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Q: Briefly explain the concept of global warming in 400 words & the effect of global

warming on two developing countries?

Global warming means increase in the average global temperatures. Natural events and
human activities are the reason of increase in the global temperatures. Global warming is
increasing day by day and it is to be expected that the global warming to continue
increase in the future. The earth is heated by the sun and the earth then heart the air. The
earth receives an enormous amount of solar radiation as the sun rays reach the earths
atmosphere in the form of short wave radiation. The radiation passes through the
atmosphere where much of it is absorbed as it heats the earth surface. The earth surface
heated by the sun energy this heat back into the space as long wave or infrared radiation.
The greenhouse effect of increasing level of green gases in the atmosphere is popularly
knows as global warming. The causes of the global warming phenomenon have been
traced to increased atmosphere levels of the so called greenhouse gases namely, carbon
dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, chlorofluorocarbon and the water vapour which is the
largest contributor to greenhouse gases.

Causes of global warming

The day to day activities of human being increase the global warming. The human beings
cant thing about the environment they only thing about for there profit. The human
beings are the reason for increasing in the global warming. The some causes of global
warming are:

A. Greenhouse effect the greenhouse effect is the problem which is increase by

gases such as carbon dioxide in the air or many gases. These gases trap the heat
from the sun and cause an increase in the temperature of earths atmosphere. The
primary greenhouse gases in the earth atmosphere are water vapor, carbon
dioxide methane, nitrous oxide and ozone.
B. Pollution - is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that
causes adverse change. Pollution are of many types which effect the environment
Air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution these pollution are the causes of
global warming. The gases generate from the industries cause the air pollution.
The industries and people near the rivers they causes the water pollution they
through the waste in the rivers.
C. Deforestation- the cutting of tress in the large amount is deforestation. Now a day
people cut the trees for making the houses. Day by day population is increasing
day by day the people wants home, food and many other necessary items for the
living. For theses reason people cut the tress but they dont known that with the
tress the life is not possible. The effect of cutting of trees if see increasing in the
global warming, pollution, and many problem increases.
D. Farming: Animals, particularly sheep and cattle, produce large amounts of
methane. Some fertilizers also release nitrous oxide, which is another greenhouse
E. Waste Breakdown: Carbon dioxide and methane are released during the decay of
food, vegetation and paper dumped in landfills. The same thing occurs when
sewage wastes break down.
F. Burning Of Fossil Fuel: Most of Australias greenhouse gas emissions come from
the burning of fossil fuels for energy (e.g. for electricity and transport). When oil,
gas or coal burns, carbon contained within it combines with oxygen in the air to
create carbon dioxide. Australias electricity-related emissions are high because
we rely primarily (77%) on coal for electricity generation and coal is the most
greenhouse-intensive fuel.
Effect of global warming
The effect of global warming are:
A. Sea level rise: because of global warming the climate is also changes without
a season the rain come or in the season there is no rain because of rain and the
melting of glaciers the sea level is increasing.
B. Warmer winters: warmer winter means that the meant deaths related to cold
temperatures might be avoided and that growing season will last longer, a
possible upside to global warming.
C. Human health: due to the global warming the health of the human beings is
changing. Day by day new dieses will come. Due to the heat waves during
the summer thousands of people die.
To curb global warming
A. Drive less: by driving less we are not only save the fuel but also helping in
reducing global warming.
B. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: we need to buy new products or use less,
resulting in a smaller amount of waste. Even if you need to buy, consider
buying eco friendly products.

C. Solar energy: Many people have caught the energy efficient band wagon of
solar energy. Having solar panels installed is something readily possible and
available. Incentives and discounts given by government agencies and energy
companies make solar energy something to look into.

D. Stop deforestation, stop use of harmful gases, decrease pollution.

The impacts of global warming on two developing countries are:

the global warming is affect the plant human and animals. The global warming
affect all this in the same wave. The major impact of global warming is polar ice
caps by which the level of oceans and sea are raise the rises of water affect brings
low lying cities under the sea. The global warming also affect the climate which
may bring floods droughts and other extreme weather are the result of global
warming. The climate turn in warms and result is melting of ice. The impact of
global warming on India is same like the ice of the Himalayas are melting
tsunamis and cyclones are come due to the change in climate and global warming
brought on indirectly by human beings. Now India has the flood distasted state in
the world after the Bangladesh. the 1/5 of the global deaths every year with 30
million people displaced from their homes yearly . The top floods in India history
is in 1987 Bihar flood total 1400 people and more than 5000 animals dead. It
effect more than 29 million people. After this flood the river kosher has been
named as sorrow of Bihar. The flood again comes in 2008 in the Bihar which
effect more than 2 million peoples and many people are home less. In 2005 the
flood comes in the Maharashtra, hence naming blacked day for the Mumbai. In
this day5000 people dead. Due to the flood. According to the research global
warming will lead to increase of the drought, cutting down the water availability
in the Pradesh and Bihar. The global warming is also effect on the Japan. In the
Japan the temperature is rise 30to35 degree. The average rises in the temperature
is btw 0.2 to 1 degree in the past in the Tokyo more than 100 days in a year are
30 degree above temperature. The global warming affects the flora, fauna and
increase in disease in Japan. Agriculture of Japan is also effect also effect by the
global warming. Due to the global warming the level of ocean also increases
which may cause the floods and many other problems.