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R.T. 22-652
X Call Code: as required April 2012
X Job Code: 73310F Mfg. Ref. # 12-DW-01
X Job Code Descript. :
Door Hinge
Internal Use Only

MODELS: CDW9380, CDWT980, PDW8600, PDW8680, PDW8900, PDW8980, PDW920N, PDW9700, PDW9280,
PDW9700, PDW998, PDW9980, PDWF400, PDWF480, PDWF500, PDWF580, PDWF600, PDWF680, PDWT300,
PDWT380, PDWT400, PDWT480, PDWT500, PDWT502, PDWT502, PDWT580, PDWT580, ZBD6920, ZBD8900,
Broken hinge spot weld. (Stainless Steel Tubs)

A repair kit (WD35X10360) is

now available to repair a broken
hinge spot weld on stainless steel

CORRECTION: Repair Instructions SPECIAL TOOLS NEEDED (Not Supplied):

Safety Glasses with Side Shields
#11 cobalt steel drill bit Cut resistant gloves

8 Flat Head Screws Flat Head Driver

8 Post Nuts #2 Phillips Head Driver

Left Drill Template Fixture T25 Torx Driver

Right Drill Template Fixture 1/4" Socket Driver

Left Hinge Bracket (shown) 1/4" or 3/8" Electric Drill

Right Hinge Bracket Needle nose pliers or Needle nose vice grip

2.8 oz Tube of RTV 108 C-Clamp or one equivalent to washer kit clamp
Dept. 731A

Step 3
Step 1
Remove the 2 screws located under the bottom of the door.
Remove the 2 toekick screws and toekick. Set
Loosen the 2 lowest screws connecting the inner door to the
aside screws and toekick to be reassembled
outer door to allow for removal of the screw connecting the
after repair is complete.
hinge and hinge bracket.

Adjust the front leveling legs so that the front

of the dishwasher is lower than the bottom of
the countertop. This will prevent damage to
the front of the counter top.

Step 2
Remove counter top bracket screws that
secure the unit to the underside of the counter.
If there are no countertop screws,
check to see if side mount screws were used.
If so, remove the side mount screws. Pull
dishwasher out 6" from the cabinet and
remove the spring cable from the door hinge. Pull apart just enough to have clearance to remove
the hinge pin screw. Remove the hinge pin screw on
both sides using a Torx T25 driver.

Dept. 731A

Step 4 Step 6
Remove the detached hinge from the tub and With the supplied #11 drill bit, carefully drill holes into the tub
inspect all 6 possible weld spots on the tub. If using the 4 guide holes on the fixture.
the bottom 2 welds have created holes larger
than the holes of the repair kit hinges then
the dishwasher needs to be replaced. Contact
mabe. If there are no holes or if the holes
created are smaller than those of the
replacement hinges, continue on to step 5.

Step 7
Remove the c-clamp and fixture. Remove any burrs with
needle nose pliers from around the 4 holes.
Step 8
There is a left and right hand hinge bracket included in the kit.
There will be an L or R on the hinge denoting which side of the
Step 5
dishwasher it goes on if facing the front. Select the appropriate
Peel the first 6 inches of the gasket out of the
hinge bracket. Apply a generous amount of RTV 108 onto the
track to avoid damage to the gasket.
surface on the hinge that will be in contact with the tub. Line
the holes on the hinge bracket with those on the outside of the
tub and secure with 4 screw and post assemblies (1 for each
hole). To secure, place the nut on the inside of the tub and put
the screw through the hole from outside the tub. Tighten each
fastener to 25 lbs-in. Using the remaining two bottom holes
on the replacement bracket as a guide, drill 2 holes into the
tub bottom with the supplied drill bit. Place a small amount
of RTV around the threads of the screw and onto tub where
the post will come into contact with it. Secure each of the
bottom 2 screws by first applying RTV to the screw threads and
tightening the screw to the nut to 25 in-lb. Put RTV around
There is a left and a right hand fixture the edge of the hinge where it comes into contact with the
included in the kit. Select the appropriate tub, creating a seal between the two surfaces and around the
fixture and place under the front flange. outsides of the screw heads. Wipe away any excess RTV from
Secure with a c-clamp as shown. Make inside the dishwasher. BE SURE TO INFORM CONSUMER TO
sure the fixture is properly placed and ALLOW 24 HOURS FOR THE RTV TO CURE BEFORE USING
securely clamped to the tub. The fixture THE DISHWASHER.
should not be able to move if properly
placed and securely clamped. Be careful
not to over-tighten the c-clamp and cause
damage to the tub.



Dept. 731A

Step 9 Step 14
Check to make sure the hinge is secure (test by hand: Run a short test cycle to assure there are no leaks.
the hinge bracket should not shift or rock). Replace
gasket into the gasket track and reattach the door hinge Step 15
to the door bracket using the hinge pin screw (Torx Check to be sure the fill, drain, and power lines are not
T25 head). in contact with anything under the dishwasher. This
could cause unwanted noise.
Step 10
After replacing the door, tighten the 2 screws Step 16
that were loosened along the inner door. Reattach toekick and check to make sure power and water
connections were not broken. Reinstall into cabinet.

Step 17
Remove any remaining metal shavings from the inside of the
dishwasher that were left from drilling through the dishwasher

Step 18
Remind the consumer to call 1-800-561-3344
if they have any issues, concerns or questions.

Step 11
Reattach the spring cable to the door hinge and test that
the door opens and closes normally.

Step 12
Slide dishwasher back into the cabinet. Re-
level the dishwasher, making sure it is level
left to right and front to back.

Step 13
Secure the dishwasher to the bottom of the counter
using the counter bracket screws that were removed
in Step 2. If side mounts were removed, re-secure to
side of cabinets using side mounts.