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show me to the pillars of the city

Exit Joshua, Enter Samson.

There is no more Canaan.

He has realized Delilahs deceit, borne of the Paradox of Democracy. Her promise to be
true to him while she was there all the while to serve the established elite order. She
Delilah like Democracy is devious. She subdued Raila the Man and his Masses with
promise. She became his quest, but her heart and title, Power and Prestige, both cold
and hard remained the possession of the Philistine elites.

Now, vindictive and blind with rage, Samson will use Delilah, her sweet Freedom of
Speech, completely unrestricted Freedom of Assembly and Association to find his
way to the pillars that hold up the city and as he cannot rule it, he will destroy it

And the intelligentsia sense this and have articulated as such. In the Star Newspaper
Godfrey K. Sang terms him The King of the Ashes https://www.the-
ruins_c1635950 and in the Nairobi Law Monthly August 2017 Double Issue, Lawyer
Kibe Mungai in The Case for Uhuru made the case that Raila was a demolition man.

Samson and Delilah, Raila and Democracy. A beautiful metaphor.

But does it effectively capture our situation after the highly polarizing
#ElectionsKE2017 political battle? While the story of Samson and Delilah beautifully
caricatures Raila Amolo Odingas (from hereon #RAO) relationship of deceit,
dishonesty and betrayal with Democracy, King Pyrrhus of Epirus better captures ours,
the native people of the territory.

King Pyrrhus defeated Rome at Asculum in 279 B.C. achieving a victory that left him
destroyed, while Rome could replenish itself and recover, Epirus could not. #RAOs
victory will have politically destroyed all the Institutions meant as a wall of defense for
the masses from the Elites. His political attack on the Military will have triggered
internal re-organization that could only benefit the entrenched elite. His bruising battle
against the Centre has effectively destroyed the dispute resolution arm of the system,
the Supreme Court of Kenya and the Independent Electoral and Boundaries

This leads us to August 1982.

A ugust 1982 Reset;

The Supreme Court of Kenya Presidential
Petition No.1 2017 Judgement Debacle

In the Supreme Court of Kenya (here-on referred to as #SCOK) Presidential Petition

No.1 2017 Judgement debacle, the #SCOK achieved more infamy than may ever be
possibly realized by any other Court here or elsewhere. #SCOK decimated the
Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (hereon referred to as #IEBC),
committed institutional suicide by creating a political paradox and reset the territorys
political clock back to September 1982.

#SCOK issued a judgement that defied even pedestrian wisdom in its legal basis and
political ramifications. #SCOK by ruling in favour of the Petitioner, politically indicted
the #IEBC of criminal malfeasance in one breathe, and in the next breathe tasked it to
oversee the political event it was charged with violating in the first place.

#SCOK didnt stop there. Lets go back to the beginning.

#ElectionsKE2017 Democratic Vote was held giving rise to a political dispute. The
dispute was brought before the highest Constitutional court of the land, #SCOK.
#SCOK then used the proximate cause of the dispute i.e. a Democratic Vote to decide
the dispute? #SCOK then issued a judgement compelling another #ElectionsKE2017
Democratic Vote as the solution to the dispute. Thus returning the country and the
disputing parties to the initial cause of its dispute, while giving birth to a dispute of
similar nature within itself?

Presumably, a bench of the best legal minds, with all intellectual infrastructure and
financial resource of Government, given 2 weeks to deliberate managed to lock a
population into a political process configured with the fallacy of circular logic.

How does an institution with all means of Government decide truth and falsehood,
right and wrong by Democratic Vote?

Alas! #SCOK has now made to the world clear how by the justice of Democratic
Vote, Socrates was sentenced to death by poisoning and the Christ was crucified.

The litany of #SCOK blunders is a study in intellectual bankruptcy, jurisprudential

ineptitude and political naivete.

From linear thinking, by applying scientific material method to sociological processes
that demand rational thought, to the public display of internal dissent, institutional
disunity and judicial indiscretion, #SCOK Presidential Petition No. 1 Judgement 2017
will ensure that it will not only occupy a special place in ignominy for the rancor and
political turmoil that is sure to arise from their lack of wisdom, but also by triggering
systemic failure using the most unresolvable flaws in the nature of Democracy.

