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Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4

I. Choose the correct answer by crossing (x) a,b,c or d !

1. A. . . . fruit do you like ?. B. I Like apple.

a. who
b. where
c. when
d. what

Gambar dibawah ini untuk no. 2, 3, 5, dan 6

2. A. What vegetable do you like ?

B. I Like . . . ( Number 3 )
a. spinach
b. cerely
c. garlic
d. onion

3. I want to eat . . .( number 1 )

a. cabbage
b. spinach
c. lettuce
d. eggplant

4. A. Do you like . . . ? ( number 4 )

B. No, I don't.
a. pineapple
b. watermelon
c. jackfruit
d. starfruit

5. There ia a . . . on the table. ( number 5 )

a. pineapple
b. watermelon
c. starfruit
d. mango

6. Long bean means . . .

a. kubis
b. selada
c. kacang panjang
d. buncis

7. Yudi : does sitti like mangosteen ?

Joni : No, . . .
a. he does
b. she doesn't
c. she does
d. he doesn't

8. Student usually have a flag ceremony on . . .

a. Monday
b. Sunday
c. Friday
d. Saturday

9. It is Thursday.
What day was yesterday ? it was . . .
a. Tuesday
b. Thursday
c. Friday
d. Wednesday

10. Be quite, Please !

means . . .
a. Belajar yang rajin !
b. Bersihkan papan tulis !
c. Jangan ribut !
d. Sapu lantainya!

II. Essay !

1. A. Do you like banana ?

B. No, I . . .

2. Translate in to English !
A. Durian
B. kol

3. A. What do I can for you ?

B. I need a piece of . . .

4. How many days are there in a week ? Mention it !

5. Mention for animals that eat grass !

Nama Sayuran Lengkap Dalam Bahasa

Untuk menambah kosa kata tentang Nama Sayuran Dalam Bahasa Inggris, berikut adalah

Nama Sayuran Nama Sayuran

Bahasa Indonesia Bahasa Inggris
1 Asam Tamarind
2 Bawang bombay Spanish onion
3 Bawang merah Shallot
4 Bayam Water spinach
5 Biji kenari Javanese almond
6 Bit Beetroot
7 Buncis French beans
8 Buncis Green beans
9 Bunga lawang Star anise
10 Cabe merah Red pepper
11 Cabe rawit Chili pepper
12 Cabe rawit Cayenne pepper
13 Cengkeh Cloves
14 Daun bawang besar Leeks
15 Daun bawang Green onions
16 Daun bawang Spring onions
17 Daun kari Curry leaf
18 Daun ketumbar Coriander leaves
19 Daun salam Bay leaf
20 Ercis Mangetout
21 Ercis Snow peas
22 Jagung di tongkol Corn on the cob
23 Jagung Maize
24 Jahe Ginger
25 Jamur merang Straw mushrooms
26 Jintan Cumin
27 Kacang hijau Mung bean
28 Kacang kedelai muda Young soya
29 Kacang kedelai Soya bean
30 Kacang merah Red kidney bean
31 Kacang mete Cashew nut
32 Kacang panjang Long beans
33 Kacang tanah Peanut
34 Kangkung Swamp cabbage
35 Kapulaga Cardamon
36 Kayu manis Cinnamon
37 Kemiri Candlenut
38 Kentang Potato
39 Ketumbar Coriandar
40 Kol kembang Cauliflower
41 Kol Cabbage
42 Koni Okra
43 Kubis/kol berwarna hijau Broccoli
44 Kunyit Tumeric
45 Labu hijau Marrow
46 Labu kuning Pumpkin
47 Lobak Chinese radish
48 Merica (hitam,putih) Pepper (black, white)
49 Nangka muda Jackfruit
50 pakis Fiddleheads
51 Pala Nutmeg
52 Radis Radish
53 Rebung Bamboo shoot
54 Sawi cina Chinese white cabbage
55 Sawi hijau Chinese green cabbage
56 Selada air Watercress
57 Selada Lettuce
58 Sereh Citronella
59 Sereh Lemon grass
60 Singkong Cassava
61 Terung timun Zucchini
62 Ketimun Cucumber
63 Terung Eggplant
64 Tomat Tomato
65 Ubi jalar Sweet potato
66 Wijen Sesame seed
67 Wortel Carrot

I. Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c, or d!

