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Demigirl Definition,

examples, synonyms
Alice Chen
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Have you recently heard someone use the word demigirl and been confused? Demi- as a prefix
means half or partial, as in demigod part god, part human. However, what does it mean to be
half or partial girl?

Demigirl definition
A demigirl is a term that someone uses to describe themselves. Someone may identify as
a demigirl if they were born biologically a girl, but they do not feel that the gender fits them

They can also be male at birth, but identify more closely with being a girl. Instead, they feel that
they are in between girl and boy, often leaning more towards girl for one reason or another.

Gender identity, or the gender that you identify most with, exists on a spectrum. It typically
aligns with your assigned sex at birth. However, this is not always the case. If someone does not
feel they are exactly a girl or a boy, or female or male, they may choose to call themselves many
different terms.

Someone who is not completely female in the way that they see themselves but leans more
than way than towards being male, or does not want to call themselves agendered (without a
gender) can identify as a demigirl.

If someone tells you they are a demigirl, it may be a good idea to ask them which pronouns
they prefer (most people use she or he, but people who do not identify as man or woman often
prefer other pronouns).

Examples of demigirl in a sentence

I started to identify as demigirl after I started to question my gender, and read a blog post online
by someone who described exactly what I was feeling.
There are two demigirls in my school; one of them likes to use the she and her pronouns but the
other likes to use the they and them pronouns.
Alex is neither a girl nor a boy; they identify as a demigirl.

Dialogue about demigirl

Taylor: Hi Alex! Can I ask you about your gender identification? How did you know that you
were a demigirl?

Alex: Hi Taylor! Thanks for asking. Like many things having to do with gender identity and
sexual orientation, it was just one of those things that I knew without really having to search or

Taylor: But how did you know about the term demigirl? What exactly does that mean?

Alex: Oh, thats a great question. I was actually browsing Tumblr, where someone was talking
about feeling feminine, but not exactly a girl. At the time, I was surprised about it. I didnt really
realize that other people felt the same way I did! We started chatting with each other about it and
eventually we did some research and came across the term.

Taylor: It sounds great that you had support from other people, even if you didnt know them in

Alex: I agree. After the both of us decided that demigirl was a good identity for each of us, as
we didnt feel that we had no gender, like some other people do. Then, we looked for online
communities like Facebook groups and forums that we could join. We found some small groups
and its a supportive community!

Taylor: Do you help other people figure out their gender identity, too?

Alex: Yes, if you or someone else cant quite find the label for you yet, its really useful to find
someone who has some experience in something like that.

Taylor: Wow, thats really great information. Thanks!

Synonyms for demigirl

As gender exists on a spectrum, there are few words that exactly matches the meaning
of demigirl. However, the following are synonyms for people who do not quite feel that they are
a demigirl.

Other terms for demigirl:

1. demiwoman,

2. demifemale person

3. Transgender: the gender identity of someone who is biologically one sex but identifies as the

4. Agender: the gender identity of someone who does not have a gender

5. Gender fluid: the gender identity of someone who identifies with traits of both males and

6. Genderqueer: the gender identity of someone who does not identify strictly with being a man
or woman

7. Nonbinary: the sex of someone who is genderqueer

8. Demiguy: the gender identity of someone does not identify strictly as a man or woman but is
closer to male

9. Intersex: the gender identity of someone who is born with reproductive and sexual anatomy
that does not categorize strictly as male or female