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Basic Set

Design: Jeff Grubb

Editing: Steve Winter
Able Assistance: Timothy B. Brown and Steven E. Schend
Cover Art: Jeff Butler
Interior Art: Jeff Butler and the Marvel Bullpen
Typography: Angeli ka Lokotz
Cartography: Dennis Kauth
Design & Production: Paul Hanchette
S pecial Thanks: William W. Con nors, Jon Pickens, J i m Ward

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Lake Geneva Cherry H i nton
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Table of Contents
Introduction ... . . . . . 3
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Running the Game . .. ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
. . . . .

Heroes (and Other Characters) .. ..... . ..... . .... 4 . Running an Adventure .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31

. . . . .

Abilities ... . " .... " ................... 4

. . . . . Running Campaigns . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34
. . . .

Ranks and Rank Numbers . . . 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Karma Awards . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35

. . . . .

Variable Abili ties . . . . .

. . 6 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Karma Losses . .... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37
. . . . .

Powers . . . . ... . . . .. . . 7
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Karma Pools and Groups . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38
. . . . .

Talents . . . . . . . . .. . . .
. . 8
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Character Advancement (Optional) . . . . . . . . . 38
. . . . .

FEATs . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Karma Awards Table . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. 39
. . . .

Column Shifts . . . . .
. . .. .. 1 0
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Running Popularity (Optional) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40. . . .

Intensities . . . . .. . . . . . 10. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Running Resources . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40

. . . . .

Intensity Table .. .. .. .. . 12 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Running Weapons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 1

. . . .

Material Strength . . .. . 12
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Weapons Chart . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42
. . . . .

Karma . . ..... . .
. . . . . . . 13. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Running Vehicles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. 42
. . . .

Vehicles Table . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42
. . . .

Movement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Types of Vehicles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43

. . . . .

Clutter and Crowds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Optional Rules for Vehic les . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. 43 . . . .

Vertical Movement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Running Magic . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .44

. . . .

Flight ..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...

. . . . . . . . .1 6
Swimming . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Character Generation in the
Leaping . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . 16 MARVEL SUPER HEROES'" Role-Playing Game . . 45.

Speed Table . . . . . . . ... . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Generating Characters . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45.

O rigins .
. . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45.

Combat .. . . . .. . . ,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ............. 1 7 Origin Table . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45.

Health and Combat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. ... 17

. . . . . . . Major Abilities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46.

Types of Combat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . 17
. . . . . . . . . Random Ranks Table . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46.

Fighting Combat-Slugfest . . . . . . . . . ... .. 18 . . . . . . Variable Abilities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47.

Agility Combat-Ranged Attacks . . . . . . 20

. . . . . . . . . Powers & Talents . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47.

Range Tables . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. 21
. . . . . . . . Powers Available Table . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47.

Strength Combat-Rassling . . . . . . . . . .. 22
. . . . . . . . Power Categories Table . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47.

Endurance Combat-Charging . . . . . . . . 23
. . . . . . . . . Powers List . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48.

Defensive Actions (Optional) . . . . . . . . . . . . 24

. . . . . . . . . Talents Available Table . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49.

Slams, Stuns, and Kills . .. . . . . . . . . . . . ... . 25

. . . . . . . Talents List . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49.

Life, Death, and Health . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..

. . 26
. . . . . . . . Last Step-Filling In the Blanks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50.

Regaining Consciousness . . . . . . . . . . .. .
. . 27
. . . . . . Final Note . ... . .. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50.

Healing . .
. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27
. . . . . . . . .

Recovering Lost Endurance . . . . . . . . . . 28

. . . . . . . . . Appendices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .51
Using Powers in Combat . . . . . . . . . . .. . .
. . 28
. . . . . . . Powers Appendix . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .51
Tactics (Optional) .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .... 29
. . . . . . Talents Appendix . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .59
Mini-Adventures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .60

Welcome to the MARVEL SUPER HEROESTM Basic Set

tro's wrist with his web-shooters. At the same time, Elec

All the fu n beg i ns here. tro wants to nail Spider-Man with his energy blast. The
This is the MARVEL SUPER H E RO ES!" Basic Set rule rules tel l you who gets to do his thing first, and whether
book. It is designed for first-time role-players, the gu ys he does it right. ( Hey, even Spidey m isses so metimes.)
(and gals) who have been fo llowing the Marvel Un iverse All the rules are in this book. However, not everyt hing
for years and want to try their hand at deal ing with in this book is a rule. We've included a lot of helpful hints
th reats to h u m anity l i ke Doc Ock and Kingpin. Those of and exam ples of how to play this game. We also show
you who have played role-playing games before, ju st you how to create a ch aracter of yo ur own , fight bad
hang on for a mom ent-this is old hat for you-as we lay guys, and for new J udges, how to run an adventure.
out the basi cs. The other book is the Campaign Book. It contains lots
A ro le-playi n g game is a game where people play the of neat stuff: game statistics for the major heroes of the
role of another i n d ividual (we l l , d u h !) . Yo u get a ch ance M arvel Un iverse with explanations of their powers, a
to be an actor playing the part of a spaceman, a barbar goodly smattering of villains (with hi nts for the J udge on
i an prince, or i n this case, the Amazi ng Spi der-Man . Most how to handle them), plus soldiers, policemen, and other
simply put, it's cowboys and indians for grown-u ps . In i m portant N PCs .
stead of running around the back yard , you're sitting The two maps show typical M arvel comic territory-a
around the table with friends, munch ies, and these rules, standard cityscape which can be used in any adventure.
having a good time. The l arge cards i ncl uded i n the box are of two types.
One player is the J u dge. His job is to get the ball roil The fi rst is a set of ch aracter cards which contain sum
ing, set up the scene, run the bad guys and their nefari marized stats for all the major heroes of the M arvel U n i
ous plots, the police, the sol diers, and the passe rsby who verse. Cut these apart with a scisso rs , then give each
shout, " Look, up in the sky ! " (oo ps, sorry, that's another player the card for wh atever hero he is playing . The sec
company) . ond item is a set of " Stand-ups" which, when folded and
T h e other players (cal led b y the d u l l but functional glued, can be used as playing pieces in the game.
name " players") run the heroes, the main characters of Last (and not least) are the fun ky-looking ten-sided
the story. As a pl ayer, you get to fo i l the plots of the bad d ice. They're cal led perce ntile d ice and can be used two
gu ys as Spider-Man, Sh e-H ulk, Captain America, or even ways. Yo u can roll a n u m ber from 1 to 1 0 (with one die)
a hero you c reated you rself. A character that is con or 1 to 1 00 (with two d ice) . When ro lling from 1 to 1 0 , a
trolled by a player is cal led a player character. Charac "0" means " 1 0." When roll i n g two dice, choose one die
ters controlled by the J udge are called nonplayer to represent 1 0s (usually the darker one), and one to
characters, or N P Cs. represent 1 s (u sually the lighter one). If the dark die
Role playing is two parts actiong, two parts story tel ling. comes up 5 and the light die comes up 7, the n u mber
The J udge has the framework of the story, but it is what roll ed i s 57. If the dark die is 2 and the light die is 0, the
the players do and say that gets things rolling. I m agine a number is 20. If the dark die is 0 an d the light die is 5,
comic book where the reader makes things up as he the number rol l ed i s 05, or just 5. If both dice ro ll 0, the
goes alon g . N ow i m agine several readers, all making number is 1 00.
t h i n gs up together at the same time and you get the idea. OK, with al l that out of the way, let's talk about . . .
The rules tell the Judge and the players how to decide
what happens. I mag ine Spider-Man trying to snag Elec-

thump, or otherwise inju re someone else (usually a bad
Heroes guy), either with your bare hands or with weapon. Cap

(and other characters) tain America is a good example of a character with a

high Fighting ability. Even though he has no real super
Pull out the Campaign Book and look up Spider-Man's powers, his prowess lets him hold his own against more
entry. It states that Spider-Man has Remarkable Fighting, powertul opponen.
Amazing Agility, Incredible St rength, a Health of 160, Agility is the ability to aim well and move with dexterity
Karma of 70, sticks to walls with Amazing ability, and has and coordination. It measures the ability to hit a target
Photography talent. with a thrown item (like a baseball or a shield) or a mis
Golly, what does all that mean? sile weapon (like an arrow or a gun). It also involves the
As you may have picked up, role-playing games use ability to get out of the way when something is thrown or
their own jargon, their own code-words for things. You fired at you. Characters with high Agility can vau lt, som
know some of it already: Judge, PC, NPC, percentile ersault, dodge, and weave their way through a battle and
dice. Hang on tight, 'cause here comes a whole bunch usually hit what they aim at. A good example of a charac
more. ter with high agility is Spider-Man, who in addition to his
In order to understand how powerful heroes are (and nimble fighting style (and snappy patter) is also a good
to compare them to other heroes and villains), we de shot with his web-shooters.
scribe them fou r ways: with major abilities, superhuman Strength measures how much weight a hero can lift,
powers, talents, and variable abilities. These form the as well as how much damage he can do with his bare
basic description of the hero in much the same way as hands and how effective he is at grabbing and wrestling
height, weight, and eye color forms a basic description of an opponent (as opposed to just punching his lights out).
you or me (well, you anyway). Characters with really high Strength, like Thor or the
Hulk, can juggle railroad cars (if they feel like it).
Abilities Endurance reflects physical toughness and stamina
and the ability to resist poison, knock-out drops, gas, and
Let's start with the major abilities, or just "abilities" for similar things. It also measures how long a character can
short. Every hero, villain, and ordinary person in the hold his breath, how far he can run, and (if the situ ation
Marvel Universe has seven abilities: Fighting, Agility,
comes up) many walls he can be punched through be
Strength, Endurance, Reason, Intuition, and Psyche. To fore blacking out. An excellent example of someone with
each of these abilities we assign a rank. The rank is a high Endu rance is the Thing, who takes a licking and
word that describes how tough the character is with that keeps on kicking.
particular ability. The ranks, in order, are: Feeble, Poor,
Reason is raw brain power and intelligence. It reflects
Typical, Good, Excellent, Remarkable, Incredible, not only the ability to think logically, but to understand
Amazing, Monstrous, and Unearthly. (It is also possible to and use complicated equipment. Reed Richards (Mr.
shift off this scale on the high or low end; more on that Fantastic of the Fantastic Four) has a very high Reason,
later.) What it all boils down to is that a character with
and as a result can usually be found tinkering around
Monstrous Strength is stronger (a lot stronger) than a with new inventions that no one else understands.
character with Excellent Strength. At the same time, the Intuition is a combination of wisdom, wits, common
character with Excellent Strength is stronger than Joe sense, and battle savvy. It comes into play when the
Bag-o-donuts with his Typical Strength. Similarly, a char
character tries to find something that is hidden, figure out
acter with Amazing Reason is smarter than someone what's bothering him, or decide whether danger is
with Remarkable Reason. present. In combat, the first move often goes to the char
The abilities themselves are described below. acter with the highest Intuition rank. A character with
Fighting is the ability to punch, poke, jab, kick, trip,
high Intuition, like Wolverine, is more aware of his

surroundings (and threats in his surroundings) than his Remarkable 30 Normal human limit
oppone nts . In cred ible 40 Enhanced hu man
Psyche (pronounced S I-key) measures willpower or Amazing 50 Enhanced human limit
force of wil l . I t i s used i n mental attacks and magic. A high Mon strous 75 Beyond human , as the Rank
Psyche does not necessarily mean the ch aracter has says; so good it's scary
g reat magical abilities or mental powers (he may have Unearthly 1 00 Realms of the Gods.
none), but it does mean the character has some protection Shift X 1 50 Further increases*
ag ainst suc h attacks. Examples of characters with high Shift Y 200 Further increases*
Psyche ranks i nclude the master mutant telepath, Profes Shift Z 500 Further i ncreases*
sor X, and Earth's sorcerer supreme, Doctor Strange. Class 1000 1 000 Cosm i c Level* *
Class 3000 3000 Cosmic Level * *
Ranks and Rank Numbers Class 5000 5000 Cosmi c Level * *

