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SUMMARY:- Converting Segy of VSP in ASCII format and loading ASCII file as a synthetic in OpenWorks

1) Loading navigation and Segy of VSP.

2) Trimming the line and Modifying the project.
3) Export the trimmed line Segy.
4) Convert Segy to ASCII.
5) Loading ASCII as Synthetic Seismogram.
6) Finally displaying it as Synthetic in SeisWorks.

1) First step is to load navigation for the required VSP .Take X; Y coordinates values of the well from
the WELL DATA MANAGER BY setting the DATA FORMS WELL HEADER. Add line in the SURVEY from
Seismic Data Manager name it VSP_TEST .After that add three shots with there Xs and Ys in
increasing order keeping the central shot point X;Y equal to well X;Y. You can see a straight line
indicating VSP in MAP VIEW.
2) Next is to load the data i.e. Segy from the utility POSTSTACK/PAL or POSTSTACK DATA LOADER.
Then trim the line at desired shot point or trace from SEISMIC PROJECT MANAGER -> 2D PROJECT
MODIFY and then modify the project.
3) Then export the Trimmed line by using the utility POSSTACK/PAL or in case we dont have this
utility just run the script 2dsegyexp (Export 2d Segy).
4) Now we have single trace, next is to convert it into ASCII by running the script vsp_load.txt. To
run the script you should have tod file, run segychk and then, de, db and then type df 1 241 -2 n,
where n= samples/trace from binary header then edit this *.lst file and run this script. Delete
header from *.lst file ASCII file will contain Time VS Amplitude with Unique Well ID and Synthetic
5) Load this ASCII file by using CURVE LOADER as a Synthetic Seismogram
6) Finally display it in Seismic View by activating the desired Synthetic and we will have VSP
displayed as Synthetic.

loading VSP data

R2003 / Other
Need procedure to load VSP (Vertical Seismic Profile) data
Workflow to load VSP data and subsequently to visualize it in SeisWorks.
Using PostStack

Input: Segy
Output: (output file format as Floating Point ) .3dv
Empty Processes: Trace Header Math: sequence
Line: (to provide the line through which the well passes) By 2
Trace: (to provide the trace through which the well passes) By 2
Edit--Add After. Empty Processes: Resample to 4m
Edit--Add After. Empty Processes: Automatic Gain Control
Mean Value Normalization 500
Edit--Add After. Empty Processes: Constant Scalar 500 x (multiply)

To visualize the VSP data in SeisWorks, under Seismic Display Parameters:

Display a line (or trace) through where the well passes by using the main seismic file
(version), activating (Toggle On) line, trace, arbitrary,overlay, slice and interpret (Toggle
To activate VSP seismic version (.3dv output from Poststack) with trace or line activated
(depending on whether the dsplay is line or trace) with all the rest of the options