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Volume 51 - Issue 9

November 8, 2017
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2 Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017
Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017 NEWS 3

RSU sexual harassment policy is vague

RSU VP equity Camryn Harlick hopes to amend the unions sexual assault policy following a recent sexual assault case at York University
of a similar case. proposal, they hope that the policy She added that its important for
Id like to have a policy and just will work one of two waysthe ac- board members to believe survivors.
be prepared if it does happen so that cused would immediately be com- We need to take more of a stance
when it does, we can make sure we pletely removed from office, or a where were taking the side of the
are believing survivors and protect- rule would be imposed where they survivor, said Nyaga. We need to
ing students as much as we should cannot return until a full investiga- put more safety provisions in for the
be, said Harlick. tion takes place. survivor, and not the person whos
Currently the RSU policy manual As of right now, theres nothing being accused.
states that the student union should [thats] 100 per cent necessary that Removing the accused from of-
be free from sexual assault and all would make sure that person is re- fice is necessary, she said, and once
other forms of violence; and the moved from office and I wouldnt an individual is harmed in the
right to an educational environment want an executive or a board mem- workplace, they cannot comfort-
free of sexual harassment. ber [in office] who has sexually as- ably remain in a hostile environ-
Harlick, in collaboration with saulted or [took part in] an act of ment.
Corey Scott, the RSU equity & cam- sexual violence against a student; Nyaga wants the board to be as
paigns organiser, said that they want they shouldnt be able to hold the open as possible when handling sex-
to firm up the language they use, role in the institution at all. ual assault claims.
making the policy less vague. RSU president Susanne Nyaga All policies need to be approved at
The RSU policy on workplace said she is on board with Harlicks a board level on the RSU, meaning
violence and harassment, which proposal and agrees the current pol- Harlick will have to get two-thirds
By Annie Arnone & The member was not removed includes sexual harassment, states icy isnt up to standard. of approval from board members
Noushin Ziafati from their YFS position, but re- that if the students union is aware after putting forward a motion to
signed months after the allegation. that an individual or individuals instill these changes.
The Ryerson Students Union (RSU) According to Yorks campus with histories of violent behav- We need to put more If youre going to put forward
is proposing amendments be made newspaper Excalibur, 350 post- iour is frequenting the workplace, safety provisions in for policy amendments, you need to
to the unions sexual harassment ers were put up around the uni- harassing staff, or physically/emo- the survivor, and not bring them to the board at least a
policy, in light of a controversial versity by the survivor as part tionally assaulting employees, ev- week before the meeting, and then
sexual assault claim made against an of Stand with Survivors: Hold ery reasonable precaution will be the person whos being it needs to be discussed and passed
executive from the York Federation YFS Accountablea campaign taken to minimize their interac- accused with majority vote, said Nyaga.
of Students (YFS). launched after the allegations be- tion with staff and a protocol will The next RSU Board of Direc-
Earlier this year, a York Univer- came public. The next day, all post- be put in place to direct employees tors meeting will take place on
sity student alleged that they were ers were taken down. and management on how to inter- Theres a lot of vagueness within Nov. 23. Although Harlick does
sexually assaulted by YFS vice- In response to the claims at York, vene if the individual becomes ag- our sexual harassment [and] sexual not know whether the motion will
president campaigns & advocacy. RSU vice-president equity Camryn gressive. assault policy, its not really clear be ready by then, they hope to in-
Students pushed for him to resign Harlick wants to ensure that the While Harlick is still working out on how board members or execs fit troduce the revised policy by the
by campaigning around campus. RSU would be prepared in the event the logistics of their amendment within it, said Nyaga. end of the semester.

