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The Original

Metal Framing

Cable Management

Pipe Supports
Metal Framing, Cable Management
and Pipe Supports

The expanded new line of Support Systems available from

Unistrut is the result of close co-operation between
manufacturer, engineer, distributor and customer.
A complete range of products is developed based upon market
The Support Systems range contains the following product
Metal framing products and new Kwikstrut fittings
Pipe supports
Suspension fasteners
Electrical supports such as cable tray, basket tray and cable
These products offer solutions to every problem you may have
to support or fix electrical or mechanical services.
When some detail of construction or piping arrangement
makes it necessary to deviate from standard type of hangers or
supports, we can offer you, backed by our Research &
Development departments in several manufacturing facilities,
complete support solutions. Due to the fact that most
manufacturing facilities are ISO9000 certified we can proudly
say we deliver quality goods through quality channels!
With well over 20,000 different products in stock in our
Regional Distribution Centres most of our products are
supplied from stock. Custom made materials and assemblies
combining different products are available at very short notice.
With the assistance of our in-house engineering department
we can assist you in the design of your installation, help with
material take-off and selecting the right product for the right
If you have to calculate loads on channel, ask for our up to date
software package.
Metal Framing

Unistrut 41mm Wide Channel and Stud Nuts Flat Fittings Angle and Base Fittings
Cold Rolled Channel

Adjustable Fittings Channel Beam Clamps Cantilever Arms Lighting Supports

Nuts, Bolts Threaded Rod Threaded Rod Fixed Beam Clamps

and Washers Connectors

Articulated Kwikstrut Channel Nuts Kwikstrut Kwikstrut

Beam Clamps Angle Fittings Multi-Way Fittings
Cable Management

Light, Medium and Cable Tray Fittings Basket Tray

Heavy Duty Cable Tray

Cable Ladder Cable Ladder Fittings

Pipe Supports

Pipe Clips Sprinkler Hangers Split Band Clips Ventilation Duct Clamps
Insulated & Non Insulated

Fittings for Standard and Extended Slide Guides Sound Insulated

Ductile iron Pipe U-Bolts Fix Points
Unistrut, Wopf, Acroba, Debro. Renowned names for
products that reflect bespoke quality. Products
offered across Europe through our local offices and
Throughout our companies we keep a close eye on
quality. We build quality into our high performance
products, which carry many European and Industrial
approvals, through innovative design. We build
quality into our organisation through the systematic
checks that are the basis of our ISO 9000
Ours is an organisation that sees each market
individually and tailors its approach to individual
market needs. Our local people and local warehouses
make sure that you get what you need, when you
need it.
For the latest information about our organisation,
product approvals or innovations, please visit us at:
The Original

Metal Framing

Cable Management

Pipe Supports

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