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Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs.

Use present
simple, present continuous, will / wont or going to.

1 We __________________ you an omelette if you dont like the curry. (make)

2 She isnt going to talk to him until he __________________. (apologize)
3 I __________________ you that book if I can find it. (lend)
4 That man is driving too fast. He __________________ at the traffic lights.(not stop)
5 Im sure you __________________ better if you stay at home tomorrow.(feel)
6 My mother __________________ work early tonight to take us to Andorra. (leave)
7 If you tell me who broke the window, I __________________ anything. (not say)
8 Its 8.55 and the film starts at 9 oclock. We __________________ late (be)
9 They _______________football this weekend because their match is cancelled.(not
10 By the time my father __________________, hell be 65. (retire)

Complete the sentences with the appropriate forms of the bold verbs.
Usethe future continuous or future perfect.

1 Ive got tickets for the concert tomorrow night. This time tomorrow I
____________(sing) with 1000 other fans.
2 By the time he gets up, we __________________(do) all the washing up
3 Theyre on holiday, so they _________________(receive) the letter.
4 At nine oclock tomorrow, I _________________(take) my maths exam. It
finishes at 10.
5 Its 11p.m.- the film _____________________(finish) by now.
6 In June I ____________________(write) to all the students who applied for a
place on the summer camp.
7 _______you___________(write) your essay by ten oclock?
8 At 9 p.m. I _____________(work), so I might not answer my phone.

Rewrite the sentences using the information given and the bold words.
1 Ill call you immediately on my arrival (as soon as)

2 I dont know how to design websites, but Im going to learn next week. (by the
end of next week)

3 First Ill speak to Rob and then Ill call you. (until)

4 Will your exams be over by Friday? (you)


5 I wont finish cooking until 8 oclock (At ten to eight/still)

6 Tidy your room. Then Ill buy you an ice cream. (after)