$10 mil theatre school move temporary

By Katie Swyers unique and technical needs of the professionals.
school that cant be met by existing Due to its size, the move to the
The Ryerson School of Performance Ryerson buildings. SLC basement can only be a partial
space in the Student Learning Centre [There] are very specific facilities solution for the performance school.
(SLC) might be a temporary solution, that we need, said Lachemi. I dont Faculty and students are also using a
but Ryerson president Mohamed see any potential location on the ex- rented space in the Atrium on Bay
Lachemi said that the move still cost isting campus to accommodate the and spaces in Kerr Hall.
the university over $10 million. needs of the programs. Ryerson rented the Atrium space
Ryerson is currently transforming Lachemi did not confirm what the on a five-year lease, according to
the old theatre building at 44 Gerrard initial budget for the SLC basement Peggy Shannon, chair of the Ryer-
Some students dont like studying in a basement PHOTO: NOUSHIN ZIAFATI
St. E. into the Centre for Urban In- renovations was, saying instead that son School of Performance.
novation for about $45 millionap- the budgets for projects like these For now it is accommodating community. Third-year acting student Natalie
proximately $20 million of which constantly change. them, said Lachemi, adding that the We try to hold events that bring Marjanovic thinks that the SLC ren-
are from federal funds. Renovations He added that faculty, staff and university needs to give the school all three programs together but its ovations are pretty good, but adds
began last year and are expected to students from the performance space where all three performance hard when everyone is so busy, that more space is needed for actors.
finish in 2018. school were involved in design con- programsacting, dance and produc- and it was so much easier before Third-year acting student Au-
Lachemi described the space situ- sultations. We always change the tioncan be housed together like in when the course union had the gusta Monet, however, feels that
ated in the basement of the SLC as scope of the project as we progress the previous Gerrard Street location. green room, which was our student the needs of acting students were
the short-term plan to accommo- because we discover things, we add According to students, this sepa- lounge, said Pileggi. overlooked and that the funds went
date the performance school while things and so on. ration of the programs has caused Since moving, the performance to making things look nice instead
Ryerson searches for a permanent I think that we were expecting some issues. school does not have a lounge area. of creating more space.
space through external partnerships. just under 10 million, Lachemi said, Theres not really an opportunity Pileggi said that while students Its too bad, because we just want
At this point actually, we are in regarding the current budget. for cross-collaboration between the are grateful for the new SLC fa- a place that feels like ours and when
discussion with several potential Lauren Clegg, Ryersons media re- programs now, said Angelo Pileggi, cilities and equipment, it has been a were scattered around, drifting and
partners and we are considering lations officer, said in an email that co-president of the Ryerson School tricky transition from having a dedi- rehearsing in hallways, thats hard,
different options, so the process is the renovations cost $10.57 million in of Performance Student Union. cated room for the student lounge to said Monet.
ongoing, said Lachemi. Unfortu- total for 19,757 square feet of space. Pileggi explained that since the hardly having any communal space She wondered why Ryerson
nately, we cannot start giving names Lachemi called the year-old SLC move, dance students are mainly in in the new location. didnt just let them keep the build-
because this will defeat the purpose basement space a state-of-the-art the SLC basement, acting students in The rented area on the ninth ing theyd always been in. A lot of
of getting the best possible solution facility. In my opinion, it provides Kerr Hall and production students ei- floor of the Atrium, surrounded by us are confused why they gave it
for our students. exceptional experiences and train- ther where the performers are, or in other offices, has meanwhile be- [away].
Lachemi said that the university ing possibilities for the next gen- the Atriumleading to a lot of run- come the overflow, where students With files from Rameez Hameed
is looking externally because of the eration of theatre and production ning around and the loss of a sense of go to eat lunch. and Peter White.
4 EDITORIAL Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017

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Music is a great hobby PHOTO: SARAH KRICHEL
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By portant for that reason. Like our fea- Karoun Frizzy Chahinian Peter Soccer Time White should be mitigating these costs. And
Sierra Bein ture this week says, you might not be Alanna Back To News Rizza Rameez Streeterz Hameed yes, when you look at the salaries that
able to make a career out of your pas- Lee Oh Hey Richardson Kintaro Walking on Sunshine senior admin makes and how much of
Something concerning happened the sions, but that shouldnt be a reason Skinner the budget goes to more administration,
last time I took an Uber. The driver, to let them die. The musicians in our Features well grrrrr. Instead of burning it all to
who looked to be about the same age story work in many fields too. Skyler On The Beat Ash Contributors the fucking ground, go out and vote for
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Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017 NEWS 5

Sundown festival
by the numbers
By Jacob Dub havent received the full documents
about the event yet either), they de-
This years Sundown Music Festi- cided to take a more careful approach
valthe Ryerson Students Unions this year. Their projected budget for
(RSU) September event that featured Sundown was about five times less
Joey Bada$$ and Miguelwasnt a than what it was for last years festival.
disaster, and thats probably cause for Though RSU vice-president stu-
celebration. dent life & events Lauren Emberson
Following last years 6 Fest, the mu- says that the numbers arent finalized
sic festival that was marred with con- as they reconcile payments and re-
troversy surrounding disappointing ceive sponsorships, here are the most
musical acts, and about 1,800 refunds recent numbers coming out of Sun-
that gave the RSU financial woes (we down festival.

