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TFX-400 Series
Features Description
n 198 Analog, AUTOCALL TFX panels provide flexible opera-
Addressable Points tor displays including a backlit LCD and field
configurable LED annunciators. The LED annun-
n Fully Upgradeable ciators provide quick identification of fire, trouble,
n Ideal for Retrofit and supervisory events by zone, group, or de-
Applications vice, while the LCD provides user defined text to
describe the event type and its precise location.
n System Status
Information at a When used with Grinnells 550 series analog
Glance smoke sensors, the AUTOCALL TFX panels pro-
vide continuous detector sensitivity monitoring
n One Panel Size with and automatically compensate for environmental
Many Features of influences. Alarm and pre-alarm threshold smoke
Larger TFX Panels levels can be defined per device and can be
n Compact Cabinet Fits automatically or manually switched between mul-
Between Wall Studs tiple sensitivities based on the time-of-day, day-
of-week, or date.
n Cabinet Space for Up Our exclusive CONSYS software configuration
To 17 Amp Hours of tool for site specific user programming easily
Battery guides the trained installer through a menu
n Semiflush or Surface prompted decision process. TFX-400 Fire Alarm Control Panel
Mount Flexibility Up to 1600 discrete contact inputs and voltage
n Low Cost outputs in any combination, can be configured
into the TFX system. These are typically used for
audio evacuation and HVAC control switches, Full remote operation of any AUTOCALL TFX
Options and annunciation LEDs at the main (or remote) control panel connected to the optional
control panel. AUTOCALL TFXnet network is available from the
n Remote OCP and
New and existing circuits of conventional 2- TFX-400. A Virtual Front Panel (VFP) allows the
Virtual Front Panel wire or 4-wire smoke detectors can be com- operator to use the LCD and keypad of the
n Networking Capability pletely supervised by the AUTOCALL TFX-400. TFX-400 as if they were standing at any other
n Graphical User The conventional circuits are interfaced by using AUTOCALL TFX control unit. Once the other con-
Addressable Detector Monitor Modules trol unit is selected, the TFX-400 LCD shows the
(IXA-500DMA ) which can be placed anywhere status of the other control unit and its attached
on an analog, addressable communications loop. circuits and devices.
The AUTOCALL TFX offers a UL Listed alarm Operations (such as isolating devices) be-
verification feature for use with connected circuits come much easier with the optional networking
of conventional smoke detection (IXA-500DMA) capability of the graphical user interface for fire
General Information or any 550 series analog, addressable smoke or alarm annunciation and control.
The AUTOCALL TFX-400 is a heat detector.
self-contained, small addressable The AUTOCALL TFX system logs all alarm,
panel in a single cabinet. The trouble and supervisory events into electronic
AUTOCALL TFX-400 includes memory with the time and date of occurrence.
two (2) analog, addressable sig- These events can be displayed on the LCD, or
naling line circuits that provide printed. Listings & Approvals
99 points each.
Coincidence alarm grouping (cross-zoning) UL 864 Listed, File S2561
The AUTOCALL TFX-400 relates multiple device actuations before confir-
uses proven technology, used in mation of an alarm occurs. The user can select Local
the TFX-500M and TFX-800M the number of successive device actuations (2, 3, Local with Releasing Device Service
fire alarm and detection sys- or 4) required to trigger an output response. Auxiliary
tems. The AUTOCALL TFX-400 Remote Station (Protected Premises
control is designed to be used The user can define different coded patterns
to audible and visual signal circuits. These Unit) Proprietary Protected Premises Unit
with conventional or analog, ad- Central Station (Protected Premises Unit)
dressable fire detection devices, patterns are typically used to differentiate be-
tween alert and evacuate conditions. They Fire Alarm Control Unit
in any combination. As a stand Proprietary Receiving Unit
alone panel, the AUTOCALL can also be used as auxiliary signals, such as
tornado warnings. Central Station Receiving Unit
TFX-400 meets the needs of
any small-to-mid size building Up to seven (7) remote operator control panels CSFM No. 7165-1493:147, 7170-1493:167
or building complex; networking can be connected to a TFX-400 panel. These
capability allows the TFX-400 to remote panels can be configured to duplicate the
be used in larger buildings or LED and LCD displays, and control switch func-
building complexes. tions.

