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Neighbors are the people who live near us.

In your opinion, what are the qualities of a

good neighbor? Use specific details and examples in your answer.




One of the most difficult aspects in human life is communal living. Therefore, it is very
important to be surrounded by no problematic people. Hence, the most important neighbors
characteristic is respectful. Secondly, neighbors should be polite people.

First of all, you have to live constantly with other people, in this situation is very
important to maintain a respectful attitude. Actually, respectful is the most important quality
to have good relationship with other people, it obliges neighbors to does not surpass the line
that delimit private lives. For example, if you have a discussion with your partner, but it is
not a violent discussion, your neighbor does not have to take par on it.

Secondly, in daily life you have to see your neighbors frequently, in order to this
situation I have to consider another important issue, it is politeness. Above all, it is
noteworthy to have a good relation with our neighbors, it is very nice when you greet to your
neighbor and he or she answer cordially. My actual neighbor is an example of politeness; he
is always doing his best try to please, on the other hand, he treats well all people in the

In conclusion, we can see how important are those two aspects: respect and
politeness. As a result, neighbors who have these two important qualities probably would not
have any trouble in their daily lives, furthermore, they probably have a friendship. (30min)

Integrated essay

In the set of materials, both the reading passage and the lecture discuss about the use of
technology in schools. The author of the reading passage argues that teachers should be
trained in the use of technologies. On the other hand, the author of the lecture believes that
that to train teacher in the use of technology is not enough.

First, the author of the reading passages states that technology offers a variety of learning
tools, he observes that technology opens the possibilities of the students to contact with the
world. In this point, the lecture does not offer opposition against the lecture, but observers
that technology should be contextualized.

Second, the author of the reading passage refers to the use of technology by the teachers,
he reveals that almost half of the teachers do not use technologies at all and many teachers
do not use the advantage of technology. The lecture cast doubts on these claims, by
observing that almost 96% of the teacher had received training in the use computers, he
states that many of the teachers prefer does not use the technology because it does not
represent an important change in their classes, he also says that it should be developed other
Third, the author of the reading passage mention that students with access to technology
have a higher score that other students that do not use that tools. The lecture contradicts
this point by claiming that experiences show that the most important thing is to use
technology to create new environments of learning, for that reason the students feels
attracted by technology in school.