Each of a hero's seven abilities has a rank. A rank * N ot used by player ch aracters in itial ly, but may be used
reflects the hero's profi ciency in that ability. Other heroes for bad guys and in special situations (see FEATS)
and villains with the same rank have about the same * * Not available to player ch aracters (or most in habitants
amount of power as that character; some will be a little of Earth). The guys who hang out in this neighborhood
better, some a little worse. For example , Thor and the are cosmic entities and embod iments of universal forces.
g reen H u lk are both powerhouses in Stren gth-most of Even su perheroes norm ally fight g uys like these with
the ir matches have been stand-offs. Both have Unearthly their hats (grab it and run).
ran k in Strength. Coming back to Spider-Man, we now know the fol low
Each rank has a name which indicates its power rela ing:
tive to the other ran ks . At the lowest end of the scale are H is Fighting ability is Remarkable, which is above the
Feeble, Poor, and Typical . The high end boasts ranks human average. I n a fistfight with a typical goon, he
l i ke Amazing, Mon strous, and U n earthly. won't even work up a sweat. Ag ainst Captain America
Besides a name, each Rank also has a rank number. (whose Fighting ability is Amazi ng, two ranks better),
This number is constant-it never varies, up or down. For Spidey had best be light on hi s feet.
exam ple, Unearthly Stren gth is always 1 00, regardless of Spider-Man's Agil ity is Amazin g , as in "The Amazing
whether we're talking about the Hul k's Strength or Thor's Spider-M an." This is his best ab i lity, and reflects his
Strength . (We'll cover the use of these rank num bers a lightning-qu ick reflexes and deadeye aim with his web
little later, when we talk about Health and damage.) shooters. He is much more agile and accurate than nor
The ran ks, in order, are: Feeble, Poor, Typical, Good , mal humans and better than the bulk of his fellow
Exce llent, Rem arkable, I ncredible, Amazing, Mon strous, super-powered fel lows.
and U n earthly. There are add itional shift ranks above and Spider-Man 's Strength is Incred ible, which while far
below these. The ran k numbers and their descriptions above even the best of normal human ity, is sti l l no match
are: for the weight-lifti ng abil ities of the Thing, Thor, or the
Rank Rank No. Description H ulk.
Spider-Man 's Endurance is also In credible, making
Shift 0 o No nexistent* him much to ugher than a normal human, but again less
Feeble 2 Far below average so than the N orse god of th un der.
Poor 4 Below average With a Reason of Excellent, Spider-Man is within the
Ty pical 6 Average H u man topmost ranks of normal human ity, but still withi n the
Good 10 Above average realm of common folk. He is no m atch for Reed Ri
Excel lent 20 Olym pic-level chard s, but is still awfully sharp.

Spider-M an's Intuition is only Good, which is surprising by adding the rank numbers of the first four abilities:
considering his ability to leap out of harm's way in the Fighting, Agility, Strength, and Endurance. If all these
nick of time. Actually, his talent there is connected to a abilities were Good (with a rank number of 10 each), then
super power: his Spider Sense. In other situations, or the hero's Health would be 1 0 + 10 + 10 + 10 = 40.
when he is unable to use his Spider Sense, Spidey's When a hero gets hit, struck, beaten, tripped, or
Intuition is only Good-which is why when he loses his thrown off a tall building, the amount of damage he takes
Spider Sense, he su ddenly has big problems with his (in points) is subtracted from his Health. Health is re
foes. gained by resting and healing from the effects of being
Finally, Spider-Man's Psyche is Incredible. While he batted around. Should H ealth reach 0, the hero is
does not have mental or magical powers on par with knocked out.
Professor X or Doc Strange, Spider-Man has a great For more information about Health and combat, see
sense of willpower and resistance to mental or magical the combat chapter (" It's Clobbering Time").
domination. Hence this high Psyche. Karma. Karma is like Health in that it is a number, not
a Rank. Karma reflects a hero's control over l u ck and
fate, and his ability to make the crucial die roll, strike the
Variable Abilities
lucky punch, or generally perform the hair-raising action
All characters in the M A RVEL SUPER HEROES'" Ba which al lows him to save the world (or at least his own
sic Set also have variable abilities, also called variables. skin).
They are four in nu mber, and are called variable abilities A hero's initial Karma is determined by adding together
because they can change during the course of play. The the rank numbers of the remaining three major abilities:
variable abilities are: Reason, Intu ition, and Psyche. A character with Good
Health. Health is a measure of how physically fit the Rank in all these areas has Karma 1 0 + 10 + 10
= =

hero is and how much damage he can take. Unlike the 30.
major abilities, Health has no rank, only a number. This is Karma can increase or decrease over the course of the
usually between 8 and 400. The starting Health of a hero game. When a hero acts heroically, catching bad guys
is listed on his (or her) character card, but is determined and performing feats of derring-do, his Karma increases.

When he behaves i n a coward ly or i rresponsible way, or want just by aski n g , but because everyone fears them,
lets bad guys get away, his Karma decreases. This is not because anyone respects them . It's one of the prices
explained in pai nfu l detail in the Karma sect ion. of being a bad guy (pity the poor, un happy vill ain) .
Karma can be spent to change die rolls and to give the Checking with Spider-Man again , we see that he has a
hero a better ch ance to be reall y heroic. Check the next Health of 1 60 (30 + 50 + 40 + 40) , which is in the mid
section, FEATS, for the effect of using Karm a. range as far as costumed super h eroes go and far better
Final ly, Karma can be spent to i ncrease abi l ities and than most mere mortals (which are in the 20 to 60 range),
gain talents. but far below such heavy h itters as the Thing (200
Resources. Reso urces is a reflection of how wealthy Health) and Thor (320 Health).
an dlor we ll-con nected a character is: how easily can he Spider-Man 's starting Karma is 20 + 1 0 + 40 = 70.
buy a n ew carlget necessary lab equipment/take the Agai n , above the common crowd , but Spidey spends
S H I E LD hel icarrier out for a spi n . It has both a Ran k and Karma hands over fisticuffs in h is continual batt le against
a rank n u m ber. Rath er than forcing players to keep com evi l (and just making ends meet). Actually, Spider-Man is
plicated records of their cha racters' finances (which is better in starting Karma than most heroes , but he needs
too m uch like real life) , the Reso u rce ab ility is checked more of it to s u rvive.
when purchasing m ajor items. Spider-Man 's Resou rces are cu rrently Typical (6) . They
Resou rces are variable because they can ch ange, are a darn sight better then they have been in the past,
often regard less of how successful the player character but nowhere near the plush heig hts of Tony Stark or even
has been in his heroic identity. When playi ng the game, a Reed Richards. Finances are tight, but M r. and Mrs.
hero may suddenly win the lottery or lose a fortune. The Parker can afford the rent (by living with friends) and
J u dge controls how m uch is spent and how. food . Big pu rchases are usually out of the q u estio n ,
Populariy. The last of the variables, Popularity, is a though occasionally Parker can wran g l e plane tickets out
reflection of how popular the ch aracter is with the natives of J. Jonah Jameson to cover i m portant stories.
of the Marvel U n iverse. Spider-Man's Popularity see-saws al l over the place
A high Popularity ran k ind icates that most individuals (remem ber, this is popu larity in the Marvel Un iverse, not
l i ke and ad m i re that hero and what he h as done. Be the wall-crawler's popularity in our world). Currently it is
cause of this, people are often willing to lend help (a listed at Remarkable (30). ConSidering he l ives in New
passerby is more l i kely to lend his car to Captain Amer Yo rk, he's a fai rly popu lar g uy, but enoug h people buy
ica, the living legend of WWI I , than to the Submari ner, that " Spider-Man , threat or menace" hokum that the
who has a reputation for bei n g nasty, haug hty, short Daily Bugle has been pushing for years that some are
tempered , and dis respectful of other people's property). wary of h i m .
Popularity, like Resou rces, is represented by a Ran k .
For heroes with secret identities, that Rank appl ies only Powers
to the costumed, h e ro ic identity, not the alter-ego. Cap
tain America gets more respect than Steve Rogers. Se Powers-that is, superhuman abil ities-are what make
cret identities are considered to have a Popularity of Marvel 's super hero (and super villain) characters so
Typical unless otherwise noted . super. Each hero and vill ain descri bed in the Campaign
Popularity, l i ke Resources, is controlled by the Judge. Book has a list of powers tailored j ust for h i m . There is
It can shift d ramatically, depen ding on the character's also a list of "standard " powers at the end of this book
actions and whether the Daily Bugle is out to g ive g rief to for those wishing to create their own Marvel super hero.
the local heroic com m u n ity. Powers are usually descri bed in terms simi lar to abili
Flipping t h rough the Campaign Book, you ' l l notice that ties. They are given a ran k and rank n u m ber. For exam
a number of the villains have a n egative Popularity score. ple, co nsider th ree characters with wall-crawl ing ability
This reflects the fact that they can often get what they (able to scale sheer su rfaces); Spider-Man, Black Widow,

