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ALEX. A. AARONS and VINTON FREEDLEY Present Ne GURL CRAZY A Musical Comedy Book by GUY BOLTON and JOHN McGOWAN Lyrics by IRA GERSHWIN Music by GEORGE GERSHWIN NEW WORLD MUSIC CORP. NEW YORK, N. ¥. Copyright MCMLIV by NEW WORLD MUSIC CORPORATION HARMS INC, Sole Selling Ageat ALEX. A. AARONS and VINTON FREEDLEY PRESENT GIRL CRAZY |A musical comedy in two acts by Guy Bolton and John McGowan, music by George Gershwin, lyrics by Ira Gershwin. Produced at the Alvin Theatre, New York, October 14, 1930. CAST OF CHARACTERS (nthe order of their appearance) DANNY CHURCHILL, ‘Allen Kearns MOLLY GRAY. [Ginger Rogers PETE..... ‘Clyde Veaux LANK SANDERS. Carlton Macy GIEBER GOLDFARB Willie Howard FLORA JAMES. PATSY WEST... KATE FOTHERGILL... -Bunice Healy -Peggy O'Connor Ethel Merman SLICK FOTHERGILL. William Kent SAM MASON. ‘TESS PARKER. : JAKE HOWELL... -Lew Parker EAGLE ROCK. ee «Chief Rivers HOTEL PROPRIETOR Jack Clason LARIAT JOE, 7 Starr Jones SERGEANT OF POLICE..... ‘THE FOURSOME . Dwight Snyder ANTONIO & RENEE DEMARCO “RED" NICHOLS AND HIS ORCHESTRA, ROGER EDENS at the Piano LADIES OF THE ENSEMBLE Lilian Onrom, Key Downer, Gertrude Lowe, Ne ice, Vivian Porter, Ruth Gordon, Mary Mancher, Virgina May, Marion Harcke, Muriel LaCount, Lilian Lorray, Elsie Nett, Faye Greene, [Nondas Wayne, Ruth Tizamons, LaVera Evans, Betey Morton, Bobby Loyd, Vivien Keefer, Dorothy Donnelly, Jane Lane, Gene Brady. Lillian Carson, Marvy Rey, Thomatine Haye, Dorothy Gordon, Leila Laney, Paulette Wintton, Rene Landen, Kathy Schaoer. GENTLEMEN OF THE ENSEMBLE ~ Bob Gebhardt, Bob Derdan, Hazard Newberry, Bob Burton, Harry Grifin, Jack Fago, James Notarr ‘Starr Jones, Norman Certs, John Sciortino, Jack Clason, Kendall Northrop, Mickie Forbs, Jack Barret, Arthur Cait, Dick Nealy. Butler, Gloria Beaumont, Kethryn Cathoart, Ju ee SYNOPSIS OF SCENES acti Scone 1— Exterior of the Cost ‘Sere? ~The Dude Ranch, ‘Seree 3—"Giebers” Elaction Headquarter ‘Scene 4 Outside the Coste Ate, oute, Custerv act it Scone 1 Hotel Los Palma, San Luz, Mexico. ‘Scene 2—The alread Station, San Lez. a See 3— Outside che Dude Ranch. MUSICAL NUMBERS Orchestes under the direction of Bart Busby ACTI Overture. 1. Opening Number . ‘The Lonesome Cowbey: ‘The Foursome und Cowboys 2. Incidental: Entrance of Molly (ould You Use Me?).. 3, Bidin' My Time, * 4. Could You Use Me?. Bidin’ My Time Opening Number Seene 2 .The Foursome Deany and Molly «The Foursome Bronea Busters ...... Dudeens and Cowboys 7, Incidental (Chuage of Soene) 8 Barbary Const Patsy, Tees and Encemble.. ih Specialty Dance by Flora and Girls see Danny and Molly «+-Gieber, Slick, and Chorus 9. Embraceable You .. 10, Binaletto.....-, Ll, (Reprise) Bidin’ My Time... ‘The Fourtome 12, Ineidental (Change of Scene) : : 1B, Reprise: Embraceable You. -Denny and Molly vse Frisco Kate and Ensemble Kate, The Foursome and Specialty Dancers Danny, Kate and Ensemble 16, Sam and Detitah. . 45, 1Gat Rhyshm. . 16, Finale I ACT IL s+ Specialty cervessessLond of the Gay Caballero... horus end Specialty Dancers 1, Ent Acte a. Opening Act If 3th. Solo Dance Sp 19, But Not Por Me: 20. Trent Me Rough. «Molly and Slick and Girls Danco by Flors, Girls and Couboye 21, Boy! What Love Has Done to Me! 22, Intro, Torch Song : 23, Incidental (Change of Seene)....+ 24a, Bntranee uf Molly and Boys..... 24, When It's Cactus Time in Arizona... -Rope Number} ‘Melly and Boys cove Entire Company 2, inale II. G8 Besa Bregcasse 8 101 10s 107 a3 ug wr 131 ae 138 GIRL CRAZY ‘A MUSICAL COMEDY IN TWO ACTS OVERTURE GEORGE GERSHWIN Allegro marcato Brass PIANO Sa sempre marcato Se ar 7 p) ome emma 6 ered, . ve v Copyright MCMLIV by NEW WORLD MUSIC CORPORATION HARMS INC., Sole Selling Agent Pomtiaes memiar of AS. CAP 8-2129- 140 @ Poco macstoso AA 4 ecert ecrese |" ae yk v — a 7] [a7 Alsero subito HW Vigororo A Sires fe Allegretto con moto ————. RSE EEE E tf 8 2129-140 1 A = = |70c0 « poco crese. Ve tects Oy f dover hy Steve [8] Molto moderato TTT $-2129- 140 = ritmato 5 =p NG S-2129- 140 7 = | fi] animato Sf marcato SS vv yooV vvooy 8+ 2129-140 Sfae- Tmotto rait b bee erese. Roto mark