Briefs & > Masturbation station

Some sicko thought it was OK to
get cozy on the Student Learning

Centre steps and publically pleasure
himself. Security arrived on scene
where he re-clothed his bottom half,
and escorted him off campus.
> Hang loose, bro Is there something in the Ryer-
An individual was found on campus son water? A faint whisper in the
last week, pantsless, wiggling his air telling dudes to pull down their
dingaling around in the Image Arts pants? Bottom linedont pull that
washroom. shit. Its gross and kind of scary.
Security responded to the scene,
and sent him on his way with his > A modern day Michelangelo
pants up high. Security found an individual carving
Mans just needed to air himself things into the large planters with a
out. knife.
What things? We dont know ex-
> Fresh fade, Ryerson style actly. But if you happen to see some
Security responded to the scene of a dope-ass art on your walk to class,
campus washroom, where a known you know who it was.
trespasser was found shaving his Or better yet, if you see the pot he
head over the sink. was drawing on, tell what it is.
But we get it. Bruce Willis is pret-
ty hot and his bald head is some- Seen some crazy stuff on campus?
thing to aspire to. Email news@theeyeopener.com
6 FEATURES Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017


Pianos in Kerr Hall in the middle of the night. Carollers on Gould
Street. A lonely guitar in a quiet stairwell. Andrea Josic finds the stu-
dents who arent in a music program, but are still making music at
Ryerson, and what it means for them

Illustrations by Sarah Krichel

telios Karantzidis was sitting in his room trying to put together a new song on his T, 146 were accepted.
guitar when his dad called him from the living room. He heard his dad repeatedly Similarly, The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto has their Glenn Gould School,
call him until he got up, slightly exasperated. He set his guitar down and walked into focusing on training musicians. They only accept about 130 students a year.
the living room. Karantzidis dad told his son to check out what was on TV. He took a But, as com- petitive as most music performance programs are, the real
seat and stared at a man playing very sweet, familiar-sounding music. After a couple of world is no easier. Following graduation, many students
minutes had passed, Karantzidis turned to his parents sitting next to him and asked find themselves unable to work a steady job as a musi-
them who the man was. His mom told him it was a Canadian-Greek cian. According to the 2011 National Household Survey
singer named Pavlo Simtikidis playing his music at a show in by Statistics Canada, 51 per cent of people who considered
Kastoria, a small town in Greece where his mothers family is themselves musicians and singers had jobs in educational
from. services, while only 36 per cent had jobs in the arts, enter-
Karantzidis was awestruck because he had never heard that tainment and recreation sector.
sound anywhere else except for one other musician: himself. When the Dean of the Faculty of Communication and
Simtikidis describes his music as a Mediterranean mixing of the Design (FCAD) Charles Falzon announced in early 2017 that
folkloric styles of Greek, Spanish and Latin music with pop sen- a music production program was under development at Ryerson,
sibilities. Karantzidis own style of Greek and Latin-sounding it would be the first university to have a music program focused spe-
music began at a very young age. cifically on music production. It would be a four-year bachelor of arts program
On a road trip when he was five years old, Karantzidis first under FCAD and would focus on the business side of musicsuch as production, record-
heard the soundtrack from The Mambo Kings, a movie about two ing and publishing.
brothers from Cuba who pursue a music career in America. It quickly became his favou-
rite soundtrack. He fell in love with the tangy, flamenco vibe of the band and when he
began playing music when he was 10, he decided to combine that style with the Greek
The group had to practice in stairwells
music he grew up with. As he continued to watch Simtikidis on TV he knew that other because there was no available space on
people would also love this style of music.
When it came time to apply for university, Karantzidis was faced with a difficult deci-
sion. He knew he could pursue music performance and eventually excel at the guitar, but
he always felt a program that demanded he play music constantly would drain him of his Falzon says that the reality of the music industry is much broader than just performing.
passion. Sitting at his desk in his bedroom in North York looking at programs, Karant- He acknowledges that the skills people need in the field are different than they used to
zidis knew it came down to one thing: a guaranteed career once he graduated. Although be. In order to be successful now, a program needs to keep up with the nature of its cor-
he loved music, Karatzidis was nervous because it wasnt a sure bet. He decided to com- responding industry. Thats why were really trying to create a program in conjunction
promise and chose to pursue his other passions, math and business, and is currently in his with a lot of input from our advisors in this industry, says Falzon. He feels that FCAD
fourth year of international economics and finance at Ryerson University. Karantzidis has always been a leader in the programs it offers and strives to do the same with the
was satisfied with his decision because he would never put music on the back burner. music program.

