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Zionist Regimes Fiasco in

8-Day War in Gaza Leader: US, Zionism
Trying to Turn
U.S. Judge OIC Mecca Conference
The Muslim
Rejects Call to

and the Issues of
Muslim Youth Postmodernism and
against Each Other Ban Film on Net Bahrain and Palestine Future Challenges

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Thousands of Indonesians Protest

U.S.-Made Film

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No 248, December 2012

The Muslim Brotherhood, An International
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Postmodernism and Future

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2 December 2012 / No. 248 ECHO
of Islam

Zionist Regimes
Fiasco in 8-Day War in

International organizations and several countries have

condemned the Zionist regimes attacks on Gaza, calling for
immediate halt to attacks.
By S. Musawi personalities and other interna- IPU is soon to issue a statement
tional political officials strongly in this connection to closely fol-

everal international organi- condemned recent crimes of low up the issue.
zations such as Organization the Zionist regime of Israel in He noted that an IPU delega-
of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Gaza. tion is soon to pay a visit to Gaza.
and Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) In a phone call with Anders B. Meanwhile, in a phone call
and a large number of countries Johnsson, Secretary General of with Professor Erol Kili, Secre-
including Iran, Russia, Egypt, the Inter-Parliamentary Union tary General of the IPU, con-
Pakistan, Lebanon as well as (IPU), described as shameful and demned the Zionist regimes
people across the world have deplorable the Zionist regimes crimes and called on the Islamic
condemned the Zionist onslaught wide-scale attack from air, sea states to take concrete action in
against Gaza. and the ground on the innocent that connection.
people of Gaza. The time is now Also in phone calls with Leba-
ripe for the IPU, as the hub of nese Speaker Nabih Berri, Alge-
Iran, Inter-Parliamentary
the world parliaments, to show rian Peoples National Assembly
Union Condemn Israeli At- serious reaction in this regard. Speaker Mohamed al-Arabi Ould
tacks Johnsson said in reply: The Khalifa, Fehmida Mirza, first
Irans Majlis Speaker Ali Islamic Republic of Irans concern woman speaker of Pakistans
Larijani in separate phone calls over Israels attacks on Gaza is National Assembly, Syrias par-
with a group of his counterparts, common source of concern by liament speaker, Jihad Laham,
the political and parliamentary many of the world people and the Osama Al-nujaifi Speaker of Iraqi
December 2012 / No. 248

of Islam

Gaza 3

Council of Representatives, and raeli military aggressions against Israeli escalation and the attempt
Tunisias National Constituent As- the Palestinians and believes that to reinvade the Gaza Strip, which
sembly (NCA) Speaker Mustapha the aggression of Israeli regime will further fuel the conflict and
Ben Jaafar, Larijani condemned and resorting to force against the take the region to the brink of an
the crimes. defenseless people needs im- explosion, the statement added.
He called on Muslim states to mediate attention of the entire Meanwhile, the Secretary Gen-
take parliamentary measures to international community and eral of the Organization of Islam-
condemn the merciless crimes of firm measure of the UN Security ic Cooperation (OIC), Ekmeleddin
the Zionist regime in launching Council as the sole responsible Ihsanoglu, condemned the Israeli
air, ground and sea attacks on for protecting peace and interna- aggression against the Gaza Strip,
Gaza. tional security, it added. OIC said in its statement.
The report says that Israel
NAM Condemns the Zionist OIC Condemns Zionist Re- must stop shelling of the Gaza
Regime gimes Attacks Strip, as air strikes kill civilians.
The Non-Aligned Movement, The OIC Council of Foreign Nasrallah to Arabs: Use Oil as
in a statement, condemned the Ministers strongly condemned Weapon to Pressure US on Israel
Zionist regimes military aggres- the dangerous Israel escalations Hezbollah chief says Palestin-
sion on Gaza Strip and called on against Gaza. The council con- ian militants long-range rockets
the international community, par- siders this barbaric aggression a are very significant develop-
ticularly the UN Security Council continuation of the ongoing sav- ment in conflict with Israel.Pal-
to bring an immediate halt to age and devastating war waged estinians firing long-range rockets
Israels crimes. by the Israeli occupation against from Gaza into Israel represents
The NAM statement said that the Palestinian people in the a very significant development
the Zionist regime has once again Gaza Strip since 2008. in the conflict with the Zionist
heightened its military aggres- The council observes that regime, Hezbollah chief Hassan
sions against the Palestinians, these serious acts of aggression Nasrallah said.
particularly on Gaza Strip. are being committed at a time The firing of Fajr 5 rockets on
Iranian Ambassador and Per- when efforts are continuing to Tel Aviv shows the maturation,
manent Representative to the reach a military truce in the Gaza the wisdom and strength, and the
United Nations, Mohammad Khaz- Strip and accomplish a compre- courage of the Palestinian resist-
ayee presided over the ambas- hensive Palestinian reconcilia- ance in the Gaza Strip, Nasral-
sadorial meeting of NAM in New tion, the statement said. lah said in a speech.
York city held for reviewing the The council sees this premedi- The Israeli enemy was sur-
recent Israeli aggression against tated wanton aggression as an prised and forced to acknowledge
the defenseless Palestinians. attack on the entire Islamic world that its capital had been hit,
NAM condemns the recent Is- and warns against the continued said the leader of Lebanons most
4 December 2012 / No. 248 ECHO
of Islam

powerful military force, adding the conflict between the resist- This is not Gazas battle to
that the Iranian-made rockets ance and the Israeli enemy, fight alone, but belongs to all of
have a range of 70 kilometers (44 Nasrallah said. us.
miles) Nasrallah called on Arab
Gaza defenders defied a major leaders to make every effort Russia Is Concerned
Israeli bombing campaign, firing to deter, prevent and stop the Russia has strongly con-
off volleys of rockets, one of aggression on the Gaza Strip and demned the latest wave of
which hit the sea near Tel Aviv, protect the people of Gaza. Israels aerial attacks on Gaza
the farthest distance ever at- The only thing that can change Strip, which has killed over a
tained by fire from Gaza. the equation, is for the Arab dozen Palestinians in the be-
This was the first time rockets League and the Organization of sieged territory.
had been fired at Tel Aviv since Islamic Cooperation to take a Further escalation of violence
the 1991 Persian Gulf War, when genuine stand and use oil as a would be impermissible, Russian
the city was hit by Iraqi Scud weapon to push the United States Foreign Ministry Spokesman Alex-
missiles. to pressure its ally Israel. ander Lukashevich told reporters
This is a very significant de- We are all concerned in Leba- in Moscow.
velopment in the history of non to do everything in our The disproportionate strikes
power to help in Gaza Strip are totally unaccep-
the situation, table, especially when there are
he concluded. civilian casualties, he added.
Moscow is deeply con-
cerned with what is going on
in Gaza Strip and
calls for the blood-
shed to end,
December 2012 / No. 248

of Islam

Gaza 5
Lukashevich noted. healthcare and education. Egyptian leader stressed, warning
The new wave of Israeli ag- Egyptian President Slams Is- that the attacks will destabilize
gression on the Gaza Strip has rael, Vows to Stand by Gazans the region.
claimed at least 17 lives since Egyptian President Mohamed The Israelis must realize that
Wednesday. Ahmed al-Jaabari, Morsi has condemned Israels this aggression is unacceptable
the popular and influential head unacceptable airstrikes on the and would only lead to instability
of the Hamas military wing, the Gaza Strip, vowing to stand by in the region and would negative-
Ezzedeen al-Qassam Brigades, the people of the beleaguered ly and greatly impact the secu-
was assassinated in an Israeli at- Palestinian territory. rity of the region, he stated.
tack on his car on Wednesday. In a televised address, Morsi Hamas Will Rain Rockets on
The Israeli military frequently lashed out at Tel Aviv for killing Israel If Strikes Continue
carries out airstrikes and other over a dozen Palestinians, includ- A top Hamas official says the
attacks on Gaza Strip, saying the ing senior Hamas commander Palestinian resistance movement,
actions are being conducted for Ahmed al-Jaabari, during a Hamas, will rain down its rockets
defensive purposes. However, series of strikes. on Israel as long as the new wave
in violation of international law We are in contact with the of attacks by the Tel Aviv regime
disproportionate force is always people of Gaza and with Pales- on the Gaza Strip continues.
used and civilians are often killed tinians and we stand by them If the Israeli aggression
or injured. until we stop the aggression, he continues, it is clear that the
Gaza has been blockaded vowed. Ezzedeen al-Qassam Brigades and
since 2007, a situation that has Tel Avivs deadly strikes has Hamas will attack the Israelis,
caused a decline in the standard sparked anti-Israeli protests in the Israeli soldiers and the Israeli
of living, unprecedented levels of Egypt; and prompted Morsi to re- decision-makers, Fawzi Bar-
unemployment, and unrelenting call the Egyptian ambassador to houm, a Hamas spokesman, said
poverty. Israel and to summon the Israeli at a press conference in
The apartheid regime of Israel envoy to Cairo. Gaza.
denies about 1.7 million people We do not accept under any
in Gaza their basic rights, such as circumstances the continua-
freedom of movement, jobs that tion of this aggression
pay proper wages, and adequate on the Strip, the
6 December 2012 / No. 248 ECHO
of Islam

