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Awacky sci-fi board game from

the twisted minds at InQuest
Five inhabitants of a doomed space station are competing to
activate ancl board the last remaining escape pod. Each inhabitant
must fight ancl maximize his special abilities to be the Jane survivor.
Surviving is good: Ifs almost certain to result in a lucrative book
contract, intergalactic TV special ancl, yes, even groupies. Floyd
the Droid loves robot groupies. They tum him on.

I Mutated Human (Guines Pigua)
I Test Subject
his foes.
Chuckie can drop exploding

I I He's been pumped so full of chemicals

and genetic treatments that his DNA looks like a road map. His
musculature and regenerative systems have been enhanced, but
his nervous system's shot. He's kinda slow in more ways than
one, but he loves a rare steak. lucky for him there's a lot of fresh
meat on the station.

~~~Me'j;tallic Silicon Hybrid

~+4~~~~'~R~ir Robot
I Floyd can change his loon
to balance his need for speed, combat or hauling stuff.
I I Floyd thought there was something
suspicious when he was ordered to dust the zoo specimens
during a ~re drill. Now that he knows he's been left behind, he's
grabbed his toolkit and superglue and is using his bolts to outwit
the other nuts on the ship.

~~~ENxtra\, te..strial
I Ufefonn
I l I Mush can randomly
teleport around the station instead of moving.
emo: The final frontier. These are the escapades of the I I All Mush wanted was a peaceful vacation
ride through the cosmos. He never would have booked this trip if
inhabilants of Space Station Zemo. Their mission: To he had known his metabolic hibernation would be interrupted by
some kind of Earthling emergency. Pesky humans.
boldly blow up where no one has blown up before - or
to gel the hell 0[[ the station before it explodes..
Since you're reading InQuest, we figure you've played afair I I Nutritional E~ineer, Second Class

share of games, are smarter than Ihe average droid and should I
specia in
'I' , . Pete is a commando 'Nith a
cooking. He can perfonn two actions every tum.
be able to catch on 10 this wacky board game faster than you I I Aside from being a damned fine chef,
can eat abowl of "Spaceballs." The next two pages tell you Pete's the last remaining human aboard the ship. He's not
worried though. Since the 1990s the government has made it
everylhing you need to know to play.. standard operating procedure (SOP) to cross-train every cook as
an Airborne Ranger Green Beret Death Commando.

~~~M:.:;undse Rattus (rodent)

By the InQuest staff """"""If'~lfoj~R:,:atsLcan split into two counters.
I I Stuck on this scrapheap in space, Ben
Art by Brian Douglas Ahern and his fellow rat bastards have no intention of going down with
the ship. The escape pod is designed for one, but the rats figure
Graphic Recreation/Redesign by Malechi they can easity cram 30 beady-eyed, twitchy-nosed rodents into
the backseat.
Amidst buckets of anti-matter and ImplosIOn
belts, you must escape an explodmg space
statIOn before anyone else

BUT-you need to possess a PodATM

Card" to win. Setting the codes correctly
allows you to enter the Escape Pod. Once
there, if you possess the card, you win.


Each turn the player with the highest
health goes first. Second highest health
goes second, on so on. Note that the
order of play will change as characters
lose health and heal. Every player moves
before any player performs an action.
Players also perform actions in health


1. Movement
2. Actions

Going in order from the player with the
highest health to the player with the
lowest, each player may move. Roll 206
WIIIIII 'HE CAME ACtlYAtllI 'HE ESCA'E POD (two six-sided dice) and add or subtract
The first player to activate and board the Before the game begins, each player your character's movement modifier. The
escape pod wins. If all characters but one secretly writes down one of these 8 three result is the maximum number of squares
croak, the surviving character wins. letter codes: you may move; you can opt to move less.

SEm AAA AAB ABA ABB You do not have to move.

1. Shuffle the item cards and slide one BBB BBA BAB BAA You may not enter or move through
under each of the 32 numbered spaces a hallway space occupied by another
You may enter the escape pod whenever character.
around the edge of the map (see photo
the Code Rooms on the map (there are
for example). Place the four remaining Any number of characters may occupy
three of them numbered 1-3) are set to
cards to the side. They are considered the same room space.
the combination you picked. For example,
to be in the Recycling Bin. You may enter or even move through a
if you picked code AAB, then Code Room
2. Choose a character and take its playing room occupied by another player.
1 would have to be set to -A," Code Room
pieces and mat.
2 also to "A," and Code Room 3 to "B."
3. Place your character's health token on
To set a code your character must
the named space on the Health Track. After all players have moved, each
be in the Code Room at the end of the
4. Choose your escape code (see performs one action (Pete may perform
Movement phase, use an action and roll
"Activating The Escape Pod" below). two), again in order from highest health to
to see if the attempt succeeds. At start the
5. Roll two dice and multiply the numbers. lowest. Here are your options:
Code Rooms are not set to either A or B.
