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Reflection (Part 9)

Everything that has been changed due to Peer Critique is in red on my website. Most of the
feedback made sense, however I was surprised about the comment that stated no enabling
conditions. I thought I had them in my principals message. Consequently, I reworded the
conditions to be more clearly linked to the vision, and labelled the top with Three Enabling
Conditions Strategic to Vision. This reinforced to me how sometimes as an educator, I think I
have explained something clearly, or have scaffolded students learning well. However, when the
follow up activity occurs, it doesnt work, I must not have been explicit in my teaching. I need to
be super explicit, almost with signposts along the way, to ensure that all students learning is
scaffolded effectively and they all arrive at the learning destination.

As I have engaged with this website, I have also recognised the need to ensure all the bases
are covered: when I wrote the principals message, I needed to discuss the socio-economic
community, the school and the enabling conditions. Ensuring these were covered required
some outside thinking, which meant that instead of just going for the jugular and doing the
minimum work required, I needed to ensure that everything was well explained and covered.
This just reinforces how as an educator, I must cover all aspects of things that relate to the
topic. E.g. instead of teaching one way of working out an equation, teach many ways. This
ensures that all the bases are covered, ensuring students are taught different ways to think,
stretch their brain and grow into creative, confident problem solvers which is important (Ministry
of Education, 2007, p. 8).

Another important learning curve for me relating to leadership is remembering student wellbeing
and that all we do needs to be building student wellbeing. This is supported by the ERO (2016)
document which states student learning, wellbeing, achievement and progress is the boards
core concern, (p. 20).I dont want to be teaching for the sake of it, my focus needs to be on
building student wellbeing in everything. In my newsletter, the critique stated there wasnt much
about student wellbeing in the newsletter, even though I thought it was in there. It was not
explicit, so I have since emphasised the reason for the Water Day being about growth of student
wellbeing. This just links in again to teaching explicitly, rather than saying something and hoping
students will make the jump needed. While challenge is needed, it is unfair to expect students to
make a leap of logic in their head.

As I have engaged with this website, creating the vision and motto reinforced for me the
importance of having a goal to strive for. This links so clearly with my professional practice in
correlation with my learning intention of each lesson and overarching learning intention for a
unit. Having a focus, something to strive for in each lesson helps both teachers and students
together to meet the goal. This strongly links too as my Discipline and Behaviour Management
Philosophy(DBMP) is the driving power behind my goal and vision for students. With a vision of
the behaviour I want my students to exhibit, my DBMP will help to teach and nurture the desired

I have realised how much work goes into creating, developing and tweaking a school website,
and knowing this I have a stronger appreciation for school websites. The leadership puts their
heart into everything on the website to ensure that prospective parents can see their passion
and their focus. I also have recognised how vital it is to repeat what is important; in the website
Tokas motto is everything, and so I ensured I incorporated it into everything. With repetition, the
motto gets drummed into the mind so that it is difficult to forget. As a result, when it is repeated
students learn it and when they learn it, when it is constantly emphasised, they begin to live it.
Learning takes place with authentic learning experiences and repetition. This does not mean
that the learning experiences are all the same, but the outcome is the same.

Website Links To Passionate Creed and Discipline and Positive Behaviour Management
Philosophy (Part 10).

Discipline and Positive Behaviour Management Philosophy:

To be an educator that supports, challenges and encourages students, aiming to restore
hurt/broken relationships and help students develop critical thinking regarding their decisions. I
will aim to keep a calm voice when necessary, and respond to words/actions rather than react.

Passionate Creed:
To develop and nurture students, encouraging them to be steadfast in belief, and sure of self.
To be a positive influence in all students lives.

The acronym I created LEARN sums up what I desire for all students to be like. When
students embody the aspects found in LEARN, they recognise challenges, persevere to
overcome them, and are confident in themselves to recognise when they need to ask for help.
The motto LEARN together - overcome together is exactly what I believe and want to do.
When we come alongside students, supporting them in their learning and growth, we will see
their learning explode. I incorporated the motto into everything on the website as it is exactly
what I want to be predominant. When students embody the characteristics found in LEARN,
they are easily able to be sure of self and steadfast in their own learning which is the main focus
of my Passionate Creed. My DPBM is about challenging and supporting students in everything,
which again is summed up in my motto. I cannot challenge and support students if I do not
come alongside them and work collaboratively with them. My Passionate Creed and DPBM will
not be effectively outworked if I do not come alongside students - I need to work with them
rather than work at them.