But of all the ontologically fallacious errors #SCOK managed to find and apply in its
judgement, there is one of such egregious proportion there will be no forgiveness from

#SCOK created and locked the territory into a real manifestation of the tortuous
Byzantine Generals Paradox.

And not just any configuration of the Byzantine Generals Paradox but the impossible
configuration of the Byzantine Generals Problem, as the starting assumption is no
messenger can be trusted.

Byzantine Generals Problem

Byzantine Generals Problem with the variables filled using values extracted from the
ElectionsKE2017 political situation.

The Byzantine Generals Paradoxical political contradiction #SCOK created and

institutionalized by its judgement of 1st September 2017, can only be resolved through
material means internally, or by external political intervention which will ultimately
facilitate deepening of the imperial yoke on the body politic.

What of the August 1982 reset?

While within the act of putsch little to nothing outside of violent political revolution
can match military coup d'tat in the civilian domain, they both result in deep
institutional distrust and weakness, that leads to unrest, purges and tyranny.

Lack of faith in institutions by individual plebian citizens has little consequence, lack
of faith in institutions by elites on the other hand has dire implications.

It is often postulated that the Daniel Arap Moi of pre- and post- 1 st August 1982, are
different men. And it is in terms of political behavior, rationally consistent.
While Dr. David Ndiis and Justice David Maragas professed willingness to die for
their Democratic ideals will hopefully never be tested, analogical reasoning would
suggest that the territory is in a new political dispensation, and the Morlock natives
(used in its original imperialist sense i.e. non-white original inhabitants of the country)
should stand strongly advised not to presume the courtesy will be extended to any but
the comprador Eloi of H. G. Wells Time Machine. That would include civil society,
judiciary, military, media and multinational corporation directors, presidents, generals,
and executive officers respectively, and all dual and commonwealth passport holders.

Let it also be understood, that the treatment of the adults by instruments of State terror
in both categories extends to the children, with consistency.

What now? We are trapped in a political clash of slavish comprador backed by

genocidal and belligerent imperial suzerains knotted together in a paradox, with no
institutions that can resolve the dispute, a collective consciousness decimated by
individualism, and a materialist and bankrupt intellectual elite.

How did we get here?

Intellectual Cyclopia
To be fair, this Gordian knot is the culmination of more than just a single naive #SCOK
judgment. Our history is deeply deeply challenged.

Our lack of history of either ideological adherence or political centralization that could
lead to the rise of State, has borne us myopic narcissistic tribal chiefs. This lack of
criterion is also what enabled the West to shepherd the population into promulgating a
dysfunctional Constitution that can only ultimately lead us to balkanizing the territory.
This is the ultimate end result of devolving politics to the regions. A crippling
education system specifically designed by the territorys imperial suzerain Britain, to
mass produce intellectual cyclops i.e. highly educated individuals with intellectual
cyclopia compounded with tunnel vision. Politicians with no knowledge of Law,
Economics and Sociology; Lawyers with no knowledge of Sociology, Politics and
Economics; Doctors who can only write a prescription; Engineers who can only fill out
Tenders; Businessmen and Executives with loyalty to nothing except money, all thrown
together into the Nation-State forge, the kiln ignited with the passions of individual
pursuit, the flame amplified with the winds of Democratic freedom to unleashed and
pursue our basest desires, power, lust, wealth, without limit or account, and
presumably out of this vile concoction shall rise an enlightened civilization.

And we are befuddled when we find ourselves in a Hobbesian State of Nature, a

War of all against all. A state of social order so low, many scholars challenge the
possibility of its existence as a reality.

But, where are we? Are we not in a war of All against all?

Citizens against Government, Government against Citizens, Children against Parents,

Parents against Children, Children against Teachers, Teachers against Children,
Employees Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, Police against Employers, Executive against
Judiciary, Judiciary against Executive, Parliament against the People, the People against
Parliament, Tribe against Tribe, Tribal alliance against Tribal alliance, endlessly

What is wrong?


How could Secular Democracy not fail?

