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Sustainable Development for a better tomorrow

under One World One Parliament

We find that contemporary materialistic society has emerged out with more complex
social issues leading to unrest, disharmony, inequality, violent minds, erratic lifestyle,
environmental degradation, and unending internal and external conflicts. The science
and technology development has given us sensory pleasures, added comforts but no
inner peace. There is erosion of social values everywhere.

The economic gap between rich and poor is widening and unemployment and
underemployment leading to unrest everywhere. We have failed to develop safety and
security for common man and women.

The traditional religious rituals we have been doing have failed to provide relief to
society. Hence urgent need to shift to Humanity to serve the society.

Today most of the nations are spending a huge amount of their resources on war
machines and military to keep their borders safe or to have dominance over nations and
to have access to natural and fossil fuels. The enormous money spent on military could
be better utilized to bridge the widening inequality gap between haves and have nots
and to protect the environment. The money so saved can be utilized to upgrade
infrastructure of rural and urban areas to provide better life and reduce economic
disparity. This paper describes solutions to major problems of humanity that can be
better resolved by adopting One World One Parliament. These are

1 Self- transformation thru cognitive development of minds to work together in

cohesive way for a better sustainable world.
2 Global Harmony Education to address needs of individual (body, mind and
soul), society, and the nature.

Ramesh Kumar, Global Harmony And Peace Centre , Gurgaon, India Page 1
3 Change of Political system to Non- Partisan System
4 Good governance model based on accountability and performance.
5 Curbing inequality thru ending Human Slavery
6 Adoption of better lifestyle and purification of minds by adoption of Yoga, Nature
cure and meditation.
7 Redefining religions and shift towards adoption of Humanity as religion base in
place of ritual and identity based religion.
8 New scientific research devoid of military science
9 Targeted world population distribution and control
10 Targeted Disarmament and diversion of funds for fighting poverty and hunger
11 Targeted environment control and use of renewable energy resources.
12 Harmonization of peace leaders and peace NGOs to work unitedly to achieve a
13 A new UNO that will unite all nation states to realize one world one parliament.
14 Actionable agenda to achieve above goals.

The idea of one world one parliament and holistic development for all people on earth,
stems out from following ancient vedic wisdom which is a part of most of religious
events in India:
1 Vasudhaiva kutumbakam World is one family

2 Om, Sarve bhavantu sukhina Sarve santu nirmay ,Sarve bhadri

payantu ,M kashchit dukha bhgbhavet,O Shnti, Shnti, Shnti
(May all living being be happy, free from pain and suffering, and may all see good in
others and find peace.)

According to John Scales Avery Nobel Peace Prize the priority areas for establishing
global peace are

The world needs a new economic system, a new society, a new way of life.

Ramesh Kumar, Global Harmony And Peace Centre , Gurgaon, India Page 2
We must decrease economic inequality.
We must break the power of corporate greed.
We must leave fossil fuels in the ground.
We must stabilize and ultimately reduce the global population.
We must eliminate the institution of war.
And finally, we must develop a more mature ethical system to match our new

The concept of one world one Parliament resolves several above-mentioned

issues as the borderless system gives peace from fear of war and saves lot of
resources and manpower spent on upkeep of war machines and military. The
money so saved can be utilized to upgrade infrastructure of rural and urban areas
to provide better life and reduce economic disparity.


At the epicenter of reforms is self-transformation as source of good or evil thoughts is

the mind. Transformation begins from self. Once Dr Abdul Kalam Ex-President of India
When there is beauty in the character
There is harmony in the Home,
When there is harmony in the home,
There is order in the nation,
When there is order in the nation,
There is peace in the world".

We ignore self consciousness due to our ego, and run after physical comforts for self.
Ignoring self consciousness and caring only for physical comforts, we create all type of
problems around us whether it is our self, or our family relations or our society, or our
nation or our world. The unrest that starts from self spills over to world due to our

Ramesh Kumar, Global Harmony And Peace Centre , Gurgaon, India Page 3
egoism, the centre of which is self consciousness, which once established by all, will
lead to a better world.

