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Tungsten Network Job Description and Skills Matrix

Job Title Application Support Analyst

Type Full-Time
Working Hours 4pm 1am
Reports To (title) Technical Operations Manager
Department Technical Operations
Base Office Kuala Lumpur

Job Summary

Application Support Analyst at Tungsten Network is responsible for supporting existing infrastructure and applications at
Tungsten Network. Support Analysts will support operation for monitoring our production systems and acting as first line
support to internal business users on applications and second line support to external business users on applications,
processing and connectivity.

To provide effective and high quality technical support to clients and users of all applications developed in-house.
The key focus is root-cause analysis of reported issues and the identification of related fixes, workarounds, and long-term
solutions in conjunction with relevant teams.

The role is full time and reports to Technical Operations Manager and would suit an organized, practical and adaptable
person with desire to grow and develop technical skills in a fast growing global company.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Understand Tungsten Network applications and infrastructure and know how to utilize tools to investigate
problems reported in each. Ability to use log aggregation tools such as Splunk or track errors through raw logs
(tail/grep) is key.
Act as a first line of support for internal business users performing problem investigations on issues reported
through ticketing system.
Act as second line of support for business users performing problem investigations for client facing support teams.
Problem solving requests created through the internal tracking system.
Analysis and resolution of user issues in a timely manner, documenting and escalating unresolved problems to the
relevant team, as necessary.
Identifies potential system wide issues ensuring timely notification to manager.
Ability to spot patterns and automate repetitive tasks.
Ensures customer satisfaction through meeting established service level standards and prioritizing and tracking
customer issues through to resolution
Acquire and maintains knowledge of relevant products and support methods to provide technically accurate
solutions to internal users in plain English.

Bachelors/A Level or equivalent degree in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Information
Technology or similar

1-2 years administrating Windows and Linux Production Environments
1-2 years commercial experience as Application Support or similar IT Support job
Exposure to and understanding of application logic

Experience in software development
Experience in accounts payable or finance will be advantage
Experience in software testing

Personal Attributes
Organized Able to keep track of an environment with many different workflows across heterogeneous systems.
Detail Oriented Able to identify relevant information out of a broad expanse of available documentation and
Knowledgeable Familiar with a broad set of IT concepts (networking, Windows, Linux) yet not necessarily a
master of all of them.
Good commercial aptitude and keen interest in understanding business process flows.
Ability to work under general supervision and independently.
A team player, able to adapt fast to a new environment
Good time management skills and ability to work on multiple tasks towards meeting tight deadlines
Strong, analytical and logical problem solving skills
Flexible and proficient
Ability to grow professionally in a highly flexible and fast-moving environment.
Awareness and pride in 100% client satisfaction

Working Conditions

Work is performed in a normal office setting with minimal exposure to health or safety hazards. Substantial time is
spent working on a computer. Minimal travel outside of the country of the home office may be required (to other
corporate offices). Must hold valid passport and be able to acquire a visa for the UK, US, or Malaysia if required.

Core Competencies (Skills Matrix)

Index Level (1-
Skills Matrix 5, 5 being
Communicate via Ticketing System, E-Mail, Conference call and Phone in a helpful, polite manner. 5
Written and verbal communication skills in English 4
Understand Linux CLI (CentOS/RHEL Preferred) 3
Able to investigate Linux/Unix Services and control as needed (nfs, smb, sendmail, sshd, ftpd) 3
Understand Perl and bash scripts used in Tungsten Network workflows 4
Understand Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, and other domain services 4
Understand Windows Batch Scripts and command line functions used in Tungsten Network workflows 4
Understand common log searching techniques (Splunk, Agent Ransack, grep, etc.) 4
Understand Network Infrastructure and how traffic is routed across VPN linked sites 5
Understand file transfer process at all OSI layers 4
Understand FTP, SFTP, HTTP(S), and AS2 file transfer methods in depth 5
Experience with enterprise level Managed File Transfer software (SecureTransport, VLTrader/CLEO, 5
Globalscape, Seeburger)
Able to track files through multiple systems from external connectivity through to documented 4
workflows driven by batch/bash/perl scripts.
Hands on experience with connectivity related command line applications for sending/receiving files 4
and cryptography (OpenPGP, openssl, putty/puttygen, ssh-keygen, curl, wget, psftp)
Understand mail based (SMTP) connectivity workflow 3
Able to troubleshoot connectivity issues, identify firewall vs. application level errors and pinpoint 5
issues with specific configurations.
Able to gather data from SQL Database in efficient manner (SELECT, Joins, COUNT, etc) 4
Understand support structure for Oracle / MySQL DBAs and infrastructure 4
Ability to write PL/SQL script to update/delete/insert records and understand the risk 4
Ability to read and understand MS-DOS Batch Scripts 4
Ability to read and understand bash scripts 3
Ability to read and understand perl 4
General programming concepts and debugging techniques 2

Duties and responsibilities may change at the discretion of management.