"Democracy is a mirage, a useful fiction to keep the population passive and compliant."
[Chris L. Hedges]

A vacuous irrational political system based on creating and ensuring the continued
existence and entrenchment of multiple antithetical ideas underpinning corresponding
competing centres of power.

And the West is not blind to Democracys death spiral but the 3rd World suffering
intellectual cyclopia persists in bankruptcy and disorder.

Little is expected from Democratic politics and politicians than war, corruption,
scandal and circus.


How could Westphalian Sovereignty not fail? A political identity and system built on a
divisive material characteristic that can never be bridged.

How could African Nationalism not fail? Founded atop artificial territories created
through a process of imperial accumulation by dispossession, how could these mine
and farm territories ever evolve into anything political.

We need to wake-up to the complexity of the problem troubling us, make an inordinate
intellectual effort to understand and explain it to each other then begin the process of
finding our way out of it.

The problem is artificial. It is man-made. In all aspects.

Let us take for instance the very real (not perceived) problem of Kikuyu hegemony.
Kikuyu political relevance to the centre is sadly not correctly understood and therefore
makes easy bait for demagogues competing to acquire equivalent dominance rather
than solve the problem.

Courtesy theNational.ae: The Body language speaks volumes.

Kikuyu dominance many do not understand is built in to the genetic fibre of the
territory which is still a British East African Protectorate. The territory was deliberately
hived in a way to divide all the other large tribes on all sides of the territory in half,
over a century ago. That would be the Oromo to the North, the Luo to the West, the
Masai in the Rift Valley and the Somali in the East, ensuring the Kikuyu tribe was the
only whole entity within the British East Africa Protectorate, while also strategically
positioning it at the centre. Now, by breaking the Kikuyu tribe, yoking it and
imbuing it with Capitalist values, the British had a task master who could implement
their Capitalist order over the entire territory. The Englishmans House Negro if you
adopt Malcolm X terms.

Were the territory cut in such a way that the entire 7 million-plus strong Luo Nation
was within the boundaries of a single British East Africa Protectorate, the hegemon
would be the Luo and the anti-hegemony sentiment would probably be led by the
Kikuyus against the Luo.

Kikuyu dominance is a result of imperial design, not tribal choice nor socio-political
evolution. There is no way to end Kikuyu taskmaster-ship without ripping the map as
David Ndii has repeatedly proposed, thus making a new order. The solution to Kikuyu
hegemony therefore exists at supranational counter-imperial level.

Any other Nation-State or Democratic solution will lead back to the same problem,
because Nationalism and its illusionary political system Democracy ARE the problem.
South Sudan just like Kenya after many years of seeking separate Statehood
immediately entered a civil war as the Dinka, Americas taskmaster in the South
became the new hegemon, in the same way the Kikuyu became Britains Taskmaster
when it withdrew from overt, direct administration of its colony.

If David Ndii and the @CoalitionNASAKe ilk followed through on their call to secede.
The Luo nation would be the new hegemon of the Peoples Republic of Kenya.

@CoalitionNASAkes threatened secession plan

If the Mombasa Republican Council succeeded in their quest for a Mombasa Republic,
the new hegemon to struggle against for the people of the Mombasa Republic would
be the Digo.

If Kenya were united with Somalia, the hegemon would be the 20million-plus strong,
vertically integrated Somali nation.

There is no Nation-based Democratic configuration under which there would be peace,
neither here nor in America where over 22 states are attempting to secede, nor in the
United Kingdom where Scotland and Ireland have fought wars and initiated referenda
of secession, nor in the East where India, Pakistan and China are struggling to stamp
out secessionist movements, nor South Sudan where Darfur and a host of other
provinces are also trying to secede and this is because Nationalism is not a basis
upon which to build a harmonious Society, never was, never will be.

Not even when you are a single nation, with a single religion like the Somali.