As per following Yoga sutra 1.2 from Patanajali [1] India

Yogasgchritvritti nirodhah

That means the self- realization occurs thru management and coordination between
mind, intellect, consciousness, physical body and the ego. The perfect coordination is
achieved thru yoga and meditation and leads to pure mind and pure thoughts as Yoga
and meditation is found to have been associated with a positive correlation between
acute increases in thalamic GABA levels. GABA is so essential for feeling happy and
relaxed, its been called natures Valium.[2]

New ideas will continue to hatch as long as humans work on self- transformation
leading to evolution of new systems that will lead to a more peaceful world tomorrow.

2 Global Harmony Education

The need for better education and enriching children with right knowledge is very
important in this industrial and materialistic age.Education must inspire to address
needs of individual (body , mind and soul ) and society man and nature. The cult of
violence today darkens not land, sea and air alone, but it has gripped popular
imagination as news channels, cinema,TV soaps, childrens comics, toys and video
games play it out in every home and heart.

The conventional peace education, is not able to resolve and is helpless in preventing
new wars and growing radical violence. The reason for this is the lack of its scientific
foundation. This leads to need for a new fundamental discipline - Global Peace
Science (GPS) [3] to deeply analyze, study and solve the Global Peace problems.

Value Education should be an integral part of school curriculum. Value Education to

include subjects such as democracy, harmony, human rights, nonviolence, social and

Ramesh Kumar, Global Harmony And Peace Centre , Gurgaon, India Page 4
economic justice, gender inequality, environmental sustainability, disarmamanent,
human religion, Global Peace Science (GPS), self development thru Yoga and
Some actionable agenda for Global Harmony Education are highlighted below:

The academic institutions should take up constructive proposal to introduce

Global Peace Science (GPS) at schools, colleges, universities, Post Graduate
and doctorate level in academics.
Set Objectives, prepare curriculum, instruction material,train teachers, school
/college to start peace education /peace debates/ value education / certificates.
This can be done with support of various international and national peace forums
like Global Harmony Association (GHA) www.peacefromharmony.org ,
International Association of Educators for world Peace (IAEWP), World
Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA), Global Peace Foundation and
many more.

Infuriate principle of respect, disarmament, love and compassion, democracy,

harmony spirituality, equality, respect for mother earth in students.

Send students for internship and training at grass roots for service to mankind
thru exposure in slums, villages, destitute centers, age old homes etc involving
NGOs and peace Forums.

3 New Political System

The politics world over is getting criminalized day by day. The race to win in politics and
business is so intense that it is kills all ethics. Law makers become law breakers.The
political system worldwide has become most corrupt and root cause of unrest
everywhere. The greed to lust and power makes politicians to commit crimes to beat
rivals in elections.

We need to discard concept of crony capitalism where industry and governments favour
each other at cost of general public. In general, any system that allows paid advertising

Ramesh Kumar, Global Harmony And Peace Centre , Gurgaon, India Page 5
for candidates who opt for elections, polarizes minds of voters and weakens democracy.
In practice, it is almost the same as allowing purchasing of ballot.
Non- Partisan system of democracy is a better alternative to party based system. This is not
new. It existed in Greece and practiced even now in few nations in the world. Since the party
system has failed and has been criminalized, it is suggested that Non- partisan democracy
system be set up in elections for House of People and House of Councilors to save the public
from misuse of power and wealth horded by most of political parties.

The need is for searching leaders who can work selflessly to make a just and equitable
society. There is need to allow only selfless, knowledgeable, dedicated persons who
vow to renounce, can dedicate their life for betterment of their respective area.

The digital technology, online awareness and TV media will be extensively used for
giving exposure to all such candidates willing to be elected as individual candidates by
the local egions at state expenses. The individual candidates will not be allowed to
spend their personal money so that no one can influence voters by money power.
Professionals with high achievements in life will be selected by an advisory council to
Executive Cabinet, consisting of senior representatives from University, research
establishments, Judiciary, Security etc. The laws in parliament will be made on majority
voting and consensus.

