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Assignment #1

Principle of HRM
Harassment and
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Mr. Ahsan Ashraf
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Dated: 21-08-2017
Discrimination: The act of making are
perceiving are difference the act of
discrimination. Bloodhound scent
discrimination (Maryam Webster)
Harassment: Harassment cover a white
range of behaviour and offensive
nature. It is commonly understood as
behaviour that disturb are upset and it
is charactiscally repetitive is also know
as harassment.
Workforce diversity:
Composition of workforce is getting
diverse at present situation. Here
diversity is not only created by age,
gender, educational background and
religion but also by the nature,
personality and background of workers.
With more diversification of workforce,
issues related to bullying, harassment,
discrimination, etc may arise, to control
which HRM should formulate and
implement strict rules and regulations.
Your workforce is your most valuable
asset. The knowledge and skills they have
represent the fuel that drives the engine of
business - and you can leverage that
Harvey Mackay
Diversity Defined Diversity can be
defined as acknowledging,
understanding, accepting, and valuing
differences among people with respect
to age, class, race, ethnicity, gender,
disabilities, etc.
Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace
Diversity is beneficial to both associates
and employers. Although associates are
interdependent in the workplace,
respecting individual differences can
increase productivity. Diversity in the
workplace can reduce lawsuits and
increase marketing opportunities,
recruitment, creativity, and business
image. In an era when flexibility and
creativity are keys to competitiveness,
diversity is critical for an organizations
success. Also, the consequences (loss of
time and money) should not be over.
A diverse workforce is a reflection of a
changing world and marketplace.
Diverse work teams bring high value to
organizations. Respecting individual
differences will benefit the workplace
by creating a competitive edge and
increasing work productivity. Diversity
management benefits associates by
creating a fair and safe environment
where everyone has access to
opportunities and challenges.
Management tools in a diverse
workforce should be used to educate
everyone about diversity and its issues,
including laws and regulations. Most
workplaces are made up of diverse
cultures, so organizations need to learn
how to adapt to be successful.