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Addison balled up a bunch of toilet paper and wiped the last of the poop from her little

butt. She looked into the toilet, proud of her accomplishment of using the bathroom alone, before
flushing the toilet and pulling up her white panties.
Her dress back in place, the four-year-old unlocked the stall door and stepped out. The
dull beige tiles of the preschool bathroom combined with poor lighting created a slightly
oppressive atmosphere which Addison dutifully ignored as she began washing her hands.
Deep in the forest behind the preschool Addison attended, woke a rather large tigress. Her
silver hair reflected the morning sun, the peaceful waking nature broken by the sounds of her
stomach growling. She had camped out in the forest behind a preschool, planning on hitting it in
the morning for a quick breakfast.
Moving in closer to the building, Ember spotted out several kids with their parents. The
beast watched closely as the parents left, leaving two kids unattended at the front of the building.
She quickly darted out and snatched up one of the kids before diving back into the brush across
the front path. A few loud gulps could be heard before a choir of gurgles filled the air. The other
child looked back and forth, not seeing her brother anymore. She assumed he had gone inside
and walked in to meet with her teacher.
Ember belched and moved to the window near the bushes, looking for her next prey for
the one inside her stomach was already quickly digesting. Peering in, she saw a little girl
washing her hands at the sink. Biting her lip in anticipation, she silently slipped in through the
open window and creeped up behind the little girl. All was quiet until her gut let loose a large
groooaaaaan, followed by a pained, muffled scream.
Hello little one~ Ember said, resting a hand gently on the girl's shoulder, intending to
go much slower with this prey, instead of just gobbling her up since they were in the privacy of
the bathroom.
Addison jumped, sending water spraying onto the floor. "Ohhi, miss..." Addison said
nervously as she looked up at the strange, pregnant woman who had suddenly appeared in the
bathroom without opening a door. She eyed the wiggling belly cautiously, before catching sight
of Ember's ears "Oh, wow! You have kitty ears!" She exclaimed excitedly, her outburst covering
up the sound of another pained scream.
The tigress smirked. This was too easy. She reached down and grabbed the girl by her
shirt collar and lifted her up. She suddenly tossed her into the wall, watching with sadistic glee as
Addison slid down the, on to the floor. Ember contemplated just stomping the life out of the poor
little girl just for fun, but decided it would be best to eat her. Ember ran her fingers over her
wriggling gut as the child inside screamed in pain while digesting, snaps and cracks of his bones
emitting through her taut belly skin, his face and handprints being visible to the girl on the floor
for a few moments before sinking back into her guts. She belched, a shoe flying from her maw
and landing in front of Addison, the fabrics sizzling a bit as it was drenched in potent stomach
Yes...my kitty ears let me hear very well. Right now, I can hear your little heart
racing...and it's honestly...turning me on... She said in a low growl, her eyes flashing a bright
red, starting to idly stroke the growing bulge contained within her leggings.
Addison gasped as she landed, the wind knocked out of her. She listened, wide-eyed with
terror, as her world filled with happiness and curiosity unraveled before her. She heard the cries
and cracks of someone suffering in her bulging stomach. Her lips trembled as the tattered shoe
landed before her, but she couldn't articulate a scream. She saw the odd growth between Embers
legs but her mind hadn't processed the previous observations far enough to draw meaning from
it. Addison shrank into herself as Ember loomed over her, growling like a large predatory jungle
cat. Survival instincts kicked in and she blindly lunged away, scrambling as fast as her little
limbs would carry her. She hadn't even realized that she was crawling away from the door.
Ember couldn't help but laugh aloud, watching the girl flee to the stall beside her. Before
she could make it to the stall door, Ember drove her foot into the Addisons chest, sending her
into the metal bar the door was hinged to. Addison had not seen the sudden kick to the chest
coming and for a moment couldn't understand why she was on the floor, back on fire, struggling
to draw breath. Ember slowly approached the whimpering child, belching again, this time
nothing but a tuft of acid washed hair coming up. The rest was stuck deep in her digestive
system, dissolving into mush.
