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STATIVE VERBS (They are mostly used in SIMPLE TENSES)

Thought/opinion: THINK (pensar, creer), BELIEVE (creer), IMAGINE (imaginar), GUESS

(suponer), CONSIDER (considerer), MEAN (querer decir)

What I mean is that you never help me! (Lo que quiero decir es que nunca me ayudas!)
Do you believe in God? (Crees en Dios?)
I guess thats her boyfriend (Supongo que se es su novio)

Feelings: FEEL (sentir), WANT (querer), WISH (desear), NEED (necesitar), FEEL LIKE (apetecer),
MISS (echar de menos) , CARE (importar, preocuparse)

What does he want from you? (Qu quiere de ti?)

I need your help. Can you give me a hand? (Necesito tu ayuda.Puedes echarme una mano?)
Sorry, I dont feel like going out tonight. (Lo siento,no me apetece salir esta noche)
I dont care what he wants (No me importa lo que l quiere)

Knowledge: KNOW (saber, conocer), UNDERSTAND (entender), REMEMBER (recordar),

REALISE (darse cuenta)

Who knows the answer? (Quin sabe la respuesta?)

Do you remember my name (Recuerdas mi nombre?)
He doesnt understand a single word (No entiende ni una palabra)
Now I realise you dont love me (Ahora me doy cuenta de que no me amass)

Likes: LIKE (gustar), DISLIKE (disgustar, no gustar), FANCY (apetecer), LOVE (encantar), HATE
(odiar), PREFER (preferir)

She doesnt like dancing. She prefers sitting and watching people. (No le gusta bailar. Prefiere sentarse a
observer a la gente)

Possession: HAVE (tener), BELONG TO (pertenecer a), OWN (poseer), POSSESS (Poseer)
My uncle owns a big cottage in Devon (Mi to posee un gran cortijo en Devon)
That luggage doesnt belong to me. (Ese equipaje no me pertenece)
Do you have any pets? (Tienes alguna mascota?)

Senses and features: LOOK (verse, tener un determinado aspecto), SMELL (oler), SOUND (sonar),
TASTE (saber), SEEM (parecer), APPEAR (parecer), WEIGH (pesar)

This soup tastes horrible (Esta sopa sabe fatal!)

Your plan sounds good! (Tu plan suena bien!)
I love your new haircut. You look beautiful! (Me encanta tu nuevo corte de pelo. Ests/Se te ve muy

Some of these verbs can be used in continuous tenses when they express an activity
rather than a state. For example:

HAVE(=possess) I have a dog HAVE(activity) Im having a party at the moment
THINK (=opinion) I think you are wrong THINK (mental activity) Im thinking about him now
LOOK (=have a certain aspect) You look tired LOOK (activity) Shes looking at you!
TASTE (=have a certain taste) TASTE (activity)
This hamburger tastes wonderful! The cook is tasting the soup before serving it
SMELL (=have a certain smell) SMELL (activity)
It smells delicious! Shes smelling the flowers