Text for number 1 to 5
Mrs.Julie is our English teacher. She is in the classroom now. She is explaining the calendar. There are seven days in a week.
They are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Mrs.Julie also explaining about date and
months. There are twelve months in a year. The first month is January and the last month is December. The number of the day
for each month is different. January, March, May, July, August, October, and December have 31 days. April, June, September,
and November, have 30 days. February has 28 or 29 days.
a. uniform
1. How many days are there in a week? b. shirt
a. ten c. sweater
b. nine d. pajamas
c. eight
d. seven 9. The students play in the ...
a. canteen
2. How many months are there in a year? b. library
a. nine c. office
b. ten d. school yard
e. eleven
d. twelve 10. I will read books in the ...
a. office
3. What is Mrs.Julie explaining about? b. library
a. calendar c. school yard
b. clock d. canteen
c. hobbies
d. jobs 11. He delivers people's letters.
He works at a post office.
4. What month has fewest days? He rides a motorcycle.
a. January He is a ....
b. February a. fireman
c. March b. cameraman
d. April c. postman
d. policeman
5. How many days are there in April?
a. 29 days 12. My grandfather works in a farm. He is a ....
b. 30 days a. farmer
c. 28 days b. doctor
d. 31 days c. teacher
d. barber
6. The month before August is ....
a. May 13. Wanti takes care of the sick people.
b. June She is a nurse. She works in the ...
c. July a. office
d. April b. hospital
c. school
7. We celebrate Kartini day on ... d. canteen
a. April
b. May 14. School is ... bakery and hospital. (diantara)
c. June a. in
d. July b. on
c. under
8. Dani wears his ... to school. d. between
d. angry
15. Bank is ... the post office. (di depan)
a. behind 24. Nadya is very ... because she gets the first rank in her
b. beside class.
c. in front of a. happy
d. under b. sad
c. angry
16. Rani :"Excuse me, May I go to the toilet?" d. worry
Teacher :"...."
a. I'm fine 25. We are sleeping in the ....
b. Yes, please a. bathroom
c. How do you do b. bedroom
d. Thank you very much. c. kitchen
d. garage
17. The is a car in the ...
a. living room 26. There ... ten elephant in the zoo.
b. garage a. is
c. kitchen b. are
d. bathroom c. am
d. was
18. Andi is tall ... his brother is short.
a. because 27. We can see animals in the ...
b. but a. school
c. so b. market
d. and c. hospital
d. zoo
19. Rania is absent today ... she is sick.
a. so 28. We celebrate Hero Day on ....
b. and a. August 10th
c. because b. September 10th
d. but c. October 10th
d. November 10th
20. Mr.Rio is an artist. He makes somepictures. His hobby
is ... 29. My mother is cooking in the ....
a. painting a. garage
b. cooking b. bedroom
c. fishing c. bathroom
d. singing d. kitchen

21. are - playing - football - They. 30. A : "What is your ...?"

The right arrangement is .... B : "My hobby is dancing."
a. They are football playing. a. school
b. They playing football are. b. job
c. They are playing football. c. hobby
d. They football are playing. d. name

22. I ... three books and two pens.

a. have
b. has
c. am
d. was

23. I ... meatball, because it's delicious.

a. dislike
b. like
c. happy

1. d 11. c 21. c 31. name

2. d 12. a 22. a 32. She
3. a 13. b 23. b 33. eyes
4. b 14. d 24. a 34. ten
5. b 15. c 25. b 35. an
6. c 16. b 26. b 36. grandmother
7. a 17. b 27. d 37. uncle
8. a 18. b 28. d 38. sad
9. d 19. c 29. d 39. and
10. b 20. a 30. c 40. Where

I. Choose the correct answer by crossing (X) a, b, c, or d!

Text for number 1 to 6
My Daily Activities

My name is Julie. This is my daily activities. I get up at five o'clock in the morning. I brush my teeth at five ten. I take
a bath at five fifteen, and then I have breakfast at half past five every morning.
I go to school at six thirty in the mornning. I arrive at school at seven o'clock. The school begins at quarter past
seven every morning. And the school finishes at one fifteen in the afternoon. I arrive at home at two o'clock in the afternoon. I
have lunch at ten past two in the afternoon.
At home, I take a nap at three o'clock. I watch television at a quarter to five in the afternoon. I have dinner at seven
in the evening. I study at seven thirty. I go to bed at nine. On Sunday I help my mother in the kitchen.

1. Julie gets up at ....

a. quarter to five AM c. a quarter past five Am
b. half past five AM d. five AM

2. Julie has to take a bath at ....

a. half past six AM c. half past six PM
b. a quarter past five d. half past five PM

3. Julie goes to school at ....

a. five past six in the morning c. quarter past six
b. a quarter past seven d. half past six

4. Julie arrives at home at ....

a. one past ten PM c. ten to two PM
b. one past two PM d. two o'clock

5. Julie studies her lesson at ....

a. ten to seven PM c. half past seven
b. ten past seven PM d. half past twentyfive PM