The tigress lifted her foot up and gently put it up to Addisons face, pressing the bottom
of her shoe harder and harder into the girl's face, easing up just before caving her skull in. As the
pressure in her skull gradually increased, Addison sobbed, then screamed, sure that her head was
about to be squished like the grapes she'd eaten for breakfast. With each scream and sob from the
child, Ember's cock throbbed with excitement. Suddenly, she pulled her waistband down,
allowing her ten-inch girth to spring free. She stroked her member while pressing her foot into
the girl's face, precum drizzling onto the floor.
I really want to eat you...but this is so much fun~! She chimed, giving the girl another
kick in her side.
Above her, the woman was speaking, but the girl couldn't hear past her own screams and
the blood pumping in her ears. The pressure on her skull suddenly abated, and Addison blinked
up at the scary woman, wondering what was sprinkling onto her forehead- WHAM! The next
kick sent her sprawling into one of the stalls. Sobbing in short little gasps, mostly because she
couldn't seem to take a full breath, Addison grabbed onto the base of the toilet and tried to pull
herself under it, behind it, anything that might make a barrier between her and the evil cat lady.
Ember sneered as the girl tried to pull herself away, grabbing ahold of her left leg and
yanking hard, pulling her away from the base of the toilet. Addisons colorful dress fell to her
armpits, flashing the world her clean, white panties, as her hands desperately grabbed at anything
that might anchor her down. The cute little sound of fear she made sent jolts of pleasure through
the sadistic tigress, only making her cock harder. She debated impaling the child on her cock, but
shook her head, remembering she was still in a preschool and had to finish up soon before
anyone came into the bathroom and caught her.
She lifted little Addison all the way above her head, letting her dangle there. She sighed
and slowly opened her maw, strands of saliva visible between the roof of her mouth and her
tongue. The slick, pink mouth, almost inviting in its softness, leading back into the deeper
darkness so wide, Addison was afraid she just might fit. While Ember did this, another belch
burst through her throat, blasting the child with the stench of death. The scream building in the
little girl's throat died in a cough as Ember belched forth a toxic miasma. After the belch, a wad
of indigestibles had lodged itself in her throat, Ember using her free hand to stick down her
esophagus and yank it out. She pulled a mangled ball of fabrics tangled with bloody hair from
her mouth, tossing it into the trashcan beside her, the remains of the previous child she recently
sent to ferment in her colon meaning nothing to her. Addison blinked furiously and gasped for
breathable air as the kitty's claws reached into the abyss and retrieved a balled-up mess. Addison
only caught a glimpse of the smoldering bundle before it was casually tossed away, just enough
to recognize who she'd heard screaming before. Those were the clothes of the shy little boy who
sat beside her at lunch. It was her cute little friend who had been screaming and melting inside
the hungry predator!
With that, Ember started lowering poor Addison ever closer to her hungry lips, sounds of
digestion echoing up from her gut. Addison's horrifying revelation was interrupted by her own
slow descend down the gaping maw. The little girl screamed and twisted, flailing for all she was
worth in hopes of avoiding the fate of her friend. All for naught. Addison's body convulsed
violently the second her face slid into the moist confines of the cat lady's mouth. Her little body
trembled, its struggles more panicked and jerky, as the pink tongue slid over her face, absorbing
her flavors.
Ember slowly eased the child deeper into her maw, feeling her head hit the back of her
throat, triggering her to swallow. The strong gulp pulled little Addison down to her shoulder's,
her face smothered in the hot, steamy confines of Ember's esophagus. The tigress gulped again,
pulling more of her second meal down. She started to rub the little girl's pussy with her finger,
using her little hole to push down, forcing more of her into her mouth. Her tongue lapped wildly
over the little human, tasting every inch of her. She kept swallowing, more of the girl
disappearing with each swift movement of her throat muscles. She moaned while using her free
hand to masturbate, beating off her cock while consuming the preschooler.
Tears of frustration leaked from Addisons eyes before she gave a helpless sob at her
inability to slow her descent or stop the probing tongue. The little girl yelped as she felt her
attacker's finger lightly rub over her panties before pressing down on her sensitive spot. "NO!"
Addison cried helplessly from inside the constricting esophagus. "Mommy says strangers
shouldn't touch me there!" The little girl blushed and tried to press her legs together, but Ember's
finger continued pressing, eliciting strange sensations that made Addison shiver. With legs
clamped together, the preschooler was no longer struggling and Ember had no trouble pushing
the trembling girl's rump into her open maw.