He added, We will launch our crisis, the coalition warned blockade on Gaza, which it im-
rockets just like rain. Rains of amid the continuation of Israels posed on the enclave in 2007.
rockets will pour down on them. new wave of attacks against the
Meanwhile, another Hamas enclave. Pakistan Slams Israels Of-
spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said Meantime, an NGO that works fensive in Gaza
they would not consider a truce on human rights issues in the Pakistan has strongly con-
with Israel for now. Arab World, the Arab Organiza- demned Israels new offensive
tion for Human Rights in Britain in the Gaza Strip, and urged the
British protesters condemn called on Egypt to take urgent Security Council, which met in
Israels aggressions on Gaza action to save the Gaza Strip in a private emergency session, to
A large-scale Pro-Palestinian the face of Israeli strikes. demand an immediate cessation
demonstration was held outside The Israeli army military fre- of its military action.
the Israeli embassy in London to quently conducts airstrikes and Council sources said thatAm-
protest the ongoing strikes by the other attacks on the Gaza Strip, bassador Masood Khan, the
Zionist regime against defense- claiming that its aggressions are permanent representative of
less Palestinians. being conducted for defensive Pakistan to the UN, told the
Stop the War Coalition, a UK purposes. 15-member Council that the
group that campaigns against However, in violation of inter- deadly Israeli offensive of more
what it believes are unjust wars national law, disproportionate than 20 airstrikes in Gaza threat-
had organized the protests. force is always used and civilians ened international peace and
Unless something is done are often killed or injured. security.
to stop the violencewe could The attacks take place while Grave developments today in
see yet another humanitarian Israel keeps up its crippling Gaza portend to threaten inter-
national peace and security. The
Council must play its part in ar-
resting this trend, he added.
After the closed-door meeting
that lasted nearly 90 minutes,
Indian Ambassador Hardeep Singh
Puri, who is the president of the
Council for this month, said the
upshot of the discussion was to
seek de-escalation of the situ-
ation and to try and diffuse the
These are senseless killings,
he is understood to have told the
Council. The Israeli retaliation
is excessive, the response dispro-
Khan said the excessive use of
force by Israel on peaceful pro-
testers in a number of Palestinian
cities was unacceptable. Israel
should exercise restraint. The
firing of rockets from Gaza should
also stop, he stated.
The international commu-
nity should step in. The Security
Council should ensure that hostil-
ities cease forthwith and further
escalation is arrested, without
caveats and qualifications, Khan
December 2012 / No. 248

of Islam

Middle East 7

Iran Plays Key Role
Palestine and
Quds Unite
in Global Transition Muslims

halid al-Qaddumi,

he Leader of the Islamic the representative of
Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Hamas in Tehran, said,
Ali Khamenei said that the Imam Khomeini was right as
world is in the midst of a transi- he called Palestine the main
tion to a new political, economic, cause of the
and social order and highlighted Islamic world because only
the role the Iranian nation is play- Palestine and the holy Quds
ing during the transition period. can unite all Muslims.
The Leader made the remarks Delivering speech in the
during a meeting with a number Resistance, Islamic Awaken-
of professors, academics, and ing & Liberation of Palestine
researchers. Conference held by the Islamic
Ayatollah Khamenei enumer- Culture and Relations Organi-
ated the signs indicating that a zation (ICRO) in Tehran, Khalid
profound change is taking place al-Qaddumi added, The other
in the world and said that the side is waiting in ambush to
Islamic Awakening occurring in steer the developments of
the region is one of the signs of the Islamic Awakening move-
this major change. ment toward a direction that
A sense of identity and an never reaches the Palestinian
awakening based on Islam among He went on to say that the cause.
various Muslim nations is an Iranian people, especially the He described the Islamic
unprecedented sign of a profound countrys intellectuals and offi- Awakening as a golden oppor-
change in the structure and ge- cials, have a heavy responsibility tunity for the Islamic and Arab
ometry of the future world, he and should play important roles states and continued, The
stated. during this period of transition. Islamic Awakening movement
The failure of the efforts of Ayatollah Khamenei also said has provided us -- the cam-
the West, led by the United that the awakening inspired by paign elite with a historic
States, to gain control over the the Islamic Revolution and the opportunity and we should not
West Asia region, which became stability and strength of the Is- be indifferent to it and wait
evident after the U.S. defeats in lamic system, which are founded for the history as it will show
Iraq and Afghanistan, is another on belief, faith, and wisdom, no mercy to us.
indication of a major change in are factors that have raised the The representative of Ha-
the world, he noted. status of Iran in current develop- mas in Tehran said the ongoing
The Leader also cited the ments in the world. developments in Arab states
current situation in Europe, the He added, At this critical are positive and will take time
uncertain future of powerful juncture in history, the countrys to yield good results.
European countries, and the de- intellectuals can provide decisive The Resistance, Islamic
cline in the status of the United assistance in elevating the status Awakening & Liberation of Pal-
States in the world as additional of Iran in the new world struc- estine Conference was held by
evidence that a major change is ture through fulfilling their highly the Islamic Culture and Rela-
occurring. important obligations. tions Organization in the ICRO
premise in August.
Middle East
8 December 2012 / No. 248 ECHOof Islam

The Muslim Brotherhood,

Postmodernism and
Future Challenges
Egypt has gone through many ups and downs since 1952 when
Gamal Abdel Nasser overthrew the monarchy in Egypt and
announced a republic.
By Mahdi Goljan (PhD) American or Israeli thoughts Egypt. At the same
take over them from within or time, Al-Qaida leaders

ndoubtedly, we can con- without. Fortunately, after the accuse the Muslim
sider the Muslim Brother- revolution of January 25, 2011 Brotherhood of put-
hood as one of the most and expansive role in the course ting aside Jihad and
influential actors in Egyptian po- of the revolution, particularly involving in political
litical scene. It was established in in parliamentary or presidency trends of Egyptian
1928 with the goal of establishing comptitions, they still follow government. In fact,
an Islamic government. In other their original policies to promote the Muslim Brotherhoods
words, the Brotherhood considers the global Islamic movement to success has invalidated
religious law as the pivot and achieve Islamic goals. Al-Qaida claim, be-
foundation of all legislations and Active presence in political cause they believe
all governmental decisions. arena is among the main achieve- that Jihad is the only
Americans also are aware that ments of the Muslim Brotherhood way to success while
Egypts situation is significantly . Prior to the participation of the Brotherhood
different from that of Mubaraks Justice and Development Party always avoids it
era and that they can no longer in election campaign, and con- and used political
influence regional policies or sidering pessimism towards the competition to
encourage Egypt to support the Muslim Brotherhood, there was come to power
Zionist regime,etc. not much hope in triumph of and finally
Egypt has gone through many the group. One of the unwritten achieved it.
ups and downs since 1952 when obstacles in Arab and Middle East In regard
Gamal Abdel Nasser overthrew world (Turkey is also included) is to the Broth-
the monarchy in Egypt and an- that political parties and forces erhoods activities and
nounced a republic. Anwar El with religious attitudes cannot their impacts on the future
Sadat and Hosni Mubarak both achieve success in political field, destiny of the country, it
were kings ruling over people un- but the Muslim Brotherhood should be borne in mind that
der the title of president; but the broke through the barrier and the Muslim Brotherhood is
Brotherhood led a a revolution proved that to be successful in involved in different issues
beyond what had happened in political field, it is necessary to regarding the future course
1952 and the result was the vic- use intelligent approaches. As an of its policies both inside the
tory of Islamists over U.S.-backed example, most of the Western country and also in its foreign
monarchists. The Brotherhood is media predicted that the Muslim relations, particularly with the
both affecting and affected by Brotherhood would act similar to United States.
the revolution. In other words, Al-Qaida whereas its policy had While previous generation of
they should carry out a revolution always focused on suppression such movements sought social
within and do not let Salafists, of Al-Qaida-supported groups in role and conservative activities
December 2012 / No. 248

of Islam

Middle East 9
great importance in the Arab
world and its actions influence
the region drastically. The United
States owns security interests in
Egypt and thus should be assured
of them; but the interesting
point is that U.S. influ-
ence in Egypt has dwindled
Meanwhile, the Muslim
Brotherhood is among
ardent critics of the U.S.
military operations in the
region and seeks reduction of
U.S.-Egypt cooperation. Inter-
estingly, the new Brotherhood
is like a Pandora box for the
U.S.: it can neither give it up
nor accept it completely; thus,
both sides are eager to cooperate
with each other, because none
will benefit from military con-
frontation, etc.
First, the presence of Egypts
president in Tehran was unpre-
dictable after 30 years of sever-
ance of diplomatic ties. In fact,
Morsi and his political Party
(Freedom and Justice Party)
and Muslim Brotherhood try to
demonstrate a new era in
Egypt foreign relations; the
reason is that Mubaraks
foreign policy was unac-
ceptable to almost all
Morsis activities
in recent months in-
dicate that he will have
hard days ahead in major policy
issues. The Muslim Brotherhood is
trying to formulate an independ-
ent foreign policy to let Egypt
regain its regional influence.
Iran-Egypt relations became
critical during three decades of
Mubaraks rule; but President of
Egypt and the Muslim Brother-
in the political scene, the new ary revolu- hood believe that these rela-
generation looks forward to a tion, , conti- tions, particularly diplomatic and
more serious presence in politics, nuity of military strategic relations with Iran and
and they have practically proved cooperation with all other Islamic countries should
that they pursue this goal. the U.S. has turned out to a be resumed because the Persian
In the aftermath of the Janu- significant question. Egypt has Gulf region is very significant for
Middle East
10 December 2012 / No. 248 ECHO
of Islam

