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Human Immunodeficiency Virus

A spesific type of virus (a retrovitus).

HIV invades the helper T cells to replicate itself.

No Cure. (tidak ada perawatan)


Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

HIV is the virus that causes AIDS

Disease limits the bodys ability to flight infection.

A person with AIDS has a very weak immune system (memiliki imun yang sangat lemah).

No cure.

AIDS is the final stage of HIV disease, wich causes severe damage to the immune system.

HIV is the virus that causes AIDS.

Disease limits the bodys ability to fight infection due to markedly reduced helper T cells.

Patients have a very weak immune system (defense mechanism).

Patients predisposed to multiple opportunistic infectons leading to death.

Discovery of HIV

HIV-2 discovered in 1986, antigenically distinct virus endemic in West Africa.

One million people infected in US, 30 million worldwide are infected.

Leading cause of death of men aged 25-44 and 4th leading cause of death of women in this age
group in the US.

Four Stage of HIV

Stage 1 : Primary

1. Short, flu-like illness-occurs one the six weeks after infection.

2. No symptoms at all (tidak ada gejala yang pasti)
3. Infected person can infect other people.

Stage 2 : Asymptomatic

1. Lasts for an average of ten years.

2. This stage is free from symptoms
3. There may be swollen glands
4. The level of HIV in the blood drops to very low levels
5. HIV antibodies are detectable in the blood.

Stage 3 : Symptomatic

1. The symptoms are mild

2. The immune system deteriorates
3. Emergence of opportunistic infections and cancers.

Stage 4 : HIV AIDS

1. The immune system weakens.

2. The illnesses become more severe leading to an AIDS diagnosis.

Opportunistic infections associated with AIDS

Bacterial :

a. Tuberculosis (TB)
b. Strep Pneumonia

Viral :

a. Kaposi Sarcoma
b. Herpes
c. Influenza (flu)

Parasitic :

a. Pneumocystis Carinii

Fungal :

a. Candida
b. Cryptococcus

Through Bodily Fluids

a. Blood products
b. Semen
c. Vaginal fluids
d. Breast milk

Through Sex

a. Intercourse (penile penetration into the vagina)

b. Oral
c. Anal
d. Digital sex

Mother-to Baby

a. Before birth
b. During birth
c. Postpartum (After the birth)