and N i g htcrawler. Both Spider-Man and N i ghtcrawler aged in combat. S p idey fi res his web-shooters with
have wall-crawling at the Amazing rank, meaning that Amazing accuracy (his Agility ran k) . The web strands
t hey can stick to walls pretty wel l . Black Widow has wall harden very quickly (the book states they have Mon
crawl ing as wel l , but only at the Remarkable ran k. W hat strous strength, so they must be tough). The spider trac
does t his mean? Only that while all t hree can scale verti ers are tracking devices that Spider-Man can follow with
cal walls pretty easily, if confronted with a very sli ppery Amazing (50) abil ity.
surface (like a rain-sl ickened glass skyscraper), the mu In summary, Spider-Man is a pretty handy guy: capa
tant N i g htcrawler and the no nmutant Spider-Man stand a ble in a fistfight because of his Spider-Sense, able to
better chance of holding on t han Black Widow, who de scurry up walls and dodge out of the way, and with a n ifty
rives her wall-crawli n g power from her suit. weapon which can net up the bad guys plus a tracking
When readi n g the character descriptions, also note device for the ones who try to get away.
t h at so me powers, such as Black Widow's wall-crawling
and Spider-Man's web-shooting, are marked as equip Talents
ment. This means they are not in nate powers (part and
parcel of the hero), but rather come from some device or Talents are special abil ities and powers for those of us
gizmo. The master of these high-tech wonders is Iron who haven't been exposed to gamma radiation or bitten
Man, who is continually refi n i n g and upgrad ing his suit of by a radioactive spider. All t hat is involved in getting a
armor to keep it on the cutting edge of technology. The talent is hard work and intense study. (People who 've
disadvantage of basing your powers on eq ui pment, as bathed in gamma rays and been bitten by g lowing spi
I ron Man has learned, is that others can steal the eq uip ders can have talents, too; they just don't brag about it.)
ment from you. A talent gives a temporary boost to an abil ity rank.
Some powers have a rank for the intensity of their ef When using an abil ity to do something that the character
fect. This power rank is used to determine what happens has a talent for, that character's abi lity is treated as one
when t hat power is used . A bolt of I ncredible electricity rank higher than usual. For exam ple, Iron Man i s a pretty
i nflicts In credible dam age (40 points) . Body armor of sm art fellow, with Incredi ble Reason (40). He also has a
Rem arkable ra nk protects agai nst attacks of up to Re talent i n Electronics. That means, when working with
markable damage (30 points). electronics, his Reason is considered Amazi ng (50)-one
Looking to Spi der-Man again, re member that we men rank high er than it is. This increase is known as a column
tio ned his Amazing Wall-Crawling power (w hich is pretty shift and is explai ned further in the FEATs section.
darn good , considering that you and I can't stick to walls S p ider- Man is listed as havi ng three talents: Photogra
at all). In addition , he has as a natural (or un natural !) phy, Chemistry, and Weapons Specialist (with his web
abil ity his Spider Sense, which is also Amazing. The shooters). When Spider-Man (or Peter Parker) tries to do
description of S pidey states that his Spider Sense re anything related to photography (taking the perfect pic
places I ntuition in determi n i n g i n itiative (this gives ture, setting up his automatic cam era) or chemistry (mak
Spider-Man an advantage in combat) and that Spider ing a new chem ical com pounds or isolating a molecule
Man can dodge out of harm's way if he makes a success for study), his abil ities are one ran k higher. Further, when
ful Spider Sense FEAT roll . using his web-shooters (for any reason at all), his Ag ility
FEAT roll? Don 't worry, we ' l l explai n that i n the next is raised from Amazing (50) to Monstrous (75).
chapter. Suffice it to say t hat S pider-Man is a hard d ude N ow we have a pretty full picture of Spider-Man (t he
to sneak up o n . " I n Brief" section rounds out his character, gives him an
B ut wait (as t h e ads say), th ere's more. Spider-Man origin, and tells us why he is a hero) . Spider-Man is
al most never goes anywhere without packing his trusty quick, agile, and strong, aided by a special ability that
web shooters and spider tracers. Both of these are warns him of danger, and weapons that ensnare his op
equipment, so they can be taken away from him or dam- ponents in a strong web. H e's especially good with t h at

weapon, along with being a good photographer and a used in various cases are listed below.
chem ist. He is a m id-range h ero, tough but not on par Fighting: Attacking with bare hands or a weapon, or
with the heavyweights of the Marvel U niverse. All trying specific fighting tricks (like hitting mu ltiple oppo
around, he's pretty i m pressive. Amazing, even. nents).
The next q u estion is, how does he do all the amazing Agility: Throwing th ings , aiming weapons, dodging ,
t h ings he does? How does the J udge determ ine whether jumping, acrobatics, and using powers from a d istance.
Spider-Man successfully lifts a pile of broken girders, h its Strength: Lifting t hings, breaking things, wrestling or
a bad guy, or d odges out of the way of J uggernaut's restraining an opponent.
fists? Endurance: Avoiding the effects of poison or bei ng
Answer: That's where FEATs come in. reduced to 0 Healt h , chargi ng an opponent .
Reason: Understandi ng and operat i ng techno logy,
i nventing things, learning new languages.
FEATs Intuition: Sensing danger, finding hidden objects.
A hero bounds over th ree parked cars to rescue a Psyche: Using magic, avoiding mag ical effects, resist
small puppy. A hero knocks out a murderous vi llain with ing mental control.
a single punch . A hero flings a loose bolt across a In addition to the seven basic abilities , the following
crowded laboratory, h itti ng the sh ut-off switch which other variables and powers also use FEATs.
stops the doomsday device. Power: The rank of a particular power determ ines its
How does he do that? success. Exceptions are t hose powers (such as electric
The answer is FEATs, an acronym for Function of Ex bolts) which req uire Agi l ity to see if they hit their target.
ceptional Ability or Talent. FEATs are how players deter Popularity: Used in those situations where the h ero's
mine whether thei r characters succeed i n t h eir actions. Popularity determines whether he can succeed-such as
When a character tries to do something d ifficult, the when he is trying to calm a crowd or borrow an in credibly
player rolls the percentile dice. This is called a FEAT roll . powerful scientific gadget from a governm ent lab.
On the back cover o f t h i s book i s t h e Universal Table, Resource: A Resource FEAT is used to see if the char
which is used to determine whether FEATs succeed or acter can afford to buy somethi ng , such as a new car, a
fai l. Across t h e top are the abil ity ranks and rank n u m new space telescope, or a secret base located some
bers , ranging from Shift 0 to Shift Z, plus Class 1 000, where in M anhattan .
3000, and 5000. Down the left side of the chart are num FEAT Example: Spider-Man is swinging through down
bers from 1 to 1 00. town M anhattan when he sees a small dog dodge out
To m ake a FEAT rol l , rol l the dice and fi nd the number i nto the middle of the street , in front of a delivery truck.
rol led along the left side of the table. That will give you a The player running Spider-Man decides to rescue the
particu lar row of boxes. Find the ability rank that is bei ng small dog by swinging down and grabbing it as he
used (Excellent, Remarkable, etc. . . ) to make the FEAT passes.
across the top. That gives you a particular col umn of What Spidey is doing is an Ag il ity FEAT (the J udge
boxes. Find the box where the column and row meet. m akes this decision , using common sense). Spider
That box is the result of the FEAT. The color of the box Man's Agil ity is Amazing, so the Amazing co lumn of the
(White, Green, Yel low, or Red) indicates whether the Universal Table is used . However, the rol l of the percen
FEAT succeeded or fai led , and the deg ree of that suc tile dice comes up 1 3 . The 1 1 -1 5 row of the Amazing
cess or fai l u re. I n general, a white result is bad , a g reen col umn is a Wh ite resu lt-a miss! The FEAT fai ls! Spider
result is OK, a yellow result is good, and a red result is M an misses the pu ppy and has now put hi mself ri ght in
best. front of a speed ing delivery truck.
The ability rank that gets used depends on what the Let's say that die ro ll was a 59 instead. C hecking the
hero is tryi ng to do. Some exam ples of which abil ity gets 56-60 row, we find the result is a Yel low box-success!

-- - -. -_._---
Spider-Man grabs the pooch and swings away with it 1000. It is not possible to move from the Shift Z column
before the truck dri ver even knows he was there. to the Class 1000 column with a shift.
A FEAT roll is necessary only when a hero does some
thing difficult or out of the ordinary. Walking down a
Intensities of FEATs
street or opening an everyday door doesn't require a
FEAT roll. Neither does flying across town, if it is some If you've been paying attention, you should be wonder
thing that the hero does routinely. On the other hand, ing just what the difference is between Green, Yellow,
flying at high speed through a narrow window and across and Red FEAT results.
a crowded office does require a FEAT roll. Generally, as was stated above, a Green result is OK,
Some actions are beyond even the fantastic abilities of a Yellow result is good, and a Red result is great. Some
characters (such as moving a planet out of orbit). These times the differences are specified by the rules, as in
are simply not allowed. The Judge has final say on which combat, where a Red result on a punch is different from
tasks require a FEAT roll, which are automatic, and a Yellow result (see Combat for the details). Sometimes
which are impossible. there really is no difference; all that matters is that the
character gets a result that isn't White (this applies when
any success is enough success). But there's a third pos
Column Shifts (CS) sibility, too, because sometimes a Green (or even Yellow)
Sometimes circumstances make a task easier or result might not be good enough to pull off what the char
harder than it would normally be. When this happens, the acter wants to do.
character gets one or more column shifts (abbreviated This decision is up to the Judge. How does he decide?
CS). With a neat trick called intensity. Intensity is nothing
The most common column shift comes from a hero more than a rank assigned to an item or an object to
having a particular talent, and using an ability related to indicate how tough that item is. This rank is similar to
that talent. For example, a hero with a Reason of Excel ability ranks-Feeble intensity knock-out gas is much
lent (20) will normally make FEAT rolls involving Reason less potent (and dangerous to the heroes) than Amazing
(discovering a rare el ement, solving a complicated com intensity knock-out gas.
puter lock) using the Excellent col umn. If he has a talent By comparing the character's ability rank with the
in computers (l isted on his card), then his Reason is one task's intensity rank, the Judge can determine easily
rank higher-it is raised to Remarkable (30)) when deal what type of FEAT result is needed:
ing with computers. That hero gets to use the Remark
If the intensity is less than the character's ability rank,
able column of the Universal Table when making Reason
it is a Green FEAT.
FEAT rolls concerning computers, but still has Excel l ent
If the intensity is equal to the character's ability rank, it
reason for everything else.
is a Yellow FEAT.
When column shifts are noted in the rules, we use an
If the intensity is greater than the character's ability
abbreviation. The notation" + 1 CS" means one column
rank, it is a Red FEAT.
shift to the right (to a better column).
" + 2 CS" means

shift two col umns to the right. Similarly, "-1 CS" and A Green FEAT is enough to chal l enge the hero's ability
" - 2 CS" mean shift one or two columns to the left (into but is still relatively simple and safe. Lifting a moderate
worse columns). A" +" shift is always to the right and amount of weight, spotting a clue, or simply hitting a bad
the" - " shift is always to the left. In this way, an ability guy with your fist are all Green FEATs. For a Green FEAT
can be shifted into the Shift 0 column at the far left of the to be successful, the player must roll a Green, Yellow , or
table, and to the Shift X, Y, or Z areas in the upper end of Red result (White is a failure).
the table. Yel l ow FEATs are slightly tougher, like lifting the maxi
Note that there is a gap between Shift Z and Class mum weight you are capable of or knocking a gun out of

an opponent's hand. For a Yellow FEAT to be su ccessful '
the player must roll a Yellow or Red res ult on the Un iver- wal king down the street, picking up a chair, or any
sal Table (G reen and White are failures) . other common action). A Feeble (2) knock-out gas
Red FEATs are the most d ifficult, things that the hero would never affect Spider-Man under these circum
has never tried or seem beyond his capability, such as stances.
lifti ng enormous weights, leaping further than ever before, If a FEAT is more than one rank above the abi lity
making that once-i n-a-lifetime (or once-in-a-comic book) rank being tested, then the Judge may declare the
shot to save the day. Red FEATs are only successful if FEAT i m possible. For exam ple, no m atter how hard
they are in the Red area, and are few and far between. Spider-Man pounds, he's not going to break through a
Using Spider-Man as our exam ple, let's look at those wall of so lid adamanti um (the hardest su bstance
knock-out gases. Spidey's Endu rance , which is the abil i ty known to man) .
to check when deal i n g with such things, is I ncred ible When declaring FEATs automatic or i m possible, the
(40) . If the knock-out gas is Feeble (2) i ntensity, then J u dge should keep in mind that if there is even a small
Spidey needs a Green FEAT to avoid th e effects-p retty chance of success (or fai l u re) , the FEAT roll should be
easy to do. If the knock-out g as is I ncredible (40) inten allowed . Fu rther, bad guys should never have auto
sity (equal to Spidey's Endurance), th en a Yellow FEAT is matic FEATs. They should have to rol l for everyth ing,
req u i red to avoid be ing knocked out. If the knock-out gas particul arly when it comes to h u rting the heroes .
IS our top-of-the-I l n e Amazi ng (50) version , then he needs
to make a Red Endurance FEAT to avoid the effects. Intensity Charts
The fol lowing l ist is provided to aid the J udge when rul
Optional Rule: If the J udge wants, he can declare cer ing on the intensity of FEATs attempted by the player
tai n FEATs to be either automaticall y s uccessful or
i m possi ble. If an intensity is three or more ran ks below
the ability being checked, then the judge can decl are
the FEAT automatically successful (it is the same as