Somalia Political Situation 2016

Democracy as a system to govern is completely antithetical to holism. It cannot unite

an institution let alone a society as we witnessed with the #SCOK fiasco. Everywhere,
as in the choice between Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Amolo Odinga, Democracy is
adept at production of political paradox always creating choices between the devil and
the deep blue sea. In America, it was between the Goddess of War Hillary Rodham

Clinton and the warmonger Donald J. Trump, and because Democracy has no fixed
criterion, even when you choose a leader for the values he professes he can expediently
backtrack without contradicting Democratic principles, citing security, stability or
whatever campaign spin masters conjure up for the need of the time.

Nationalism and Democracy lock Society into an endless cycle of political instability,
economic loss and social decay.

Wherefore, the Rule of Law
The illusion of State that intellectual elites in Africa have bought invariably leads to
incorrect assessment of political situation, there following wrong conclusions.

Kenya like Uganda and other territories carved and shared out by European
imperialism in 1885 do not qualify as States and will never evolve in to States. The
people are not Sovereign and cannot be, as this is ontologically impossible. As the
territory is an artificial imperial construct and the illusion of Democracy is the imposed
political method. A Society can never be forged and therefore a real State can never be

Therefore, the endeavour to achieve Rule of Law and Accountability is moot as

Rule of Law and Accountability have State as an absolute sine qua non.

Courtesy ruleoflaw.org.au

To argue that it is only through Democracy that Rule of Law can be achieved and
logically deduce that this leads to Justice is not only flawed but has now been revealed
to be manifestly false. As long as the Law is made and unmade by Men, the measure of
Justice will always be calibrated by the powerful, thus leading to oppression and

Failure by the Executive and Legislative arms to govern justly had left the world
governed by Judicial decrees. The Judiciaries of the world are depended upon to
protect the public from excesses of politicians injudiciousness but with the moving
dial of Rule of Law, how can they hope to achieve this?

Now all this assumes the Rule of Law is the holy grail of Justice for Man.

Completely ignoring that the much boasted possible first codification of The Rule of
Law itself, the Magna Carta (or Great Charter), was itself a contract signed in 1215 by
King John of England between him and a group of barons, powerful noblemen who
supported the king in exchange for estates of land. The noblemen essentially
demanded that the king sign the charter to recognize their (the noblemen) rights.
Article 39 of the Magna Carta was written to ensure that the life, liberty, or property of
free subjects of the king could not be arbitrarily taken away. Instead, the lawful
judgement of the subjects peers or the law of the land had to be followed.

It was therefore signed, in the context of a Sovereign who has been taken hostage by
powerful elites, It therefore automatically presumes significant political power on the
side of the subjects and therefore cannot protect the plebeian masses who lack the
organizational capability and ownership of instruments of power the nobility had.

This context for The Rule of Law is never mentioned in discussions about The Rule
of Law.

Aside of this little nuisance detail, beyond the general idea that The Rule of Law
dictates that society should be governed by Law and not by the whim of beasts (as
Aristotle referred to Men) there is no real consensus on what The Rule of Law
epistemologically is.

Friedrich Kratochwil bemoans the degeneration of the
Rule of Law in to the Rule of Lawyers in his 2010
book The Puzzles of Politics. Writing that while Rule
of Law is fundamentally a political conception it has
now become legalistic and defined by the elite in such a
way as to compel submission by the demos to an order
which cannot be clearly defined and therefore cannot be
queried, and in reality is a compulsion to status quo as
defined by the elites.

As the #SCOK Petition No.1 2017 described above

shows, Justice and the Rule of Law have been reduced
to a series of clever arguments with hidden gotchas,
all completely detached from the reality, and therefore completely irrelevant to it.

Therefore working backwards, the epistemologically vacuous construct of The Rule of

Law assuming just, has been debased. And where we as natives are concerned, given
its assumed nature, submission to The Rule of Law is primarily an instrument
to protect the imperialist order created in 1885 and imposed upon the entire continent.

Clearly as long as Man is the Sovereign, justice will be a mirage

Rule of Law vs. Majority Rule

Clearly both have failed. For both the elites and the masses. Both here in Raila vs.
Uhuru 2017 and in the epitome of Democracy Bush vs Gore 2000, The Rule of Law
imposed on the elites was determined by Majority Rule (On the Bench).