Good governance is a system that delivers services to its citizens without any bias to
status, caste of position. It is based on the structural institutional mechanism of co-
ordination, balance, proportion and consent (coherence) of political, legal, financial and
administrative processes as a whole, in unity with each other and in harmonious accord
with the national interests.

India and many similar Asian nations have very poor, slow, and lethargic judicial
system. Bureaucrats have no accountability. The people in power and politics often
misuse their power with support of bureaucrats to meet selfish motives. Political rivals

Ramesh Kumar, Global Harmony And Peace Centre , Gurgaon, India Page 6
use media to negate reforms and positive development of government in power. In
such atmosphere drastic changes are required where law can be enforced with
strictness. Bureaucrats should be made accountable and should be punished for non-
performance or given rewards for good performance.

There are few generic defects of traditional liberal democracy leading to growth of
competition, militarism/ terrorism, inequality, and corruption. Too much democracy is
counterproductive and often misused by leftist or rightist. Human rights and freedom are
absolute necessary but not at cost of disharmony, or causing loss to mankind, and
national integration, counter to national goals and hurting others.


Economic measures so far all over world have failed to reduce gap between rich and
poor. So, we need to change existing economic systems and make people self-
sustainable. Some areas need to be addressed are

1 Corporations need to look beyond their balance sheets and work in harmony with
communities and nature. Corporate must strive to bridge gap between rich and poor.
Said Naryan Murthy, chairman Infosys, India in his book Corporate Gandhi Narayan
Murthy . At management corporate level harmony means serving share holders
,employees, customers ,sales vendors, government and society at large with utmost
honesty ,integrity harmony and fair returns. This also means reducing gap between
highest and lowest paid employees.
2 Model Industries using local resources should be developed on Cooperative society
working where each employee is share older depending upon his skill and contribution.
3 Factory automation and robotics should be used for accuracy and quality and not
to curtail manpower. As unemployment will lead to economic disparity and unrest.
4 Health services to include Naturopathy and Yoga Therapy as these are cheaper
compare to expensive allopathic system. This will also improve economy of poor

Ramesh Kumar, Global Harmony And Peace Centre , Gurgaon, India Page 7
5 Shift Development to Rural Areas -There is need is to shift development from
urban areas to rural areas to decongest towns and generate employment thru
development of agriculture, local resources, tourism, etc. This will in turn improve
economy of small towns and rural areas.

6 Free school educations or all till High School --School Education system in some
nations like India is very expensive or free but without basic infrastructure. We have
elite and luxury schools for rich and free schools with very poor infrastructure for poor.
Unfortunately, education today is largely a roaring business catering to the rich, giving
them the skills to get richer. It sponsors competition and unfair means to win.

The school system today is also dividing the children from school age into two classes
haves and have-nots. This economic disparity is major reason for unrest and crime in
the nation. Only way out is to free the education till High School for all. No separate
schools for elite rich class. Schools can be nationalized and a uniform schooling
system can start in which rich and poor children sit together and learn and treat each
other as human beings.This will also lead to equality and harmony in society. Funds
can be arranged by State thru Social Security Funds. Social Security Funds are
created thru contribution of employees and their employer as students start earning
.Such systems are prevailing in Europe and other countries.

Yoga is union of the body, mind, and spirit and this is what differentiates yoga from
general exercise programs. Yoga is not just doing exercises it means adoption of ethics
/ Yam and Niyam (for self-character and ethics for behavior in society), Pranayama for
conditioning of breathing system and purification of mind, asanas to stay physically fit,
pratyahaar / detachment ( control of sense organs ie control of anger, ego, greed,
lust, desire etc), concentration (focused mind and connecting to consciousness),
meditation and enlightenment.

Ramesh Kumar, Global Harmony And Peace Centre , Gurgaon, India Page 8
Consistent yoga practice improves depression and can lead to significant increases in
serotonin levels the happy hormones and increase immune system. One of the main
goals of yoga is to achieve tranquility of the mind and create a sense of well-being,
feelings of relaxation, improved self-confidence, improved efficiency, increased
attentiveness, lowered irritability, and an optimistic outlook on life.[4]

Yoga leads to an inhibition of the posterior or sympathetic area of the hypothalamus.