Strength FEATs
Material Strength
Lifting 50 lbs FE
Lifting 100 lbs PR One of the most common times when intensity comes
Lifting 200 lbs TY into play involves materials, objects, and inanimate
Lifting 400 lbs GD things. Heroes (and villains, too) spend a lot of time rip
Lifting 800 lbs EX ping up pavement, snapping off light poles, busting
Lifting 2,000 lbs RM through walls, and otherwise wreaking havoc on their
Lifting 10 tons IN surroundings. To determine if they are successful, we
Lifting 50 tons AM look at the intensity of the materials, called their material
Lifting 80 tons MN strengths.
Lifting 100 tons UN Material Strengths of Common Objects
Lifti ng 100 + tons ShX
Feeble Cloth, paper, brush, glass
Agility FEATs Poor Plastic, crystal, wood
Walk Balance Beam GD Typical Rubber, soft metal, ice,
Walk Tightrope RM interior walls
Catch Thrown Object RM Good Brick, aluminum, asphalt,
Catch Arrow in flight MN high-strength plastic,
Catch Bullet in flight UN light machinery
Endurance FEATs Excellent Concrete, iron, bullet-proof
"Typical" tear gas TY glass or clothing,
Snake Venom GD exterior walls
Spider Venom EX Remarkable Steel, reinforced concrete
Surviving Vacuum UN Incredible Stone, vibranium, volcanic rock
Amazing High strength steel, granite
Reason FEATs
Monstrous Diamonds, super-heavy alloys
Simple Machines FE
Unearthly Adamantium, some mystic elements
Communicate by Gestures TY
Class 1000 Virtually indestructible
Simple Electronics GD
materials ( Thor's hammer,
Computer Programming RM
Captain America's shield)
Understand Stardrives AM
When a character tries to break something, the Judge
Intuition FEATs
decides what the thing's intensity is. Heroes can easily
Obvious Items in room PR
(automatically, that is) break through materials with inten
Note Details EX
sities three or more ranks less than their Strength ability
Recall from Memory EX
(have you ever seen a brick wall slow down the Thing?)
Hidden Doors IN
Similarly, items more than one rank stronger than the
Invisible Objects MN
hero's Strength cannot be affected by the hero (even the
Psyche FEATs Hulk cannot bend Captain America's shield).
"Typical" hypnosis GD
"Typical" mind control RM Optional Rule: The Judge can take the thickness of the
"Typical" magic IN material into account when determining column shifts.
"Typical" Asgardian spells MN If the material is particularly thin (less than an inch
thick) , then give the FEAT a + 1 CS (it is easier to

rol l is. Even if the dice rol l is high enough to get the de
break or snap this mate rial , because there is not a lot si red result by itself, the cha racter still expends 1 0
there) . If the material is more than 1 foot thick, g ive Karma points. I f Spidey's player had spent Karma i n the
the FEAT a - 1 CS (there is more there to move), and second pu ppy-rescue example (he rol led a 53-success)
if more than 2 feet thick, a - 2CS. That is why it takes he wo uld still spend 1 0 points of Karma. These po ints
a while for even a super-powered bad guy to dig out are not added to the die roll , however. Karma can never
from a cave-in. raise a die rol l above the color the player req uested be
fore rolling the dice.
If the hero does n ' t have enough Karma poin ts to make
Ka rma up the d ifference between the dice rol l and the needed
Looking at t h e Un iversal Table, there i s always a num ber, he can not accomplish the FEAT-it fails. In this
ch ance for fa i l u re, of roll i n g a "01" on the dice and get case, subtract 1 0 points from the hero's Karma anyway.
ti ng a bad result. How do the heroes manage to pull out He does not have to spend all of his Karma raising a die
those impossible FEATs, make the killer sh ots they abso ro ll that will fail regardless, but the effort stil l costs him
l utely need to su rvive, and save the wo rld at the last pos something.
sible moment? Besides usi ng Karma to raise his own die rolls, a hero
When the fat's in the fire and a hero real ly needs that can use it to reduce the effects of other people's attacks
FEAT rol l to su cceed , he can spend Karma points to im on himself. If he is hit, a hero can move the result to the
prove his ch ance for success. Every hero has an amount n ext lower color by paying a flat 40 Karm a points. If a
of Karma at the start of t he game, and wi l l gain or lose bad guy gets a lu cky shot on your character (a Red re
Karma depending on his actions. su lt), you can pay 40 Karma (if the character has it) and
Before roll i n g the dice to resolve a FEAT, the player red uce the effect to Yell ow.
announces if h e is spending any Karma on the die ro l l . A hero can never spend Karma to aid someone else.
Think of Karma a s money, a n d spending it a s buyi ng H e m ust always be either rolling the dice h i mself, or be
better l uck. At this time the player also declares what the target of someone else's d ice ro l l . H owever, if the
color FEAT he is looking for. attack has an area effect and someone spends Ka rma to
After announcing, the player rolls the percentile dice. If reduce its effect, everyone i n the area benefits.
the rol l is n ' t high enough to get the color the player There is one situation when heroes cannot spend
wanted , subtract the die roll from the lowest die rol l that Karma: when they are surprised by an opponent. A sud
would have yielded the desired color. That many Karma den attack co ming from an unexpected direction or a bad
points are then expended (su btracted from the playe r's guy playing possum in order to m ake the hero d rop his
total for that hero) and added to the die rol l , maki ng the guard is common in com ic books. (See Blindsiding i n the
FEAT rol l successf u l . Combat ch apter.)
F o r examp l e , look again a t Spiderman's unsuccessful Spending Karma on everyth ing is expensive. Ch arac
atte mpt to rescue the puppy. The player rol led a 1 3 on a ters only get Karma points by performing heroic acts,
G reen FEAT using Amazing Ag ility. This is a White result, and they often mu st spend Karma poi nts to perform he
so the FEAT fai led . What if the player had annou nced roic acts. A successful hero must know when to spend
that he wanted to spend Karma on the ro ll? The lowest his Karma and when to hoard it.
roll that will get a G reen result on the Amazing colu m n is Only good guys (the player ch aracters) get to spend
26. Su btracti ng 1 3 (the die ro ll) from 26 l eaves 1 3. Spi Karma freely on any die rol l they want. Characters con
dey's player red uces Spider-Man 's Karma point total by trolled by the Ju dge (including other heroes, su pporting
1 3 and the FEAT roll succeeds! players, and vil lai ns) can only spend a maximum of 20
Once a player declares that he is spending Karma, he points on any Karma rol l . Even then , they will normally
m ust s pend at least 1 0 points regardless of what the dice only spend Karma to save their l ives.


Look at the game m aps. They show a typical down for use in the game, featuring major heroes, villains, and
town region d ivided i nto areas by solid and dotted l i nes. other neat stuff. The fold-ups are simple to assemble: cut
When heroes move they travel from area to area. When along the solid l ines, fold along the dotted lines, and glue
they use weapons, throw thi ngs, or use their powers , where it says " P ut Glue Here." Each co unter has a front
those powers are l isted as being effective up to so many facing point that shows where the hero is faci n g . In the
areas away. Areas are like squares on a checkerboard few cases where it matters, that point is considered the
they reg ulate how far characters can move . precise location of the hero, where he is physically stand
How far a hero can move along the ground is deter ing.
mi ned by his Endurance abil ity. A ch aracter with a Fee
ble Endurance (such as Aunt May) can move one area Clutter and Crowds
per turn. A character with Poor, Typical, Good , or Excel
lent Endurance can m ove two areas in a single turn. A If there is a lot of stuff in an area (desks, boxes, trash
character with Remarkable Endurance or better can cans, racks of clothing, office furniture, etc .), the area is
move three areas in a single turn. considered cluttered. Place a cl utter marker in that area.
I n addition, characters may be able to move more A hero on the ground must make an Ag i l ity FEAT rol l to
qu ickly using su per-speed , special move ment abilities, or move into or out of a c luttered area. A failed FEAT
flight. These abil ities have their own abil ity ranks. The cau ses the character's move to end; he gets i nto the
Speed Table shows each of the various types of move area but he can't leave it.
ment and how many areas eac h ran k allows a ch aracter If there are a lot of people in an area (a crowd gathered
to move. to watch two menaci ng m utants square off), the area i s
Bac k to the map. Thick sol id li nes represent outside crowded. Place a crowd marker in that area. Crowds
walls of build ings (Excellent material strength), wh ile thin fu nction the same way as cl utter-a hero m ust make an
solid l ines represent interior building wal ls (Typical mate Agility FEAT or be trapped in that area for the rest of the
rial strength) . Doors are shown by orange rectangles, turn (a frustrated hero can toss desks out of his way but
windows by yel low rectangles. Characters can move not i n nocent bystanders) .
across the dotted l i nes freely. They can move across It is difficult to fight in crowded and cl uttered areas.
solid li nes either through doors (with no i l l effect), Any attack made by a character in such an area s uffers a
through windows (having to break through the glass) , o r - 1 CS.
through the walls themselves (leaving a large h o l e in the It is also dangerous to open fi re or throw t h i ngs into a
masonry as they pass). The last two involve Strength crowd . A missi l e weapon or th rown object tossed or fi red
FEATs to break through the mate rial (in the case of into a crowd stands a chance of h itti ng an in nocent by
g lass , this usually isn't a problem). stander. If the original target is m issed , roll a second
In clear, open terrain , an area is about 44 yards across. time; a successful roll means that a random bystander
N i ce, big, open areas are scarce in N ew Yo rk city, how (chosen by the J udge) i s hit by the weapon.
ever; there usually are plenty of walls, h i l ls, trees , and One good thing about fighting in a crowd is that the
other things to break this into smaller areas. A room in a area does not remain crowded for long. After two rounds
building may be red uced into several smaller areas both of fighting in a crowded area with innocent bystanders (to
for ease of movement and to keep thi ngs interesting. be read as " people who are not involved i n the fight, do
We've provided a wide variety of fo ld-up playing pieces not want to be in the fight, and have a chance to get out

of the fight"), the area is no longer crowded (the innocent area per turn, p rovided that they have some means of
bystanders have taken to the h i lls). moving (ropes, perhaps, or gargoyles and sculptures to
use as hand hol ds).
Vertical Movement A falling character moves downward 1 0 stories per
turn . This means if you r ch aracter fal ls off a really tall
Vertical movement involves moving up and down, in building, you have a few rou nds to th ink up a way to save
clud ing on stairs and e levators, plus using special abili him before he hits the g round.
ties such as Wall-Crawling, and sudden irrevocable I t's not the fal l that damages heroes but, rather, the
downward movement (better known as falling). sudden stop at the end . In the MARVEL S U P E R
Look at the map. Most of the build ings have small H E ROES'" Basic Set, a hero loses 1 0 Health points for
numbers in the corners. These ind icate the n u m ber of every story fallen, to a maximum of 1 20 Health points
floors or stories in the build i n g . Th ink of a story as a verti lost from a fal l . Body armor, force fields, and similar pro
cal area; when moving through a sto ry, it counts as one tection might absorb some of that damage (the decision
area. A story is about 15 feet high, for those who are is left to the J u dge, depending on circu mstances) . I n
cou nti n g . addition , those characters who fall m ust m ake an End u r
Stairs a n d e levators are the most com mon ways to go ance FEAT roll ; a White resu l t renders them u nconscious
up or down in buildings. A character with Re markable for 1 - 1 0 turns.
Endu rance or less can go up or down stairs at a rate of While fal ling , a character can try to reach out and g rab
one story per turn . Those ch aracters with Endurance a light-post, flagpole, cornice, or anything else that might
greater than Rem arkable move up or down stairs at two slow or stop the fal l . This is an Agility FEAT of Excellent
stories per tu rn . Elevators move at a set rate of 1 0 stories i ntensity. Characters with Remarkable or better Agil ity
per tu rn. must make a Green FEAT; those with Excellent Ag ility
Characters moving along the outside of a build ing (per m ust make a Yellow FEAT; and those with Good or less
haps using Wall-Crawling or climbing abilities) do so at Agility m ust make a Red FEAT (th is is a good time to
their normal movement rates. Those who are not blessed spend Karma). If a character leaps from a high place
with such abil ities can move u pward or downward one instead of fall ing, see Leapi ng, below.

