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Nama: Ajid Irfan Ari Saputra

Kelas : X 7

No : 03


The first school I was at Tk Dharma Wanita place in Desa Tlogorejo. I dive here
when I was afraid and embarrassed, but over time I was not afraid and not ashamed. I went to
school in kindergarten is happy because a lot of friends and games. The lesson has been
started I sat down and took the textbook. Lessons also gradually became Tests. The test I'm
doing pretty calm. The test results are very satisfactory, I got rank two. I am very happy and
my parents were thrilled

I go to school in SD Tlogorejo. My first grade is very ignorant and got the latest
rankings, disease and cause me not to go to school. I'm trying to keep pace in the lesson. But I
still go up to the second grade for the better. I learned to be more difficult than first class. I
am very pleased at the Indonesian lessons for the lessons it taught a good teacher. To the
extent that I brought the balloon to class and play. Eventually, it was going up to the third
grade. I went up to the third grade, the teacher is very cruel and ill-tempered. In mathematics,
if you can not do punishment like feet kicking, hair in drag, and others. But I never punished,
because I studied hard on the subject. I went up to the fourth grade and I am very happy
because it leaves a stern teacher. In the fourth grade was introduced introduced English
lessons. I was introduced to numbers and letters for beginners like me. When the test in
English, I find it difficult to do. The results of tests on English lessons quite well, which is 80.
I go up to the fifth grade. Subjects all becomes more difficult, and homework becomes more.
When I was in fifth grade, I was quite happy because of togetherness and friendship very
closely. Then I went up to the sixth grade. In sixth grade, I think of the National Exam. I
studied hard to prepare for the National Exam. The first day of the National Examination is
learning Indonesian. Quite easy. The second day, the National Exam math is quite difficult.
And the third day, the National Examination science lesson is quite easy. The results of the
national exams I wait with a pounding heart, and the results are my values with an average
24.40 8. I think of school in SMP Negeri 1 Winong. First registration so many students to
enroll. And I received in SMP Negeri 1 Winong.

First MOS in SMP Negeri 1 Winong, quite happy to have a lot of new friends. I go to
class VII H, and I'm there to interact with friends. I have the experience not to be forgotten. Ie
I fight with a classmate. My classmates were very arrogant. Knock my head against the wall
and his head bump on my part that knock against the wall. She was crying, but he did not
dare to report to the teacher. In the seventh grade I, I got a ranking of the top six. I am very
happy and I'm up to class VIII. In class VIII F, I got a new friend. F VIII homeroom very
good. Named Mr. Suparjo. He was very tolerant in terms of payment. In class VIII F, my
friends very funny. In class VIII F, I got a ranking of seven. And I am quite happy because in
the top ten. I go to class IX Class IX F. F, students are very smart. In the second semester, I
began to think about the preparation of the National Exam. National Exam is extremely
difficult, because the lesson is also increasingly difficult. National Examination Result 30.45
I value so the average value I 7. I think about to enroll in the SMA Negeri 1 Jakenan.

The first day of registering in SMA Negeri 1 Jakenan, quite crowded at all. I signed
up on a wave, and met with many of my friends. I joined the Rajawali group and current
MOS also entered the Rajawali group. MOS ended and the group Rajawali be the class of X-
7 and Rajawali group of friends become friends of class X-7. In the first semester, I got a
ranking of 16, and in the second half I do not know yet because it has not been announced.