Ember reveled in the sensation before taking a deep breath in her nose, then swallowed
hard, sending the rest of the child sliding down her gullet. Her feet disappeared between the
hungry lips, slurping up Addisons untied shoelaces like spaghetti. She gulped a few more times
until the little girl fully occupied her swollen digestive organ. Her stomach acids had calmed
down since digesting the boy she ate earlier. Poor little Addison was now stewing in the bile that
used to be her friend, his little glasses cracked and floating in the noxious slurry surrounding her.
Addison coughed and sputtered as she struggled to right herself in the dark confines.
Addison screamed, the sound muffled by the stomach walls and the constant thump of
Embers heartbeat pounding above her. She fruitlessly pressed her hands against the stomach
walls searching for the way out. In response to the sudden wiggling in her gut, Ember let loose a
belch which violently shook her bulging belly. As the stomach rocked around her, Addison
slipped and almost fell back into the burning muck. Her face stopped inches from the caustic
liquid, just as a child's bleach skull bobbed to the surface. Addison stared into the lifeless eyes of
her friend's skull for a moment, not wanting to comprehend. Ember stretched before taking off,
slipping back out of the window and prowling around the perimeter of the building, looking for
more easy targets, her stomach loudly getting to work on much more slowly and painfully
digesting her second meal.
The child screamed and thrashed, blindly punching at the stomach walls now, desperately
trying to escape the pit of death she was trapped in. Her own struggles churning the acid around
more effectively than Ember's own natural movements. Blinded by pain as the acids began biting
into her flesh, Addison redoubled her struggles, unaware that she was accelerating her own
Ember explored the area around the building, caring little of the thrashing child trapped
deep within her digestive organs. Her cock was still hard, leaving the beast unable to focus from
being so horny. As she explored, Ember belched and farted, signaling the end of the boy and the
acidic doom of the girl currently inside her body. Eventually she came across an old wooden
lodge shrouded by leaves and ivy. She peeled back some foliage to find that it was an
uninhabited storage room, probably an old classroom that got decommissioned and left to
become storage for the newer school. Ember easily made her way in, pushing her wriggling gut
through a window and slinking over to a dusty couch. She fell back into it, dust flying up and
A few rather large spiders crawled from the cushions of the couch, Ember indifferent to
them crawling up her arms. She lied her head back and relaxed, the sound of her gut processing
the girl she had devoured filling the otherwise silent shack. She was relaxed, yet far from
tranquil. Her libido was running wild and her hard-on was throbbing. Growling in sexual
frustration, the beast got an idea. She opened her maw and flicked several times at her uvula. Her
stomach lurched and she heaved, feeling a lump fill her throat. Ember pushed her hand down her
own throat and grabbed onto Addisons arm, yanking her rather hard all the way back up from
her stomach. The process was a lot less fun then she thought, but what she had planned would
more than make up for it. Ember examined the acid soaked child, her clothes entirely melted off
and still in her stomach, her body littered with chemical burns, nothing too serious though, just
red patches of tender skin.
She threw the weakened, half-digested preschooler into the couch face first, giggling
sadistically. Ember then mounted her, her exposed length grinding against Addisons sizzling
thigh. She then brought her tip up to the prepubescent pussy, teasing the hole gently just to see
how the little girl would react. Playtime~
The girl coughed and blinked in the dim light of the outside world. She caught sight of
Ember's face, her eyes scanning, her mouth mercifully closed, and was glad the cat lady had had
a change of heart. Her body ached and her skin burned, but the cool air of the shack and the
softness of the couch cushions soothed her tender flesh. It wasn't until the tip of the ten-inch
length penetrated into her tight folds, that the little girl gasped and bucked in protest. She let out
a pained scream as powerful hands clamped down on her bare hips and the meaty shaft forced its
way inside her.
Ember grinned and groaned in pleasure, her throbbing member pulsating inside of the
tight confines of the little girl's pussy. She pushed slowly at first, feeling her adult shaft
breaching the somewhat nubile tunnel. Addison gasped, tears filling her wide eyes, as she felt
something inside her tear. Addisons attacker gave her a moment of rest, which the little girl used
to try and wiggle her way off the shaft, but the claws held her firm. Then the tigress thrust and
pain exploded through her singed body. Addison screamed and thrashed as Ember drove into her
again and again; it felt like she was being torn apart from the inside.