ance rank number. At that point, make an Endurance
FEAT against Remarkable intensity for each round there
When flying, characters move through areas marked after. Failing the FEAT results in drowning. ( This should
out with dotted lines as normal areas. They can also never be an automatic FEAT; Karma can be added.) A
move up or down, with each floor passed through consid drowning character becomes unconsc ious and loses one
ered as an additional area. Moving across three areas Endurance rank per round. If Endurance reaches Shift 0,
and up two stories is a total movement of five areas. the character dies.
A character's natural Flight ability has its own power
rank. Unlike most power ranks, the important number is
taken from the Speed Table. A character with Typical air
speed moves six areas per tu rn, but one with Amazing Leaping is a specialized form of movement tied to
ai rspeed moves up to 25 areas per turn. Strength instead of Endurance. A character may nor-
Note that the Speed Table also shows speeds for land mally leap as far as his rank number (in feet) without
and water movement. When a character is flying through difficulty (a Green FEAT). Increasing this by up to one
crowded areas (such as cities or inside buildings), he can area is a Red FEAT.
move at his listed top speed. If he flies faster than the A hero may leap from a bu ilding and land safely, as
listed land speed for that same rank, however, he must opposed to falling off a building. If the distance is greater
make Agility FEATs to t u rn, avoid slamming into walls, than the character's normal leaping limit or the FEAT
and stop suddenly. fails, it is treated as a normal fall.

Speed Table
Optional Rule-acceleration and deceleration: A flying
character cannot reach maximum speed in a round LandIWater Air
unless his power specifically allows it. The character Speed Speed
can move up to his normal ground movement du ring Rank Areas/Turn MPH Areas/Turn MPH

the first round of flight. Speed may be increased by Shift 0 0 0 0 0

that amo unt each round until maximum speed is Feeble 1 15 2 30
reached. Poor 2 30 4 60
A flying character who is slowing down may halve Typical 3 45 6 90
his speed each round (rou nding down). A flying char Good 4 60 8 120
acter may never reduce his speed to 0 without landing Excellent 5 75 10 150
or falling, unless his power allows him to hover. Remarkable 6 90 15 225
If the hero is flying no faster than the top land speed Incredible 7 1 05 20 300
of his flying power rank, he can stop dead and land by Amazing 8 1 20 25 375
making an Agility FEAT. The intensity of this FEAT is Monstrous 9 1 35 30 450
the speed at which he is moving. Unearthly 10 150 40 600
Shift X 12 1 80 50 750
Shift Y 14 21 0 1 00 1 500
Swimming Shift Z 16 240 200 3750
Unless otherwise stated, assume that most heroes can Class 1 000 32 480 Interplanetary
swim. SWimming, either on the su rface or underwater, is speed
slow, no more than one area per round, unless powers or Class 3000 50 720 Near light
abil ities increase that rate. speed
A great hazard of swi mming is drowning. Heroes can Class 5000 1 00 1500 Like
hold their breath a number of t u rns eq ual to their Endur- teleportation.

Com bat

bad guy if he was j ust knocked out by the bad guy in the
It's Clobberin g Ti me! same tu rn).
Heroes fig ht villains. Villains fight vil lains. H eroes fight
heroes (though often by m istake). No m atter how you Optional Rule: Compare the highest Intuition rank on
slice it, there 's a whole lotta fig hting going on in t he each side and count the number of col umns between
M arvel U niverse, where the fate of the world often hinges them on the Universal Table. Add this number to the
on a good right hook. die rol l of the side with the hi ghest Intuition. For exam
In combat, ti ming is everything . Time is broken into ple, a bad guy with Exce l lent (20) Intuition has an ad
turns, like rounds in a boxing match. Tu rns are not a pre vantage over a group of good guys who have onl y
cise measure ment-they take about five to 1 5 seconds Good (1 0) Intuition, and he receives a + 1 to his initia
each, which ro ughly translates into one panel of a comic tive ro l l . The player with the highest Intu ition should
book. Yo ur character can perform in one round whatever roll the i nitiative die if thi s option is used.
can comfortably fit into a single panel of a comic book.
That's why heroes can deliver a long speech and cl obber
the Red Skull in a single turn, but only the fastest of them Health and Combat
can take multiple actions in the same turn. As a general
rule a hero or villain can only attack once per round , un Characters get hu rt when fighting super-powered ene
less he has special powers that give him bonus attacks. m ies. A hero's Health score is used to keep track of
Here 's what happens in a typical round of fighting . these inj u ries. Remember that Health is found by adding
1 . T h e J udge looks a t the situation and decides what together the rank nu mbers for Fig hting , Agility, Strength ,
the bad guys are doing. He doesn't tell the players, he and Endu rance. Health provides a total nu mber that rep
just decides, remem bering it, o r writing it down if he resents the fu l l physical capacity of the hero. The H u l k
needs to. has g reat Health. Aunt May has lousy Health. Therefore ,
2. The players te ll the J udge what their characters are the Hulk is more likely to survive an argu ment with the
going to do that ro und . U.S. Army than is Aunt M ay.
3. The J udge and one of the players each roll one ten When a character is h u rt, he takes damage. This dam
sided die. The high roller gets to perform his actions first. age is a fixed number, usually an att ribute of the attacker
This is cII.d aving the initiative. If the J udge rolls high, he or a p roperty of a weapon or power. The amount of dam
gets the Initiative and the bad guys get to move first-they age is su btracted from the hero's Health to show how
are the attackers. If the player rolls higher, he has the initia bad ly banged up he is.
tive and his side moves fi rst-the player characters are the What happens when Health reaches O? How do he
attackers. Reg rdless of the number of players involved, roes heal? These q uestions will be answered in the sec
they all get their attacks based on that one die roll . tion Life, Death , and Health. First, let's concentrate on
4 . The attackers (the side t hat rolled highest) perform doing that damage in the first place.
their actions first.
5. The defenders (the side that rolled l owest) perform
their actions. Someti mes they may be prevented from
Types of Combat
perform ing their intended moves because of the actions There are a nu mber of d ifferent types of com bat, but it
of the attackers (it's d ifficult for a character to thump the all boils down to making FEAT rolls and checking the

Universal Table. At the top of the Universal Table is the Escaping from a wrestling hold o r a g rabbing oppo
Battle Effects Chart, with various types of attacks along nent is also a Strength ability.
the top and the meanings of White , G reen, Yellow, and
Finally, body armor and force fields can have a signifi
Red FEATs along the bottom. In the case of some results cant effect on whether an attack succeeds and often
(such as slam , stu n, and kill), further die rolls may be
reduce the damage taken from the attack.
The general process for combat is:
1 . Decide the type of com bat and its applicable ability. F i g hting Combat-Slugfest!
2. Make a FEAT roll for that ability. Fig hting abil ity combat involves beating on an oppo
3. Look at the Universal Table to determine if the result nent with bare hands, as well as hitting a foe with hand
i s White, G reen, Yellow, or Red . held weapons. Such weapons include both bl unt
4. Look at the Battle Effects Table above the Universal weapons (li ke clubs and chairs) and s harp item s (like
Table and find what a FEAT result of that color does . swords and broken bottles).
5. Apply the effect, accord ing to the resu lts l isted for For slugfest combat to occur the opponents must be in
that attack. Usually this means a loss of Health poi nts or the same area and in the sam e general location. There
some specific effects based on the attack. These other are powers which negate this, primarily those that allow
effects may resu lt in fu rther d ice rolls if the opponent is the op ponent to stretch out parts of his body to hit some
wounded o r knocked out. one (Doctor Octopus and M r. Fantastic have such
Com bat usually depends on one of the fou r physical powers).
abilities: Fig hting , Ag ility, Strengt h , or Endurance . Slugfest combat using bare hands, fists, or bl unt weap
Attacks that involve hand-to-hand combat, either using ons is called a blunt attack. Combat that uses claws,
fists or melee weapons (such as clubs, uru ham mers, knives, or other edged weapons is called an edged at
swords, daggers, or chairs) , use the Fighting abil ity, and tack. Both are resolved in the same manner. M ake a
are called slugfest combat. Fighting FEAT and check the resu lt on the Universal
Attacks that occur over a d istance and involve th row Table and Battle Effects Chart , either under bl unt attacks
i ng thi ngs, using m issi le weapons (such as bows, g uns, or edged attacks.
or star-spang led shields) , or using powers (s uch as elec Blunt attacks are intended to knock out or otherwise
tric bolts, flames, repu lsors, or web-shooters), use the incapacitate an opponent with li ttle risk of permanent
Agility ability, and are called ranged attacks. inj u ry or death .
Attacks that involve g rappl ing, wrestl ing , or g rabbing A character making a blunt attack can choose to infl ict
an opponent use the Strength ability and are lumped less damage than his full Strength rank number. O r, a
under the general title of wrestling combat. character who rolls a Red or Yellow FEAT resu lt can vol
Attacks that involve running into an op ponent and untarily reduce it one or two leve ls (from Red to Ye llow,
knocking him over (or out) use the Endu rance ability and for exam ple). In either case, this is called "pul l ing your
are called charging attacks. punches."
In addition, there are a number of defensive moves The results l isted on the Battle Effects Chart for bl unt
that a ch aracter can make if under attack. These moves weapon attacks are :
incl ude: White: The attack m isses the target. No damage is
Evading a physical attac k, which uses Fig hting ability; Green: The attack hits the opponent. The opponent's
Dodging a m issile weapon, power bolt, o r thrown item, Health is reduced by an amount up to the attacker's
which uses the Agility ability ; Strength rank number.
Blocking, which meets force with force in order to Yellow: A slam occurs . The op ponent loses Health
lessen its damage, is a Strength abil ity ; pOints, the same as a G reen result. In addition, he must