He walked into the small venue with

his laptop, a plastic DJ controller and a n a cool evening in late March 2014, Kieran Ramnarine walked into the small venue
of the Fraternal Order of the Eagles on Elm Street with his laptop, a plastic DJ
200 GB drive full of swing music controller and a 200 GB drive full of swing music. Just over a month prior, one of
Ramnarines friends tagged him in a post that was calling for DJs to perform at the 1920s
While there are colleges across Ontario that offer music production programs, univer- Swingin Speakeasy Night, hosted by the Ryerson Image Arts Union (IMAU) and the
sities currently only offer degrees in music that focus on performance and composition, Fashion Course Union. Having DJed events at his high school before, his nerves were at
such as the University of Torontos (U of T) four-year bachelor of music program. The bayexcept for the fact that he had never DJed swing music before.
lack of music production programs in universities leaves students who dont want to go It was around 6 p.m. when Ramnarine got a ride with his dad from the Clarkson area
to college with no other option than to pursue different interests. Music performance in Mississauga to downtown Toronto. He showed up two hours before the event and the
programs are extremely competitive and many students view them as programs with a IMAU executive team had almost finished setting up the venue. Ramnarine was told to
future that is limited and not guaranteed. According to Common University Data On- set up in the front of the room. He opened his laptop and connected the controller and
tario in 2015, of the 590 people who applied to the music performance program at U of the turntables. Despite the fact that he had only ever DJed pop and soca music, Ram-
Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017 FEATURES 7

narine knew he was skilled enough to transition between songs smoothly. gram is what Ryerson is suited for.
Dressed in a black suit and tie, Ramnarine kept his clothing simple amongst Its a lot easier for a school like Ryerson, which is really good on the busi-
the 1920s-inspired outfits. The president of the IMAU at the time, Rebeca ness end of things, to focus on music production, says Ramnarine.
Ortiz, who was also the vice-president of Musicians@Ryerson (M@R), con- It would be cool to see a performance program at Ryerson, but
gratulated Ramnarine on an amazing set that had students dancing until unfortunately the money is going from performance to business.
late into the night. Around 2 a.m. when the event cleared up, Ramnarine The fact of the music industry is that the attention has shifted from
collected his gear and waited until his dad came to pick him up. individual artists to the companies behind them. According to a 2015 study
It wasnt until halfway through his second year in 2015 when Ram- from the Recording Industry Association of America, the average price of
narine attended another weekly open mic at Ryersons campus pub, an album in 1974 was $24.45, while the price dropped to a mere $11.97 in
the Ram in the Rye, and bumped into Ortiz. It was the moment when 2014. When production costs are cut, an artist is left with very little money
everything clicked: because of the music community at Ryerson, Ram- to take home for themselves. Statistics show that signed musicians lose a lot
narine was able to score his first gig in university. of money, unfortunately, freelance musicians dont do a lot better.
In February 2016 the Toronto Music Advisory Council (TMAC) released According to a study on the economics of musicians by the
a report called the Toronto Music Strategy, which outlines how Toronto is Canadian Independent Music Association in 2013, the average freelance
looking to become a music city. The report states that the recording industry musician earned $7,228 a year playing music. There can only be so many
alone brought $39 million in revenue to Toronto. One of the six areas the successful musicians in the industry, but there will always be a large team
TMAC believes needs to be addressed is the business of music. There are cur- working behind each musician to produce music, therefore plenty of jobs
rently over 40 music publishing, licensing and distribution companies, 55 art- exist for those individuals. The study showed that employees of indepen-
ist agencies and management companies, 95 recording facilities and 95 record dent Canadian music companies earned about $22,250 in 2011. This sal-
labels in Toronto. In a report by the Toronto Arts Foundation in 2014, statis- ary isnt very high, but considering how much higher it is than a freelance
tics showed that 70 per cent of Torontonians support, contribute or donate to musician, it makes sense why people who are passionate for music choose
the arts. The music industry is on the rise in Toronto and creates thousands of production over performance.
opportunities for individuals pursuing the careers behind the scenes of music. Falzon believes students will come into the program, like they do with
With bigger, locally born artists like Drake, The Weeknd and Alessia Cara other FCAD programs, and be comfortable knowing they can be perform-
coming out of the Greater Toronto Area, Toronto has put itself on the global ers, business-owners, producers or leaders. While he knows that a new pro-
radar as a city full of new musicians. After releasing his first mixtape in 2009, gram can have faults, he believes Ryerson is well-prepared to build a strong
Drake has reached world-wide acclaim, with 27 Grammy nominations and program. Even with older programs, we implement new curriculums and
three wins. His name is practically synonymous with the city of Toronto. you see the opportunity for more flexibilitysuch as more electives, more
These artists have built up the citys reputation, creating a music scene that available courses, says Falzon. Thats what we need in creative programs.
outsiders might take seriously. A strong core, but the flexibility to adapt more readily.
The idea of Ryersons music program came from the Toronto Music Strat- Karantzidis wishes a program like this existed sooner because it com-
egy, according to Cormac McGee, the coordinator of the Music Den bines his two passions: business and music. He believes that Ryerson
at Ryerson. is pursuing the music industry correctly. Ryerson is not trying to be
The Music Den is a subsection of the TransMedia Zone that like those performance programs. Were trying to set people up in an
focuses specifically on music, where Ryerson Community en- actual business industry, and they see music as a huge opportunity, says
trepreneurs can work on music-related projects together. Karantzidis. What I want from this program is for students to feel
McGee said the Music Den, which started just a year ago, empowered to create their own sounds, go out there on their own and be
was Ryersons first step into the music industry. A part of confident in the skills they have.
my job is meeting with people from all over the music com- The program has been written up but theres still many aspects of it that
munity, seeing what their needs are and where can we fit are under development. There is currently no launch date, but
in, says McGee. Falzon hopes the program will be ready within the next three