Also, Iran tries to keep its
relations with the Brotherhood
even if it is at the least possible Iran-Egypt relations became critical
level; since no side will benefit during three decades of Mubaraks
from severance of ties. The criti- rule; but President of Egypt and the Muslim
cal dialogue between Iran and
the Brotherhood not only will
Brotherhood believe that these relations,
contribute to preservation of the particularly diplomatic and strategic relations
present level of relations, but with Iran and all other Islamic countries should
also is important in effectiveness be resumed because the Persian Gulf region is
of such party in future. Iran could very significant for Egypt. Also, Iran tries to
be the best ally of the Brother-
keep its relations with the Brotherhood even
hood in world today. It is not
an enemy at all! The important if it is at the least possible level; since no side
point is that both the countries will benefit from severance of ties.
have a common enemy called
Israel or better saying the usurp-
ing Zionist regime.
The Brotherhood acts differ-
ently in each country. In other
words, it has regional and local
approaches within the frame-
work of its general strategy. The
Muslim Brotherhood does not
act uniformly in Syria, Yemen or
Bahrain which causes observers
occasionally feel a sort of para-
dox in their policies.
It seems that in Syria the pre-
vailing discussions are about the
stances of the ruling party, i.e.,
Baath Party and those of the Mus-
lim Brotherhood, which is a long-
standing difference. After Syrias
independence from France, both
parties tried to come to power
and finally the Baath party gained
victory over the Brotherhood and
thats why they always feel sort
of animosity toward Baathists,
they believe that Bashar al-Assad
should resign, either through
reforms or otherwise, since he is
a Baathist!
Morsi wants to achieve what
Saddam Hossein tried to achieve
recklessly, that is, formation a
powerful and effective Arab Un-
ion. One of the prerequisites of
this union is omission of Syria.
After the defeat of Brother-
hood from the Baath party, the
former launched two types of
December 2012 / No. 248

of Islam

Middle East 11
campaign against the Baath towards killing of Bahraini pro- of a war between Arab league
government: reformist campaign democracy Shias, but also openly and Iran and attempts very hard
along with political cooperation supports the oppressing govern- to achieve this goal. Unfortunate-
and military struggle, particu- ment of Bahrain. ly, the Arab League is not aware
larly by highlighting Assads Alawi The Muslim Brotherhoods of the fact that change in Syria
affiliation and provoking Sunnis stance towards Syria is based on does not benefit Arabs, but will
and even the attempts to assas- some considerations regarding weaken their situation vis--vis
sinate Assad which caused severe Arab history and Arab people. Israel. Now, Syria is considered
suppression of the Brotherhood. Certainly, the next Arab genera- to be the most serious threat to
Historical animosity between the tion will pose questions about the Israel. Therefore, Syrias defeat
Baath and the Muslim Brother- Muslim Brotherhoods stance and means Irans defeat, thus to
hood resulted in severe conflicts ask: why did not you act effec- achieve its goal, the U.S. has
between Morsi and Bashar al- tively when you could? Why Morsi mobilized all its means.
Assad, and hence, Morsi considers did not support Syria and was In presidential elections, 48%
Syria more dangerous than Israel. certain about U.S. determination of votes went to the previous
While the Muslim Brotherhood to wipeout Syria under any cir- regimes candidate and the other
reacts to killing of opponents in cumstances? It seems that Syria 52% to the Muslim Brotherhood,
Syrian, not only it is not neutral turned out to be an offside trap and the gap was not very wide.
for the Muslim Brotherhood, chal- Therefore, Egypt today is not a
lenging them with a significant homogeneous society and it can
historical test at early stages. A create several troubles for the
test which requires more think- Muslim Brotherhood and even
ing and the Muslim Brotherhood may force them to choose poli-
should be cautious not to be cies which are not always con-
entrapped by the logic of oppo- comitant with their ideology.
nents. They should not forget the Mohamed Al-Morsi introduced
fact that Islams opponents have himself as the president of all re-
always achieved victory through ligious groups. In other words, he
division. meant that he would cover the
The Arab world is trying to remaining 48% and assured that
organize a new league with the his policies will ignore them. On
leadership of Egypt which has one the other side, they are con-
of the most ancient civilizations fronting Egypts military council
and has been one of the most which is to limit the presidents
influential actors in the Middle authority by enacting self-made
East, Africa and the Arab world. laws. As I mentioned above, the
Definitely Morsi intends to do Brotherhood are facing some
what Saddam Hussein irrationally political paradoxes among which
intended to do; in other words he Syrian crisis is the most impor-
intends to create a powerful and tant one. The significant point is
influential league. At the same the manner in which the Broth-
time, the US wants the newly erhood will face such paradox.
formed league to target Iran as Is political post-modernism the
its number one foe instead of solution?
Israel. To achieve such a goal, Perhaps in no period of time
the Zionists are trying to fan the we have had such intermingling
flames of Iranophobia instead of between the future of Egypt and
Israelophobia. the Muslim Brotherhood. The
This project has been planned future of the Muslim Brotherhood
in US-Israeli think tanks and costs and consequently that of Egypt
arm and leg. One of the prerequi- depends on the ability of Muslim
sites of the formation of this un- Brotherhood to adjust itself to
ion or league is to remove Syria. domestic, international and the
U.S. strategy is to fan the flames Middle Eastern developments.
Middle East
12 December 2012 / No. 248 ECHOof Islam

Qods, Factor for Strengthening

Muslim Convergence
By Mohammad Sadegh al-Hosseini Islamic states. blah of Muslims, it is natural that
What is the reason it will be widely welcomed by

erhaps few people thought for such a prevalence Muslims throughout the world.
that the last Friday of the and influence by the announce- Today, the impact of Qods day
blessed month of Ramadan ment made by the founder of has gone beyond the borders
which was announced as the Islamic Revolution of Iran in the of Iran, Shias and even Muslims
International Day of Qods by the heart of Muslims even beyond the and will inspire every freedom-
founder of the Islamic Revolution borders of countries and beyond seeking individual anywhere in
of Iran 30 years ago would the differences between Shias the world. The message of Imam
be so widely wel- comed and Sunnis? taught to the world people that
by Muslim na- tions Speaking of the importance of their clinched fists are stronger
and became so prevalent the holy Qods, one should bear than any weapon or army and the
among in mind the fact that despite the first and second Intifadas took
the changing of Muslims Qiblah from shape in the occupied Pales-
al-Aqsa mosque to Mecca, on the tine based on such self-reliance
eve of Ascent, the prophet of and more than ever before put
Islam began his Ascent from on display the decline of the
al-Aqsa mosque to the malicious Zionist regime. This
celestial world. Hence, apparently simple and at the
when this profound po- same time insightful remark by
litical insight and the the late Imam that Israel will
mystical philosophy be washed away if each Muslim
of Imam Khomeini merely pours a pail of water, is
(May his soul rest indicative of this very fact.
in peace) becomes Such factors have led to 70
intertwined with Islamic states within the Or-
the spiritual and ganization of Islamic Conference
sublime status (OIC) for the first time since the
of this land and naming of the last Friday of the
the first Qi- blessed month of Ramadan as the
International Day of Qods to offi-
cially announce the holding of
Qods Day rallies in these
countries. It seems
that concern over
the spread
of Islamic
to other
inspired by
Irans Islam-
ic Revolu-
tion and the
naming of
the Interna-
tional Day
of Qods
December 2012 / No. 248

of Islam

Middle East 13

It can be said that

the late Imams wish
has been fulfilled today
and one can observe the
materialization of Islamic
convergence in support of the
holy Qods and the occupied
Palestine in different corners
of the world.

have also been effective in the

changing of standpoint. One
should bear in mind the good
relations existing between the
Zionist regime and rulers of coun-
tries where the rulers lost their
Will Saudi
thrones in the course of popular
revolutions inspired by Islamic
awakening and such relations
Citizens Revolt?
were one of the main reasons By Hassan Ahmadian

behind popular protests and the
downfall of puppet regimes. ne of the main problems continuing to take to the street to
Therefore, it can be said with Saudi Arabias politi- express their legitimate demands.
that the late Imams wish has cal system is that there is The extremist idea of Wah-
been fulfilled today and one can no pre-defined mechanism for the habism and its influence on the
observe the materialization of transfer of power. Efforts by the ruling family is another major
ruling elite to resolve the problem, problem that seriously damages
Islamic convergence in support of
including Saudi King Abdullahs governance in the country. It is the
the holy Qods and the occupied
formation of an allegiance council, main source of Saudis anti-Shia
Palestine in different corners of
have failed due to disputes inside policies that have precipitated
the world. Seyed Hassan Nasral- the Al Saud family. wide-spread concern among its
lah has interestingly explicated The other major problem is the religious minorities.
the impact of the Qods day on ambiguous nature of power sharing Shias living in the eastern
the destiny of the Zionist regime in Saudi Arabias political struc- parts of Saudi Arabia are dissatis-
by saying that it is not unlikely ture. The second generation of the fied with the current political
to see one day the convoys of Saudi monarchy is now embroiled atmosphere and have repeatedly
Muslims and Palestinian refugees in a power rivalry, which many protested against the bias against
entering the occupied territories believe will lead to the countrys them.
without any war. In other words, collapse. The Saudi government preaches
the Zionist regime that once had Saudi rulers are trying to con- democratic values to other Arab
the dream of creating an empire ceal the power struggle, but the states, while it remains busy
extending from Nile to Euphrates recent escalation of disputes over suppressing calls for the recogni-
has turned into a number of lim- choosing the crown prince and tion of peoples rights within its
ited forces targeted by the de- other major governmental posts borders. Herein lies the paradox of
testation and hatred of Muslims clearly proves the political vulner- a government that is seen by many
and freedom-seeking nations of ability of the leadership. to be the next place for a second
the world. All the wills have been In a move to counter the nega- wave of the popular Arab uprisings
concentrated on a focal point tive effects of the internal dis- to take root.
that will bring about valuable putes, the monarchy has expanded Hassan Ahmadian is a researcher
effects such as the strengthen- its foreign policy interventions. at Center for Strategic Research
ing of convergence and solidarity This policy has failed to calm of Irans Expediency Council and a
internal protests and people are specialist on Saudi Arabian politics.
amongst Muslims.
Middle East
14 December 2012 / No. 248 ECHO
of Islam

OIC Mecca meeting at the level of heads of

states for the aim of solidarity. In
the meantime, the Zionist regime
in the past few weeks decided to

Conference and the

turn part of Muslims holy sites
into a park for the Jews, destroy-
ing part of the surrounding area