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Initiating Initiating
TFX-400 Device Device System Block Diagram
Circuit Circuit
Loop #1 Isolator

500CMA 500DMA CAA-500LI IXA-RMS 912I 912P 912HP 912H 900D/900DR

Appliance Relay Output Agent
Circuit Circuit Releasing

Loop #2


550I 550P 135 200 ISN-550DI/DP/R


Remote Bus
DC Power

Graphic Annunciator


Up to 7



LX-300 Printer -or- VT520 Video Terminal

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Addressable Manual Analog Addressable Relay Base - IBN-553
Stations - IXA-RMS Duct Smoke Provides a single form
Series Detectors - 900 Series C relay contact output
for auxiliary control (2A
Die cast metal construc- Ionization or photo- @ 30VDC, 400mA @
tion electric 125VAC)
Low profile, functional design Integral alarm LED Individual and zonal activation
Terminals for field wiring Remote LED output Sounder Base - IBN-554
Powered directly by signaling circuit Rugged steel backbox with clear
(no additional power required) plastic cover Produces 85db audible signal
Programmable for one second alarm Detector address in the base pro- Modulated sound for increased audi-
reporting vides easy device identification bility
Dual action option Analog reporting of measured smoke Individual and zonal activation
Break glass option density
Analog Addressable
Hex screw or key lock reset option Pre-alarm and alarm threshold Duct Smoke
Automatic compensation prevents Detectors -
Analog Addressable Smoke sensitivity drift
Detectors and Heat Detectors - Detector service/cleaning messages 550 Series
900 Series Chamber design provides high sta- Ionization or photo-
Detector address in bility (photoelectronic models)
Polling/alarm LED
the base is visible 2 sets of form C alarm relay contacts
from the floor (10A @ 24VDC/120VAC) Remote LED output
Complete service and maintenance Rugged steel backbox with clear
from the floor; no ladders required Analog Addressable Smoke plastic cover
Low profile appearance Detectors and Heat Detectors - Xpert address card provides easy
Attractive design 550 Series device identification
Interchangeable 4" and 6" bases Detector address in the base visible Analog reporting of measured smoke
from the floor density
Designed for fast and easy installa- Complete service and maintenance Installation without cover removal
from the floor - no ladders required Automatic compensation prevents
Integral alarm LED Low profile appearance sensitivity drift
Remote alarm LED output Plug-in interchangeable 2-wire base Detector service/cleaning messages
Nonpolarized wire connections Tamper resistant locking head Detector with 2 auxiliary relays avail-
Optional locking kit Remote LED output able (10A @ 24VDC/120VAC)
Smoke Detector - 912 Series Nonpolarized wire connections LED indicates relay operation
Ionization or photo- High EMF/RFI noise immunity
electric Smoke Detector - 550 Series
Analog reporting of Ionization or photoelectric
measured smoke den- Analog reporting of
sity measured smoke den-
Detector service/cleaning messages sity
Pre-alarm and alarm threshold Detector service/cleaning
Automatic compensation prevents Pre-alarm and alarm threshold
sensitivity drift
Chamber design provides high sta- Automatic compensation prevents
bility (models 912P and 912HP) sensitivity drift
Meets NFPA 72 Chapter 7 Annual Interchangeable bases
Sensitivity Testing Requirements Fine mesh insect screen
Heat Detector - 912H Series RFI/EMI immunity
Analog reporting of Removable cover for field cleaning
alarm level tempera- Heat Detector - 550 Series
ture Analog reporting of
Two temperature se- alarm level temperature
lections Two temperature selec-

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Addressable Field Modules Notification Appliance Agent Releasing Kits -
Module - OXA-504SDA 506SDA/RM
Contact Monitor Module -
IXA-500CMA and IXA-501CM
Provides a Class B (Style Provides a Class B
Y) or Class A (Style Z) noti- (Style Y) releasing cir-
Supervises and monitors fication appliance circuit cuit
dry contact devices Supervises 24VDC appliance power LED annunciation at each device for
Normally open and normally closed without supervisory relay normal, activated, and trouble condi-
programmable options (IXA- 2.5 amp output rating tions
500CMA) 2 Amp output rating
IXA-500CMA mounts on stan- Silenceable and non-silenceable op-
dard 2-gang electrical box
eration High EMF/RFI noise immunity
High EMF/RFI noise immu- High EMF/RFI noise immunity Power-limited
nity Notification Appliance Addressable Agent Releasing
Powered directly by signaling Module - 506SDA Stations
circuit (no additional power required)
Provides a Class B (Style
Programmable for normal or fast Y) or Class A (Style Z) au- Agent Releasing Station - GAR-1
(polling interrupt) alarm reporting dio or DC, notification ap- Series
IXA-501CM fits inside standard elec- pliance circuit Releasing station con-
trical Box LED annunciation at each device for structed of die-cast metal
Detector Monitor Module -
normal, activated, and trouble condi- Low profile, functional de-
tions sign
IXA-500DMA Supervises 24VDC appliance power Dual action
Supervises and monitors without the need for a supervisory
Agent Releasing Station - GARA-1
2-wire smoke and heat de- relay
tectors Series
2 A @ 24VDC, 50W @ 25/70VRMS Same features as
Supervises 24VDC detector power on output rating
2-wire loop GAR-1 series
Silenceable and non-silenceable op- Abort switch
Resets detectors on command from eration
control panel High EMF/RFI noise immunity System activated
Class B (Style B) and Class A (Style indication
Will not operate into a short circuit
D) initiating circuits fault System normal indication
Contains bicolored LEDs to display Plug-in power-limiting option
alarm fault status
High EMF/RFI noise immunity Line Isolator Module -
Relay Module - OXA-502RM
Provides one form C pro- Isolates short circuits on
signaling circuit to prevent
grammable relay contact failure of entire circuit
(2A @ 24VDC, 0.6A @
120VAC) Automatically resets on correction of
short circuit
Monitored and controlled from a sig- Status LED indicates short circuit de-
naling line circuit (addressable loop)
Powered by signaling line circuit. No No external power required
external power
LED indicates relay operation High EMF/RFI noise immunity
High EMF/RFI noise immunity Can be configured to meet NFPA
Style 7 requirements

