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Natasha Sullivan
Song title: Seashore
Artist: The Regrettes
Type of video: Performance and concept
Target audience: Women aged 16-21 who listen to Indie/ punk rock, are feminists.
Overall concept: The overall theme for the video is female empowerment and defying the
stereotypes society has set for women throughout the years. The performance aspect of the
video will features the band performing before a blank screen; long shots will be used to
show the whole of the band. There will be close-ups of each band member during the
performance, as well as close ups of the instruments to show their professional ability to
play their own instruments. This will occur mainly during the pre-chorus and chorus. Chorus
will cross-cut quickly with the concept. The concept aspect of the music video will change
throughout the song, going through the different decades. All of which will tie in with the
stereotypes of women during different era, the band establishing the stereotypes before
defying it. There will be intertextual references to Andy Warhols Pop art which is a famous
art movement which was established in the 1950s. With subtle intertextual references
Order of scenes:
1. The song begins with the guitar strings playing. The camera will track towards a
framed black and white photo of a family smiling. (The camera may start by entering
the house, the door opened by a smiling housewife/lead singer, displaying the
bands name in a typical 50s show font and director.) The camera zooms into the
photo until it transfers into it.

Verse 1

1. As the verse begins we will have a wide shot of the family, the mother (lead singer of
the band) starts performing into the camera, jumping into a close-up when the
drums comes in.
2. The lead singer begins singing the lyrics aggressively to her stiff husband, continuing
to pose for the photo before becoming frustrated and storming out of the camera
3. Cuts to a close-up of the lead singer mimicking the crying pop-art woman. Make-up
used to create a stray tear beneath her eye, miming along to the first line pretending
to sniffle. Her expression transforms to appear irritated/fed-up, wiping away fake
4. Pushes away camera


1. Performance aspect of the narrative is introduced, they are stood before a white
background. The four girls are dressed in 1950s/60s fashion, dancing in a powerful,
dominant, and carefree manner. Cuts between four close-ups of each band


1. Cross-cuts between the three previous narratives and performance- 50s

Housewife/pop-art woman/the band. Cuts on words Just. Go. F***. Yourself. And
Act. Like. Youre. So Tough.

Verse 2

1. 70s Hollywood Blonde Bimbo actress stereotype (portrayed by lead singer)- mid-
shot, arms crossed against her chest in irritation- continuing to perform song
2. Cuts to director appearing to undermine her and praise the actor
3. Cuts back to her rolling her eyes at them before smiling falsely and nodding in
4. Cross cuts to a mid-shot of a call girl (portrayed by lead singer) dressed in a 70s
style office suit, talking on the phone to a customer/client- she is displease with
conversation, pulling the phone from her ear as he shouts at her.
5. Split screen between the on call girl and the male client/customer who is at home
shouting down the phone at her.
6. She stands up and slams down the phone, retuning to a single frame as she shouts
down at the phone I can kick your ass even in my skirt.


1. Returns to the performance, but the band is dressed in 70s/80s fashion.

2. Close-ups of each band member as well as their instruments.


1. Cross cuts between all four previous narrative- Call Girl and Pop-art
2. The housewife is ironing aggressively in her Kitchen
3. Actress is sitting on her acting chair whilst she is being pampered by make-artists
4. Pop Art girl resumes her close-up frame
5. Call Girl shouts lyrics into the phone

Verse 3

1. 90s teen girl, chewing gum and wearing the typical sun glasses- dressed like Cher
from Clueless.
2. Close-up of her chewing obnoxiously on her gum
3. Cuts to mid-shot as she browse through clothing items
4. Pushes camera away


1. Wide shot of performance- band wearing 90s fashion- pink, cropped clothing
2. The band begin stripping themselves of their clothes, revealing their actual clothing
3. Ends with Close-up of lead singer smiling sweetly into the camera before punching
it. Cutting to black.