Issues of Bahrain
of al-Aqsa Mosque for construct-
ing the Solomon Temple, expand-
ing the Jewish settlements and

and Palestine
impeding Muslims from going to
al-Aqsa Mosque with the excep-
tion of certain occasions. These
decisions were made simultane-

ous with the silence adopted by
he emergency meeting that the Mecca summit would the media of Arab countries and
of the Islamic heads of adopt practical measures in this the world of Islam and the inat-
states commenced its work regard, because mere releasing tention of Arab and Muslim states
in Mecca at a time when Saudi of statements and expression of including Saudi Arabia as one of
Arabia and its allies at the OIC viewpoints would not hamper the the strategic countries of the
sought to turn the issue of Syrias Zionist regimes activities aimed Arab world.
suspension from OIC into the at Judaizing this Islamic city. At the outset of the meet-
main subject to be addressed by Heedlessness to the strategic ing, the OIC Secretary General,
the conference. issue of the Muslim and Arab Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu expressed
Important matters such as the world takes place in spite of the concern over the Islamic identity
issue of Palestine, the crisis in fact that Saudi Arabia hosted the of Qods city and al-Aqsa Mosque,
Bahrain, the massacre of Muslims
in Myanmar and destruction of
mosques in Mali were marginal-
ized at the OIC meeting, but the
issue of Syrias suspension at
the OIC was put on the agenda.
This is despite the fact that the
Palestinian self-rule authority led
by Mahmoud Abbas as well as the
Hamas movement had called on
the OIC to seriously address the
issue of Palestine.
The elected government of Pal-
estine in the Gaza Strip called on
the Mecca conference to adopt
decisions in congruity with the
status and prestige of occupied
Qods city and al-Aqsa mosque.
According to the Palestinian
information center a political
adviser to the elected prime min-
ister of Palestine, Ismail Haniyeh
had emphasized that the libera-
tion of the occupied Qods city
was a shared responsibility of all
Muslims and not merely the Pales-
tinian people and expressed hope
December 2012 / No. 248

of Islam

Middle East 15

calling for extraordinary meas- Meanwhile, a member of al-

ures to be adopted in the face of Wefaq Society, Hadi al-Mousavi
the Zionist regimes activities. referred to the detention of
Another crisis that was not re- 1,400 political prisoners in Bah-
At the
flected by the media of Arab and rain within one-and-a-half years
Muslim countries is the ongoing describing it as the highest num- outset of the
clashes in Bahrain between the ber of political prisoners in the meeting, the OIC
pro-democracy opposition groups world with regard to the less than Secretary General,
and the ruling system. Within this a million population of Bahrain.
framework, the biggest opposi- But on the first day of the foreign Ekmeleddin
tion group in Bahrain called on ministerial meeting in Mecca, the Ihsanoglu
the participating countries in the foreign ministers offered the pro- expressed concern
Mecca conference to attach spe- posal for the suspension of Syrias
cial significance to the Bahraini OIC membership. The OIC foreign
over the Islamic
crisis. ministers despite Irans protest to identity of Qods
According to a website af- the proposal decided to suspend city and al-Aqsa
filiated to the Bahraini al-Wefaq Syrias membership in protest to
Mosque, calling
Society, the political group what they described as the Syrian
released a statement calling on governments handling of the cur- for extraordinary
Islamic states to present political rent crisis in Syria. measures to be
solutions based on justice and in If the OIC continues its cur- adopted in the
this way help the Bahraini people rents policies, not only it would
take steps for terminating the not serve the Muslims, but also face of the Zionist
political crisis as well as its legal, will do disservice to those who regimes activities.
economic and social consequenc- have pinned their hopes on this Another crisis that
es. giant Islamic organization.
was not reflected
by the media of
Arab and Muslim
countries is the
ongoing clashes in
Bahrain between
the pro-democracy
opposition groups
and the ruling
system. Within this
framework, the
biggest opposition
group in Bahrain
called on the
countries in the
Mecca conference
to attach special
significance to the
Bahraini crisis.
December 2012 / No. 248 ECHO
of Islam

We Support the Syrian
Nation, Oppose any Foreign
Interference in Syria
December 2012 / No. 248

of Islam


That international hegemons is full of mercy and blessings,

with the help of the obedient re- has arrived and once again the
gional governments create crises fortunate people, who have been
in a country under certain pre- blessed with the opportunity to
texts and then use the existence be present in this brilliant meet-
of crises as an excuse to justify ing place, are showered with
any crime they commit in that divine grace. Here, time and
country, is a serious danger and if space call each and every one of
the regional governments fail to you hajj pilgrims to spiritual and
deal with it, they should expect material perfection. Here, Muslim
that it will be their turn to suffer men and women with their hearts
from this plot by the arrogant and tongues accept the call of
powers, the leader said. Allah the Exalted to righteousness
With the help of their agents in and salvation. Here, everybody
the region, they create crises in finds the opportunity to practice
Syria in order to divert the atten- brotherhood, sincerity and piety.
tion of peoples away from impor- This place is a camp for
tant issues of their countries and edification and learning. It is the
the dangers that threaten them, exhibition of unity, greatness and
trying to focus peoples attention diversity of the Islamic Ummah. It
on the bloody event that they is the battlefield of fighting satan
have caused on purpose. The civil and taghut. Wise and Almighty
war in Syria and the killing of Allah has made this place a site
Muslim youth at the hands of oth- where believers will witness their
er Muslim youth are crimes that interests. Once we open the eyes
have been started by America, Zi- of wisdom and learning, these
onism and governments that take divine promises will spread into
orders from them and they fan all parts of our personal and
the flames of this civil war. Who social lives. The characteristic of
would believe that governments hajj rituals is that they connect
that support wicked dictatorships this world to the next, and the
in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, have individual to society.
now become supporters of the Pure and glorious Kabah, ta-
Syrian nations call for democ- waf of bodies and hearts around
racy? The issue of Syria is about a firm and eternal center, con-
taking revenge on a government stant and regular efforts from
that has single-handedly stood a starting point to a destina-
up against the Zionist regime for tion, collective migration to the
three decades and has defended otherworldly arenas of Arafat and
resistance groups in Palestine and Mashar, and the atmosphere that

Lebanon, he added. imbues hearts with sincerity and
e support the Syrian The full text of his message is liveliness in this great other-
nation and we are op- given below. worldly arena, a collective rush
posed to any kind of In the Name of Allah, the Be- to confront the symbol of Satan,
foreign activity and interference neficent, the Merciful and participation of all people
in Syria. Any kind of reform in All praise belongs to Allah, from different places and races
that country should be carried the Lord of the Two Worlds, and in this ceremony which is full of
out by the Syrian people and peace and greetings be upon the secrets, meanings and signs of
through completely domestic great and trustworthy Prophet, guidance: these are the unique
methods, Ayatollah Khamenei, and upon his immaculate and characteristics of this significant
said in his 2012 Hajj message chosen household and his blessed obligation.
which was released on October companions. It is such a ceremony that joins
21. The season of hajj, which hearts to divine remembrance,
December 2012 / No. 248 ECHO
of Islam

enlightens the solitude of ones heart with the and feel prepared to play a role in it. They reaffirm
light of piety and faith, brings individuals out of their allegiance to the Great Prophet, enter into a
the walls they build around themselves and ab- firm covenant with dear Islam providing that they
sorbs them into the diverse company of members benefit from divine blessing and assistance, and de-
of the Islamic Ummah, provides members of the velop in themselves a firm determination to reform
Islamic Ummah with clothing which protects them themselves and the Islamic Ummah and to promote
against poisonous arrows of sins, and provokes in the word of Islam.
them the spirit of attacking satans and taghuts. Both of these things namely, reforming one-
It is in this place that hajj pilgrims witness with self and the Islamic Ummah are two perpetual
their own eyes examples of diversity of the Islamic obligations. Thanks to their reflection on religious
Ummah, realize the capacity and potential of the responsibilities and their wisdom and insight, it is
Islamic Ummah, become hopeful about the future not difficult for those who think and reflect to find
ways of fulfilling these two responsibilities.
Reforming oneself starts from fighting
satanic passions and making efforts to avoid
sins. And reforming the Islamic Ummah
starts from identifying the enemy and his plots,
and making efforts to render his blows, decep-
tions and enmities ineffective. Efforts to reform
oneself and the Islamic Ummah are organized
by the bond between the hearts, hands and
tongues of Muslims and Muslim nations.
At this juncture, one of the most important
issues of the world of Islam, which is tied to
the destiny of the Islamic Ummah, is the revo-
lutionary events of North Africa and the Ara-
bian Peninsula, which has so far resulted in the
overthrow of several corrupt regimes that took
orders from America and were accomplices to the
Zionists and which has shaken the foundations of
other such regimes. Missing this great opportunity
and failing to use it to reform the Islamic Ummah
are a great loss for Muslims. Currently, all efforts
of the aggressive and interfering arrogant powers
have been focused on diverting these great Islamic
movements from their original path.
In these great uprisings, Muslim men and women
rose up against the tyranny of their rulers and the
hegemony of the United States, which had resulted
in humiliation of peoples and alliance with
the criminal Zionist regime. They them-
selves believe that their savior in this
life-and-death battle was Islam and
its redeeming teachings and slo-
gans, and they announced this
in a clear voice. Defending the
oppressed Palestinian nation
and fighting the usurping
regime were at the top
of their list of demands.
They extended a hand
of friendship towards
Muslim nations and
demanded unity of
December 2012 / No. 248