oward the end of his second year, Ramnarine had
become involved with the music scene on cam- oing into first year, Karantzidis wanted to join a
pus. In his third year, he was director of educational student group that met consistently, because as
operations of M@R. In his fourth year, he was the vice- a commuter, he knew that would be the place to
president, and now in his fifth year, hes the president. Ram- make friends. One Wednesday evening early in the school
narine feels that this community at Ryerson really made year, Karantzidis headed towards the Ram in the Rye be-
him find his love for music. When I first left high school, I cause a friend told him about an open mic. As he got closer to
didnt have a concrete music background, says Ramnarine. the pub, he heard the sound of people talking and music play-
Even now I just feel like I have a few skills. But I love the ing and he was instantly drawn to the atmosphere. As he began
group and I really want to support them. introducing himself, he realized a music community existed at
Ramnarine was a member of M@R briefly Ryerson. He knew that he would stick with them for the rest of
in his fourth year when the group had to practice his undergrad, and to this day, he has.
in stairwells because there was no available space A few times, Karantzidis has been walking through
on campus. The group has only been able to Kerr Hall when he would hear faint piano music
secure a room for weekly practices in Kerr Hall echoing in the halls. As Karantzidis kept walking, the
South this year because one of its members is music would get louder until he heard the sweet, usu-
in the School of Performance at Ryerson and ally classical, sound directly behind a door. Hed quietly
is able to rent the space. The room is spacious enter the room and there would be a student at a piano,
enough for the 10 members of the group and sometimes looking at sheet music, sometimes playing
has a piano. by memory, concentrated on each following note that
The spaces dedicated to music at Ryerson are put together a melody. Genuinely interested, Karantzidis
limited. Apart from a small office in the basement asked, Hey, whats up? What are you playing?
of the Student Campus Centre for M@R, music Most of the time, the musician shied away and stop
lovers have to take what they can get. While mu- playing, modestly muttering, No, no, no, its nothing.
sicians can be seen playing in the Student Learning Just a song. Karantzidis started a conversation with each
Centre or carolling around campus during the holiday musician he has stumbled upon. He is unable to recall a time
season, the only other space that is really welcoming to when a musician was not interested in hearing what he had
musicians on campus is the Ram in the Rye. to say and sharing a conversa-
I realized theres so many people that are actually into mu- tion about a mutual passion. Karantzidis has
sic and want to share those skills or just jam out with other people, invited each piano player to an open mic night at the Ram
Ramnarine realized after he went to his first open mic at the Ram. There were and is proud to say that most of them regularly attend open mics
over a hundred people that were so invested in seeing me perform. It was just a throughout the year.
really welcoming space that I liked. Despite not pursuing music at university, Karantzidis has found a sense of
Even with a music community that is welcoming to musicians, belonging within the music community. He knows that music is universal and
performers and producers alike, Ramnarine thinks that a music business pro- that as long as he plays, he is always connected.
8 BIZ & TECH Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017