Yogic practices inhibit the areas responsible for fear, aggressiveness and rage, and
stimulate the rewarding pleasure centers in the median forebrain and other areas
leading to a state of bliss and pleasure. This inhibition results in lower anxiety, heart
rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, and cardiac output in persons practicing yoga and
meditation. [5]

Yoga is ocean of great psychic powers hidden within us. Consciousness and mind are
the main way from disharmony to harmony of society and humans. Thus, adoption of
yoga enables people to harmonize the relations within the family, within the community
and within the individual.

must be adopted by all irrespective of religion to achieve humanity, economy, equality
and Global Peace from Harmony in the society. Yoga is a science of body and mind and
not any religion.


The traditional religion has been misused by religious heads to create supremacy of one
class and the world has witnessed endless wars on grounds of religion since inception
of known history. In the process we have forgotten the real purpose of religion. In a
cohesive society the aim of religion should be, to be a good human being. So, religion
must teach us to respect elders, parents, teachers and seniors. We have moral duty
and accountability towards our family, society, and nation. Religion teaches us to have
good manners, noble behaviors, attitude of love towards all human beings (care for
humans), discipline etc. Religion also advises fair practice and honesty in dealing with

Ramesh Kumar, Global Harmony And Peace Centre , Gurgaon, India Page 9
family relations, business transactions and trade practices. Most of the religions teach
ethics and moral values. So, all must respect each others religion in place of
establishing supremacy.

Practice of religious rituals that pollute air, water and noise level and block road traffic
should be banned. Religious symbolism, rituals, prejudice and unique identity should
be slowly diluted and move to humanity. People should shed away slowly Religious
symbols and be good human beings.

The world will get peace when hardcore religious men / women,
will shed their religious symbols and join mainstream world citizens.

The peace will come fast when people,

will shed religious rituals and work for humanity, equality and harmony.

The peace will come still faster when all,

start realizing self- consciousness and take decisions for the betterment of society in
place of running after materialistic pursuits.

The peace will come still fastest when al,

l start adopting Yoga, meditation and nature cure for betterment of body and mind.

8 Targeted world population

This is one of the serious problems that world is facing. There are many countries like
China and India where population is very dense. Special incentives schemes in form of
rewards should be given to those who adopt family planning by governments in these
areas. While those who do not adopt family- planning should be discouraged thru
restrictions on availing government subsidies or facilities like free school education for
only two children in a family.

Ramesh Kumar, Global Harmony And Peace Centre , Gurgaon, India Page 10
Future wars are going to be due to scarcity of earth resources such as fossil fuels,
water and Food insecurity. So science and technology must be developed to find
better alternate renewable resources. Science and Technology for Sustainable
Development for mankind is required, that gives abundance of renewable energy like
electricity, water and clean air, projects that generate employment, energy efficient
vehicles and machines etc.
Science and technology must be used for better holistic health services including
Allopathy, Ayurveda , naturopathy and yoga. Science and Technology should do
research on spiritual science and para science for self exploration that gives
happiness to mind, society and nations across.
Research on Military Science and war machines has to be stopped and money so
saved used for better innovations for mankind and nature conservation.


Even though every nation says it wants to live in peace, we spend billion dollars every
day to defend ourselves against each other. This is the worst conceivable waste of
resources. If we solve the problem of violence and war, the epi center of which is ego
created by disharmony and greed of leaders, we could free up most of todays military
spending. The money so saved could end poverty and hunger of the of world.

The main lever of disarmament is a gradual annual reduction in the defense funding of
the nations. Budget of nations on Military Science can be diverted for welfare projects
and for renewable resources in a phased manner under directions of Earth Federation.
Effective disarmament campaign should be launched at various social platforms over
the globe by existing various global peace forums. Regional conflict groups should be
formed to resolve conflicts thru local social activities and experts.


