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Nalufenya torture latest

After mayor released quietly,
21 victims accuse security
By Haggai Matsiko
On Sept.06, prison authorities denied
The ping pong being played by security authorities in handling experts from the African Centre for the
the case involving over 20 suspects charged with the murder of Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture
AIGP Felix Kaweesi, his body guard and driver, has renewed con- Victims (ACTV) access to examine some
of the suspects. As a result, Rwakafuzi
cerns of human rights observers. The latest controversy involves spent Sunday evening holed up in his

Kamwenge Mayor, Godfrey Byamukama, who made news in April Road planning on how to beat this lat-
est huddle.
over the severe torture that police meted out on him. The said examina-

tion, Rwakafuzi
explained, was
he case of Byamukama, who over four counts; terrorism, two counts of ordered by court
has been released with no murder and aggravated robbery. as it is critical to
single charge, became public Some of them have sued the govern- prove the torture
when gruesome pictures ment for allegedly abusing their human allegations.
emerged during the Easter rights. Their case is being handled Rwakafuzi
season, days after he had by renowned human
been arrested, showing his deep wounds rights lawyer Laudislaus
on kneecaps, which appeared like they Rwakafuzi.
had been drilled and scooped of fresh Both cases are in
that revealed the full extent of the torture. the initial stages but
Critics are alarmed that police quietly Rwakafuzi says he is
released Byamukama with no single already frustrated
explanation to the public and no public by what he calls
apology to him after severely torturing
him to confess to the murder of Kaweesi.
Kaweesi and his body guard Kenneth
murdered on March 17 when assailants
riding on motorbikes waylaid them and
sprayed bullets into the car they were
driving in.
In the days and months that followed,
police and the Chieftance of Military
Intelligence (CMI) carried out unprec-
edented operations, arresting, and tortur-
ing scores in a bid to force them to con-
fess to the murders.
At least 21 of these suspects are
being held in Luzira Maximum
Security Prison in Kampala

Former Mayor

14 Sept 15 - 21 , 2017
told The Independent that court had on Byamukama, who elements in police
Aug. 31 given an order for experts to
examine the suspects who say they were of torture that nearly claimed his life
tortured. But when ACTV wrote to the before he was rushed to Nakasero hospi-
prison authorities seeking permission to tal. Rwakafuzi was equally disturbed that
access the suspects, prison authorities police had not come out to confess, apolo-
denied them access. The denial came in gise, and tell the public they were wrong
 about Byamukama.
allowed to examine and compile a report. This kind of impunity by the authori-
They would only be allowed in to observe ties subverts justice, Rwakafuzi told The
as the prison authorities examined the Independent, It is absurd that those who
suspects. The report from the examina- are supposed to ensure justice are the
tion would go to the prison authorities ones subverting it.
and not court. ACTV was supposed to To make the case of the impact of tor-
submit its report to lawyers the same day ture on these victims, Rwakafuzi said,

The response from the prison authori- have healed but the psychological pain
ties was surprising because, Rwakafuzi lingers onthe reason it is very critical to
said, it was a violation of a court order examine victims like him.
and a contradiction on their part. The The public only became aware of the
prison authorities had just a few weeks The late Felix Kaweesi scale of the torture by the army and
before allowed ACTV to access and police when Rwakafuzi carried out an
examine suspects following another investigation and exposed the torture
court order. meted out on the other suspects13 of
In a June 21 application to court, their
lawyers demanded that court declares There are many, them. Images of the torture soon popped
up on social media. The number of vic-
that the suspects were tortured, that
their continued detention was unconsti-
many people tims has since jumped to 21.
The suspects told Rwakafuzi that the
erty was also unconstitutional and also
being tortured, torture was still on-going at the Chief-
tance of Military Intelligence (CMI), at
asked court to allow experts to examine

one report reads Kireka and Nalufenya.

At Kireka, the investigation revealed
The prisons authorities allowed ACTV
to examine 19 suspects and their reports,
in part, It is that one Ddamulira Swaleh Kimuli
has broken legs, Uthman Mugoya and
which The Independent has seen, con-

possible some Bawooli Mugoya, are also being tortured.