Justice in the Secular domain given the lack of objective anchor for metaphysical
questions, becomes of necessity, not just highly subjective but also highly unjust. Not
even elites can get justice they can believe in.

For the vampire, justice is right to your blood; for the Imperialist, justice is right to
your resources; for the Colonialist and his Colonist, justice is right to your land; for the
poor and disenfranchised, justice is the right to feed and breed.

Secular Democracy is not leading us to any just Society as its high priests would have
us believe.


Year 2017 ends with a Capitalist rating action reality check: On 2nd October 2017
Moody's Investors Service placed the B1 long-term issuer rating of the government of
Kenya on review for downgrade. https://m.moodys.com/Research.html?

Global Credit Research - 02 Oct 2017

For context, backplane this rating downgrade against a graph plotted with the Greece
government debt crisis timeline. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greek_government-

In the case of Greece, it too was plagued by industrial action (strikes) while in a
Moody's credit rating of B in 2010. Violence rapidly escalated as Moody's slid it in to C
and looking at the Greece government-debt crisis time-line, it looks like it locked itself
into a vicious cycle with the instability feeding the uncertainty and the uncertainty
feeding the instability, creating a deadly spiral.

One has to be extremely cautious with correlation. Drawing a hard parallel line
between Greece and Kenya would be incorrect. The difference between the two
geopolitical entities could not be more acute. One is a State in Europe the other is a
Protectorate Territory in Africa. One has a 4,000 year history of civilization and being
an Island has limited natural resources while the other is a population plagued by
tribal wars and teaming, literally teaming with unlimited resources.

Is Kenya's October 2017 B1 rating downgrade Greeces 2010 #Moodys credit rating
moment of watershed?

It is hard to any draw parallels beyond the credit rating and it's surface effects but
there is something to keep our eye on there.


It is fair to state that we are all Constitutionally agnostic, but ruthlessly politically

That no-one really believes in the constitution is not in question. From the masses to
the elites, the bankruptcy is absolute.

The masses elected individuals on trial in a case they endorsed. No Constitutional

fidelity here. The same masses called for secession when their favoured candidate lost
in #ElectionsKE2017. Again, no reference to the Constitution, by either the masses nor
their political elites.

The Military unconstitutionally invaded a foreign land, then ratified the occupation.
The Constitution a minor inconvenience for them too.

Members of the Highest Court of the land committed Constitutional apostasy within 2
years of the promulgation of Constitution of Kenya 2010 in entertaining Justice
Kalpana Rawals challenge to the Statutory Retirement age for Judges.

The fact of Raila Amolo Odinga, the Constitutions initial chief protagonists
contemptuous dismissal of the Constitution after losing #ElectionsKE2017 needs no
stating. President Uhuru Kenyatta studious silence on the extrajudicial killing of his
own citizens by Police Death Squads speaks volumes. Deputy President William Ruto
is actually on record calling upon the Judiciary to turn its back on the Constitution and
stand with the People in the Western sponsored imperialist War on Terror, an
institution who basis and purpose of existence is the Constitution.

The Police, need no mention. That by nature and action it is a legalized criminal gang,
there is no question. They kill whomever they will whenever the feel, with their only
fears being unified public opinion and their political paymasters wrath in the
Executive. Their criminal activity often under cover of dark but occasionally on social
media. But to go so far as to forge warrants as they were caught by Lawyer Harun
Ndubi doing in broad daylight in order to gain illegal access to AfriCOG offices reveals
the institutional contempt the Police have for anything resembling a Constitution.
Former Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo, oddly for a man who has spent his
life in the Police Force yet consistent with his theological pursuit, boasted in a
newspaper interview that I have never killed anyone in my entire career but added
that the one time he nearly shot someone, it was his fellow police officer whom he
found attempting to rape a young girl during a police operation he was commanding.

These are your shepherds.

This is not individual fallibility, this endemic turpitude is systemically induced.

To end it, we MUST of necessity, change the basis upon which Society is built then...


Humanity needs a new Ideological Operating System. Built upon a doctrinal creed that
will symbiotically bind with mans cerebral and visceral essence to illuminate him and
give rise to an enlightened civilized society.


Email: arkan.uddin.yasin@gmail.com