Ember quite quickly popped the little one's cherry, making her squirm in her grasp. She
growled in satisfaction, feeling the warm blood trickle over her shaft. That was when she
suddenly thrust all ten inches of her inside of the child, penetrating her cervix and deep into her
womb. The reaction was lovely, Addison bucking side to side in protest. It felt amazing to have
her half-digested fuck toy squirm so hard! Soon Ember was moving in and out of Addison,
fucking her raw.
Soon enough, Ember was pounding the girl's womb into a pulp, destroying the little
organ. It was so warm and tight, the beast throwing her head back and digging her claws into the
girl's back. This was bliss.
Addisons little hands balled into fists and her head sank to her chest as she clenched her
teeth again the pain. Staring down the length of her burnt chest, Addison could see between her
legs, the horrible ten-inch shaft rhythmically thrusting, and the obscene bulge it made in her
stomach as it pulverized her womb. Searing pain exploding on her back, Addison bucked and
flailed, her tears splattering the ruined couch beneath her, her involuntary sobs choking the force
out of her screams. Powerful hands gripped her sides and the girl futilely tried to hold onto the
arm of the couch as was she was pulled up into a sitting position. Now, with each thrust, her own
weight helped to impale her that much deeper.
Addison stared blankly at the ceiling by this point, letting out pathetic little gasps as the
rock-hard dick ripped even deeper inside her with each thrust and her bubbly little ass cheeks
slapped lewdly against Ember's pelvis with each descent.
Ember continued to rape the poor girl, fucking her senseless. Deep within her prostate,
she could feel her intense climax building. Each thrust into the tight, warm folds sent another
wave of pleasure through the beast. She moved her fingers to her mouth and started to lick the
blood from under her claws, shuddering. This drove her over the edge, slamming her cock balls-
deep into little Addison, keeping it as far into her torn up womb as she could before her clock-slit
exploded with torrent after torrent of boiling hot baby-batter. Her balls strained and her urethra
bulged, waves of semen being pushed from her large body into the much smaller one.
A bulge started to start to form somewhere in the little girls belly, probably slathering her
internal organs in the thick foreign substance. Ember looked down in utter satisfaction, a look of
absolute horror on the child's face.
You were a mighty good fuck, little one. She admitted, pulling her bloody, cummy cock
out of the beaten hole. Ember moved a hand down to stroke her member then sucking the blood
from her fingers before reaching down and grabbing Addison by her hair and violently yanking
her up, past her groaning gut. Your little friend is getting acquainted with my large intestine
right now, how about we get you on your way in to meet him in there? She asked with a sadistic
smile, intending to devour the young child yet again no matter what her answer.
The shuddering girl was pulled off the still-twitching shaft and she felt warm liquid begin
seeping down her thigh. She couldn't tell if it was cum or blood; probably both. Addison looked
up blankly as Ember spoke of introducing her to a large intestine. The little girl wasn't sure what
a large intestine was, but she remembered what a wide-open mouth meant.
"N-No..." Addison mumbled weakly, her cries gaining strength as her head rose to the
blood-streaked lips. "NO! NO! NO!" Her shrieks were ignored as Ember run her tongue over the
struggling girl's face, leaving a trail of red-tinted saliva.
With a moan, Ember continued to stroke her drizzling cock as she lowered the child into
her maw again. She used her rough, feline tongue to taste the tear strolling down the freshly
raped girl's face. Ember was starting to grow hungrier, her stomach rather empty compared to
before. Several bones and a layer of indigestibles lined her stomach walls, awaiting little
Addisons return. With a large gulp, the girl was tugged down her throat, Ember still stroking her
cock. Swallow after swallow, Addison made her way to the hellish pit which had already started
digesting her previously. Now it was time for the empty organ to finish the job.
Several minutes later, Addison's bare feet slipped past her bloody lips, Ember throwing
her head back and using her fingers to trace the wiggling toes as they descended down her neck
and disappeared behind her breasts, this time for good. Once her stomach was filled with the
child, she came, spraying more of her ball batter onto the dusty couch.