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Remote Operator Control Panel Remote Reporting Options TFX Panel Operation
Option Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter Each panel can be configured to re-
Up to seven SK5128 spond to events from all or any subset of
remote an- 4 reporting other panels
nunciators channels Up to 3 panels can be configured to pro-
per TFX-400 Dual phone line vide full system annunciation, control and
Red fire monitor with line seizure logging; configuring two panels as identi-
alarm LEDs cal receiving units provides hot backup
Field configurable to transmit in one of central monitoring equipment
Yellow supervisory LED of eight different formats
Yellow fault LED Virtual Front Panel (VFP) feature allows
Used with SRA-550 supplemental operator interrogation and control of any
Yellow isolate LED relay assembly panel from any other panel
Green power-on LED City Box Transmitter - CEB-500 All TFX-500 and TFX-800 features and
Enable key switch NFPA 72 Auxiliary capabilities are retained
Panel silence button and yellow LED Protective Signaling TFX panels can be configured with inte-
Alarm silence button and yellow LED Systems grated single and multiple channel voice
Reverse Polarity Trans- and audio evacuation equipment when
System reset button and yellow LED required.
Drill button and red LED mitter - CVB-500
Three programmable yellow LEDs NFPA 72 Remote Sta- FireGraph
tion Protective Signaling Systems Option
Lamp test
Internal buzzer AUTOCALL TFXnet Option FireGraph PC
Seven optional sockets accept red, yel- based graphi-
Grinnells AUTOCALL TFXnet is a fault resil- cal user inter-
low or green LEDs for special require- ient and flexible peer-to-peer communi- face connects
ments cations network. Up to 62 AUTOCALL directly to the
Optional Operator Display Module TFX series fire panels connect to a single network
80 charac- AUTOCALL TFXnet network; supports up PC based multi-
ter (40 pro- to 61,380 analog, addressable points. user head end sys-
gram- The TLI-530 module operates as the in- tem provides security integration and
mable) terface between a TFX panel and the virtually unlimited expansion; supports
alphanu- TFXnet Network. One TLI-530 is required multiple 62 panel networks
meric dis- per TFX and is installed onto the TFX
play Printer Option
main processor board.
Numeric touch-pad Panels maintain full Hard-copy text printing
No/delete button of alarm and trouble
stand-alone functionality events
Scroll up button
Scroll down button Communications Convenient, versatile paper han-
Yes/enter button True peer-to-peer communications; no
host or master controller High speed printing
Quit button Node failure does not affect remainder of Quiet operation
Fast access button network Simple control panel
Optional 16-Indicator Module Groups of nodes isolated due to circuit Compact design
Red zone faults continue to communicate within the
alarm LEDs group Video Display Option
Yellow zone Supported communication media - com- Displays system status
trouble binations of fiber optic, twisted/shielded and events
LEDs pair and dedicated telephone line ca- 25, 42, or 53 data lines
bling 14" flat-profile, antiglare
Supported topologies - combinations of screen
star, bus, and ring connections Selectable page size - 24, 25, 36, 42, 48,
Token-passing, non-collision (determinis- 50, and 72
tic) communications protocol with pat- Tilt and swivel adjustments
ented half-bit communications delay
Plug-in module connects equipment any- Self test
where on the network

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AUTOCALL TFX-400 is intended for use within a building interior, free from
exposure to moisture, condensation and excessive dust.
Temperature Range: 32F (0C) to 122F (49C)
Relative Humidity: 85% (noncondensing)
Battery Space Available in Cabinet: 7 1/4"H x 14" W x 4 7/8" D
Analog, Addressable Signaling Lines
Loop Styles: NFPA 72 Style 4 and 6. Line isolators optional
for short circuit isolation.
Maximum Addresses per Loop: 99
Maximum Loops per System: Two (2)
Voltage: 26VDC, 300mA
Supervisory Current: 20mA per loop (plus load)
Alarm Current: 24mA per loop (plus load)
Resistance: Maximum 75 Ohms
Capacitance: Maximum 0.5 microfarad (mutual)
Inductance: Maximum 1.5 millihenry (total)
Maximum Continuous Distance: 6500 feet

See Installation Instructions (Publication Number

19700427) for additional information.]

