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11/2/2017 Scaffolding Software - Home Page

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Design and Count Scaffolding with Ease

The design and counting of scaffolding structures can be a time-consuming, tedious process. This
free AutoCAD plug-in from Avontus assists in the rapid creation of complex 3D scaffolding
structures and virtually eliminates the counting process by providing a bill of materials in just a few
simple steps.

The installed templates contain all of the data necessary to draw the most common scaffolding
equipment, but you can also easily add any custom components or non-standard lengths.

The resulting bill of materials has several reports and pie charts that you can print, email, and export
to Avontus Quantify, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and PDF.

Download Scaffold Counter for AutoCAD

Prerequisite: AutoCAD versions 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015.
Both 32 and 64-bit are supported for each version.

To install you will need to create a free account and log in. Note that the installer and all files are digitially signed
by Avontus Software Corporation.

Install Now

The drawing templates can be freely modified and are installed to your \Documents\Scaffold
Counter\Templates\ folder.
You can share changes you make to the Scaffold Counter material master with others, simply share the
scaffoldcount.parts file located in your \Documents\Scaffold Counter\Data\ folder.

Getting Started
This free plug-in installs shortcuts on your
desktop to drawing templates for common
scaffolding equipment manufacturers. Double
click on one of these drawings and turn on
your NODE Osnap (only). The node snap
points are located at connection points for the
scaffolding, allowing you to easily combine
components into scaffold structures.

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11/2/2017 Scaffolding Software - Home Page

Scaffolding Systems
Scaffold Counter provides a solution to customers around the world. Some of the most common systems are included.
You can also add your own equipment systems, sizes, as well as customize the default templates provided.


Frame and Brace scaffolding, common in the US and Canada, can be created with this shortcut. This
template also contains putlogs, stairs, pedestrian walkways, tube and clamp, and many others.

Common in Australia, some locations in the UK and Africa, double clicking on the Kwikstage icon on
your desktop will open the Kwikstage template. This template also contains tube and clamp.

RING (At-Pac, Etobicoke, Layher, Scafom, etc.)

The ring-type system is common across the globe and can be created with this template. This
template also contains tube and clamp.

After drawing your scaffolding you can use the COUNT command (AutoCAD 2012 and 2013) or the COUNTSCAF
command (AutoCAD 2014) to create a bill of materials for selected items. This command will display a dialog box allowing
you to:

Select the scaffolding. This button

dismisses the dialog box, allowing you
to select the scaffolding that you'd like
to count.
View reports and graphs in a print
preview window by clicking on the
Reports and Graphs button. All reports
and graphs can be exported or emailed
in Excel, Word, or PDF format.
Open the bill of materials in Avontus
Quantify. This will be imported as an
estimate, which can then later be
converted to a shipment or a scaffold Click to Enlarge

If you'd like to modify the default scaffolding pieces (description, part number, weight, etc.) in the template or add your
own parts, you can use the CHANGEPARTS command.

To add a new part, click the Add button and note the
Attribute ID. After adding the part here you will need
to add this attribute and count of the attribute to the
block definition that you'd like to use. See instructions
below for adding your own scaffolding parts.
To edit an individual part, highlight it from the list and
click the Edit button. This displays the details in a
dialog box that you can change.
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11/2/2017 Scaffolding Software - Home Page

A report is provided by clicking on the reports button.

The report can be exported or emailed in Excel, Word,
or PDF format.
To change the items en-masse using the Change
button. You first create a tab separated text file with
the part number and whatever item you'd like to
change, then use the change button to modify these
Note that any mofications made here are saved to the
scafffold.parts file, located in \My Documents\Scaffold
Counter\Data\. You can share this drawing with
others, or backup/restore to a new computer. Be sure
to keep a backup of this file with any modifications Click to Enlarge
you've made.

Integration with Quantify

There are several options for integration with Avontus' rental/hire billing and asset tracking software, Quantify.

If you have Quantify installed and wish to open your BOM directly into a
Quantify estimate, click on the Open in Quantify menu item. After you
log into Quantify the parts are matched with your Quantify list and
imported into a new estimate. Warnings will be issued if scaffolding
pieces are not matched and you can optionally display a list of these
If you don't have Quantify installed you can export the BOM to a file and
share it with a Quantify end-user. Within Quantify, click on the import
button on the estimates tab to select and import the file. Warnings will
be issued if scaffolding pieces are not matched and you can optionally
display a list of these items.

Adding Your Own Parts

Adding your own pieces to Scaffold Counter is very easy and can be accomplished by following these steps:

1. Create a drawing of your scaffold part.

2. Create your new part using the CHANGEPARTS command, make note of the attribute ID that is created.
3. Create an attribute named PARTS placed next to the entities that you'll create a block out of. Within the attribute
place a tag with the attribute ID and quantity separated by a semi-colon. If needed, copy one of the Scaffold
Counter blocks, explode it, and use the attribute found there.

Use [attributeID]:[quantity] where [attributeID] is the ID from the step above, and quantity is the count of the
number of pieces in the block
You can place multiple [attributeID]:[quantity] items in a single tag to represent a block that contains many
parts. See the frame scaffold frames for an example; these blocks contain a frame as well as two couplers.

4. Create your block using the block command

5. Test your block by issuing the COUNTSCAF command to make sure the proper part and quantity appear.
6. You may want to add your parts to the template drawing that ships with Scaffold Counter. These templates are
stored in your \My Documents\Scaffold Counter\Templates\ folder.

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11/2/2017 Scaffolding Software - Home Page

Robust reporting is built directly into Scaffold Counter with automatic detection of either A4 or Letter papersize. The BOM
can be printed with rental/hire rates, weights, and sell pricing. There are also several charts to see the ratios of weight
compared to the overall list. Additionally, the reports can be saved to Microsoft Excel, Word, and PDF. Click on any of the
tiles below for a larger view of the screen grab.

Report - Click to Enlarge Pie Chart - Click to Enlarge

Additional Information
Please double check the weights of all equipment. The ring system is in lbs and Kwikstage is in kg. Note that due to the
varying manufacturers represented, the frame and brace catalog does not include weight. You can easily modify the
weights with the CHANGEPARTS command.

Avontus and Quantify are registered trademarks of Avontus Software, Inc.

Known Issues
There are no known issues at this time

Support Information
Please email sales@avontus.com with comments or feedback. Please feel free to make recommendations for additonal
scaffold systems or parts/pieces that you find missing.

2008-2017, Avontus Software Corporation. All rights reserved. Avontus and Quantify are registered trademarks of Avontus Software, Inc.
By using this product you agree to the License Agreement and the Privacy Policy

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