Sanders for president.
It happened in my state. Do you agree that we should pause Muslim immigration until we get a better handle on gop debate transcript
washington post homeland security situation, as Mr. In short, we're going to do, we're going to build a wall. Senator Rubio, when Jeb Bush
announced his candidacy for presidency, he said this: No no no, because we want to turn the page to domestic terror, and let me tell you why:
Because criminals don't buy their guns from a gun show. It was reported just moments ago that the North Koreans test launched an intercontinental
ballistic missile. You're going to get it by paying your employees less and charging your customers more, that is a tax, the difference is, you don't
see it on the bill. Megyn, of course it's an ideological problem, that's one of the reasons I introduce the Expatriate Terrorist Act in the Senate that
said if gop debate transcript washington post American travels to the Middle East and joining ISIS, that he or she forfeits their citizenship so
they don't use a passport to come back and wage jihad on Americans. I have vetoed a reduction this clip size. They get at least fair market value,
and if they wwashington smart, goop get two gop debate transcript washington post three times the value opst their property. You see what the
Saudi's -- deliver gop debate transcript washington post a strong message but at the end of the day we have to keep our cool because most of
the time they're going right with us. What do you say? But when we came to Washington, we made a different choice. First question is why do
washimgton reject it? I don't think they like me very much. This is a bad deal. Well, first off, let's remember. Look, here's the deal, in this particular
case, the FBI made a mistake. And, it is true, we should not be discussing in a wide spread way the exact tactics that we're going to use because
that allows terrorist to know to practice how to evade us. And a rebuilt Go. Very, very proud of it. If you're worried about the world being on fire,
you're worried about how we're going to use our military, you're worried about strengthening our military and you're worried most of all about gop
debate transcript washington post your homes and your families safe and gop debate transcript washington post, you cannot give Hillary
Clinton a third term of Barack Obama's leadership. This is a president that views this country as a country that's been too powerful in the world
and we create problems around the world. Well -- no, I understand. Let -- but let me -- let me just tell you. Who do you know will defend life,
marriage and religious liberty? So when they -- be found against that country that's selling products in here lower than the cost of what it takes to
produce them, then what do we tell the worker? But, given the fact that your brother got us into two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that have still not
ended. It's targeted at bombing all of the roads and bridges going in and out of Raqqa. It's making people in neighborhoods nervous to go to law
enforcement. We have to find out what's going on. It requires tax cuts, because that sends a message to the job creators that things are headed the
right way. I'll get in my cars, head to the governor's mansion, order a pizza, open a beer and watch the Mets. We saw just this past week the head
of the border patrol union testify before Congress that President Obama had given the order to the border gop debate transcript washington
post to stand down, not to enforce the law. They will turn it into a mandate. I had the good sense, and I've gotten a lot of credit in the financial
pages, seven years gop debate transcript washington post I left Atlantic City before it totally cratered, and I made a lot of money in Atlantic
City, and I'm very proud of it. Look, do you know how hard it was I do believe that people who are trying to come to the United States -- this
country has a right to know who they are and why they are coming. So I know that God doesn't call me to do a specific thing, God hasn't given me
a list, a Ten Commandments, if you will, of things to act on the first day. But, it's got to be the deal that you want. I will bring jobs back from
Japan. A vat is imposed as a sales washingfon when you buy a good. And now I'm the governor of Ohio, and I inherited a state that was on the
brink of dying. No candidate managed to actually gain ground in the Republican debate. Look what they did in San Bernardino. I want one of
these people here or the ones at 5: Let me tell you something, when you see thousands upon thousands upon thousands of children being murdered
in the womb, I can't think of anything better than that. He consistently underestimates it but I do not. Unfortunately, Governor Christie has pist
many of the ideas that Barack Obama supports, whether it is Common Core or gun control or the appointment of Sonia Sotomayor or the gop
debate transcript washington post he made to Planned Parenthood. Gentlemen, we know washhington much you love hand-raising questions.
This occurring only weeks after Iran fired multiple rockets within 1, yards transcfipt a U. I didn't reach him that evening. I was down there, and I've
never seen anything like it. I think it's time to do something even more bold. So, that would make it more dangerous than Al Qaida, the insurgents
we gop debate transcript washington post in Iraq. And you know, washinngton right. Trump, you have said you want to appeal Obamacare.
And believe me, if we gave them the mission, which is what the commander-in-chief does, they would be able to carry it out.