6. Julie helps her mother on ....

a. Monday b. Tuesday c. Saturday d. Sunday

7. The students usually have flag ceremony on ....

a. Sunday b. Monday c. Friday d. Saturday

8. Moslems usually go to mosque to pray on ....

a. Sunday b. Thursday c. Friday d. Sunday

9. The first month of the year is ....

a. January b. February c. March d. April

10. There are .... moths in a year.

a. eleven b. twelve c. thirteen d. fourteen

11. The Kartini's day is on....

a. January b. February c. March d. April

12. Indonesia independence day is on ....

a. July b. August c. September d. October

13. Today is Saturday. Yesterday was ....

a. Monday b. Thursday c. Friday d. Sunday

14. "Hari apa hari ini?" in English is ....

a. Yesterday was Sunday c. What day is today?
b. Tomorrow will be Tuesday d. Today is Tuesday

15. Before you go to bed, brush your ....

a. teeth b. chin c. cheek d. head
16. They are ..... in the swimming pool.
a. Volley ball b. playing foot ball c. swimming d. basket ball

17. We need .... to play foot ball.

a. racket b. shuttle cock c. ball d. net

18. There ... seven pencils in the pencil box.

a. We b. are c. is d. you

19. Mira : Are there three books on the table?

Dinda : Yes, ....
a. There are b. There is c. She is d. We are

20. Diana : .... are you?

Doni : I am fine thanks.
a. Why b. Who c. How d. What

II. Fill in the blank by using the word in the box!

21. Monkeys eat ....
22. Mother buys fruit and vegetables in the ....
23. Today is Monday, yesterday was ....
24. There are .... days in a week.
25. Before May is ....
26. After June is ....
27. Mango, apple, water melon are the names of ....
28. spinach, carrot, cucumber are the names of ....
29. I go Surabaya by ....
30. We need .... to play badminton.
31. The last month of the year is ....
32. ... she a teacher?

a. April
b. your
c. July
d. shuttle cock
e. field
f. vegetables
g. is
h. fruits
i. plane
j. cooks
k. banana
l. market
m. Sunday
n. December
o. Seven

III. Answer these questions bellow!

33. Write five names of land transportation!
34. Write five names of the days!
35. Write five names of vegetables!
1. d 6. d 11. d 16. c
2. b 7. b 12. b 17. c
3. d 8. c 13. c 18. b
4. d 9. a 14. c 19. a
5. c 10. b 15. a 20. c

21. k 31. d
22. l 32. h
23. m 33. j
24. o 34. e
25. a 35. g
26. c
27. b
28. h
29. f
30. i

36. car, bus, plane, bicycle, ship
37. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
38. spinach, cucumber, carrot, bean, long bean

39. Santi goes to Bandung by bus.
40. I go to school at six o'clock in the morning

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I. Choose the correct answer by crossing (x) a, b, c or d !

Text for number 1 to 5
The Solar System

The earth where we live on, is part of the solar system. It is called the solar system because everything goes around the
sun. The sun is the centre.
There are eight planets in the solar system. They are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and
Neptune. The four smaller inner planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars, are primaly composed of rock and metal. While
the two largest, Jupiter and Saturn are composed largely of ices, such as water, ammonia and methane. They all move
around the sun.
The sun is actually a star. It has its own light. But planets are not stars. They don't have their own light. The planets get
light from the sun.

1. Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are the four ... inner a. where
planets. b. what
a. bigger c. is
b. smaller d. are
c. farthest 12. Mrs. Tina orders Anggi not to be lazy. She says ....
d. biggest a. Sit down!
2. All the planets ... around the sun. b. Don't tell a lie
a. stay c. Don't speak!
b. beside d. Don't be lazy!
c. move 13. Mr. Andy orders Sintha not to be naughty. She says
d. shine ....
3. The planets get light from the .... a. Don't be naughty!
a. sun b. Don't cry!
b. moon c. Stand up!
c. planets d. Move!
d. star 14. ... the door!
4. ... has own light. a. Cry
a. star b. Open
b. moon c. Sit
c. jupiter d. Smile
d. mercury 15. Keep ...!
5. What is the tittle of the text above? My baby is sleeping.
a. The Solar System a. silent
b. The Planets b. noisy
c. The Biggest Planet c. crying
d. The Star d. standing
6. ... rises in the morning. 16. .... ! The rainbow is beautiful.
a. moon a. Open
b. star b. Listen
c. planets c. Look
d. sun d. Writ
7. A :"Does the moon have its own light?" 17. ... sit on the bench!
B :"No, it ..." The paint is still wet.
a. isn't a. Dosn't
b. aren't b. Don't
c. don't c. Do
d. doesn't d. Did
8. The following are the things in the earth, except .... 18. Indonesia is a ....
a. mountain a. kingdom
b. waterfall b. empire
c. comet c. emperor
d. lake d. republic
9. I save my money in the .... 19. The capital of Indonesia is ....
a. school a. Bandung
b. bank b. Surabaya
c. hospital c. Semarang
d. bus station d. Jakarta
10. My father is a doctor. He works in the .... 20. Belows are the name of province in Indonesia, except
a. bank ....
b. school a. West Java
c. hospital b. Surabaya
d. garage c. West Kalimantan
11. ... do you live? d. East Java
Text for number 21 to 23
Up to now Indonesia has six presidents. The first president is Sukarno. He led this country from 1945 to 1966. The
second president is Suharto. He led Indonesia from 1966 to 1998. The next president are B.J.Habibie, Abdurrahman Wahid,
Megawati Sukarno Putri, and Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