check to see if he is slam med (see "S lams, Stu ns, and lethal. A character maki ng an edged attack cannot
Kills," below). choose to i nflict less than the full damage of that particu
Red: A stun occurs. The opponent loses Health points, lar weapon . Further, he can not choose to red uce the
the same as a G reen res ult. In add ition , the opponent effect of his attack to a lesser color result. This is why
m ust check to see if he is stu nned. Wolverine is very careful about using his claws.
When fighting with bare fists, a character can inflict Edged weapons have a listed damage val ue. This is
points of damage up to his Strength rank n u m ber on an the minimum amount of damage that will be infl icted on a
opponent. That many H ealth points are subtracted from hit. The attacking character can choose to infl ict more
the opponen t's total. If anyone reaches 0 Health, he is than th is, up to the material strength of the weapon or
knocked out (see Getting H u rt). power being used , or the Strength of the attacker, which
A character using a blunt weapon does more da mage ; ever is less. For exam ple, a character with Remarkable
he gains a + 1 CS, but only for figuring damage. For (30) strength holding a knife that infl icts Good (1 0) dam
example, Sp ider-Man , with I ncred ible Strength, inflicts 40 age and is made of Excellent (20) material will i nflict at
points of damage when he hits someone. If he hits some least 1 0 points of damage. He can raise this to 20 points
one with an engine block, he gets a + 1 CS on damage, (the limit of the knife's material) if he wants. If the kn ife
so he inflicts Am azing damage (50 pOints) instead . The was made of Incredible (40) material , then the damage
material strength of the blunt weapon must be equal to or cou ld be increased up to 30 points-the strength of the
greater than the attacking hero 's Strength . Otherwise, wielder.
the da mage bon us does n ' t apply. (Aun t May does more While a blunt attack can m iss, hit, slam , or stu n , an
damage with a lead pipe than with her bare hands. The edged attack can m iss, hit, stu n , or kill.
Thing with a feat her pillow does his normal (Monstrous) White: The attack misses and no damage is taken by
Thing-type damage.) the opponent.
An edged attack is an attac k with claws or teeth , as Green: The attack h its. The opponent mu st lose Health
we l l as weapons l i ke swords, hatchets , and daggers. It is points at least equal to the weapon's damage value, and
also called hack 'n slash, for obvious reasons. possi bly more (see above).
An edged attack is very effective, but also potentially Yellow: The attack hits and causes damage the same

as a G reen res ult. The opponent may be stunned (see Also, the accuracy of the ranged attack is reduced by
Stuns, Slams, and Kills). obstacles. The attacker's Agil ity has a 2 CS penalty if

Red: The attack hits and causes damage the same as the weapon must pass through obstacles.
a G reen result. The opponent m ay be killed (see Stuns, There is a wide variety of ran ged attacks on the U n i
Slams, and Kills). versal Table (five, actually): shooting (including guns and
I n general , edged attacks are very dangerous. Killing most other projectile weapons), edged throwing, blunt
oppo nents m ay increase the reputation of a hero, but it's throwing, energy, and force. All use the attacker's Agil ity.
m u rder on his Karma . C heck the Karma awards to see A shooting attack is the most common form of ranged
the penalty for killing a foe. attack. It i ncl udes handguns, rifles, and most of the P u n
isher's armory.
Ag i l ity Com bat- Ra n ged Attacks Weapons used i n a shooting attack list their own dam
age. They cannot infl ict more or l ess than that listed
Ranged attack is a general name for any attack that damage, nor can the attacker choose to reduce the re
hits a foe at a distance, whether with one of P u n isher's sulting color to a lesser one. A shooting attack may result
guns, Captain M arvel 's energy bolts, Captai n America's in a m iss, hit, bull 's-eye, or k ill .
shield, or a well-tossed boulder from the H u l k. White: The bullet (or w hatever the projectile happens
Characters making ranged attacks are not usually to be) misses the target. However, it does not d isappear.
adjacent to their targets, and can be several areas apart. If fi red into a crowd, another FEAT m ust be made to
The d istance from the attacker to the target is cal led the check if anyone else was hit (the exact target is chosen
range. To determi n e range, count the n u m ber of areas by the J udge from the general populace gathered
between the attacker and his target as if the attacker was around). Further, there are situations (such as in a room
movi ng to where the target is. That's the range. filled with explosives or the control room of a n uclear
Powers have a range determ ined by their power rank, power plant) where missing may have nasty side-effects.
unless otherwise noted i n their descri ption. The ranges Green: The attack hits the target, inflicting damage
for most powers are shown on the Range Tables. A char according to the weapon used . Some types of p rojectiles
acter can extend the range beyond that listed, but each ( " mercy bullets" or Spider-Man 's web-shooters) do no
additional area reduces his Agil ity by 1 CS .
damage, but have other effects.
Weapons have a maxi m u m range beyond which they Yellow: A bul l 's-eye is treated as a G reen hit unless the
are not effective. Ordinary weapons, such as handguns attacker was aiming for someth ing in particu lar (shooting
and rifles, have a - 1 CS penalty to hit for every area a g un out someon e's han d , using a web-shooter to pIas
they pass through (which explains why most heroes rely ter a foe to the floor). The exact nature of such bull's
on their powers, and those that do use weapons, such as eyes are left to the J udge and depend on the situation,
H awkeye and Punisher, tend to get real close to their but the area should never be more than a foot square
targets) . and the result should not be fatal .
Th rown objects have a range determined by the Red: The attack hits the target and, i f the weapon i n
Strength of the th rower, listed on the Range Table. Gen flicts any damage at all , results in a kill.
e rally, if a character can lift it, he can th row it. The n um An edged throwing attack involves tossing a sharp
bers listed are the top range; the character suffers a - 1 object, such as a knife, shuri ke n , or even a playing card,
CS penalty for each area beyond that. at a target. An edged throwi ng attack may never be re
Ranged attacks often take place through other objects duced in effect (reduced from Yellow to G reen), but can
(windows and brick walls are pop u lar). The damage from be reduced in damage. An edged throwing attack i nfl icts
the tossed object is red uced by the m aterial strength of damage up to that l isted for the weapon (in cases where
whatever it passes through. If this red uces the damage a weapon is used), the m aterial strength of the ite m , o r
to zero or less, the tossed object is stopped. t he Strength o f the attacker, whichever is least.

An edged throwing attack may result in a m iss, hit, tio n , he hits it (see shooting attacks).
stun , o r kill result: Red: The energy attack hits the target and inflicts dam
White: The th rown object m isses the target. It may hit age . The target may be killed .
other targets, as noted for shooting. A force attack is similar to an energy attack , but uses
Green: The th rown object hits the target, i nflicting dam a physical manifestation of its energy to i nflict concus
age as described above. sive force (it hits l i ke a blunt energy attack, as opposed
Yellow: The th rown object hits the target, i nflicting to a sh arp energy attack). I ron Man's repulsors, the I nvis
damage as noted above, and also has the chance of ible Woman's force beams, and Cyclops's eye beams are
stun n ing the opponent. all examples of this type of attack . Certain weapons d u
Red: The th rown object hits the target, i nflicting dam pl icate force attacks (such weapons are usually called
age as noted above, and also has a chance to kill the blasters).
target. A character may choose to reduce the damage from a
A b l u nt t h rowing attack is similar to an edged th row force attack, but not the color result.
ing attack, but involves blunt objects-usually large blunt A force attack m ay score a miss, hit, bull's-eye, or stun
objects like rocks, b uses, or star-spangled s h ields. The result.
b l u nt throwi ng attack inflicts damage equal to either the White: The force attack misses the target. It may hit
Strength of the th rower or the material strength of the others in the area, however, the same as a shooting at
item being thrown, whichever is less. The effect of a tack.
th rown bl unt weapon can always be reduced to a lesser Green: The force attack hits the target and causes up
color or can i nfl ict fewer points of Health damage. to the listed damage.
A b lu nt th rowing attack can result i n a m iss, hit or stun Yellow: The force attack hits the target and causes up
result. to the listed damage. If the attacker was ai ming for a
White: T h e attack misses its target. It m ay h i t other particular spot, he hits it.
targets i n the area, the same as shooting attacks. If this Red: The force attack hits the target and causes up to
h appens, damage can not be red uced . the listed damage. In addition, the target m ust check to
Green: The attack hits the target and i nflicts damage. see if it is stu n ned.
Yellow: The attack hits the target and infl icts damage. In general , heroes tend to use non lethal ranged at
Red: The attack hits the target and i nflicts damage . In tacks ; either blunt throwing, force attacks, or nonlethal
addition, the target may be stu n ned . shooting attacks. Some , l ike the P unisher, use more le
An energy attack i n volves powers that use energy to thal methods and accept the penalty of not having m uch
shock or damage an opponent, as wel l as weapons that Karma when they need it.
s i m ulate those abil ities (lasers, for example). Energy
Range Tables
powers have no physical force to them . A character us
ing an energy attack may reduce the damage inflicted by Power Rank Range
the weapon or power but not the result color. Shift 0 Touch Only
An energy attack may result i n a miss , hit, bull's-eye, Feeble Touch Only
or kill. Poor 1 area
White: The energy attack misses the target, but may hit Typical 2 areas
other targets in the same area, the same as a shooti ng Good 4 areas
attack . Excellent 6 areas
Green: T h e energy attack hits t h e target a n d inflicts Remarkable 8 areas
damage. I ncred ible 1 1 areas
Yellow: The energy attack hits the target and infl icts Amazing 20 areas
damage. If the attacker was aiming for a particular loca- Monstrous 40 areas

U nearthly 60 areas Strength Com bat-Rass l i n g
Shift X 80 areas
Shift Y 1 60 areas G rabbing a n opponent and holding him (as opposed to
S hift Z 400 areas j ust hitting him) is wrestling combat and requi res
C l ass 1 000 1 00 Miles Strength FEATs to succeed . This incl udes restraining a
C l ass 3000 1 0 Thousand Miles foe, grappling with h i m , squeezing or crushing h i m , o r
Class 5000 1 M i llion M i les tryi ng to p u l l something away from h i m .
As with slugfest combat, t h e opponents in a wrestling
Strength Rank Throwing Range (in areas) attack must be adjacent or have powers, weapons, or
S h ift 0 o abilities that allow the attacker to reach the defender
Feeble 1 (examples being Doc Ock's arms or a glob of Spider
Poo r 1 Man 's web fl uid stuck to an opponent's weapon) .
Typical 1 Wrestling combat comes in two flavors: g rappling and
Good 2 grabbing.
E xcellent 3 A grappling attack is designed to hold down an oppo
Remarkable 4 nent, prevent him from moving, and possibly inflict dam
I ncredible 5 age u pon him. An attacker may always choose to inflict
Amazing 6 less than maxi m u m damage on his foe and to red uce the
Monstrous 7 effect (from Red to Yel low, for example).
U nearthly 8 A grappling attack may result in a miss, a partial hold,
Shift X 10 or a hold.
Shift Y 15 White: The attacker misses the target and m ay make
Shift Z 20 no other attacks that turn.
C l ass 1 000 Line of Sight Green: The attacker misses the target and may make
C l ass 3000 Line of Sight no other attacks that turn.
C l ass 5000 Line of Sight Yellow: The attacker gets a partial hold on the oppo-