Make the most out of your LinkedIn


By Sylvia Lorico 10 groups based on your profes-

sional field to increase your chanc-
With over 400 million users in es of landing a paid position.
200 different countries, LinkedIn, 5. Use keywords, not buzzwords
a networking website, is quickly Avoid using buzzwords like
becoming a way for students to passionate, motivated and driven.
meet with career-minded profes- Instead, focus on terms specific to
sionals and showcase their skills your field that can be found easily
online. LinkedIn is far more than through search engine optimiza-
just an online resume tool. From tion. For example, if you are in
establishing yourself as an expert marketing, mention various chan-
in the field to landing your dream nels within a field like e-com-
job, when used effectively, you merce. Recruiters tend to use key-
can reap the rewards for your ca- words to search for candidates.
reer. Ready to make the most out 6. Endorse carefully
of your LinkedIn profile? Here are The recommend feature on
some tips and tricks to maximize LinkedIn can act as an online refer-
your experience. ence and be incredibly helpful, de-
1. Tend to your profile pending on who you connect with.
Think of LinkedIn as a child that Looking to get some recommen-
needs nourishment and love to be dations? At the end of any project
successful. Spend a few minutes per or job, send whoever hired you a
day or pop onto the website a few link to your profile and ask them
times a week to build your presence to leave a comment you can use for
online. Add new examples of your future employers.
projects, participate in conversa- 7. Take the time to proofread
tions and share articles relevant to A messy profilelike a messy re-
you. Your activity will show up on sumis going to be easily dismissed.
other peoples pages, making you Spend some time editing your work,
look like an expert while increas- then send it to two or three gram-
ing your visibility. mar-picky friends for a read. Having
2. Fill in all the blanks a fresh pair of eyes can help you catch
Did you volunteer for a public mistakes you could have overlooked.
speaking event recently? Add it in. 8. Organize your contacts
Won an award for best design in You can attach tags (keywords
your faculty? Put it on LinkedIn. or phrases) to each person in your
While this may seem excessive, a contact list. Use them to clarify
2011 LinkedIn survey found that which relationships you want to
42 per cent of hiring managers develop. For example, you can tag
consider volunteer work equiva- contacts as prospects in order to
lent to actual work. Any experience remind yourself that you plan to
or awards will give your profile a reach out or work with them in the
needed boost. future. All tags that are added to
3. Link to other media outlets your contact list are private, so this
Always try to have posts that tool is an excellent way to remind
link to other media like YouTube, yourself who to contact for each
Twitter or even a personal blog. project or job opportunity.
Linking to other platforms is a 9. Add a company page
way of demonstrating to employ- If you happen to already work
ers that you are knowledgeable in for a company or if you are starting
social media, a powerful tool in our your own business, LinkedIn has
technology-driven world. a feature that allows you to create
4. Use the groups a page and link it to your personal
Like Facebook, LinkedIn has profile. It serves as a great endorse-
groups that users can join based ment and makes what you do look
on their interests and affiliations. more legitimate.
They are one of the best places to 10. Be polite
pick up advice from experts and Your LinkedIn is not a Face-
like-minded people. To maxi- book chat, its a valuable tool to
mize your networking experience connect with other professionals.
in these spaces, try to voice some Personalize your messages when
intelligent answers to questions you reach out, and remember the
raised in the discussion area. We golden ruletreat others as you
recommend joining a minimum of want to be treated!
Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017 SPORTS 9
show that we can play the sport, hand at practice. Some of these girls
said Farooqi. are moving better than some of the
Farooqi felt holding tryouts for mens players, Jawa addedand the
this unfamiliar sport would exclude mens team won an American Col-
beginners, so she decided to keep lege Cricket title earlier this year af-
practices open to any women ter making the trip down south.
willing to learn. Farooqi herself Though some players are new
hasnt played cricket since moving to the game, others have rediscov-
to Canada from Pakistan seven years ered a sport they once loved. Maha
ago, while many of the other girls on Zafars passion for cricket began
the team havent played before at all. when she first played at the age of
When I was playing in Pakistan, five in her birth country of Qatar.
I was always just shadowing my Her mother, a member of the Asian
male cousins and I was never Cricket Council and a former coach
playing seriously. Theres a term for Qatars national cricket team,
called galli cricket, basically street had always encouraged her to play.
cricket, and thats what I was used When Zafars family moved to
to, said Farooqi. Mississauga seven years ago, they
Though she started the team, made sure to bring her cricket
Farooqi also had to familiarize bat even though airplane regula-
herself with the rules of indoor tions required them to tie it to a
cricket and the speed at which the suitcase in order to board the 16-
ball comes. Asima Iqbal, a third- hour flight.
year psychology student, had never In high school, she no longer had
played cricket before attending a a cricket team to play on and always
practice in September, where she kept an eye out for opportunities to
first experienced the satisfaction pick up the sport once again. Those
of smacking the ball and watching opportunities didnt reveal them-
it careen off the back wall. selves until this Halloween, when
Getting the proper form was the fifth-year electrical engineer-
a bit hard. When youre bowling, ing student participated in her first
you have to keep your arm straight drop-in practice with the womens
and aim it right at the wickets, said cricket team.