Ramesh Kumar, Global Harmony And Peace Centre , Gurgaon, India Page 11
The world has various violent groups and countries. One effective way could be if all
nations start isolating such nations like imposing restrictions on trade, imports, exports,
diplomatic relations etc. Without support of world, such nations may not be able to
sustain long and may join peace path. The role of Earth Federation will be vital to
realize this.

12` Harmonization of international peace leaders and peace NGOs

Hundreds of peace NGOs are working independently for a common cause of Global
Peace. It would be better if Earth Federation makes a task force team to approach all
such active organizations and unite all to work together as a big force with common
goals and targets to achieve harmony and peace and curb violence and realize
borderless world.


A new UNO which represents equal rights for all sovereign nations with a strong
effective control is very much needed. International peace leaders from countries such
as US, USSR, China and India along with UNO experts and professionals should work
together to constitute a new UNO that can resolve international conflicts, enforce
discipline and handle extreme nations sponsoring terror and violence with strong tools.


1 Creating awareness of One World One Parliament in all nations.

This can be organized with local NGOs supporting concept of One World One
Parliament in different nations thru awareness camps such as arranging marching to
local UNO office and submitting representation of agenda for One World One
Parliament to UNO body.
2 WCPA membership drive as World Members
We should create awareness in all countries to join WCPA and become world citizens to
support formation of one world. Regional NGOs or regional representatives of WCPA

Ramesh Kumar, Global Harmony And Peace Centre , Gurgaon, India Page 12
have to make a Task force for membership drive. Slowly the campaign should move to
people in extreme nations supporting terror groups and violence.

Membership to World citizens

Membership to World Citizens should be open to all by paying just a small token
amount of one US dollar. Payment will be thru online along with submission of
application form which will have all particulars of the member. Membership will be
approved by respective supporting NGOs in different areas, who will first verify the
particulars of applicant.
4 Defining special features of world citizens
World citizens may be given a noun as SPHERONS which means Peace loving people
who are actors of global peace, are never at war and will never be at war. Some
special features can be

i) A world citizen will take a pledge to follow human religion in addition to existing
spiritual path he follows, will do yoga and meditation for healthy body and healthy mind
regularly, and support for protection of environment and will respect Earth Constitution.
ii) A world citizen will get free school education for his children. The funds will come
out of National Security Funds(NSF) generated by citizens when they become
independent and start earning thru their means. A part of their earning is taken by local
government for NSF.
iii) World citizen also gets free health facilities and medical assistance thru NSF. The details
rules will come later and will be part of earth constitution.
iv) World citizen will also get Old age shelter if no family members, reside with old age people.

3 Formation of World Forum of peace leaders from different nations willing

to interact with UNO
The world peace leaders supporting concept of One World One Parliament in
different nations, should join to form a common front to realize One World One
Parliament and should submit official proposal / agenda to UNO body to start

Ramesh Kumar, Global Harmony And Peace Centre , Gurgaon, India Page 13
discussions in UNO with various nations to unite world thru One World One

The solutions above proposed, will need to be implemented simultaneously, thru
participation by forming an expert team from active international NGOs working on
Global Peace and harmony and supporting concept of One world One parliament. This
team will meet and discussions and modify and set a common ideology and chart action
plans for reforms and change of existing systems in areas like self -transformation,
education, economic inequality, disarmament, better governance, new political system,
adoption of yoga and embracing humanity, isolating terror groups etc. This will lead to a
better future world which will be more peaceful, contented, stable and healthy. The
world society needs firm action plans with support of UNO for implementation and move
towards realizing one world one family (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam), in phases as
defined in WCPA charter.

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Ramesh Kumar, Global Harmony And Peace Centre , Gurgaon, India Page 14
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Ramesh Kumar, GHA Executive Director (CEO), India

Global Harmony Association (GHA) ,Trustee GHA Trust India-
Ex Defence Scientist
Mob 9971001318 , Email: ngocosro@gmail.com;
Founder, NGO: Consortium of Social Reforms Organisation India
Life Member International Naturopathy Organization www.inosurya.com

Ramesh Kumar, Global Harmony And Peace Centre , Gurgaon, India Page 15