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Republic of the Philippines)



I, Tiburcio Dela Pin of legal age, Filipino, married, and a resident of

Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines, after having been duly sworn to
in accordance with law, hereby depose and state: THAT-

1. On 21 October 2017, at around 12:20 olock in the afternoon , more or

less, I was outside the Lucky China Town Mall in Binondo Manila waiting
for a Taxi to transport me to the office of the National Bureau of
Investigations (NBI) along U.N. Avenue, Manila;

2. After few minutes of waiting, a taxi with Plate No. 789456123 stopped in
front of me, I then opened the door in the back passengers seat and
boarded the taxi, the driver then asked me, to quote and unquote, san po
tayo sir?, which more or less means, where are you going sir?. I then
replied that I am going to the office of the NBI along U.N avenue;

3. The taxi driver then agreed to transport me to the NBI office. Not so far
from where I boarded the same, the taxi driver then told me that the fare
is TWO HUNDRED PESOS (Php 200.00). I was surprised for what the
taxi driver told me considering that the usual fare in taxis from Binondo
Manila to the NBI office in U.N Avenue ranges only from eighty pesos
(Psp 80.00) to one hundred pesos (Php 100.00) if the taxi cabs meter will
be used. I told the taxi driver to use the meter because he was asking for
unreasonable amount of fare;

4. The taxi cab driver then argued that Php 200.00 is the regular fair along
that route from Binondo Manila. However, I insisted to use the taxi meter
but the taxi driver would not concede. At that point in time, I tried to agree
not to use the taxi meter but pleaded for a fare of one hundred fifty pesos
(Php 150.00) only. Despite that, the taxi driver insisted for Php 200.00 and
angrily told me that if I am not willing to pay the amount I better alight
from the taxi;

5. I then secretly took a video footage using my cellular phone to record the
conduct of the taxi driver; (hereto attached and marked as Annex A is
the DVD burned with the video footage of the incident)

6. While recording the video, I again pleaded to pay only Php 150.00 but still
the taxi would not concede and arrogantly told me that if I do not want to
pay Php 200.00, I can find another taxi as he was not forcing me to agree
to pay the said amount;

7. The taxi driver then compelled me to alight from the taxi and to look for
another one, I tried to request from him to park the taxi beside the road
before I alight, but he insisted that I should alight already as, accordingly,
there are a lot of taxi thereat. By reason thereof, I have no choice but to
alight the taxi even in the middle of the road in midst of ongoing traffic;

8. It was very unfortunate for me to encounter a situation like that. I have

rode a taxi several times every time I go to Manila, but that was the very
first time that a taxi driver treated me like that. Maybe because the taxi
driver noticed that I am from a province, he thought that he could take
advantage of the same;

9. The taxi driver was so inconsiderate for forcing me to alight the taxi in the
middle of the road and under the extreme heat of the sun. He could have
just parked the taxi beside the road before letting me to alight but did not;

10. The very purpose of the taxi meter is to determine the amount of fare that
the passengers of taxis are due to pay after they are successfully brought
to their respective destinations, but in my case, the taxi driver was insisting
for me to pay an amount not based on the taxi meter but on his

11. The taxi operators should not allow their taxi drivers to engage with
conducts similar or worst that what I have experienced. They should at all
times instruct their drivers to follow the rules and regulations of their
respective granted franchises;

12. I am executing this complaint-affidavit to attest to the truthfulness and

veracity the foregoing facts;

13. Further, I am executing the same to formally file a complaint before the
Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board against the taxi
driver, as shown in the video, of the taxi with PLATE no.AHG-612 as
well the operator of said taxi, for contracting passengers and for being
discourteous to passengers.

In witness whereof, I hereunto affix my signature this ________________, in

the City of Pagadian, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines.


Subscribed and sworn to, before me this _____________________, in

Pagadian City, Philippines. This is to certify further that I have personally
examined the affiant and I am satisfied that he voluntarily executed and
understood the contents of his Complaint-Affidavit.

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