nent; he's grabbed hold of an arm, leg, or something else his possession. Items which are attached to someone
that l i mits the opponent's movement. No damage is in (such as jet-pack belts) can be grabbed, but then a sec
flicted on the target, but he suffers a n immed iate 2 CS
- ond Strength FEAT is needed to break the material
o n all FEATs for as long as h e is held. If the attacker's strength of the item and remove it).
Strength is greater than the defender's Strength, then
the defender cannot move. E n d u ra n ce Combat- Cha r g i n g
Red: The attacker gets a full hold o n the opponent,
p reventing most actions and potentially i nflictin g dam Charging com bat i nvolves ramming i nto a n opponent
age. The target cannot move for the rest of the turn. Fur l i ke a battering ram . The character making the charging
ther, the only action the defender can take i n the next attack suffers no penalty for moving and attacking.
turn is to try to escape the hold (see Defensive Actions). C harging is considered an Endurance FEAT and uses
The attacker, in the n ext turn, can i nflict up to his full the End urance abil ity. Certain bad guys, l ike Ju ggernaut
Strength rank n umber i n damage to the held opponent and R hino, use the charging attack almost all the time.
and take one add itional action besides. A character m ust move at least one area to make a
A g rabbing attack is not d i rected at a person , but charging attack, but may move his entire movement rate.
rather at taking something away, like a g u n , bom b, or For each area the character moves through before
small statuette of a black falco n . A g rabbin g attack does reaching his target, the attacker gets a + 1 CS, up to a
n ot normally i nflict damage. An attacker making a grab maxi m u m of + 3 CS (even if the character moved
bing attack m ay not vol untarily choose to reduce the through more than three areas).
effect of the attack (lowering it from Red to Yel low, for A charging character may choose to reduce the dam
example). age he i nfl icts, but not the res ult color. A charging attack
A g rabbing attack m ay result in a m iss, take, grab, or may have a miss, hit, slam , or stun result.
break result. These results m ay h ave different effects, White: The would-be attacker misses his target and
depending on the situation and relative Strengths of the keeps on movi ng for one area beyond it i n a straight l in e
combatants. (as determi ned by the J udge, with an eye toward slam
White: The attempt m i sses. If the item bei ng grabbed ming the i ndividual into a big wall). A second FEAT, this
was in someone else's possession, it remains in his pos time for Agil ity, would prevent the individual from h ittin g
sessio n. If no one was holding it, then the item is (and potentially breaking) a wal l .
knocked loose and rolls aro u n d . Green: The attacker h its his target and i nflicts damage
Green: T h e attacker gets a handle o n t h e ite m . If the equal to either his Endurance or his Body Armor (if any),
attacker's strength is greater than that of the person whichever is higher. In additio n , the target takes two
holding the ite m , then the attacker gets the item. Other poi nts of additional damage for each area the attacker
wise, treat it as a White result. moved through before stri king h i m .
Yellow: The attacker has grabbed the item away from Yellow: A successful hit, t h e same as a G reen result,
his opponent, regardless of the Strength of his opponent. and the target m ust also check against his E ndu rance or
Red: The attempt succeeds all too wel l . The object be slammed .
being grabbed is bro ken if the attacker's Strength is Red: A successful hit, the same as a G reen result, and
greater than the ite m 's material strengt h . If the item can the target must check agai nst his Endurance or be
be activated or used (such as a g u n , bomb, or button), stu n ned.
then it i m mediately fi res or is activated . A random gun Charging characters who slam (either intentionally or
shot will strike as a Typical Ag i lity attack against one i nadvertently) into inanimate objects wi ll damage them as
c haracter (chosen randomly). they wou ld living targets . The material strength, rather
Wrestling attacks are generally used to restrain an than Health , determines if the hero breaks through the
opponent without i nj uring him or to get something out of obstacle.

evade, then no damage is infl icted, (but the fighters are
Defensive Actions (Optiona l) maki ng some really nifty moves!).
All of the fol lowi ng defensive actions are optional rules Evading is useful when a character doesn't really want
fo r the MARVEL SUPER H EROEST. Basic Set, to be to harm an opponent (such as an angry fellow team mate)
used once the heroes get a handle on the basics of h it or the character is fighting an opponent who seriously
ting the other guy. outclasses him (such as Daredevil taking on
Defensive actions may be taken instead of the stand J u ggernaut-if one punch lands, it's all over for Dare
ard attacks. Some may be taken i n addition to standard devil).
attacks and are noted as such. The defensive actions Dodging is an attempt to get out of the way of an at
i ncl ude evasion (a Fighti n g F EAT), dodging (an Agi lity tack. It is effective only against ranged attacks (those
F EAT) , blocking, and escaping (both Strength F EATs) . All based on Agility) and charging attacks (based on En d u r
are effective only in certain situations. A character using ance). It has no effect on slugfest or wrestling.
a defensive action makes his F EAT roll at the beginning A character who dodges announces his i ntentions to
of the turn , even if he doesn't have the i n itiative. do so at the start of the turn . He may perform other
Evading is a Fighting F EAT used to keep out of the actions (such as hitting an opponent), but all his FEATs
way of an opponent while remaining i n com bat with him. have a - 2 CS penalty.
By a series of fei nts, parries , l u n ges, and n imble dodges , After announcing dodging, the player controlling the
the hero keeps his opponent occupied while not doing dodging character makes an Agi l ity FEAT. That roll deter
any real damage to either the opponent or, hopefully, mines the effect of his dodge on all ranged attacks and
hi mself. charges against him that turn . The result can be n o ef
Evasion m ust be announced at the start of the turn . A fect or a 2, 4, or 6 column shift.
character who evades can not do anyth ing else. Evasion White: There is no defensive benefit. The hero still
is only effective again st sl ugfest ( Fighti ng-based) and suffers from the - 2 CS to all his F EATs that turn, regard
wrestling (Strength-based) attac ks. less.
An evading character makes n o attack on his foe , but Green: All ranged attacks and charges are at - 2 CS to
still rolls to see the result of his evasion . The evasion hit (damage from the attacks, if they hit, is u naffected).
m ay result in an auto-hit, an evasion, or an evasion with Yel/ow: All ranged attacks and charges are at - 4 CS to
a + 1 or + 2 CS. hit (damage from the attacks, if they h it, is unaffected).
White: The evading character zigged when he should Red: All ranged attacks and charges are at - 6 CS to
have zagged and walked right i nto a punch . If the at hit (damage from the attacks, if they hit, is u n affected).
tacker rolls a W hite result, he gets a G reen result any No col umn shift can push the attacker below Shift O . A
way. successful dodge applies to all ranged and charge at
Green: The evasion is successful . The evad i n g charac tacks against the dodging character that turn.
ter dodged the blow and takes no damage that rou n d . Dodging is most useful for characters with extremely
Yel/ow: T h e evasion is successfu l , and i n add ition to high Agility and good general abilities (to cover the - 2
taki n g no damage that t u rn , the character h as fou nd CS penalty) . It is very effective for such heroes as
h i m self i n a superior position , s u c h that he benefits from Spider-Man, who uses the tactic liberally to avoid hails of
a + 1 CS to hit (but not to damage) the next turn . gunfire.
Red: The evasion is successful, and in addition, the Blocking is a defensive ability usi ng Strength to at
character fi nds himself in a superior position , such that tempt to resist the damage of a blow. Much like an offen
he ben efits from a + 2 CS to hit (but n ot to dam age) the sive li neman is set to receive the ch arge of an opposing
n ext turn. tackler, the character using the block maneuver is trying
Only one opponent m ay be evaded at any one time; to resist the damage done with h is own brute Strengt h .
other attackers attack normally. If both sides i n a com bat Blocking is effective primarily agai nst physical attacks:

g rappling, edged and bl unt throwing attacks, sl ugfest,
and force attacks. It is not effective against shooting, Slams, Stu ns, and Ki l is
e nergy attacks, charging, or g rabbin g . A character mak Several attack results demand a check for slam , stun ,
i ng a block can take no other actions that turn. o r ki l l . When these res u lts come up, the target m ust i m
When announcing a block, the player controlling that mediately m ake an E ndurance F EAT and check the ap
character m akes a Strength FEAT and checks the block propriate result on the Battle Effects Table.
ing col u m n . He then modifies his Strength by that many Slams, stuns, and kills can only affect the target if the
colu m n shifts. The resulting ran k is treated as body ar damage from the attack is equal to or greater than the
mor (see Powers in Combat). victim's body armor or other protection against that at
White: R ed uce the Strength ran k by 6 CS. The result is tack. If a Good ( 1 0) attack hits Excel lent (20) body armor,
treated as body armor of that ran k . then no damage is done and there is no possi bil ity of a
Green: Reduce t h e Strength rank b y 4 C S . The result slam or stu n . If a Good ( 1 0) attack hits Good ( 1 0) body
is treated as body armor of that rank . armor, then stu n , slam , and kill effects can take effect.
Yellow: Reduce t h e Strength rank by 2 CS. T h e result A slam is possible as the result of a blunt attack or
is treated as body armor of that ran k . charging. A slam med character can be knocked down or
Red: Increase t h e Strength r an k by 1 CS. T h e result is across the way. The target of the slam result m akes an
treated as body armor of that ran k. Endurance FEAT. Karma m ay be added to this FEAT
The body armor bonu s lasts for that t u rn on ly. If the unless prohibited by other rules (such as Bli ndsiding).
character h as n at ural body armor of a h igher rank, then White: The target suffers a great slam-he is knocked
the natural body armor is used instead , with no bonus. several areas away by his opponent. The distance equals
T h e block m aneuver is used primarily by very strong the n umber of areas the slammed ch aracter wou ld move
individuals with low body armor values, such as Thor, at a speed equal to the attacker's Strength. (Getti ng
and by those characters with higher body armors in situ slammed by someon e with U nearthly Strengt h , for exam
ations where they need the extra toughness. ple, will send a body flying 1 0 areas-see the Movement
Escaping is a defensive action used by characters Table.)
who are held in wrestling holds or otherwise restrai ned . Green: The target suffers a regular, everyday slam ; he
The escape action allows the character to slip out of the is knocked into an adjacent area.
hold o r restraint. Yellow: The target suffers no ill effect from the slam,
An escape can not be com bi ned with any other action but he takes norm al damage.
(except on a Red result; see below). Red: Same as the Yel low result, the target suffers no ill
An escape is a Strength FEAT. The res u lt of an escape effect from the slam. He does take normal damage .
m ay be miss, escape, or reverse the hold. The 2 CS for -
E ither the attacker or the target determi nes the di rec
a partial hold does not apply to an escape attem pt . tion of the slam , depending on if any real damage (loss of
White: T h e escape attempt fails and t he character is Health) was infl icted. If there was no effective damage
stil l caught in the hold or partial hold . (the defender's Health is the same as before), the target
Green: The escape attempt fails and the character is chooses the area he gets slammed into. If there is dam
stil l caught i n the hold or partial hol d . age, the attacker chooses the direction of the slam .
Yellow: T h e escape attempt succeeds a n d t h e hero i s If someone is slammed into (or th rough) a wal l , he
free o f t h e h o l d . H e is stil l adjacent t o his foe and may be m ust m ake a Strength FEAT to break through the wal l . If
captured again if his e nemy gets a chance. successful, he takes no additional damage. If unsuccess
Red: The escape attempt succeeds--so wel l , in fact, ful, the slammed character takes damage equal to the
that the hero can i m mediately move up to one area away material strength of the wall and his movement from the
or try another attack (includ i ng wrestling back at his at slam ends there .
tacker) with a 2 CS to success.
A stun has t h e potential of taking the hero out o f the