At Nalufenya, it added, Sulaiman

could be maimed Mudeya, Hussein Kigumba and Kaliiri

Yahaya are also being tortured.
Some of the suspects experience sleep
disorders, have intense headache, lac-
totally or even There are many, many people being
tortured, one report reads in part, It is
erations, body pains, others cannot walk
without clutches and others cannot hold
dead possible some could be maimed totally or
even dead.
with two hands because of the torture. The report sparked public outrage,
But it is results of the psychological forced the Uganda Human Rights Com-
evaluations that are more disturbing. mission (UHRC) to summon and ques-
All the evaluations reveal severe tion the heads of the army and police,
- and parliament to launch an investiga-
sistent with general physiological con- blocked the process. We have informed tion. President Yoweri Museveni was
sequences of traumatic exposure. All of 
the reports also show that the suspects However, Frank Baine, the Uganda David Muhoozi and police chief, Gen.
Prisons Spokesperson denied that the Kale Kayihura, Museveni warned against
When other suspects three suspects the use of torture to extract confessions
heard about these examinations and the  from suspects.
purpose behind themto be submit- order for 19 suspects with a list of the 
ted to court to show torturethey also said 19 and they were allowed to examine exerted some pressure on the security
requested to be examined. The victims them, Baine told The Independent on forces, Rwakafuzi continues to be frus-
are; Ayub Sauda, Kalyango Gibriel and Sept.11, Then later they returned and trated by the same forces and is growing
Yusuf Nyanzi. said let us examine these other three. more pessimistic about their willingness
Rwakafuzi says he suspects the prison That is where the problem was because to allow the victims get justice.
authorities are trying to protect the other you cannot examine these others without 
government institutions who are respon- another court order. Byamukama was released without being
sible for the torture of these suspects.
charged and should therefore be deemed
Court had said it was in the interest of had now been resolved. The OC says he innocent, the police say that is not the
government that these suspects are exam- has received the new order and they are case.
ined as this would either absolve them or now free to come and examine the oth- But when pressed regarding what
show that indeed as they suspects allege ers. charges Byamukama faces, Police Spokes-
they were tortured, Rwakafuzi said, As we interviewed Rwakafuzi, around person, Asan Kasingye, refused to elabo-
but now the prison authorities have the same time, police had just released rate.

Sept 15 - 21 , 2017 15

the van to the counter. We can view the of Torture Act, and the perpetrators must
we shall determine that when the DPP images on the CCTV cameras. be arrested and charged in an open court.
(Director of Public Prosecutions) makes Muramira was talking to MPs. Him, We need to see justice done, she said.
public his charges, he said. ASP Fred Tumuhirwa, drivers Ben Odeke 
It is a stock response which often and Roma Habibu had been arrested and Mario Obiga-Kania, apologised for the
detained in Nalufenya over allegations of torture of suspects. He informed parlia-
torturing Byamukama. ment that the police have already arrest-
arrest to the murder of Kaweesi. Police Musisi, who had just been released on
courts of law.
torturing him. took Byamukama for interrogation, it was Kadaga ordered an investigation.
They knew he was innocent, Rwaka- in the wee hours of the morning. As the revelations about torture contin-
fuzi said, they have released him but When they brought him back, it was ued to spark outrage, President Musev-
clear he had been beaten but he was 
public. The authorities need to account still walking. But on the third time, they
for such illegal, inexcusable and glaring confessions from suspects.
walk. Legislator Muwanga Kivumbi, a mem-
You said he is a murderer, Rwaka- He spent that whole night crying in
fuzi said, how then do you just release pain. On the second night, he was already
him? What happens to his integrity? How dripping pus. about Nalufenya early this year.
should his community see him? One of the detainees banged the door Indeed, a report by ACTV, a body that
When contacted, Jane Kajuga, the
Spokesperson of the DPP told The
Independent that when police initially

was not on it. Then two weeks ago police

linking Byamukama to the murder.

ed, we found that the evidence was not

police accordingly.
Asked whether that meant that
Byamukama was a free man, Kajuga
said: Yes, because there is no evidence

Gen. Kale Kayihura Gen. David Muhoozi Laudislaus Rwakafuzi

Byamukamas about-turn
In an added twist to the case, Byamu- and asked that they take him or else he rehabilitates torture victims, reveals that
kama has since his arrest been heaping would die. He had spent three days cry- police accounts for majority of the over
praise on the police. He has announced ing in pain. That is when Byamukama 6000 Ugandan survivors of torture that
that he will not take any legal action. was rushed to Jinja Hospital, where the the they have interacted with in the past
Even his wife, who has been running to six years.
- then to Nsambya and lastly Nakasero Some of the worst torturers at Nalufe-
dom, has suddenly gone quiet. The Inde- Hospital. nya are known. Victims reportedly told
pendent could reach neither Byamukama Musisi also revealed that one of the Rwakafuzi that they Minaana and Kasiba.
nor his wife to comment on this story. They are so brutal, he said, they
Earlier, when another torture suspect, brother died under torture, and another tell the inmates that even the President
Godfrey Musisi, who was at Nalufenya allowed them to kill. At CMI, he said, a
when Byamukama was tortured, made a tortured. key torturer is Ali Eriasa. Other victims
statement before his lawyer giving great These revelations sparked public out- mentioned others like Muhangi and
detail of what happened to him, Byamu- rage and forced Speaker Rebecca Kadaga Nickson Ayesigire, who led the opera-
kama appeared to contradict it. to launch a parliamentary investigation tions.
Musisi said he suspected Byamukama into what appeared to have become a -
had been forced to say otherwise. Indeed, pervasive misconduct with in security ed or apprehended and police has never
ASP Patrick Muramira, who was arrested circles. come out to clarify on the allegations
- How can one explain the electric 
 shock, the knocking out of teeth, the 
We arrested him through phone breaking of knee caps, the ironing of a 
tracking. We introduced ourselves - 
and explained to him about the ongo- behind these violations are not punished,
ing investigations about Kaweesi. We of a person? Kadaga said. -
put him in a van and brought him here Torture is not an issue of the Police view drew to the end, there is no justice
(Nalufenya), said Muramira, The for these victims, there is no accountabil-
Mayor was delivered here without any ity from the authorities. It is impunity. It
open would or a scratch. He walked from breach of the Prevention and Prohibition is inexcusable.

16 Sept 15 - 21 , 2017