With a final desperate cry, Addison was plunged back into the abyss she'd once escaped.
Curling up again into the familiar, hellish sac, she felt bones and tatters of her old dress,
reminders of her last visit. "No, please!" Addison wailed, banging her little fist against the
stomach walls. A cruel giggle was the only response she got as the stomach walls began to drip
with fresh acids. The little girl sobbed and tried to curl up into a small ball to keep away from the
stinging liquid, but she could feel it seeping into her already tender skin. Tears rolled down her
cheeks and she clutched the skull of her friend like she might a comforting teddy bear,
wondering what she'd done to deserve such a fate. In no time, the burning became unbearable
and Addison was reduced to thrashing about, screaming and shrieking, as her flesh began to melt
in front of her eyes.
By the time the girl deep within her guts began to digest again, Ember was already laying
back on the couch which she brutally raped her. Blood and cum was everywhere, Ember
indifferent to laying in it. She rolled over onto her belly, feeling the child's bones snap and crack
from within her tightly compressing organ. Her stomach acids had started to really kick in now,
the girl in her stomach violently kicking and screaming. Ember simply moaned and humped the
cushion. Her hardon pulsated and her stomach crunched and gurgled, the cruel monster
fantasizing about what it looked like inside of her stomach right about now. The realization that
she had never been inside of one, but had sent countless others to her own made her laugh, her
sadistic mind finding it funny.
At the first snaps of breaking bone, Addison stopped thrashing and just screamed. She
screamed as her prison squeezed and crushed her to the rhythm of Ember's humping. She
screamed as more bones than she could count broke, then broke again. She screamed until her
vocal cords eroded out of her throat to join the meaty slurry that her body was becoming.
Ember just sighed and jizzed again into the cushion of the couch, draining her balls
entirely, her testicles now empty. She resorted to her pussy, moving a hand to her slit and pushing
her balls out of the way, digging her fingers into her cunt before lazily dozing off.
Addison's entire world was blinding, burning pain and it stayed that way until blackness
mercifully overtook her. And just like that, a pure, innocent soul was snuffed out as nothing more
than food and a fuck for the malicious tigress. Addison was never to be seen again by her friends,
family, or anyone else for that matter, at least not in any recognizable form...

Ember stirred from her peaceful sleep after nearly an hour, the child broken down
completely. A loud groooaaaan made her blink. She sat up and looked down at her shrunken,
round gut. Most of Addison was now coursing through her intestines as mush, the tigress
belching loudly and sending a couple of muck-covered ribs onto the floor. She wiped her mouth
and stretched before standing up and surveying the mess she made. Whoever came to this storage
shack next would be in for quite the horror show. Blood had splattered onto the couch and
ground, as well as her already drying cum staining the cushions and wall behind the couch.
Bones and bits of clothing from belching the entire time while digesting Addison riddled the
room as well, painting a very vivid crime scene.
Ember decided to add one final touch to the macabre by squatting down and farting
loudly. She pushed harder and a sudden burst of feces spilled from her anus. She continued to
easily release the contents stewing within her bowels, a more solid form starting to pour from her
smelly orifice of an asshole. Bones and hair were imbedded in the shit, tattered clothing even in
the mix. Grunting and sighing, she pushed loaf after loaf of what used to be two innocent
children back out into the world, the filthy scat she turned them into piling up quite quickly.
After several minutes of releasing the contents of her colon, she relaxed and let a torrent
of hot, yellow piss splash down upon the steaming mound of biomass. After she was done, she
turned around and smiled, a satisfied smirk on her lips. The mountain of earthy mud was filled
with bones, Ember even spotting out half of a ribcage. She belched one last time, the little boy's
skull flying from her maw and crashing into a storage container across the room. She didn't see
where it went, and cared very little. Ember rested a hand on her nearly flattened belly, feeling
Addison's skull, among other bones and indigestables still trapped in her stomach and intestines.
They would work their way out later, as they always did. She grabbed a dusty cloth from the
floor and wiped her ass, then pulled up her leggings, concealing her musky bulge. She happily
slipped out of the window she came in, looking back one last time to see the steaming
coagulation of child-shit she had left for the janitorial staff to find, and scampered off. Breakfast
was over, and now she was going to head to the local orphanage for lunch.