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Choose the correct answer

1. Mang Kardo owns a computer repair shop. Today, he made P10,000 in repairs. He has to pay P600 to each of his two assistants and P500 in rent for their
shop. He estimated that he has to pay P300 for light and electricity. What is his net profit?
A. 8,100 B. 8,000 C. 8,600 D. 12,000

2. In the equation w/5 = 7/10 what is the value of w?

A. 7/5 B. 10/35 C. 2 3/2 D. 35
3. A thief stole a P1000 paper bill from a store. After some 10 minutes, the thief came back to purchase 600 worth of goods from the store. The store
owner gave the thief a P400 as change. The question is, how much all in all did the store owner lose?
A) 300 B) 2,000 C) 1,000 D) 600
4. Jeff has 1/2 bibingka left on the table. In the morning merienda, he ate 1/3 of it. What fraction of the original bibingka does he have left for the
afternoon merienda?
A. 1/3 B. 1/8 C. 1/6 D. 1/9
5. The bus driver travelled for 360 kilometers in 150 minutes to reach his destination. What was the average speed per hour that he was traveling?
A. 140km/hr B. 144km/hr C. 148km/hr D. 150km/hr
6. The usual water consumption of the Reyes family is 60 cubic meters. Because of leaks and defective pipes, their consumption has increased to 75
cubic meters. If each cubic meter amounts to P20, how much is the total amount of savings if the water system is well maintained?
A. 300 B. 1,200 C. 1,500 D. 1,800