of Islam

the Islamic Ummah.
These are the essential pil-
lars of popular uprisings in the
countries that have raised the
flag of freedom and reform over
the past two years and have been
present in the revolutionary are-
nas with their hearts and souls.
And these are the things that can
strengthen the essential pillars of
reforming the great Islamic Um-
mah. Insistence on these funda-
mental principles is the necessary
requirement for ultimate victory
of the popular uprisings in these
The enemys goal is to shake
these fundamental pillars. Cor-
rupt agents of United States,
NATO and Zionism through using (fitna) among Islamic denomi- and the efforts to isolate Pales-
certain peoples lack of vigilance nations and they are creating tinian combatants and extinguish
and superficial outlook are obstacles in the way of the unity Palestinian jihad, anti-Islam
trying to divert the flood-like of the Islamic Ummah through propaganda of western govern-
movement of Muslim youth and their plots to promote Shia- and ments and their support for those
turn them against each other in Sunni-phobia. who insult the Great Prophet
(Allahs greetings be upon him
and his household), preparing the
ground for civil wars and dissolu-
tion of certain Muslim countries,
Brothers and sisters, the season of making the revolutionary peoples
hajj is an opportunity to reflect on and governments fear opposing
the domineering western powers,
important issues of the world of Islam. The promoting the illusion that their
destiny of regional revolutions and the future depends on surrendering
efforts that are made by powers which have to those aggressors and other
been harmed by these revolutions in order such important and vital issues
are among the important matters
to divert them, are among these issues. that should be reflected upon
during the opportunity that has
been provided thanks to hajj and
the name of Islam. They are try- Brothers and sisters, the the solidarity and unity of you
ing to turn the anti-colonialism season of hajj is an opportunity hajj pilgrims.
and anti-Zionism jihad into blind to reflect on important issues of Undoubtedly, divine guidance
terrorism in the streets of the the world of Islam. The destiny and assistance will show the safe
world of Islam so that Muslims of regional revolutions and the paths to hardworking believers:
shed each others blood and give efforts that are made by pow- And those who struggle in Our
the enemies of Islam an oppor- ers which have been harmed way, We will certainly guide them
tunity to save themselves from by these revolutions in order to to our paths. [The Holy Quran,
this dead end and tarnish the divert them, are among these Sura al-Ankabut (29), Ayah 69]
name and image of Islam and its issues. Treacherous plots to fo- Was-salamu alaykum wa rah-
soldiers. ment discord among Muslims and matullahi wa barakatuh
After despairing of eliminating create suspicion between the Sayyid Ali Khamenei
Islam and Islamic slogans, they risen countries and the Islamic Dhul Hijjah 5, 1433
have now turned to creating plot Republic, the issue of Palestine October 21, 2012
World of Islam
20 December 2012 / No. 248 ECHO
of Islam

eader of Irans Islamic
Revolution Ayatollah
Seyyed Ali Khamenei said
that the fact that the enemies
have failed to keep pace with
the Islamic Awakening in the
region has prompted them to
perpetrate crimes such as in-
sulting Prophet Muhammad.
The film, which insults
Prophet Muhammad (S), was
produced in California, cost
$5 million, and was financed
with the help of more than 100
Jewish donors.
Nations that have expe-
rienced anti-Islam hegem-
onic and Zionist policies have
pointed a finger of blame at
the United States and a num-
ber of European countries, and
the leaders of these countries
should prevent such insane
actions in order to prove that
they are not accomplices in
this great crime, he noted.
The leaders of hegemonic
systems claim that they were
not involved in this incident,
while they refrain from con-
demning this crime and do not
meet their duties in regard to
this great crime, he added.

Irans Leader:
Ayatollah Khamenei also
said that the claim that pre-
venting people from insult-

ing Islam infringes on their
right to free speech is a false
statement, noting that the
red lines set in the West that
prevent questioning hegem-
onic principles refute such
claims. He said that the pro-

Chagrin Behind
test demonstrations held near
political and cultural centers
of the United States illustrate
the deep animosity of the

Blasphemous Movie
people of various countries
toward hegemonic and Zionist
December 2012 / No. 248

of Islam

World of Islam 21

Russian Court
Bans Anti-
Islam Film
Russian judge on Oc-
tober 1 banned the
controversial film In-
nocence of Muslims that has
flamed tensions and sparked
protests over its portrayal of
the Prophet Muhammad.
Judge Yevgeny Komissarov
read a ruling in which he said

the court classified the Inno-
housands of Iranian Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indone- cence of Muslims movie as an
schoolgirls gathered at sia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, In- extremist and banned its show-
Tehrans Azadi Square dia, Iraq, Morocco, Syria, Leba- ing on Russian television or the
on September 30 to voice non, Kuwait, Nigeria, Kenya, Internet.
their anger over the anti-Islam Mali, Nigeria, Australia, The ruling follows a similar
film which insults the Prophet Britain, the United States, decision taken last week by a
Muhammad. France, Belgium, and several court in Grozny, the provincial
More than five thousand other countries have held capital of Russias Muslim-domi-
nated province of Chechnya.
female students formed a many demonstrations to con-
Russias communications min-
human chain around Azadi demn the blasphemous movie
ister had warned that authori-
Square and chanted slogans over the past two weeks.
ties would bar access to video
against the United States and Protests were also held in sharing website YouTube if its
Israel. Kashmir and owner, Google Inc., failed to
Some of the protesters the Gaza Strip. abide by a court order to block
here are Christians, Jews or The anti-Islam movie is said access to the U.S.-produced
from other minorities that we to have been made with the film, which mocks Muslims and
have in our schools, an offi- help of the Zionist donations the Prophet Muhammad.
cial of Irans Education Minis- totaling 5 million dollars. Google in Russia has said it
try, Ali Ezzati, told Press TV. On September 11, U.S. could restrict access to the
Ive come here today to Ambassador to Libya Chris- video, if it received a court
say that we are all backing topher Stevens and three order outlawing it, but the
each other. We will not let other consulate staff members company declined to discuss
anyone disrespect our Proph- were killed in Benghazi after that issue with The Associated
et. Im backing my Prophet clashes involving a group of Press.Outrage at the film has
and our Leader to the end, angry demonstrators near the spiraled into violent protests
one of the students said. consulate building. across several countries across
Were all angry over the The sacrilegious movie was the Muslim world.
film that disrespects our followed by the publication Some two dozen demonstra-
tors have been killed in protests
Prophet and we will not stay of several cartoons mocking
that attacked symbols of U.S.
quiet, another student said. the Prophet Muhammad in the
and the West, including diplo-
Muslims in Iran, Turkey, satirical French weekly Charlie
matic compounds.
Sudan, Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Hebdo on September 19.
World of Islam
22 December 2012 / No. 248 ECHO
of Islam

Pakistanis Stage Fresh Protest

against Anti-Islam Movie
amiat Ulema Pakistan against the ideals of Islam. Muslim world over the film.
(JUP) observed a protest The protests against the They also call for the punish-
day against the blas- movie have intensified in ment of those behind the film.
phemous U.S. movie across the Muslim and non-Muslim The anti-Islam movie is
Pakistan on October 12 and countries after French weekly said to have been made with
held rallies and protests Charlie Hebdo on September the help of Zionist donations
demanding severing of ties 19 published cartoons of the totaling 5 million dollars. Mus-
with the U.S. on avoiding to Prophet Muhammad in yet lims in Iran, Turkey, Sudan,
take serious action against the another proof of the Wests Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Bang-
blasphemers. Islamophobia campaign. ladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia,
Addressing protestors wav- Demonstrations against Kashmir, Pakistan, India, Iraq,
ing flags and chanting slogans, the movie have been held Gaza, Morocco, Syria, Kuwait,
JUP Secretary General Qari across the Muslim world, with Nigeria, Kenya, Australia,
Zawar Bahadur condemned protesters in some countries Britain, the United States,
the rulers for sitting idly as if marching on the U.S. embas- France, Belgium, and some
devoid of courage and self- sies and torching U.S. flags. other countries have held
respect while the blasphem- Protesters demand that many demonstrations to con-
ers were hurling profanities Washington apologize to the demn the blasphemous film.
December 2012 / No. 248

of Islam

World of Islam 23

of Afghans
protested for the
first time against
cartoons of the
Prophet Mohammed
published in France
and staged fresh
Afghans Stage Fresh rallies against a
US-made anti-Islam
Protests against Anti- film.
About 300 students
Islam Film, Cartoons chanted Death

to France, Death
housands of protesters hammad cartoons published by to America
have staged a demonstra- a French satirical magazine and
tion in the Afghan capital the low-budget film Innocence in a western
to condemn the United States of Muslims, which has triggered neighborhood of the
and France over recent anti-Islam protests around the world. capital Kabul.
moves that disrespect Prophet Similar rallies have been held Nearby, hundreds
Muhammad (PBHU). across Afghanistan in the last
The protesters took to streets four days. A protest of more than more gathered on a
in western Kabul on Septem- 1,000 residents in eastern Kabul flyover and chanted
ber 22 to express their outrage turned violent when the crowd Death to America
against the production of a set fire to cars and threw stones and Long Live
blasphemous film in the United at police. About 50 officers were
States and a French magazines slightly wounded.
Islam, Long Live
recent publication of cartoons Afghanistan is a devoutly Afghanistan.
insulting the Prophet of Islam. Muslim nation and perceived Both
Hundreds of Afghans protested insults to religion are taken very demonstrations
for the first time against car- seriously, often with violent
toons of the Prophet Mohammed consequences. Earlier this year
were peaceful,
published in France and staged 40 people were killed in street condemning new
fresh rallies against a US-made unrest over the burning of copies Muhammad cartoons
anti-Islam film. of the Koran by U.S. soldiers on published by a
About 300 students chanted a base.
French satirical
Death to France, Death to Amer- The crudely made film pro-
ica in a western neighborhood duced by U.S.-based extremist magazine and the
of the capital Kabul. Christians has triggered protests low-budget film
Nearby, hundreds more gath- in at least 20 countries since Innocence of
ered on a flyover and chanted excerpts were posted online. Muslims, which has
Death to America and Long The French satirical maga-
Live Islam, Long Live Afghani- zine Charlies editor, Stephane triggered protests
stan. Charbonnier, blamed the French around the world.
Both demonstrations were government for criticizing him
peaceful, condemning new Mu- for being provocative.
World of Islam
24 December 2012 / No. 248 ECHO
of Islam