21. The first president of Indonesia is .... 22. Suharto led Indonesia for ... years.
a. Suharto a. twenty two
b. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono b. twenty one
c. Sukarno c. thirty two
d. Megawati Sukarno Putri d. thirty one
23. The president after B.J.Habibie was .... 29. Rp.25.000 = ...
a. Abdurrahman Wahid a. Twenty nine thousand rupiahs
b. Suharto b. Seventy five thousand rupiahs
c. Megawati sukarno Putri c. fifty two thousand rupiahs
d. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono d. Twenty five thousand rupiahs
24. The king's son is a .... 30. We will go to Bandung ...
a. prince a. yesterday
b. princess b. tomorrow
c. president c. two days a go
d. republic d. last week
25. The leader of a kingdom is a .... 31. She ... buy a book tomorrow morning.
a. president a. will
b. emperor b. go
c. governor c. cry
d. king d. read
26. A :"How much does the pen cost?" 32. Wina doesn't pass the examination. She feels ....
B :"It ... two thousand rupiahs." a. sad
a. cost b. glad
b. costs c. smile
c. costing d. nervous
d. costed 33. Mr.Peno works all day long in the rice field. He feels
27. Shopkeeper is a person who works in the .... ....
a. shop a. glad
b. school b. happy
c. bank c. tired
d. hospital d. hungry
28. A :"What ... the price of this bag?" 34. A:"Where will ... go next holiday?"
B :"It is seventy five thousand rupiahs." B:"They will go to Borobudur temple."
a. does a. she
b. are b. he
c. is c. I
d. don't d. they

Text for number 35 to 38

Hello, friends. My name is Rania. You can call me Nia. I will tell you something about Mrs.Julie. She is my favorite
English teacher. She has an oval face, pointed nose, white skin and long hair. All students like her because she is very kind
and very beautiful. She teaches English patiently. She is also smart. She is as smart as Mr.Dhika, our former English
teacher. Someday, I want to be an English teacher like her.

35. Mrs.Julie is .... b. tallest

a. an English teacher c. tall
b. a math teacher d. more taller
c. a doctor 44. We have twenty ...
d. a nurse a. book
36. Is Mrs.Julie as smart as Mr.Dhika? b. a book
a. Yes, she do c. an book
b. No, they don't d. books
c. Yes, she is 45. A;"May I borrow your pencil?"
d. No, she isn't B:"...."
37. All students like Mrs.Julie because she is .... a. Don't speak
a. always angry b. No, I don't
b. always smile c. Sit down
c. very kind d. Yes, of course
d. very fat 46. The legend of Tangkuban Perahu is from ...
38. Mrs.Julie has ... hair. a. East Java
a. long b. West Java
b. short c. Central Java
c. curly d. Sumatra
d. brown 47. The hospital is behind the school.
39. I ... a letter yesterday. The antonym of behind is ....
a. write a. in front of
b. wrote b. next to
c. writing c. between
d. writes d, beside
40. My grandfather is ... than my father. 48. Hani is lazy, but her brother is ....
a. old a. clever
b. oldest b. stupid
c. most old c. dilligent
d. older d. handsome
41. The opposite of long is .... 49. Sandri :"Escuse me, May I bring your books?"
a. big Teacher :"...."
b. short a. Yes, please
c. large b. No, I don't
d. small c. Don't sleep
42. Rasty always gets the first rank in her class. She is d. I'm fine
the ... student in the class. 50. We are very happy .... our team won the competition.
a. clever a. so
b. cleverest b. because
c. more clever c. and
d. cleverer d. or
43. Wini is as ... as Nisa. .
a. taller

1. b 11. a 21. c 31. a 41. B

2. c 12. d 22. c 32. a 42. B
3. a 13. a 23. a 33. c 43. C
4. a 14. b 24. a 34. b 44. D
5. a 15. a 25. d 35. d 45. D
6. d 16. c 26. b 36. a 46. B
7. d 17. b 27. a 37. c 47. A
8. c 18. d 28. c 38. a 48. C
9. b 19. d 29. d 39. b 49. A
10. c 20. b 30. b 40. d 50. B

51. Ambulance
52. Nurse
53. But
54. So
55. Are
56. Camping
57. Fishing
58. Waterfall
59. Sets
60. studied