Main Processor Wiring


Power Supply Wiring Diagram

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2.00" 2.00"



19.875" 20.25"


Cabinet Dimensions
Ordering Information
Part No. Model Description
976422 TFX-400 Fire alarm control panel
Addressable Manual Stations
976277 IXA-RMS Addressable pull station
976407 IXA-RMS-KL Addressable manual station, single action, keylock reset
Smoke, Duct, and Heat Detectors
515462 912I Ionization smoke detector head, amalog, addressable
515463 912P Photoelectronic smoke detector head, analog, addressable
515464 912HP High performance photoelectronic smoke detector head, analog, addressable
515461 912H Heat detector head, analog, addressable with programmable setting (135F fixed
temperature/rate-of-rise or 200F fixed temperature)
515467 4B 4" base, low profile w/remote LED output
515468 6B 6" base, low profile w/remote LED output
515472 900K Detector address key, unprogrammed, package of 10
515476 600/900LK Detector head locking kit, package of 100
515465 900D Duct detector housing, analog, addressable, less detector head
515466 900DR Duct detector housing, analog, addressable, with relay, less detector head
920095 ISN-550I Analog ionization smoke detector head, low profile
920096 ISN-550P Analog photoelectric smoke detector head; low profile
920097 IHN-135 Analog heat detector head, 135 degree F, low profile
920098 IHN-200 Analog heat detector head, 200 degree F; low profile
920192 IBN-552 6" low profile addressable base with remote LED output
920194 IBN-553 6" addressable relay base with remote LED output
920195 IBN-554 6" addressable sounder base with remote LED output
920102 ISN-550DI Duct housing with analog ionization smoke detector head
920103 ISN-550DP Duct housing w/analog photoelectric smoke detector head
920353 ISN-550DPR Duct housing w/analog photoelectric head and auxiliary relays
920354 ISN-550DIR Duct housing w/analog ionization head and auxiliary relays

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TFX-400 Series

Ordering Information (continued)

Part No. Model Description
Addressable Field Modules
976122 500PSM Addressable power supply monitor module
976092 IXA-500CMA Contact monitor module, mounted to 2-gang plate
976081 IXA-501CM Mini contact monitor module
976093 IXA-500DMA Addressable detector monitor module mtd to 4" sq.
976258 OXA-502RM Addressable relay module mounted to 2-gang plate
976378 506SDA Notification appliance module kit mounted to 2-gang
976216 OXA-504SDA Notification appliance module mounted to 2-gang plate
976026 CAA-500LI Line isolator module mounted to 2-gang plate
Agent Releasing Kits
976413 505SDA/RM Agent releasing kit - panel mount
976414 506SDA/RM Agent releasing kit - remote mount
Agent Releasing Stations
976376 GARA-1 Agent releasing station with abort
976381 GAR-1 Agent releasing station
Remote Operator Control Panel
976401* - Remote OCP with fire control and blank module
976402* - Remote OCP with fire control and operator display
976403* - Remote OCP with fire control and 16-indicator module
976404 - Backbox, semiflush mounting
976416 - Backbox, surface mounting
Remote Reporting Options
910688 SK5128 Digital alarm communicator transmitter
976080 SRA-550 Supplemental relay assembly
976030 CVB-500 Reverse polarity transmitter
976031 CEB-500 City box transmitter
Network Option
976165 TLI-530 TFXnet - Networking board. (1) required per TFX panel.
Interface between TFX panel and TFXnet
Accessory Devices
976264 LX-300 Printer, 9-pin dot matrix
976263 VT520 Video terminal
Please reference both the model and part numbers when ordering.
* Add S suffix to part number for socketed LED option.

This literature does not cover all the variations in the equipment described, nor does it provide for every possible contingency to be met in connection with installation, operation and
maintenance. All specifications and listings are subject to change without notice. If you need more information on this product, or have a question, contact Grinnell Fire Protection Systems Com-
pany, Westlake, Ohio 44145. 1998 Grinnell Fire Protection Systems Company, a Division of the Grinnell Corporation. AUTOCALL is a registered trademark of the Grinnell Corporation.
835 Sharon Drive, Westlake, Ohio 44145
Phone: (440) 899-5445; FAX (440) 871-2301

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