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Historical Society Incorporated

November December 2017

Prepared by Lisa Truttman, President and Editor
No. 90

Proposed amalgamation with Yes, the oak trees went too, and a lot of folks are sad
Mt Roskill (Puketapapa) Historical about that, but they werent on Councils list of protected
Speaking of which you may have heard that a group of
For some time now, our fellow NZ History Federation pecan trees which were on the schedule have been cut
member and neighbour historical society at Mt Roskill down by a developer who now owns the old Hayward
has followed our activities, some members attending our Wright land off Avondale Road. All it takes is someone to
meetings and their newsletter publicising our guest speak- read a map incorrectly for something like that to happen,
ers. Now, with their membership dropping to low levels, sadly.
they have recently held a special general meeting where
they discussed winding up of their society. A proposal And in central Avondale, three trees I grew up with at the
was put at that meeting for them to amalgamate with corner of Great North Road and Rosebank Road, beside
AWHS as a Mt Roskill heritage sub-committee. what was the National Bank building back in the day,
have been felled and completely removed. One less shady
It is an unusual situation. This may mean that we may spot in the summer, unfortunately.
take over their assets, including bank account funds, and
act as an umbrella group for accountability purposes if
they sought funding for any future projects in the Puketa-
papa Local Board area. I recommend to the AWHS,
should our Society decide to agree to the amalgamation,
that a formal written agreement is made between the two Dawn Moffatt has said to offer her thanks for the gift of
organisations covering the operation of a separate bank the petrol voucher, in recognition of the hard work she
account for their remaining funds, publication of newslet- puts in for the Society with her trading table.
ters, funding applications, and the proposed Mt Roskill
Heritage Groups continued status as a lobby organisation Id also like to thank AWHS Committee Member Les
within the Puketapapa Local Board area (as well as any Murphy. During the Heritage Festival, when I found out
other points AWHS members may raise at the December that Avondale Library had received word from the Friends
2 meeting.) of the Whau group that they couldnt send anyone to give
a talk organised to take place a day after mine on the
This will involve an adjustment to our constitution, which Avondale Public Hall (which went well) I offered to
would be decided upon in August 2018. Should those pop back to the library in case anyone still turned up ex-
AWHS members present at our December 2 meeting, pecting the talk. Which some folk did. Not everyone goes
where this will be an agenda item, agree in principle to by what the internet says. Whats published in the annual
the amalgamation, to support the Mt Roskill Heritage guide book is how many plan which events during the Fes-
Group so that they can maintain their voice for heritage in tival they attend.
their area it would be ratified and confirmed at our
2018 AGM. Well, while I was waiting at the Library, our Les sits down
beside me, to my pleasant surprise. And during the talk, he
was both a welcome and invaluable discussion, giving de-
St Judes Church and changes to the scriptions of his personal experience and memories of
landscape Avondale Primary School and other topics. For something
totally off-the cuff, it was an amazing experience, and
The email traffic to me has been heavy over the past few those who had travelled to the library appreciated it. One
weeks regarding St Judes Church and the removal of both couple all the way from Greenlane.
the vicarage and the oak Trees along the Donegal Street
frontage. Fortunately, Christine Russell of the Church told So thank you, Les. Good to see you that afternoon!
me back in June what was about to happen that part of
the acre there on St Judes Street next to the old church had
been leased to an early childhood centre for them to build Next meeting is
a facility there. Saturday 2 December 2017, at 2 pm,
So, no, the church and hall (both scheduled under Coun-
St Ninians Hall, St Georges Road,
cils Unitary Plan) are not going to be removed. No, there Avondale.
are not a heap of apartments going up on the property.