Muslims in Sri Lanka

Protest against an
Anti-Islam Film
undreds of Muslims in Sri Lankas capital
protested against an anti-Islam film pro-
duced in the United States, burning effigies
of President Barack Obama. About 300 protesters
marched in Colombo, carrying signs and banners
that read, Ban Anti-Islamic Film All Over the
World. U.S. should apologize to Muslims. The pro-
testers blocked traffic on Colombos main roads,
but police did not allow them to go near the U.S.
Embassy. Protesters burned two effigies of Obama
and U.S. and Israeli flags during the demonstra-
tion, which was organized by the Islamic group Sri
Lanka Thawheed Jamath.
Abdul Razeek, a spokesman for the group, said
the protests would continue until the film, In-
nocence of Muslims, is completely removed from

Egyptians Protest French

Cartoons Insulting Prophet
ozens of protesters congregated in front er, the Christian individuals said. Every religion
of the French embassy in Cairo, on Sep- has extremists and this person who created The
tember 22, to protest against the decision Innocence of Muslims is trying to create sectarian
to publish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in strife between Egyptians.
French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo. The French Foreign Ministry announced that it
State security forces blocked Mourad Road lead- would temporarily close its missions in Egypt and
ing to the Giza-based mission, in order to prevent in 19 other countries, in addition to stepping up
the protesters from reaching the building. the security presence around French diplomatic
Protesters chanted Wake up Egyptians, They sites.
Are Insulting Your Prophet. The French embassy in Cairo, for its part,
Demonstrators complained that the West was announced that it would close all of its associ-
deliberately provoking Muslims by printing of- ated cultural centers and schools. France has five
fensive cartoons immediately after the anti-Islam consulates in Egypt, in addition to its consulate-
film sparked protests across the Islamic world. general in the capital.
Groups also threatened to boycott French pro- Germanys mission in Cairo is also taking pre-
duce. cautions following a national debate in Germany
Most protesters stated that they were not part on whether to allow public screenings of the now-
of any political group, however many are dressed infamous short film The Innocence of Muslims.
in the traditional Egyptian Islamic attire. The cartoons were published in the wake of vio-
Coptic Christians also participated in the dem- lent protests across the Islamic world against the
onstration. We are here to stand united togeth- release of the contentious US-made film.
December 2012 / No. 248

of Islam

World of Islam 25

Tunisia Bans Demos

sy S
eeking to avoid a repeat of what

m b a s happened one week earlier,

a n E n
Tunisias Interior Ministry banned

G e r m u d a
Sy in Su-
all demonstrations On September 22,

e i n
the state-run Tunisian News Agency

C l o s an Embassof Khar- (TAP) reported, citing a statement

to he Germapital city n Sept. 22

from the ministry.
The report said the protest ban was

o in accordance with the provisions
dans as closed e cartoon r- of the state of emergency that has
w h a
toum sts over t gazine Ch been in place since the ouster Janu-
t e a
o pro nch m ary of its longtime president, Zine el
due t ed in Fre en Abidine Ben Ali.
publi do. s h a ve be is- Presidential spokesman Adnene
eb sure tic m
lie H urity mea r diploma ter Mansar denounced Charlie Hebdos
Sec d at othe ign Minis publication of the cartoons as a de-
ene ore
tight broad, F le said.
liberate insult.
a l According to a TAP report, Mansar
sions Westerwe said, We should not fall in the trap
Guido of provocation, we should rather
denounce these acts by peaceful

Muslims, Jews and Christians

Hold Demo to Condemn Anti-Islam Film
undreds of Brazilians and chanting anti-U.S. slogans, Muslims and Christians but
have held a demonstra- Reuters reported on October 22. this will not happen since the
tion in Sao Paulo to Bilal Juma, the president Muslims and the Christians are
condemn a recent film that of Brazils Islamic Association, brothers; we come from the
disrespected Islam and Proph- said people from all religions same source.
et Muhammad (PBUH). participated in the demonstra- Muslims in Iran, Turkey,
Anti-U.S. demonstrations, tion. Sudan, Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia,
which began on September 11 We are Muslims, Catholics Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indo-
over the blasphemous movie, and Jews who came together nesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan,
which was made in the U.S., to say no to those who insult India, Iraq, Morocco, Syria,
continued with protesters prophets. We came here to Lebanon, Kuwait, Nigeria,
chanting slogans against Wash- defend all prophets and reli- Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, Australia,
ington, marching on U.S. em- gions, Juma said. Britain, the United States,
bassies and torching U.S. flags. Hassan Gharib, the organ- France, Belgium, and several
About 500 people including izer of the protest march, said other countries have held
Muslims, Catholic Christians Muslims and Christians should many demonstrations to con-
and Jews congregated near treat each other as brothers. demn the blasphemous movie
Sao Paulos Shia mosque and He stated that the anti- over the past week. Protests
marched peacefully towards a Islam movie was produced were also held in Kashmir and
nearby church holding placards to incite a dispute between the Gaza Strip.
World of Islam
26 December 2012 / No. 248 ECHO
of Islam

Facilities Muslim Anti- Diplomatic

Film Protest Hits Missions Close
Close in London

Indonesia he worldwide Muslim pro-
tests against a film insult-
amid Fear of

he U.S. Embassy in
ing the Prophet Muham- More Protests
mad reached London, when up
Jakarta, U.S. Consulate to 1,500 people demonstrated everal diplomatic facilities
General in Surabaya, outside the U.S. Embassy in Gros- were shuttered On Sep-
U.S. Consular Agency in Bali venor Square. tember 22 as many braced
and two other facilities were Protesters chanted slogans for intensified protests over the
closed On September 22, condemning the film and U.S. anti-Islam movie Innocence of
officials said in a news state- foreign policy, after Islamic lead- Muslims, as well as recently
ers demanded more demonstra- published cartoons in a French
ment. There were protests in
tions throughout the week. publication of a figure resembling
Indonesia last week. the Prophet Muhammad.
The demonstration, which
About 100 demonstrators passed without incident, saw an- Demonstrations have raged for
gathered near a U.S. dip- ger at the film mix with broader days as many in the Muslim world
lomatic facility in Medan, political points about Guanta- are angry about the U.S.-made
Indonesia, the U.S. Embassy in namo Bay and drone strikes in film that mocks Muhammad and
Jakarta said. Pakistan. about the French cartoon.
December 2012 / No. 248

of Islam

World of Islam 27

Thousands of Indonesians
Protest U.S.-Made Film
housands of Muslims slogans and shouted Allahu with the freedom of expres-
enraged over a film that Akbar! (God Is the Greatest). sion.
denigrates the Prophet Many wore traditional It is very clear now that
Muhammad marched through white robes and held big ban- our real enemy is America, a
Indonesias capital Jakarta on ners reading, Muslims unite speaker told the crowd, who
September 30. against insults to Islam. shouted America and Israel
Jakarta police spokesman Men and women wear- are terrorists!
Col. Rikwanto estimates at ing Muslim headscarves and Prosecute and jail the
least 5,000 people joined the children assembled outside filmmaker and revoke the film
demonstration. They marched the building, while hundreds from YouTube, otherwise we
to the U.S. Embassy, which of police stood guard and four will boycott you America,
was guarded by hundreds of water cannon vehicles were another speaker told the
police, and staged a noisy but at the ready. crowd who shouted back,
peaceful protest. The protesters carried ban- Allahu Akbar! (God Is the
Participants in the rally, ners declaring My life for the Greatest).
organized by the Islamic- Prophet Muhammad, Stop Protests against the film
based Prosperous Justice the film, save the Prophet have also been held recently
Party, chanted anti-American Muhammad and Go to hell in other Indonesian cities.
World of Islam
28 December 2012 / No. 248 ECHO
of Islam

Over 50 Arrested
in Bangladesh
Anti-US Movie

efying a ban on rallies,
thousands of people,
most of them supporters
of Islamic parties, on October
12 tried to stage a march in the
Bangladesh capital in protest
against an anti-Islam film, lead-
ing to a clash with riot police
who took into custody over 50
Witnesses said several
thousand protesters, mainly
from a 12-party Islamic
Egypts Mufti Urges
coalition, gathered in front
of Baitul Mokarram National
Mosque in downtown Dhaka
Muslims to Endure
after the weekly Friday
prayers and tried to stage a Insults Peacefully
march against the film as well
ondemning the publication Al-Azhar, Egypts prestigious seat
as what they called anti-
of the cartoons in France of Sunni learning, which con-
Islamic Internet campaigns.
as an act verging on incite- demned the caricatures showing
Police in armored vehicles ment, Egypts Grand Mufti Ali the Prophet naked but said any
tried to disperse the protest- Gomaa said it showed how polar- protest should be peaceful.
ers using ized the West and the Muslim An official at the Coptic Or-
batons, tear gas and water world had become. thodox Church in Egypt, whose
cannons. Gomaa said Mohammad and population of 83 million people is
Some 90 percent of Bangla- his companions had endured the 10 percent Christian, also con-
deshs 153 million people are worst insults from the non-be- demned the cartoons as insults to
Muslims. The impoverished lievers of his time. Not only was Islam.
South Asian nation is home his message routinely rejected, Last week, some Egyptian pro-
to the worlds fourth-largest but he was often chased out of testers scaled the U.S. Embassy
Muslim population. town, cursed and physically as- walls and tore down the flag.
saulted on numerous occasions. They clashed with police for four
On Sept. 21, some 10,000
But his example was always days, although most of the thou-
Bangladeshis took to the to endure all personal insults sands of Egyptians who took to
streets of Dhaka to demon- and attacks without retaliation the streets did so peacefully.
strate against the film outside of any sort. There is no doubt The cartoons in Frances Char-
the countrys largest mosque. that, since the Prophet is our lie Hebdo satirical weekly have
The Bangladesh govern- greatest example in this life, this provoked relatively little street
ment has denounced the film should also be the reaction of all anger, although about 100 Ira-
and blocked YouTube, where Muslims. nians demonstrated outside the
the film has been posted. His statement echoed one by French embassy in Tehran.
December 2012 / No. 248

