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MHZZ 100: Research Methodology LOGOS BASIC

(Free) Software for Biblical Studies Install

Register a new account with Biblia.com.
Download and install Logos Basic.
Google Docs Free Resources Included
LibreOffice Library and Features
Original language text: SBL Greek New Testament (& apparatus)
o Lexham English Bible, Authorized Version
Install (or Activate) Languages and Keyboards o With Hebrew and Greek reverse interlinears
Windows Lexicons
Mac o Brown, Driver, Briggs, The Abridged Hebrew-English Lexicon
Choose the Greek Polytonic keyboard of the Old Testament (1906)
Set English language to UK (or India) o Souter, Pocket Lexicon to the Greek New Testament
(Clarendon, 1922)
Using Languages and Keyboards o Direct link to Liddell, Scott, Jones, Greek-English Lexicon
Switching between languages Dictionary Lexham Bible Dictionary
Typing in Hebrew and Greek Commentary Jamieson, Fausset, Brown, Commentary Critical
and Explanatory
Add the Free Book of the Month
Frame, Salvation Belongs to the Lord (P&R, 2006)
Consider these other free resources
Perseus Classics Collection
o Hundreds of Loeb volumes (texts with translation) by
Homer, Hippocrates, Plato, Aristotle, Virgil, Diogenes
Laertius, Cicero, Seneca, Plutarch, Augustine, Jerome
o Plus commentaries on some of these works
Duke Databank of Documentary Papyri
Perseus Arabic Collection
o Two English interpretations of the Quran
o Two Arabic-English lexicons

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Using Logos Basic Searches
Set the passage range
Lexham English Bible (LEB)
All the terms: x y z
Reverse interlinear features
Any of the terms: x, y, z
o HB is transparent to Hebrew and Aramaic (but not OG)
o NT is transparent to Greek Phrase: x
Hover on a word to see original term and parsing Morphological search
o lemma:
Right-click to
o root:
o Open the lemmas entry in a lexicon
o Morphology @
o Search on a lemma or its root
See other operators under the Basic and Bible tabs
Inline or in a separate window
SBL Greek New Testament
Link books
For further training see
Double-click to open the entry in Souters Pocket Lexicon Logos 7: Quickstart course
Right-click to access the same features as in LEB LT271 Study the Bible with Logos: Jonah 1 course
o Including link to LSJs lexicon at Perseus online Logos Pro Training videos online
Apparatus compares readings in other critical editions
Building a Library
Bible Word Study (right click, lemma > Bible Word Study) Requires an internationally accepted credit card
Lexicon abbrev. entry Enrol in Logoss Academic Discount Program
Translation in any of the Bibles you own (click on Settings) Pre-Publication and Community Pricing books
o Click on a translation to see verses Monthly Sale
Root (or roots) and related lemmas
o Frequency graph on right
o Hover for translation variants
o Click to open its Bible Word Study
Textual search launches a search

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Use Biblia.com to read other English versions. Use The Bible Tool to study NT manuscripts.
Especially NET with thousands of text critical and translation Read and study NT texts
notes o Nestle-Aland28 with apparatus and morphology
Also: ESV, HCSB, Message, NASB (1995), NIRV, NIV (2011), NLT, o Tregelles with morphology
NRSV (including apocryphal books), RSV o NASB 1995 with Greek reverse interlinear
Alongside SBL GNT o Plus
Biblia.com also gives you access to any books you own on Logos. Tischendorf, Westcott-Hort, Byzantine-Majority, SBL
Compare NT manuscripts
STEP BIBLE Read and study HB and OG texts
Use STEP Bible to read Hebrew and Greek texts. o Open Scriptures Morphological Hebrew Bible
Read and study HB and OG texts o LXX CATSS with morphology
o Leningrad Codex based on BHS (OHB) with interlinear o NASB 1995 with Hebrew reverse interlinear
o Septuagint, Rahlfs, morphologically tagged (LXX) o Codices: Westminster Leningrad, Aleppo
Read and study NT texts: morphological, interlinear Developed by CrossWire together with SBL and ABS
o Westcott-Hort with NA + UBS variants (WHNU) PERSEUS
o Majority or Byzantine text (Byz)
Alongside English versions Use Perseus to read and study other Greek works.
o ESV reverse Hebrew and Greek interlinear Parsing tool also links to
o NASB reverse Hebrew interlinear LSJ
o Plus JPS, NIV, and others Diogenes for searching classical texts, especially Josephus,
Cross-check a couple older commentaries o But also Plato, Aristotle, and many others.
o HB: Keil and Delitzsch Read classical works in Greek.
o NT: Lightfoot o You will have many of these works in the Logos Perseus
STEP Bible can be downloaded and run offline. Collection.
o English translations available for some works.
o Click on a term to parse, define, see statistics, and search.
o You can read Greek texts of Philo at archive.org and Open
Greek and Latin.

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Tyndale House, Online Resources
New Testament Gateway

Manuscript Images
Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library and Digital Dead Sea Scrolls
Aleppo Codex, Leningrad Codex
Codices: Sinaiticus (), Vaticanus (B), Alexandrinus (A), Bezae (D)

New English Translation of the Septuagint (OUP, 2014)


Audio Recordings
Audio Scriptures International Sephardic-style reading of
Hebrew scriptures
Bible.is Ancient Ecumenical Patriarchal Greek Text + 1240
other languages + Jesus Film
Bible Gateway English versions and many other languages

Books (older, but free)

Early Jewish Writings
Early Christian Writings
Christian Classics Ethereal Library

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