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Lets start by giving glory to the Almighty, He is merciful, wonderful, i am that i am, alapanla,

Cal him sweet names, adore him

Begin to welcum holy spirit in our midst, tel Him welcum sir,.....lets do dis fr 3mins

In jesus name we worship

I welcum evryone to today's study.... Pls i won't it to b interactive.... May God bless us all

D topic fr today is worshipping God wholeheartedly

And our bible text is 2chro. Chapter 25
Like I said earlier dat dis class wl b iinteractive
Lets c God' s comment concerning one man called amaziah
Let sum1 give us d first 2 verses
We are told dat he was 25yrs wen he became king which means he was very mature.
In verse 2, we saw dat he did wat was ryt in d sight of God ....which is a good 1......but it is
indicated dat not wit a perfect heart....dat comment baffles me....not with a perfect heart
Nw, let me ask can we actually serve God with a perfect heart?
I wl answer dat later.....nw lets c y God say nt wit a perfect heart....in verse 3 to 4
He killed those dat killed his father but left d children.....y did he leave d children , simply cuz it is
ryt according to d law.....wow....wow....he did wat was ryt
Don't u tink he wld v been more righteous if he had forgiven them?.....m sure if dere was no law
dat stated dat deir children shld nt b killed he wld v killed them......we r going sumwhr.....letz
move on.....from chapter 5 to 10
He did anoda tin.....wu can tel us wat happened dere?...fr me to knw dat we r following
Cuz dis is nt preaching... Dere z diff btw preaching n teaching
Preaching brings us to d knowledge of God, good news,his kindness etc
But teaching brings us to d understanding ofGod , his ways, his doings, both through d Holy Spirit
Back to d question.... Wat can we c dere btw verse 5 to 10

Wen d prophet told him nt to go wit d soldiers be hired wit money....his first response was asking d
man of God abt d money he has wasted....he didn't even tnk God for showing care, fr d message
but his concern was abt d money he used.....we r going sumwhr.........now to us
Some of us r worshipping God but nt wit our heart....wat do I mean.....
Dere r sum certains tinz we r doin to serve God. which r ryt but we r nt doin it willingly , nt from
our heart.....whereas God require all of us....I mean evrytin abt us our mind, body and soul
Examples....sum of us go to church on Sundays which is ryt but wat abt our motives fr going,
probably we go to c our frnds, so dat we wl nt b lonely @ home, or so dat pastor wl nt talk, or to
go n shw dem d new clothes I just bought..... n so
Sum of us wait till anniversary bfr we contribute to. D growth n development of d church....no
wonda we r whr we r today.....
sum of us r wrking in d awse of God to b noticed, spending money to b noticed, praying cuz
people beside u r praying, singing cuz u wnt to shw dem dat u knw songs, or cuz u can sing or to
impress.....u cnt deceive God....he is d one dat search man' s heart.....
U wonda y u spent so much in d house of God but no result.....
Or y u cum tochurch everyday to no avail......ask ursef m I serving him wholeheartedly
Wholeheartedly means