of Islam

World of Islam 29

France Bans Protests over Cartoons of

Prophet Muhammad
rance confirmed on Sep- newsstands. the streets for unauthorized
tember 22 it would allow The drawings have fanned protests.
no street protests against the flames over an anti-Islam I repeat the CFCMs call not
cartoons denigrating Islams film made in California that to protest. Any protest could
Prophet Muhammad that were has provoked violent protests be hijacked and counterpro-
published by a French maga- in Muslim countries, includ- ductive, he told French radio
zine. ing attacks on U.S. and other station RFI.
Interior Minister Manuel Valls Western embassies, the killing Charlie Hebdo, an anti-es-
said prefects throughout the of the U.S. envoy to Libya and tablishment weekly whose Paris
country had orders to prohibit a bombing in Afghanistan. offices are under police protec-
any protest over the issue and French embassies, schools, tion, defied critics to rush out
to crack down if the ban was and cultural centers in some 20 another run of the publication.
challenged. Muslim countries were closed President Francois Hollandes
There will be strictly no on September 22. government has sought to bal-
exceptions. Demonstrations will Police were on alert in the ance a cherished tradition of
be banned and broken up, he French capital after protests freedom of expression with
told a news conference in the planned by some Muslim groups security concerns, denouncing
southern port city of Marseille. were banned. Charlie Hebdo as irresponsible.
The main body representing Mohammed Moussaoui, When you are free, in a
Muslims in France appealed for leader of the French Muslim country like ours, you always
calm as the satirical weekly Council (CFCM), described both have to measure the impact of
Charlie Hebdo put a new print the film and the cartoons as your words, French European
run of the cartoons featuring acts of aggression, but urged Affairs Minister Bernard Caze-
Prophet Muhammad on the French Muslims not to take to neuve said.
30 December 2012 / No. 248 ECHOof Islam

Teachers Fighting for

Educational Justice in Chicago
The strike isnt all about wages: Instead, the big sticking points
are maintaining existing health benefits and standardized testing.
is looking for a contract that in- (In case youre wondering what
By Dana Liebelson cludes the following (information students are doing in a classroom

courtesy of Gadlin): during the summer, Chicago has
ore than 350,000 kids Pay Fairness: CTU seeks a implemented some year-round
in the Chicago Public fairer distribution of pay [i.e. public schools.)
School district got to higher compensation for teach- The union is also looking for a
sleep in on November 10 because ers] and to preserve the schedule fair recall procedure for laid off
their teachers were up early for career advancement estab- teachers and fair compensation
striking for better benefits, job lished 45 years ago in the Unions
security, evaluations and train- first labor contract.
ing. The Chicago Teachers Union Protection of Benefits: Main-
has been in contract negotiations tain our existing benefits and sick
with Chicago Public Schools since days without increasing the con- Timetable for
November 2011, but this is the tribution rate [how much teach- air conditioning:
first actual teachers strike to ers have to pay out-of-pocket for Teachers insist that
hit the Windy City in 25 years. health care]. Chicago Public Schools
There have been other teacher Fair Evaluation Procedure: agree to a reasonable
strikes this year in Oregon and The Chicago Public Schools
Pennsylvania,but this latest
timetable to install air
proposed evaluation procedures
movement has sparked a fierce could result in 6,000 teach-
conditioning in student
debate about national education ers, or nearly a third of all CPS classrooms. In July and
reform, raising questions about teachers, facing discharge within August, students sit in
Americas emphasis on standard- one or two years. It places too sweltering 98-degree
ized testing. It has also pit public much emphasis on standardized heat.
schools against charter schools, test scores, which diminishes
which are often non-unionized childrens education and pun-
and tend to favor rookie teach- ishes teachers unfairly. In other for a longer school year.
ers who are younger and far less words, teacher performance will How long will the strike last?
likely to be minorities according be judged by standardized test No one is hazarding a guess:
to The Chicago Tribune. scores. Emanuel told Time he will work
Stephanie Gadlin, a spokes- Teacher Training: Chicago to end the strike quickly. CTU
person for the Chicago Teachers Public Schools is imposing a new spokesperson Gadlin says that
Union says we are fighting for curriculum at all schools and a We are currently in negotiations
educational justice. We do not strict evaluation system. Teach- as we speak but I dont know, I
intend on taking this anymore. ers have asked for more training, dont have a crystal ball.
But Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel but CPS proposes no increase, or Where are the children going
is characterizing the protest as in some cases decreased, teacher to go?
a strike of choice because, training. Chicago Public Schools opened
he claims, the city has already Timetable for air condition- 144 Children First sites, Sep-
made an offer that is close to ing: Teachers insist that Chicago tember 10, with limited hours.
the demands of the union. Heres Public Schools agree to a reason- These sites promise provide a
everything you need to know able timetable to install air con- safe environment, food, and
about the clash: ditioning in student classrooms. things for kids to do. The school
Why are the teachers striking? In July and August, students sit system is also working with
The Chicago Teachers Union in sweltering 98-degree heat. libraries, non-profits, and church-
December 2012 / No. 248

of Islam

International 31

What do the parents say?
Needless to say, some parents
are very upset, and have taken to

Prophet Muhammad,
Twitter to express their frustra-
However, other parents are
taking the opportunity to express
their support for the teachers.
What do Romney and Obama
Muslims Red Line
Obama hasnt taken a firm
stand on the strike one way or
the other. However, at a White
House press briefing, spokesman
Jay Carney said that President
Obamas principle concern is for
the students and families who
are affected by the situation.
And we hope that both sides are
able to come together and settle
this quickly and in the best inter-
est of Chicagos students. Heres
a video of the briefing:
GOP presidential candidate
Mitt Romney has taken a firm

stance against the strike. He said
afar Bangash, director whatever manner they like. This
in a press release: I am disap-
of Contemporary Islamic is what stated as an excuse for
pointed by the decision of the Thought Institute from To- what these individuals have done
Chicago Teachers Union to turn ronto, says, I think there is no and these excuses are obviously
its back on not only a city nego- doubt that there is a concerted offered by U.S. officials. But
tiating in good faith but also the effort on the part of certain when Muslims were to express
hundreds of thousands of chil- segments of the population in their opinions against certain
dren relying on the citys public the U.S., in Britain, as well as in acts or policies of the U.S., then
schools to provide them a safe the larger European continent in those freedoms of expression
place to receive a strong educa- order to demonize Islam, Islams evaporate.
tion. Teachers unions have too revered personalities particularly So, it is clear to those of us
often made plain that their in- the Prophet of Islam as well as that are following not only this
terests conflict with those of our desecrate the noble Quran. but U.S. policy for decades, we
children, and today we are see- In the U.S. or anywhere else, find this double standard that is
ing one of the clearest examples people cannot shout fire in a applied constantly in terms of
yet. President Obama has chosen crowded theater or in a shop- targeting Muslims and I think all
his side in this fight, sending his ping mall because that would U.S. officials whether they are
Vice President last year to assure lead to public disorder and chaos in the Congress or in the govern-
the nations largest teachers and yet when it comes to Islam ment or elsewhere are quite fa-
union that you should have no and its revered personalities, miliar and aware of the fact that
doubt about my affection for you unfortunately it appears to be a the honor of the Prophet of Islam
and the Presidents commitment fair game and such activities and is a red line for Muslims and that
to you. I choose to side with the blasphemous acts are defended insulting him is basically taking
parents and students depending in the name of freedom of a stab at the very core belief of
on public schools to give them speech. In the U, they have this the Muslims and that this kind of
the skills to succeed, and my curious notion that people are blasphemous act should not be
plan for education reform will do free to express their opinions in permitted.
exactly that.
32 December 2012 / No. 248 ECHO
of Islam

9/11: What
Change By David Corn

The attacks altered the world. It changed everythingbut not our politics.

Bush and Cheney hats the mantra that of Capitol Hill intern Chandra
notoriously misrepresented emerged from the horrific Levy (the big stories during the
the WMD case for war to attacks of September 11, summer of 2001) would be sup-
gin up popular support for 2001. In certain areas of our col- planted by more significant and
the invasion. Afterward, lective lives, it was an accurate important fare. Our politicians
they insisted for years description. Security concerns in- would devote more effort to ad-
creased. The United States went vancing common interests rather
including in their recent
to war in two far-away lands. than accruing political gain. We
memoirsthat they had It engaged in brutal practices would all be better versions of
not hyped the evidence. that amounted to torture and ourselves.
But prior to the invasion, opened secret prisons and the For a time, some of that hap-
they repeated falsehoods ever-controversial Guantanamo penedon both mundane and
and exaggerated flimsy facility. Ugly barriers went up more notable levels. Americans,
intelligence, and after around public facilities. Navigat- anecdotal evidence indicated,
they were proven wrong ing airports became a new kind became a bit more contemplative
they dismissed the of nightmare. about their lives and priorities.
significance of their But as the dust was settling, In the weeks after 9/11, people
commentators and pundits also were more courteous drivers (at
misleading assertions. And
applied the changed-everything least in Washington, DC). They
while greasing the way to observation to other aspects of gave other motorists more room
war, both men also had our society. Americans would and yielded more readily. The
insinuated that Saddam become more united as citizens media produced stories about
Hussein was in cahoots and more engaged with the world Americas place in the world;
with Al Qaeda, when no beyond their national borders. they explored the simplistic
intelligence backed up this (Students did flock to Arab stud- question, Why do they hate
emotion-stirring charge. In ies programs; CIA recruitment us? And the politicians did seem
the years since, neither has soared.) Our national discourse to ponder how to govern in a
confessed to leading the would become more seriousand less divisive manner. President
such obsessions as shark attacks George W. Bushs approval ratings
public astray on that front.
and the tragic disappearance skyrocketed, as Americans of
December 2012 / No. 248

