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Friends with Benefits Summary

Thesis: Can the support that we get from our Facebook friends achieve the same result as our friends in
real life?

Supporting point for thesis: Happiness is easier to spread than unhappiness. Receiving constant positive
feedback on Facebook from various acquaintances is more likely to make you happy than sad.

Bias: The author seems to have a bias that Facebook friends can achieve a similar result based on her
many examples that support it. Only towards the end does she acknowledge the alternate opinion
through a quote from Michael J. Bugeja.

In Kate Daileys article Friends with Benefits: Do Facebook Friends Provide the Same Support as
Those in Real Life? she explores the different ways a Facebook friend can be beneficial versus a friend
in real life. Typically, friends that we make on Facebook are people we may have met at school, at
parties, or people we may fallen out of touch with. Although the majority of these friends on Facebook
are distant acquaintances, Dailey outlines several benefits through experts.