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Second Grading Periodic Test

First Semester - S.Y. 2017-2018

NAME: ___________________________________________________ YEAR & SECTION: ________________ SCORE: /50

I. Directions: Encircle the letter of the correct answer. Write the letter only. (10 points)
1. An informal or indirect expression of knowledge happens through
a. gestures c. words
b. books d. sentences
2. Between world of knowledge and RRL, the second serves as the
a. summary c. conclusion
b. linker d. symbol
3. Your direction in your RRL is given by your research
a. data c. problem
b. design d. question
4. Your purpose in doing your RRL is
a. dual c. specific
b. plural d. singular
5. Research question is a must in literature review called
a. traditional c. systematic
b. optional d. structural
6. Subjective literature review takes place in literature review that is
a. scoping c. systematic
b. statistical d. scientific
7. Amon the types of traditional review, these two share similarities
a. critical and conceptual c. state of the art and scoping
b. scoping and expert d. critical and expert
8. A year from now, I will start my thesis writing for my MA degree. I must then look forward to doing this RRL
a. scoping c. expert
b. state-of-the-art d. systematic
9. Being a first year BA student, I can conduct a literature review using this style
a. systematic and traditional c. systematic
b. multi-system d. traditional
10. Without research questions, your RRL structure can appear in a form called
a. narrative c. outline
b. statistical d. tabular

II. Directions: Write the letter of the word or phrase in Column B that corresponds in the meaning to the
expressions in Column A. (10 points)

11. Theme or theory a. Some paragraphs but one per article
12. Wikipedia b. Lacking in well-learned ideas
13. Websites c. Comparing-contrasting two findings
14. HOTS d. Elicits opinions on the topic
15. Dump Method e. Biographical list
16. Serial Abstract f. Inferring, criticizing, applying, creating
17. Juxtaposing Ideas g. Dependent on readers for its quality
18. Argumentative Review h. Basis for linking authors ideas
19. Aquino (2018) suggested i. Reading comprehension
20. Grey literature j. Thesis, dissertations, posters
k. Plain union of authors

III. Write TRUE if the statement is correct and if FALSE write the correct answer of the underlined word. (10 points)
21. Doing literature search alone proves that literature review writing is an interconnected process.
22. Editing by readers contributes to the inferiority of Wikipedia as source of information.
23. Much editing by readers happens in grey literature.
24. Bibliographical list is not a good way to begin an article.
25. A researcher is discouraged from using this opening: One study by (Lim, 2017) asserts that..
26. Being an interconnected process, literature review stages affect one another.
27. HOTS takes place extensively in literature review reading and writing.
28. Primary source is better than secondary source.
29. Similarly, also, on the other hand are good article openings.
30. You begin your review of related literature by peer-reviewing journals.
IV. Provide the appropriate categories of the following codes and themes based on the study of The
Experiences of Chewing Khat by Ethiopian Tribesmen: An Addictive Traditional Herbal Stimulant. Write the letter
only from the choices given. (10 points)
a. other perceived effects f. enjoyment
b. peer pressure g. sleep disorder
c. hypertension h. alertness
d. religious purpose i. hallucination
e. gastric problems j. energy
Theme Category Code

Reasons to chew 31. Friends who are chewer initiated you to chew khat.
Tell you chewing khat makes you enjoy and alert

32. Prevent sleeping and to be alert and be concentrative during praying to Alaha

33. Chewed for recreation and makes you enjoy and excite

34. Avoid depression and makes to do work quickly

35. Avoid fatigue during working

Perceived health 36. Wish to make unimaginary things

effects of khat

37. Could not sleep unless drink alcohols Chebsi

38. Develop gastritis

39. Stimulates the brain and increases blood circulation

40. Depression, anxiety, loss of appetite

V. Directions: Code given transcript on the study of The Experiences of Black American Children in the US using
the Direct Coding/Glossing Method. Create at least five codes. (10 points)

Researcher: How have your overall experiences shaped your view of the American society?

Respondent: First of all, being a part of a Christian family; my dad was a gospel preacher for over 50
years we learned not to look at color a long time ago. We were taught to overlook the color a long
time ago as far as unfair treatment is concerned. I grew from early age to where I am today thinking
that I dont see color. I think that everything in my life made me a better person and I think I changed
those Caucasian/white people that I worked with and was around, for years and years, I changed their
attitudes and way of thinking about hey, Im just like you. I put my clothes on the same way. I have the
ability to think just like you and go to the same school just like you and be successful.

Prepared by:
Master Teacher II