of Islam

International 33
various political bents, including elevate it. of the midterm congressional
those who had previously scorned Bush and Cheney notoriously elections, Bush insisted that
the chad-enabled commander-in- misrepresented the WMD case it quickly consider legislation
chief, rallied around him. for war to gin up popular support permitting him to launch the Iraq
But life often reverts to for the invasion. Afterward, they war, guaranteeing that the run-up
form, and change is fleeting insisted for yearsincluding in to the elections would be domi-
and not necessarily a guarantee their recent memoirsthat they nated by Iraq, not his tax cuts for
of progress. At some point, the had not hyped the evidence. the wealthy, the environment,
old driving behaviorsreturned. But prior to the invasion, they health care, or anything else that
Americans never did become repeated falsehoods and exag- Democratic candidates wanted to
very well informed about foreign gerated flimsy intelligence, and talk about.
affairs. A political culture of divi- after they were proven wrong Two years later, the key-
sion and spin resumed. And these they dismissed the significance note speaker at the Republican
were all connectedwell, maybe of their misleading assertions. convention, Sen. Zell Miller, an
not the driving. And while greasing the way to archly conservative Democrat
war, both men also had insinu- supporting Bush, accused the
In the first week of September, ated that Saddam Hussein was in Democrats of caring more about
the University of Maryland re- cahoots with Al Qaeda, when no partisan politics than national
leased a 9/11-related poll show- intelligence backed up this emo- security and making the na-
ing that many Americans remain tion-stirring charge. In the years tion weaker. He added that
ignorant about the link between since, neither has confessed to Democrats dont believe there
9/11 and the war Bush and Dick leading the public astray on that is any real danger in the world.
Cheney launched in Iraq. Nearly front. He absurdly charged that Sen.
half of the respondents noted Even though case-closing facts John Kerry, the Democratic
that Iraq was directly involved emerged to show that Bush and presidential nominee, would let
in the 9/11 assaults (15 percent) Cheney had distorted informa- Paris decide when America needs
or gave substantial support to tion to move the nation toward defending. This was an unprin-
Al Qaeda without participating war, their actions appear to have cipled swipe at the patriotism
in those attacks (31 percent.). indelibly shaped the false per- of an entire party. At the time,
Neither is true. Iraq, as the 9/11 ceptions still held by about half Slates Will Saletan wrote:
Commission reported, had not the public. The shock of 9/11 did Every one of these charges is
been in league with Al Qaeda. It not cause Americans to be more demonstrably false. When Bush
had not provided substantial discerning. addressed Congress after 9/11,
assistanceor any aid of note, for September 11 was a missed Democrats embraced and ap-
that matterto Osama bin Laden opportunity for the entire nation. plauded him. In the Afghan war,
and his mass-murderers. Within the political culture, we they gave him everything he
The same poll also found that did not lift up the better angels asked for. Most Democratic sena-
about half of Americans (47 of our nature. tors, including John Kerry and
percent) believe that prior to the Moreover, the Bush administra- John Edwards, voted to give him
Iraq war, the regime possessed tion did not refrain from exploit- the authority to use force in Iraq.
actual weapons of mass destruc- ing 9/11 in the most direct politi- During and after the war, they
tion or had a major WMD program cal sense. Within months of the praised Iraqs liberation. Kerry
under way. Again, not true. attacks, it was back to business has never said that any other
Obviously, the trauma of 9/11 as usual. In January 2002, Karl country should decide when the
did not cause Americans to be- Rove suggested that Republicans United States is entitled to de-
come knowledgeable about the should point out that Democrats fend itself.
United States most significant would not protect Americans as Millers fear-mongering and
overseas endeavor. But one rea- well as GOPers in the so-called dishonest speech, vetted by
son for the widespread misbelief war on terror. Later that year, a Bushs political team, was the
is that the political leaders of private Rove PowerPoint in- epitome of the Bush-Rove (or
the country, in the aftermath cluded advice to candidates that Rove-Bush) effort to politicize
of the attacks, soon resorted to they focus on the war in their 9/11 and the subsequent wars.
the usual tactics to manipulate campaigns. That September, as In the years since, politics
the public discourse, rather than Congress was in the final stretch certainly has not improved. The
34 December 2012 / No. 248 ECHO
of Islam

bitter and divisive assaults from not even spark a major contro-
the right on Barack Obama of the versy. The harsh discourse of the
past several yearshes a secret, Bush years had become harsher.
foreign-born, socialist, anti-colo- Anti-Bush partisans might be Even though
nialist, Kenyan-like Muslim who tempted to heap all the blame
pals around with terrorists and on W. Bush for having perverted
wants to destroy the economy a national moment for his own facts emerged
through Obamacare in order to benefit. At that time of tragedy, to show that
wipe out Americans freedom and there did seem an opening to Bush and Cheney
wealthare proof that the very nudgeor at least try to nudge
brief post-9/11, lets-get-along the national political discourse in had distorted
glow is long gone. Some con- a more principled and honorable information to
servatives might argue that the direction. He chose not to do so. move the nation
lefts Bush-is-a-treasonous-war- But the culpability extends be-
criminal rhetoric was an equiva- yond the guy who happened (due
toward war, their
lent debasement of the national to the unusual circumstances of a actions appear
debate. But such talk was hardly Florida election and the iffy rea- to have indelibly
embraced or enabled by lead- soning of five Republican-appoint-
ing Democrats. When the health ed Supreme Court justices) to be
shaped the false
care reform tussle raged in the in the Oval Office when Bin Laden perceptions still
House of Representatives in 2009, attacked. If most Americans held by about
Republican leaders hosted a tea had demanded more of Bush, half the public.
party rally, where angry demon- he might not have been able to
strators chanted Nazis, Nazis, sidestep this obligation so eas- The shock of 9/11
referring to Democratic House ily. September 11 was a missed did not cause
members. This brought no rebuke opportunity for the entire nation. Americans to be
from Reps. John Boehner or Eric Within the political culture, we
Cantor, the top two GOPers (who did not lift up the better angels
more discerning.
each attended). The event did of our nature.
December 2012 / No. 248

of Islam

International 35

The Crazy Cost There Is

Ample Room
of Becoming for Diplomacy
President, From with Iran:
Lincoln to Obama Chomsky
By Dave Gilson By Javad Heirannia

arack Obama spent $730 million getting to the White House in
oam Chomsky says there
2008twice as much as George W. Bush spent 4 years earlier
is still great opportunity
and more than 260 times what Abraham Lincoln spent in his first
to resolve the standoff
election (as measured in 2011 dollars). Looking at the total costs of
over Irans nuclear issue through
presidential elections over the past 150 years, it would seem that the
White House is the ultimate recession-proof commodity:
There is ample room for di-
So is the White House overpriced? Depends on what youre compar-
plomacy, Chomsky told the Mehr
ing it against. The increase in campaign costs (measured in real dollars)
News Agency in a short interview.
significantly outpaced the price of golds rise over the 20th century. Yet
Following is the text of the
between 1908 and 2008, real campaign costs did not keep up with real
GDP growth. Election costs include all major candidates spending and
Q: What is your assessment of
cost of primaries, when known; they do not include outside spending.
the recent meeting between Iran
Well see if these trends hold; 2012 could beat all records for cam-
and the major powers?
paign spendingand thats not counting super-PACmoney.
A: Unfortunately, it got no-
Sources:Center for Responsive Politics (election costs 1976-2008);
George Thayer, Who Shakes the Money Tree?: American campaign fi- where. And prospects do not look
nancing practices from 1789 to the present (election costs 1860-1972); good.
Bureau of Labor Statistics (CPI); Measuring Worth (pre-1913 CPIequiva- Q: So do you think that such a
lents; GDP 1908-2008); World Gold Council (gold prices) situation may lead to a war and
that the sides cannot resolve the
dispute through diplomacy?
A: We can be fairly confident
that war will only make matters
worse. There is ample room for
diplomacy. In fact, one excellent
opportunity is arising this Decem-
ber, when there will be a confer-
ence on establishing a nuclear
weapons-free zone in the Middle
East. The idea has enormous sup-
port, but probably, as in the past,
it will be blocked by the U.S. (and
Israel), with Europe toddling along
politely behind the master. Unless,
that is, there is a massive dem-
onstration of popular support in
the West. The lack of reporting is
designed to undercut that threat.
Noam Chomsky is an American
linguist, philosopher, cognitive
scientist, and historian.
36 December 2012 / No. 248 ECHOof Islam

U.S. Judge Rejects

Call to Ban Film on Net
US judge rejected a request by an actress video to countries where it is considered illegal by
in the anti-Islamic video that set off violent local authorities; that is, to date, India, Indonesia,
Muslim protests to ban YouTube from show- Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia.
ing the trailer in the United States. YouTube last week restricted access to the film in
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Luis Lavin re- Egypt and Libya after unrest in those countries, and
fused the request by lawyers for actress Cindy Lee has been adding countries to the list.
Garcia for a restraining order to prevent the online The U.S. actress also filed a lawsuit against the
video-sharing service from continuing to show the reported producer of the film, Nakoula Basseley Na-
trailer. koula, on grounds of invasion of privacy, fraud, slan-
Garcia is one of three actresses in the film to der, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
have come forward with similar accusations since The 55-year-old Egyptian Copt and convicted
the explosion of violence that ripped through Mus- fraudster -- out on parole -- lives in Los Angeles and
lim countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia last has admitted to working on the film, Innocence of
week. Muslims.
She sued YouTube and its owner Google for re- U.S. media says Nakoula wrote and produced the
leasing excerpts of the very amateurish film, which film, using the pseudonym Sam Bacile before being
was later dubbed into Arabic. identified. He was questioned by police before go-
YouTube said it extended its restrictions on the ing into hiding with his family.

The U.S.
also filed
a lawsuit
against the
of the film,
on grounds
of invasion
of privacy,
slander, and
infliction of