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Question 1-4
Read the text and choose the best word based on the pictures given.

Tioman Island is located in the state of Pahang. It is a small__________ (1)

. You can get there by __________ (2) or plane.

Three are beautiful __________ (3) . You can see colourful fish

and __________ (4) . You will love going snorkelling. You can also

go __________ (5) .
1. A) highland B) hill C) island D) lake
2. A) canoe B) boat C) ship D) yatch
3. A) beaches B) waterfalls C) lakes D) rivers
4. A) rocks B) corals C) marbles D) stones
5. A) boating B) canoeing C) fishing D) diving

Question 6-10
Choose the best sentence that describes each picture.

6. A) The doctor is treating his patient.

B) The doctor works at the hospital.
C) The doctor wears an apron.
D) The doctor is treats an old woman.

7. A) Some boys are playing at the playground

B) The boys are exercising at the park.
C) The boys are playing football at the field.
D) They play hopscotch in front of the house.

8. A) The traffic warden is helping the children to

cross the road.
B) Pupils queue up to buy food.
C) The pupils are waiting for their school bus in
front of the school gate.
D) The pupils are boarding the school bus.

9. A) Mimi saves some money in the bank.

B) Mimi is donating her money to the orphanage.
C) Mimi is preparing a budget.
D) Mimi saves some of her pocket money every
day in her coins box.

10. A) The man is welcoming his guests on Chinese
New Year.
B) The girl is receiving angpow from her father.
C) The children are carrying lanterns.
D) The family is singing carols with their


Question 11-15
Choose the best answer to fit the situation shown in the picture.

11. A) Thank you.

B) Yes, I think so.
C) Excuse me, may I speak to Ramu?
D) Dont forget to pick me up at 4 p.m, mum

12. A) Yes, he's in his room.

B) No. He can't go with you.
C) Do you want to see Fikrie?
D) My number is 04-7143114.

13. A) I'm sure you do.

B) I'm sorry, I'm busy.
C) There is a sale at KB Mall.
D) Yes, I want to go with her.

14. A) That's okay.
B) Can you help me, please?
C) Let me send you home.
D) Where is my mother?

15. A) I'm a doctor.

B) Goodbye, doctor.
C) I want to be an engineer.
D) I hope to do well in my exam.

Question 16-20
Choose the best answer to complete the sentence.

16. I ________ kites yesterday evening

A. flew C. flies
B. fly D. flying

17. The cockerel ________ at dawn to welcome the sun

A. crow C. crowed
B. crows D. crowing

18. Vimal and Tayalan have a skateboard. It is __________ skateboard.

A. our C. my
B. their D. ours

19. ______ many students are there in your class?

A. How C. Where
B. Who D. Why

20. __________ apples are good for health.
A. An C. -
B. A D. The

Question 21
Choose the word that has the opposite meaning to the underlined word.

21. The rafflesia is the largest flower in the world.

A. biggest C. smallest
B. tallest D. longest

Questions 22-23
Choose the answer with the correct spelling.


A. famous C. famus
B. famuos D. famos

23. The core of the pencil is the __________.

A. leed C. lead
B. lid D. leead

Questions 24-25
Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation.

24. A. Miss mala from MOB Bank interviews mimi who is child saver of the year.
B. Miss Mala from MOB Bank interviews Mimi who is Child Saver of the year
C. Miss Mala from mob bank interviews Mimi who is child saver of the year.
D. Miss Mala from MOB Bank interviews Mimi who is child saver of the year.

25. A. The kadazandusuns in sabah celebrate tadau kaamatan on 31st may.
B. The Kadazandusuns in Sabah celebrate Tadau Kaamatan on 31st May.
C. The kadazandusuns in Sabah celebrate tadau kaamatan on 31st May
D. The Kadazandusuns in Sabah celebrate Tadau kaamatan on 31st may.


Question 26-30
Based on the picture, choose the best answer to fill in the blanks in the passage
that follows.

Christians 26 Christmas on 25th December. It is to

remember the birth 27 Jesus Christ. 28
this special day, Christians decorated their homes with Christmas trees. They pray
and sing 29 in churches. 30 also listen
to sermons and read the Bible. In the morning of Christmas Day, children get many

26. A celebrated B celebrates C celebrate D celebrating

27. A of B to C for D but
28. A In B At C Between D On
29. A songs B rhymes C carols D poems
30. A Them B Their C They D Theirs


Question 31-35
Read the poem and answer the questions that follow.

When youre munching crunching apples

or youre slurping up your soup,
when youre eating crackly crisps
all on your own or in a group,
when youre crunching up your cornflakes
or youre popping bubblegum,
or youre sucking at an orange
with such squelches that your mum
says, Cant you eat more quietly,
that noise is rather rude!
Its then you say, Its not my fault.
Im eating noisy food.
Marian Swinger

Brian Moses
31. This poem is revolving around a child who ______________.
A. enjoys eating noisy food C. enjoys eating delicious food
B. enjoys eating healthy food D. enjoys eating traditional food

32. The child is crunching up the ______________.

A. cornflakes C. bubblegum
B. apples D. crisps

33. All the below is the food eaten by the child in the poem except
A. bubblegum C. soup
B. cornflakes D. lemon

34. Why did the childs mother advise her?

A. Because the child is eating noisily
B. Because the child is eating happily

C. Because the child is eating excitedly
D. Because the child is eating greedily

35. What is the moral of this poem?

A. Be careful with what you eat.
B. Always practise good manners.
C. Always disrespect your mother.
D. Do things which are beneficial

Question 36-40
Read the story below and answer the questions that follow.

Then, one day, Anil heard about a wedding in the village.

I shall make twelve kites and fly them all at once in honour of the bride,
said Anil to his friends. I shall cover them with sequins and give them tails of
bright ribbon.
He sat down in the shade and set to work. But Anils mother was not
I shall have extra shirts and saris to sew for the wedding! she cried. You
dont have time for kites, Anil! I need your help, and I need your sequins and your
It was true. The whole village wanted new clothes for the wedding.

36. Anil is good at

A. kite making and mending C. sewing and stitching
B. kite flying D. kite making, mending and flying

37. Why was Anil wanted to make the twelve kites?

A. to show his beautiful kites
B. to honour the bride
C. to make his friends happy
D. to participate in kite flying competition

38. You dont have time for kites, Anil! I need your help, and I need your
sequins and your ribbon! Based on the statement above, which word can best
describe Anils mother?
A. hardworking C. supportive
B. selfish D. helpful

39. Which is the correct sequence of events in the story?

I) Anils mother needed Anils help to get more cloth and thread.
II) He wanted to make twelve kites with sequins to fly them all at once.
III) One day, Anil heard about a wedding in the village.
IV) Anils mother had to prepare extra shirts and saris for the wedding.
A. III, IV, II & I B. III, II, IV & I
C. II, III, I & IV D. II, IV, I & III

40. What is the message of the story based on the text above?
A. We should learn to be appreciative and thankful with what we have in life.
B. We should be obedient, respectful and be thoughtful of others.
C. We should learn to value friendship and not take things for granted.
D. We should never give up and always strive for the best in everything we do.

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