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First Grading Periodic Test

First Semester - S.Y. 2017-2018

NAME: ___________________________________________________ YEAR & SECTION: ________________ SCORE: /50

I. Directions: Read the RESEARCH ABSTRACT given and answer the questions that follow. Choose
your answer from the items inside the text box. (10 points)

This research study examines individuals experiences of unemployment from a psychological
perspective. It presents the different psychological and financial effects of unemployment and presents
the different theories developed on the effects of job loss on the individual. It will also examine the
central role which work contributes to an individuals life. Finally, it will investigate how a person deals
with unemployment and copes with the transition. A qualitative approach was selected as the research
method for this study, through the use of six semi-structured interviews. The research findings indicate
that unemployment can affect an individuals psychological well-being. Unemployment can leave some
individuals with feelings of worthlessness, a lack of identity, lack of motivation, feelings of embarrassment
and increased stress levels. However, the unemployed do not all share similar experiences of
unemployment as noted in the findings and are not all unhappy with their unemployment situation.

Experiences of Unemployment Psychological Effects Positivist Approach Semi-structured Interviews

Financial Effects Survey Instrument Quantitative Research Feeling of Worthlessness
Scientific Approach Lack of Motivation Correlational Research Design Lack of Identity
Exploratory Research Design Qualitative Research Feelings of Embarrassment Ageing Well

1. What is being examined in the study?

2. What is the approach used in the study?
3. What is the method used in gathering the data?
4. What type of research is used in the study?
5. These are the two areas where the study could create an effect.
7. What is the type of research design used in the study?
9. . The findings of the study on the effects of unemployment
II. Directions: Identify who/what is referred by the following items. (10 points)
11. The understanding on how a person react to different social situations, and effectively modify their
interactions with other people to achieve the best results.
12. All we know that characterize the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement
regarded collectively.
13. To look for information about the thing you are curious about.
14. To discover truths by investigating on your chosen topic scientifically.
15. Going on a systematic way of doing thing things wherein you are to begin from the simplest to the
most complex modes of patterns of thinking.
16. His work was often criticized by the Communist Party in Russia, and so his writings were largely
inaccessible to the Western world.
17. He noted that students must be active learnersthey must identify key principles for themselves
rather than simply accepting teachers explanations
18. He believed that "learning begins with an action - touching, feeling, and manipulating" also known
as the Enactive Stage.
19. He focused his concept of instrumentalism in education on learning by doing or hands-on
learning, which means to learn not only by the theory, but also by the practice.
20. He proposed that human development results from a dynamic interaction between individuals and

III. Write TRUE if the statement is correct and if FALSE write the correct answer of the underlined word.
(10 points)
21. The process of inquiry-based learning is composed of asking, investigating, creating, discussing, and
22. Inquiry-based learning nurture students passions and talents.
23. Research is a process of executing various attitudinal acts.
24. The scientific method teaches grit, perseverance, growth mindset and self-regulation.
25. Qualitative research allows a person to use single approach and method.
26. The data is qualitative research is fixated which means that it reveals new information as the
research progresses.
27. Qualitative research treads on a general to specific paradigm.
28. External analysis focuses on the traits on the research participants such as emotional, spiritual, and
mental characteristics.
29. Physical appearance, health condition, mental capacity, needed facility and time allotment are the
personal resources in conducting a research.
30. The effects of an interesting research topic are motivation, enthusiasm, and energy.
IV. Analyze the following research topics and choose the best answer from the text box. (10 points)



31. Favorite Soap Operas among Housewives in Taguig

32. Experiences of Senior High School Students in the Specialized English Subjects
33. Solving Absenteeism in the Elementary Grades
34. Reasons Why Teenagers Fall in Love Easily
35. Womens Wisdom vs. Mens Brawn



36. Late Marriage Among Young Professionals

37. A New Conceptual Model in Peace Education
38. How Orphans View Happiness
39. New Insights on Ninoy Aquinos Greatness
40. Examining the Mayan Tribes Beliefs
V. Directions: Narrow the given idea according to the FUNNELING METHOD. (10 points)





Prepared by: ARIEL P. VILLAR, MTII

SHS Teacher