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N El Paso Police Department INCIDENT / INVESTIGATION 12-159347 Chr REPORT Daic? Time Reported 5 xarsaa00 Tin 7.2012 2828 * PL) iveo kecesveD @ Com | TH Jun 7, 2012 25:23, >ha Geea| rin 2012 28-23 1 [pa Sime tena ose Tee eras a i Boe sie hsin 700 W Son dono de Bl Pao, TC TOVOT oo ad Weapon / Toots: Forcible Enyy Ol Yes O No © NIA icine DT oa Rey Some vv § M Eiaployer Name’ Adarese Busines Phone | RP2| Avares, Xavier ca 3. Spm, 2) P50 79952 1 mS SENN ean nar ¥ 101 | kee Devin 231001 |w | [S535 ekiney Loop, Moloman, NAI88330 > Us Air Force / HOLLAMAN AIR FORCE BASE Vic cr] stows - Date Value ou | ary Property Description Make/Model ‘Serial Number , t 2 t ' ’ D (02518) RAMIREZ, MICHA| “ (02036) ZAVALA, ROBERT JR. Printed at 11/7/2017 06:22 by user: CLARE El Paso Police Deparment Incident / Investigation Report OCA: 12-159347 Ra tet SeSom Re Ramecd De Dong 22nd Botnet C= Coma Fuped Fo Fowl U= alow Sunes anty Type Measure ‘Suspected Dg Type it t Ofeaey Sapam | OFT Diiaaert Ose Ee ol awe ENA [aw Race Son Lage Rae: se Lage ice: es | Roem F] a ster se sex ss nowt ee tindrt ones onerdre Union x ns Rae Sex [ages Rice: See fags Rese ee ss ssn TRF Te ae as Ps aka ow Sa FSS Ta a Pe wo ERPS) Ae ei Tatar ee 5 TiS ita ako, PSMA RE ET RTE A, a TTTTST mnt i ST Sinise Coe Toa ak TeSext Paco Sie ed reo TT Wea Ta aaa Naat] [eo PO ve ee ee 1 [Rivets Fe NT = a ‘ 1 ios Ta Ps as Fas i purposes only Printed at: 11/7/2017 06:22 by user: C1482 Incident / investigation Report El Paso Police Department OCA: 12159347 Additional Officer Supplements ‘THE INFORMATION BELOW IS CONFIDENTIAL - FOR USE BY AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY nies (02518) RAMIREZ, MICHAEL A Supplement Type: Witness Inerview Due Tine OAG2012 OF a8 on 06/13/2012 at approximately 2922 hoves Oftlcers H. amLie2 #2518 and J wore dispatched 200 8. San Antonia Sn rege who eeat Beseles #2579 working ae 96291 -2 to a Missing Person. Upon arrival Officers met with RP-O1 } fiealth Services located in 5045 Mekutt Road Santa chat 10-01 suffered trom mental disorders and nad plans te sun fron Peak Behavioral Health Services to the listed address of occurrence and take & bus out of state, RP-O1 advised that 10-01 waa a danger ta himself and others as he had already been caught sneaking fire arma onto Hollanan Aisforce base. RP-Ol advised that 10-01 was attempting to eaevy out death threats that 10-01 had rade on hiz military chain of conmand. 10-01 was also facing silitary criminal ehesges. ‘2 spot broadcast via dispateh with the decription of 10-01 provided ny AP-O1. While Officers were at CRCC te complete proper decunentation and enter I wore notified via dispaten chat #P-01 with RP-01 and 10-D1 officers aut ovt Di into the systex as 8 missing person endangered, Officers 4 10-01 at 200 4. Son Antonio. Upon arrivsl, Officers met 10-01 did not resist oz make any cconents about hazing hinself or other to the 2. Since Peak Behavioral Health Services 1s looated in Sante Te Sunlond Park Police Officers who arrived at 200K. San Antonio. Sgt advised of the incident WM, Officers released 10-01 to Shields and Sat. Cardenas where Primed at TI7I2017 O62 by user CTART Page 5