The resulting number is the room your
character starts in. If you roll two sixes
(multiplied to equal 36) you must re-roll. Pick up the card(s) in your current location.
Only when you have your codes set
6. Beginning with the player with the
correctly are you allowed to enter the
highest health total (usually Chuckie)
Escape Pod space in the center of the F[liNT
start play. Whee .. If you're next to another player you can
map (you can enter it from any of the four
surrounding spaces). BUT-and it's a big fight.
gels to take one item of his choice from the NIlIIE-
croaking player.
If you have a shooting weapon, you can
If one player chooses to Fight and his
shoot it.
opponent chooses not to (because he
wants to do a different action), the fighting
player does full damage but the fight ends
If you're being shot with a shooting
after one round.
weapon and you don't have one to shoot
back, you can duck.
SHOOT. You canl shoot unless you
possess an item that says it's a shooting
lNeapon. If you have one, its card will state T1JPE Shooli","Hpo", Wbm you fin
Named rooms have buttons; push 'em and Gaohoob! J')U InOVl: boI~kwlInh (-.,.
up to how many spaces away it can shool
things happen. See the Locations Chart.
You can never shoot at a character in an
(on page 6) onll, you laltc I D6 DallUlle.
D,IlII,ll ElGl1T
adjacent space, 'cause that's Fighting
range. Unless an item says otherwise, you
must shoot in a straight line (traced as
If you're in the Bio-Vat you can heal. IlIlHGE
you lNOuld move). This means no shooting HULIH IS COOl
SPlCIl1. around comers. You may shoot into rooms, The Health Track monitors your health
Chuckie, The Rats and Floyd can use providing you don't shoot through a wall. total and determines the order in which
their special ability. If another player starts You can shoot through doors; they're each player takes his tum. Starting health
a Fight with you or Shoots at you and you considered open. You can shoot through levels are written on the track.
haven't taken your action yet, you can the Escape Pod. VVhenever your character takes
take your action now to either fight back To resolve Shooting combat, roll damage due to traps, combat, etc., move
or Duck. the number of dice specified on your your health token down the appropriate
weapon. If your opponent has a shooting number of spaces. If you reach zero
PICK. Examine the cards in this weapon and chooses to fire it, he rolls health your character croaks (in the "kicks
room. If any are Traps, reveal them to all the appropriate number of dice as well. the bucket" sense, not the toad sense)
players and follow the instructions on the \oVhoever rolls lower loses health equal to and goes to the Bio-Vat to heal.
card. Unless they say otherwise, Traps the difference. Only one player's health counter can
are removed from the game after they Unlike Fighting, Shooting is a one occupy any single space on the track.
take effect. You can either pick up items shot deal. There's only one round and the Whenever your health gain or loss would
or leave them where you found them. winner cannot choose to shoot again this result in your health counter landing on an
tum. occupied space, skip that space and keep
fISHT. This isregular hand-to-hand going until your token reaches an empty
boxing- type fighting. You must be in a DIICK.lfsomeoneisfiringatyouwith space.
space next to another player or in the a shooting weapon and you don't have
same room to Fight. You may fight from a one to shoot back with, you may Duck and 110111
hallway into a room and vice versa. reduce the damage you take by 106. Dead charaders go here for regrowth. You
can only enter the Bio-Vat if your health
Fights are resolved as follows: PIIS H. All the named rooms have level reaches zero. Once in the Bio-Vat
1. Each player who chooses the Fight buttons in them. You may push some of you may roll two dice during each Action
action may reveal one melee weapon them by rolling 106. Look on the Room phase and gain that many health levels. In
(initiating player shows his first). Chart to see what happens. You will need the Bio-Vat you can never gain rTIOfe health
2. Then each pUlyer rolls 206 and adds his to do this in the Code Rooms to set the than your starting level. You may leave
combat modifier (plus weapon modifier n escape codes successfully. the Bio-Vat during any Movement phase
applicable). after your health level is greater than zero.
3. Compare results. VVhoever's modified Hun ROIL Once you enter the Bie-Vat, use the back
roll is highest wins. The loser loses Each player may only carry a limited side of your health track marXer to indicate
health equal to the difference between number of items. Each item has a weight that you've been "regrown: You can use
his roll and the winning roll. The winner point on it (the number in the Anvil). At the the Bio-Vat multiple times, but once all
can now choose to end the fight or end of your Action phase you must put charaders have been regrown (performed
go again. If he chooses to go again, down items if the total weight of your items the Heal action at least once) the Bio-Vat
repeats steps 2 and 3. is greater than your capacity (usually five). shuts down and characters may no longer
If you are not in a room, put excess items use it. If they croak, they stay croaked
If during combat a character's health goes in the nearest room. If you move while (they're out of the game). Characters in the
below one, he immediately croaks and carrying more than your capacity, you're Bio-Vat when this triggers are unaffected
goes to the Bio-Vat. The surviving player cheating. Everybody hates a cheater. and may heal normally.
