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09/08/2010 AIESEC - Exchange

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Internship Title Member Talent Acquisition & Development Team
TN Fee U.S. $0
Internship Focus No Particular LN IG System
Field of Work Human Resource
Working Hours From 9:30 To 18:0
With a total of 38 hours per week
Saturday work None
Payment Salary in U.S. $1353
Payment Rate Monthly
Department in HR
which the Intern
will be working
Job/Task Supporting Talent Management within the company
Description 1 (Recruitment, Job events, C o-owning organization of
job events, Talent Mobility, Development) Playing a
role in C ampus Recruitment Activities and
Job/Task Employer Branding. - C ampus Recruitment activities,
Description 2 contact with universities and schools, job fairs -
Organization and coordination of activities related to
job events
Job/Task talent mobility: - Rolling out activities together with HR
Description 3 BP and People Managers - C oordination of internal job
events - General support on follow-up
Job/Task -C oordination of career development programs (e.g.
Description 4 360° feedback) -C oordination together with HR
Business partners for Leadership Development
Job/Task C oordination of activities regarding employer branding
Description 5 eg setting up site event, facebook group Support on
preparing branding messages Research on new trends
regarding employer branding
Job/Task -Supporting creation of new job descriptions -Working
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09/08/2010 AIESEC - Exchange
Description 6 with e-recruitment tool. Providing trainings to
managers Dealing with Recruitment costs
Details of the 1. C omputer provided
working details 2. Internet Access provided
3. Other C onditions:The intern will have own PC ,
locker, direct telephone line, desk in an office
shared with other colleagues, access internet
and administrative support. Payment in Euro:
€1050 Fringe Benefits: Meal C heques (5,50 Eur
per worked day), Holidays, Vacation pay and
free public transport

Measurable results Being able to work in a dynamic environment with

expected from the diverse stakeholders Delivering quality work that will
intern have impact on recruitment sourcing capacity
Key learning points C oordination and Project management Knowledge
that the intern about HR processes (especially on Talent Acquisition
might obtain during and development) C ommunication and employer
the internship branding strategy First step in your career, specifically
in recruitment and selection Key challenges: Working
in fast changing environment and coping with shifts of
priorities Delivering result on time Being proactive
Working in a matrix organization
Preparation Academic background, mature, open and critical
required from the mindset, self steering, be able to work independently
intern before Networking, be able to work in an international
arrival environment Read about the company, knowing
portfolio. (www.alcatel-lucent.com) understand visa
procedures in Belgium Read the wiki –
Additional “How to apply? Make sure you read "How to apply to
information which a GEP TN" manual & visit Global Exchange Partners WIKI
potential candidate for all details of application & selection process 1.
may require for the C arefully read Job Description & requirements of
internship position that interest you 2. Prepare your EP's
(Do not send ZIP or RAR files) which has included:
Resume: a 2-page (maximum) resume. C over Letter:
a 1- page cover letter adjusted to the internship you
apply for EP form: copied directly from MyAIESEC .net.
Picture: a close up recent picture for our reference. 3.
Name your application package "Your name - Your
country" 4. Go to www.MyAIESEC .net – Exchange, EP
Menu, “Search Available GEP TNs” – Select TN ID of
TN you apply for OR select “Apply for GEP TN” at the
bottom of TN Form 5. Select your EP form 6. Go to
Survey and fill in the Survey (you will need to upload
your application package there) 7. After you finish
filling in the survey, your application is submitted. You
will receive notification to your e-mail/system inbox
with confirmation of submitting the application & next
steps of the process.”
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Organisational Preferences

Internship Earliest 01.09.2010 (Preferred)

Start Date
Internship Latest 31.08.2011 (Preferred)
End Date
Minimum Duration 51 Weeks (Required)
Maximum Duration 52 Weeks (Required)
Degree Masters (Required)


Human resources Introductory HR management (Required)

Business Project Management (Preferred)
Event management (Preferred)
Human resources Recruitment and allocation (Required)
Advanced HR management (Preferred)
Training and development (Required)

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09/08/2010 AIESEC - Exchange

Computer PC user skills (Required)

Internet Users skills (Required)
ERP SAP (Preferred)
PeopleSoft (Preferred)
Operating systems X-Windows (Required)
Professional Skills Organisational Management (Required)
Training/ Facilitating skills (Required)


Basic Dutch (Preferred) , French (Preferred)

Excellent English (Required)


Required/Preferred Required
Geographical World
Sub Region
Language Zone

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