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Notes on Seneca and Cicero

The treatise On the Tranquility of the Mind by Seneca

is a free cheat sheet for preachers from any latitude ...
Hypnotist, whisperer, therapist.
A collection of essays for the Dopeys
who lost their minds on the roads of reason.

In turn, the satirical work of Seneca,

The Gourdification of (the Divine) Claudius,
it is making fun of the poor man, whom the fate hurt
making him emperor.
It contains the ardent flattery towards Nero,
betraying naive expectations toward whimsical despotism.

Finally, Cicero and his Dream of Scipio. Platonic echoes

and at the same time free, mentoring, but somnambulistic vision of Cicero
(known from persistent didacticism), which in the Middle Ages
(up to Copernicus) the unenlightened people were treating as
a geocentric scientific explanation.

It is important to have these items in private libraries

to remember how old ignorance and despotism wandered
along the roads of reason.