I f you were to ask Ryerson

students whether the school had
a womens cricket team, youd likely
its new to the women on the team.
Its extra-curricular, but I think its
an extra mile of extra-curricular
represent their school.
Even just watching [cricket]
on TV, the representation has
Iqbal. Its nice because everyones
learning, so were all helping each
other and its so fun.
Right now, the team is focused
on its first game in Waterloo on
Nov. 18 as part of a tournament
hear actual crickets chirping. because were learning from always been male-dominated, said Womens cricket holds drop-in held between the womens teams
But if you were to walk through scratch, said Hirra Farooqi, the Farooqi. This lack of representation practices every Tuesday from noon of Ryerson, Waterloo and Laurier
the halls near the Upper Kerr Hall director of Ryersons womens cricket led her to believe there might be a to 3 p.m. in the Upper Kerr Hall universities. The women are so ea-
Gym on any Tuesday at around team as well as the acting captain. lack of interest from female students Gym. The women are coached by ger to get started that theyre pay-
noon, youd hear the scuffling of Farooqi, a third-year journalism at Ryerson, but she was quickly Hussain Jawa, a member of the ing for their own jerseys and trans-
running shoes, the crack of a bat as student, was inspired to start a team proven wrong. Ryerson mens cricket team who has portation fees, rather than waiting
it connects with a ball and shouts of at Ryerson in April 2017 after seeing Farooqi soon learned that women prior coaching experience. for university funding.
encouragement among women. the success of womens cricket at at Ryerson were just as enthusiastic Jawa, who has played for seven Theyll start fundraising after
No insects here. the University of Waterloo. Other as she was about the opportunity to years, said hes incredibly proud their first tournament in hopes of
Though it was named Canadas schools, including Wilfrid Laurier pick up a bat, grab a ball and score of the teams progress, especially travelling to Florida in March to
first national sport in 1867 by University and the University of some runs in one of the worlds when considering how many of the play in the American national cham-
Sir John A. Macdonald, crickets Ontario Institute of Technology, most popular sports. players hadnt ever taken a single pionships. Eventually, they hope to
popularity declined as hockey gained have added womens teams in recent The teams slogan #WomenCan swing before the school year began. coordinate a similar tournament for
a larger following. Though cricket years as well. is meant to show that cricket is open From our first practice to now, Canadian womens cricket teams.
is still popular in South Asian and With Ryersons mens cricket to any person, regardless of gender the improvement is so impressive, Its not even a matter of win-
Commonwealth countries, its rarely team having already developed a or level of experience. said Jawa. ning or losing, said Zafar. Im just
made an appearance in Canadas winning culture since starting in Its just to remind people that its At times, some of the mens crick- so excited that theres an initiative
physical education curriculum. 2015, Farooqi felt women should not meant to be a male-dominated eters would join in for a game with for females and Im getting the
Its not only new to the school, also have the opportunity to sport, its meant for everyone. To the women while offering a helping chance to play.

A rollercoaster ride for Rams mens soccer

An OUA bronze medal wasnt what the Ryerson Rams wanted in 2017 after being just 30 seconds away from national glory
By Bryan Meler Rams to their first national tourna- waiting for, we fought so hard all months I look at this as perhaps the ders into the playoffs. By the time
Its bitter, not bittersweet. Its just ment since 2013, Ryerson watched season, said El-Chanti. It was start of what could be a really great they reached the quarterfi-
bitter, said Ryerson captain Kyle their dream slip away. They were up honestly too good to be true. story.The Rams went on to prove nals, they were up against the
Stewart with a provincial bronze 1-0 against York, whove won four of In September, it didnt look like Joseph right, winning nine of their University of Toronto Varsity
medal hanging around his neck. the past five OUA titles. There was Ryerson was even going to make Blues, the same team that had
Ill be 100 per cent honest with only 30 seconds left till we booked the playoffs. They had to retroac- beaten them three straight times
you: We did everything we could. our flight to British Columbia, tively forfeit their first six games A lot of people didnt in the OUA bronze medal match.
Stewart, at the end of his fifth and said midfielder Abdallah El-Chanti. after fielding an academically in- believe in us at first The Rams came away with
final Ontario University Athletics In extra time, the Lions made eligible player. They went from first a win in a penalty shootout.
(OUA) Final Four, couldnt help one last push in the matchs dying in the OUA West to eighth. They It looked like they were final-
but think of what could have been seconds, tying the game after the needed to finish at least fourth to next 10 games, to go along with a ly over the hump until the final
for himself and the Rams mens Rams had controlled a single-goal make the playoffs. It was a crushing tie, propelling them to a third seed 30 seconds of the match against
soccer team. They beat McMaster lead since the 23rd minute. No one blow, with the team looking to re- finish by the end of the season. York. We definitely deserved a gold
to capture bronze, their second else scored until the teams entered deem themselves after an early 2016 Without the forfeitures, medal, El-Chanti said. Our goal
best finish in program history, but a penalty shootout, which the Rams playoff exit following their best the Rams wouldnt have lost is nationals next year, 100 per cent.
their loss to York the day before lost 5-4 in heartbreaking fashion. regular season in program history. a single regular season game. All offseason were going to
in the semifinals was still on During the York game, there Upon announcing the deflat- A lot of people didnt believe in work hard and come back
their mind, and for good reason. were moments where we were ing news, Ryerson athletic director us at first, said Stewart. The Rams stronger. Teams will be scared
In a match that could have sent the like, God, this is what weve been Ivan Joseph said, Maybe in two carried that chip on their shoul- to play us, I promise you.
10 SUPER FUN STUFF Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017