Mush is down to just 6 health and is
spaces apart. Pete's health is 14 so he
chooses his action first and declares

To get your copy of Space Station Zema
moving last. It decides to use i1s special
ability to teleport to a room instead of
"Shoot. The Rats, at 9 health, declare
actions after Pete, and since they have
moving. Mush rolls a 6 and a 2 and ends a powerful i1em also choose "Shoot."
ready to play, we suggest you: Pete decides to use the Plutonium Rod
1. The POFs are designed to be printed on up in room 12 (6 x 2=12), the same
room Chuckie happens to be in. Since in his Slingshot and therefore does 306
8.5" x 11" 100# bright wMe card stock, damage. The Rats are canying the most
single (Board and Character Stand Ups) Chuckie's already moved, he can't leave.
Chuckie and Mush both declare "Fighr powerful ranged weapon in the game
and double sided (Cards and Tokens) and will do 406 damage. Once the two
and 8.5" x 11" bright whoe paper single for their actions. Mush reveals that
he has the melee weapon Ute Saber, sides roll their damage the lower amount
sided (Rules). is subtracted from the higher amount and
2. Cut out the card stock items using giving him a +2 bonus. In the ensuing
combat Chuckie rolls two dice and gets a the loser takes the difference in damage.
the card backs as the cutting guide. Say the Rats rolled the worst possible
Tokens may be cut out as circles or combined 7, to which he adds his combat
modifier of +2 for a total attack of 9. Mush roll, four 1s (total 4) and Pete rolled three
hexagons depending on your cutting 2s for a total of 6, the rats would take
skill. Assemble the Board. only manages to roll a 3, to which he
adds his combat modifier of +2 for a total the difference, 2, in damage (6-4=2).
3. Cut and assemble the Character Stand No matter who took damage, the winner
Ups. To assemble each Stand Up, cut of 5. Chuckie wins the fight and Mush
must lower his health level by 4 (9-5=4). cannot choose to continue Shooting
on dashed lines, score and fold on the combat.
solid lines. First glue the two image Mush is now at just 2 health. Since
Chuckie won the fight he chooses to fight
sections together and weight or clamp
so that they dry flat. Then fold and glue again. This time Chuckie rolls snake eyes SAK'LETI.I
for a total strength of 4 (1 +1=2 plus his It's Pete's tum to move. He roUs an 11
the bottom so the piece forms a "T" (since his movement modifier is 0, he can
shape. The character's name should combat modifier of 2 equals 4). Mush
rolls another 5, for a total of 7 (since he move 11). Pete's been bragging that he
be seen on the bottom of each Token. fears nothing, and to prove his point he
4. Steal a pair of dice for each player oul of has a +2 combat modifier). Chuckie is
hit for 3 points (7- 4=3). Since Mush won moves 11 spaces right onto Chuckie's
some crappy old games you don't play polyp. The polyp explodes for 1D6 damage
anymore. this round of combat he chooses not to
(Chuckie rolls a 1 and Pete moves his
continue and the Fight ends for this tum.
Health marker dolNl'l one space on the
Health Track). During the Action Phase
Chuckie, lNho has a higher Health total 'has
Floyd is in Code Room 3, which is
KIlEKEI' currently set to "A: Since his code is"S "
to pick his action first and since he doesn't
You're Pete the Cook and you're in the have a ranged 'Neapon and fears Pete
he takes an action to change it. He rolls'a
kitchen ('natch) at the beginning of the is up to something, chooses to "Duck.
3 on a 106 and consults the Room Chart.
tum. You have a health of 18, which is Pete, i1 tums out, has the Gadzooka and
A 3 is a failure and the code remains on
higher than everyone else's, so you get to chooses to Shool The Gadzooka does
move first. You roll two dice (a 3 and a 4) 206 damage and Pete rolls a 9. Chuckie
and add your movement modifier (+0) and Ducks for 106 rolling a 4. Chuckie moves
therefore may move up to seven spaces SHO"II. his Health token down five spaces on the
(3+4=7). You can move 0, 1,2, 3... up to Pete has managed to find the Slingshot Health Track (9-4=5). Shooting combat is
7, bu1 you can't go through a non--room item, while The Rats possess the Machete only one round and so Pete and Chuckie
space occupied by another character. Launcher. Both are in a hallway, four are done for this tum.
