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Target Audience

Our target audiences are males and females, aged 15-30. The intended socio-
economic group is C1-E. We have given our film the BBFC certification as 15
based on our target audience and the content within our film.

We had chosen this target audience bracket as a group because we felt as though
an older audience would best view our production because it is a horror genre.
The themes within our film such as violence and haunting wouldnt be suitable
for an audience under the age of 15 because it could cause them distress.
Another reason why we had chosen this age category is because the characters
within the film would be able to relate to the older brother (Aaron) a lot because
he falls in the age category for our target audience. Since he is a caring character
towards his little brother (Adam) it could make the audience sympathise for the
little brother because they may understand the situation occurring and also the
relationship between the two brothers. Even if the audiences are not able to
relate to the characters, generally individuals within this age category will share
some interest for the film as it is of horror genre. We chose the socio-economic
group as C1-E because it includes the working class, skilled and semi-skilled
workers, unskilled workers, low grade workers, and students. These groups are
more likely to be able to relate to the characters a plot of our film than someone
of a higher class. Our film applies more to the working class as our characters are
all working class, living in a council house and behaves like any other individual
within the class. Therefore, this would attract the correct audience to our film
and more likely enjoy it better.

We decided to give our production a BBFC of 15. This is because the themes
included within our production would be best suited to a mature audience who
can understand the relationship towards violence and terror within the film. We
would have liked to lower our BBFC to 12, but had decided not to due to the
some of the extreme violent scenes used within our production. It was a difficult
choice to make as there was no strong language or nudity used within our
production, so we had mainly given the BBFC 15 due to the violent scenes
within our film.

We chose to aim the production towards all ethnicities because all ethnicities
have an equal opportunity to view and enjoy a horror film. Therefore, we did not
aim it at a particular race, but it could be said that our film would attract a larger
British audience than an American one. This is largely due to the fact that a
British company, distributed by a British company, makes our film and includes
characters and locations of a British society.
We also chose to aim the production at males and females because it is the same
case for the race; every gender has an equal chance of viewing the film and
enjoying it as the other. Although, males could possible relate to our production
much more than females as the two main characters in our film are both males
and also there is a bit of violence which the male audience enjoy a lot more.

Individual who is within our target audience:

Name: Erlandas Barkausaks
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Genre of choice: Horror
Socio-economic group: E
Ethnicity: White European

Name: Sacid Omar

Age: 22
Gender: Male
Genre of choice: Horror
Socio-economic group: E
Ethnicity: Africa

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