And on the eighth day, God made interns

Protesters paid, interns still not: an email to New Message X
God, with love from a modern-day paid anti- TO: God Cc Bcc
choice protester. By Nathaniel Crouch SUBJECT: These F$%&*ing Interns

VIDEOGRAPHER PetsInDanger Ryer- Dear God,

NEEDED! son Student Club Greetings Holy Father! I hope this email finds you well. Im writing, rather than praying to you
Are you a videographer? - Attend exciting so- only because the word internship is more than two syllables. As a concerned anti-choice pro-
Into creative arts or are tester I totally understand why it took a whole day to make internspeople who want to protest
cial events, develop ONLY because theyre passionate are rare, especially in the anti-choice movement. And theyll
you an audio visual stu-
dent or intern? skills transferable work for free, which means I get to keep my bonus!
However, some of the interns who stand on the streets for hours on end holding signs
Are you interested in into further education that do nothing but gross other people out dont seem to be 110 per cent engaged all the
building your portfolio or / job searching, en- time. Theyre so different from our paid protestersall our interns do is grab us coffee
resume with viable hands then start yelling unenthusiasticallybefore cowering away from those pro-choice jerks
hance your resume, at Ryerson.
on experience?
receive a Certificate TBH, how dare they! It seems a little unreasonable that they cant manage more. Its not like
I am looking for someone theyre juggling real jobs with actual benefits and money, trying to get eight hours of sleep and
interested in being a part for community ser- weekly lectures and homework. These interns suddenly dont feel like standing in the cold and
of a project helping to vice hours... shouting at strangers about a few cells in early development that are *obviously* more impor-
tant than a womans health.
create a music video that all for a great cause: There isnt a solution on our end. I mean, if we were some organization that was based on the
will be submitted for con- to combat pet idea that all human life should be valued and preserved, we might actually pay our interns.
sideration for an award. And we do! Theyre paid with the all encompassing knowledge that if you shove pictures in peo-
overpopulation and ples faces and attempt to tell women whats best for them, people tend to get angry.
If this is a project you
find you might be inter- help save the lives of And we dont really have the funds. Its not like were sponsored by dozens of non-profit churches
and organizations, all of whom receive tax-free donations. The money goes right to bigger signs,
ested in please call: 413- 4.5 million dogs and the hope that we might someday acquire uniforms, and of course, dollars go to our more successful,
983-1421 cats each year. paid protesters.
or email me at elub- Lord, I dont like to admit youve made a mistake, but anti-choice interns just seem like they
https:// could get the same results by screaming at brick walls.
rai38@gmail.com or
raiwe@yahoo.com for Sincerely,
more information. studentclubs Someone who believes anti-choice is still a valid thought in the 21st century

Continuing O ve r 1 5 0
courses in

Studies at 3D Modelling

C r e a t i ve B u s i n e s s

D ra w i n g a n d P a i n t i n g
F i b r e a n d Fa s h i o n
Film and Video
G ra p h i c D e s i g n
Industrial Design
I n t e ra c t i ve M e d i a
M a r ke t i n g
P h o t o g ra p h y
Printmaking and Sculpture
Theory in Art and Design
UI and UX Design
Visual Analytics
We a ra b l e M e d i a
We b D e s i g n
Courses for Seniors
a n d Yo u t h

E x p l o r e Yo u r C r e a t i v e P o t e n t i a l
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E ve n i n g s . We e ke n d s . O n l i n e
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Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017 11

You saw an empty


We saw the
Celebrating Mattamy Athletic
Centres 5th Anniversary. future of
Thank you for five years of spirit,
excellence, community and pride. athletics at
Thanks especially to
All Ryerson students
Mattamy Homes & Peter E. Gilgan
The Government of Canada
Loblaw Companies
Les Aliments Unifood
The Kavanagh family
Your leadership was a game changer.
12 Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017

Rotating craft
beers at the Ram
Come see what were pouring


All Day,
Every Day
CollingWood Brewery
Great Lakes Brewery
Spearhead Brewery
Henderson Brewing
And More to come