" Reactor Room H,Casino
While in this room, you lose 1 health at the You may spend your action to choose a card in your
beginning of your Action phase. hand to wager and roll two dice. If you roll seven or
less, you lose. The card you wagered is sent to the
II, Securit, Recycling Bin. If you roll eight or higher, you keep
You may spend your action to roll 106: your card and you get a card at random from the
AIRLOCK 1: You've tripped the alarm! You are teleported to Recycling Bin.
During the game the Air10ck may be activated (i.e. the Brig (room 13).
opened). If this happens it will suck players toward 2-4: You may look at anyone player'S hand. tI, 'he Iemo 100
it before the Movement phase. Roll 206 and move 5-6: If the Airlock is open, shut it. If the Airlock is lots of nifty looking creatures running around.
each character that number of spaces toward the closed, open it. During your Action phase (before you take your
airtock. Players are sucked in order of health tolal, action), you must roll 106:
from highest to lowest. Movement is along the
shortest route and players can be sucked out of and
U,'he IriS 1: The Heeby-Geeby Rhino decides to gore you.
You can enter The Brig, but you cannot leave lose 106 health.
through rooms. If another player blocks your path, (unless you can teleport). lUckily one of the former 2: The Vast Gormogon seeks your company. lose
you stop nexllo that player. If a player is sucked inhabitants dug an escape tunnel. You may spend this Action phase and your next turn.
into the airlock space and still has movement points your action to roll 106: 3: The Terrestrial Marmoset eyes you curiously.
left he is sucked into space and croaks (reduced 1-3: Abig, heavy bulkhead lands on top of you. Take 4: The Symbiotic Technoplantlikes you-no, really
10 zero health points). One of his cards (randomly 1D6 damage and try again next tum. likes you. Technoplant wraps itself around you
chosen) is sent to the Recycling Bin and the Airtock 4-6: You escape from the Brig. You may put your and provides 5-health armor (place 5 Symbiotic
is immediately closed (no one else is sucked Qut). piece in the hallway space with the tunnel. Technoplant Tokens on your Character Card,
remove for each space you would normally move
I', 'he Armory down the Heahh Track).
You may spend your action to take anyone weapon 5: The Phosphorescent Brainhugger leeches on
card from the Recycling Bin and add it to your hand. to your head. look at anyone unrevealed item
You must show the weapon card you choose to all anywhere in the station.
players. 6: Whoops! You let the Betagoola Death Spores
loose. They're hungry. Target player of your
U, 'endinillachines choice loses 106 health.
You may spend your action to try your luck at the
vending machines. Roll 106: 29, Kitchen
1: The security camera caught you trying to stick You may spend your action to gain 106 health
CODE ROOIIS your arm up the machine. You are teleported to points (up to your maximum). Pete the Cook gains
You may spend your action to roll 106: the Brig (room 13). +2 to all combat rolls while in the Kitchen.
2: You get a rubber bug.
1-3: Nothing happens.
4-6: You may set the code letter in this 3: You get a Babel Fish. n, Command Control
room toAorB. 4: You get a Tricordrazine Gumball (place a You may spend your action to adjust the Climate
0.:..,...-.... Gumball Token on your Character Card). You Control. Roll 106:
may eat the gumball (discard the Token) during 1: Nothing. You pushed the wrong bullon.
melee combat to add +2 to your combat total. 2-3: low gravity. Each character gets an extra
5: You get a good, steaming cup of freshly brewed movement die. This overrides double gravity.
coffee. You gain 106 health. (This health gain 4-5: Double gravity. Each character gets only one
can take you above your maXimum.) movement die. Characters can forego their
6: You get a Secret Decoder Ring (place a Secret Action phase to receive full movement. This
SECURITY FIELD Decoder Ring Token on your Character Card). overrides low graVity.
This colored area, which separates the Brig and The next time you activate a room function you 6: Deactivate life support. Each player loses one
the Armory from the rest of the map, can only be may add or subtract one from your die roll. health at the start of each turn.
crossed if your unmodified movement dice roll is Any character in this room may spend his action
even. If your unmodified total is odd, you may not U,Lantory to reset the controls back to normal. No die roll is
move through the field. You may spend your action to discard any number
of cards from your hand. Reveal the cards you wish
to dump to all players and put them in the Recycling

n, Lost and Found The fact that the characters in Space Station Zemo
You may spend your action to roll 106:
1-2: Nothing. Damn thing doesn't work. match up perfectly with the personalities of the
3-5: Shuffle the cards from the Recycling Bin and InQuest staff is purely coincidental.
add a random one to your hand. You may not
examine the cards before choosing.
6: Choose anyone card in the Recycling Bin and Additional images for Tokens "Secret
XRAYZOIE add it to your hand. Decoder Ring", "Gumballs" and
When crossing through one of these spaces, you "Symbiotic Technoplant N by Malechi
must reveal your cards to all other players. 2009

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