fight fo r a n u m be r of turns. Stuns can result from sl ug right killing because it carries such an enormous Karma
fest, throwing, force, or charging attacks. A stun can penalty.
h ave an effect only if the damage from the attack is
greater than the target's Endurance (Aunt May cannot
stun J uggernaut, no matter how l ucky she gets). Life, Death , a n d Hea lth
The target makes an Endurance FEAT rol l . I n t h e beginning o f t h e combat chapter, i t was stated
White: T h e target is stunned for 1 - 1 0 turns. T h e J u dge that damage reduces the Health of the injured character.
rolls one die. The result is the n u m ber of turns that the If a character is hit by the Hulk, he can find 1 00 pOints of
stun n ed ch aracter spends resting, doing noth ing else. his Health suddenly gone with the wind. Not many folks
Green: The target is stunned for one turn . The charac can take two hits from the Hulk. What happens when the
ter involved is not knocked down , but cannot take any character's Health dwindles to that m agic n u mber, zero?
actions the next turn . It's l i ke " lose a turn ," but during Wel l , he may die. That means he's out of the campaign
battle everyone gets to beat on the character. in a permanent way (though i n the M arvel U n iverse,
Yellow: The target is u n affected by the stun result and more than a few heroes and vil lains have returned from
can fu nction normally. He stil l takes damage from the certain death).
attack (if any). When a character reaches 0 Health, the pl ayer control
Red: The target is u n affected by the stu n result and l i ng that character makes an End urance FEAT roll on the
can function normally. H e stil l takes damage from the kill col u m n . If t h ere is no effect, the character is merely
attack (if any). stunned for 1 -1 0 rounds (u nconscious, but not dead). If
A ki l l result is potentially the most dangerous for the the result is an Endurance loss (and only a White resu lt
target (and for the attacker as well). A kill result may be has this effect here), the character begins losing E n d u r
called for by an energy attack, a shooting attack, or an ance Ranks.
edged sl ugfest attack. It may also be requ i red when a A kill result from an attack also forces an E nd urance
character's total Health is red uced to zero or less. check on the kill colu m n . If that FEAT fails, the character
The target of a kill result m ust make an Endurance begins losing Endu rance ranks.
FEAT rol l . Karma can be added to this dice rol l unless A dying character loses one E ndurance rank per turn.
otherwise prohibited . When he d rops below Shift 0 , he is dead. The hero has
White: The target's E n d urance is reduced by one rank. given his life and gets his name written i nto the Book of
The target is u nconscious and will lose one Endurance the Dead.
ran k at the end of every following turn u n less tended to Now, long-term heroes, even t hose who have bad atti
(see Health, Life, and Death for how to reverse this t udes like Wolverine and Punisher, have managed to
process). survive in this dangerous world . How can a player char
Green: The target suffers the effect of a Wh ite result acter hope to keep u p?
only if the attack was an edged or shooting attack. Other 1 ) Spend Karma. Not only can a character spend
wise the kill result h as no effect beyond its normal Karma on the Endurance FEAT to check if he avoids a
damage. kill result, but he can stabilize his condition for that round
Yellow: The target suffers no special effect from the kill if he spends 50 Karma points while dying. His Endurance
result. It does lose Health normally (if this loss lowers remains at its present rank for that turn, then begins
Health below 0, then another Endurance FEAT on the Kill slipping as before. It's always a good idea for heroes to
Table is req u i red). keep about 50 Karma poi nts on hand for such emergen
Red: Same as a Yel low resu lt , there are no ill effects cies. Wolverine doesn't, but he has a regeneration power
from the kill result other than normal damage. that j ust won't quit. U nless your characters have some
A kill resu lt can h ave nasty effects on the attacker, as thing similar, save the Karma.
well as the target. Most h eroes try to shy away from out- 2) Spend a lot of Karma. For 200 Karma your character

can get another Endu rance FEAT to avoid a kill result was when he took the damage that knocked h i m out.
(and this time you m ay want to kick i n a little extra Karma A character knocked u nconscious by bei ng red uced to
to m ake s u re you get a Yellow or Red result-a dead o Health (who does not suffer the effect of a kill result) is
character with great Karma gets a n ice obituary, but out for 1 -1 0 turns, then m ust make another E n durance
nothing more). If the second check succeeds, he loses FEAT (at his present Endurance). If that FEAT fails, the
no E n d urance but he is u nconscious for 1 - 1 0 rounds. hero is stays u nconscious for 1 - 1 0 turns more.
3) Hang out with other heroes. I f somebody else tries A character at 0 Health who regains consciousness
to aid you r character, or at least checks to see if he's al l has Health equal to his E ndurance ran k when he
right, the Endu rance loss halts. Fel low heroes can halt awakens.
the E n d u rance loss, as can friendly passersby, and even
bad guys (who may want to prolong you r character's Hea l i n g
agony by placing him i n a devious deathtrap, but that's
another story). If someone aids the character, he is still A player character normally heals Health points equal
u nconscious and will remain so for 1 - 1 0 more hours . to his E n durance rank every hour. The time can be spent
A i d is defi ned a s pulling t h e hero t o safety, summoning in light activity (no world-saving stunts), including re
help, applying fi rst aid, or just checking on the charac searching , watching the tube, or taking a nap. Fu l l rest or
ter's cond itio n . (Remember this scene? Hero 1 : " Is doctor's care doubles the healing rate (Endurance ran k
he . . . ?" Hero 2: " No , he's just barely alive. He'll be every half-hour);
safe here until (insert name of favorite villain) comes back In game terms, the J udge should adju dicate the time
for another shot."). spent between battles. If the heroes are badly banged up
but gung-ho to chase after the fleei ng cri m i n als, then no
healing can take place. If they take some time, then they
Rega i n i n g Consciousness can benefit from n ature taking its course and repai ring
An u nconscious character is usually out for 1 - 1 0 turns thei r bodies.
u nless noted otherwise. At the end of that time he re If you ' re thinking of the campaign as a comic book, the
turns to normal , with his Health at the same level as it time spent healing takes place in those l ittle boxes that

hang o ut i n the corners of the pages and are freq uently (1 0) Strengt h . The damage from the attack is less than
labeled " Later t hat Day," o r "The Next Morn i n g ." Heroes the body armor, so there is no effect on the hero. If his
tend to recover from i nj u ries q u ickly, which is a good attacker had Amazing (50) Strength , the hero's body
thing, given the amount of damage they take. armor wo uld absorb only the fi rst 30 points of damage
and the hero's Health would be red uced by 20 points . If
Recoveri n g Lost E n d u ra nce Ra n ks the attacker had Remarkable (30) Strength, then the h ero
would take no damage, but would still be vulnerable to
Characters who lost E n d u rance ran ks recover them at the effects of stu ns, slams, and kill results.
a slower rate. One lost E n d u rance ran k is recovered for If a character is hit by a n um ber of opponents at once,
each week spent in light activity and i ncreases to one each attack is considered separately. Five goons with
lost E ndurance rank recovered per day in a hospital. A Good Strengths won 't affect a hero with Remarkable
character can not be healed to a higher E n d u rance than body armor, even if all five hit.
he i n itially had . If a hero with body armor is attacked by a weapon
A character with lowered E n d u rance h as a 2 CS on
which has a lower material strength than the rank of the
all FEATs u ntil he recovers. Heroes who refuse to take armor, the weapon may be damaged as if the hero was
care of themselves are less effective . attempting to break it with a Strength FEAT. This calls for
a separate FEAT roll but doesn't count as an action by
Usi n g Powers i n Com bat the defender.
Body armor protects equally wel l against all kinds of
Most s uper-h uman powers are individ ual and u n ique, attacks. Attack forms that have other, nondamaging ef
described on each character's card and i n the Campaign fects, like grappling and grabbing, ig nore body armor for
Book. Some powers derive from items, others from in everything except causing damage.
born abilities, some from m utations. Some req u i re con Force Fields: These are like body armor and are very
centration or specific ci rcumstances. These are covered common. They come in two forms-personal force fields
in the i ndividual descri ptions. (such as I ron Man 's and Skids') which protect one char
However, there are a n u m ber of powers that are com acter (usually the owner) and projected force fields (such
mon to many heroes and vil lains. These bear mention as those used by the I nvisible Woman) which can be
h ere, si nce the J udge and players will encounter them expanded to cover everyone and everything i nside a
often . l arge area.
Body Armor: Body armor does not affect whether a n Force fields are treated as body armor; dam age is
opponent hits a character, but does red uce the amount of inflicted to the force field fi rst, then those beh i nd it. A
damage the character takes. Body armor h as a rank and personal force field protects one target. A projected force
a rank n u mber. If a character's body armor rank n u mber field protects everything within it.
is higher than the d amage, he isn't affected by the at A character may have both a personal force field and
tack. For exam ple, bullets bounce off the Thing's rocky body armor. He may not get the benefit of both at the
hide-they cannot overcome his body armor to h u rt h i m . same time, but he may choose which one to use.
K i l l s , stuns, and slams h ave no effect on a target with There a re, however, cases where a character with
body armor if the damage from the attack is less than the body armor is i nside a projected force field (consider the
ran k of the body armor. Thing behind a barrier created by the I nvisible Woman).
If the damage from an attack is equal to the body ar I n this case, the Thing benefits from both the force field
mor, the hero with the body armor takes no damage but and his body armor. He gets whichever protection is bet
can sti ll be affected by the attack as far as stu ns, slams, ter against each attack.
and kills are concerned. For exam ple, a hero with Re Resistances: A character with a resistance to a partic
markable (30) body armor is hit by someone with Good ular attack or attack form can resist the effects of that

attack. He is al lowed a FEAT rol l against the intensity of adjacent to the hero. A single FEAT roll is made at 4 -

the attack. If successful, he is un harmed by it. The hero CS. The result of that FEAT roll applies to all opponents .
also is considered to have body armor equal to the rank of Entangling Weapons: This incl udes Spidey's
his resistance against any attacks he has a resistance to. webbing, as well as nets and other restraining devices. If
Claws and Teeth: Sharp edged weapons, such as the device hits, the target may immed iately attempt an
Tigra's teeth and Wolverine's claws, have separate mate Agil ity FEAT to avoid being ensnared .
rial strengths and ranks . The material strength ind icates Groundstrike: This is a tactic used against living tar
what the weapon is made of; the rank ind icates how gets by characters with energy powers who don't want to
m uch damage the weapon causes. Wolvie's claws are risk killing someone. I nstead of attacking the target di
made of Class 1 000 material but only inflict Good ( 1 0) rectly, the energy power is directed against the ground.
damage. The FEAT rol l is rolled on the force col u m n , not energy,
Claws and teeth can tear apart things like body armor, to see if the target is affected . This will work only if the
but not force fields. They infl ict o n ly their normal damage energy rank is higher than the m aterial strength of the
on force fields. ground. Damage is equal to the m aterial strength of the
Claws and teeth (and other sharp instruments) use the ground . Although this is a good way to avoid h u rting
edged attacks col u m n of the Battle Effects Chart. This someone , it can damage the carpeting.
can sometimes res u lt i n a kill; always use lethal weapons Shockwave: This is a variation of the grou ndstrike
with caution . used by characters with edged or blunt attacks. If a char
acter has a Strength at least two ranks higher than the
ground he's standing o n, he can m ake a shockwave at
Tactics (Optiona l) tack. Instead of attacking an opponent, the hero slams
Once you h ave the basics dow n , you m ight want to try the ground, hard (this is a favorite tactic of the H ulk). The
these optional rules which handle particular situations shockwave may be di rected up to two areas away. Every
for the J udge and allow characters more options when one within the attacker's area and the affected areas
fighting. (human targets and buildings) suffer the effect of a
Holding Off: If a player h as i n itiative, he may choose charge, as if the hero was charging and using his
to hold back his attack u ntil the best moment, allowing Strength instead of his E ndurance to hit. Targets within
his opponent(s) to move and then leap i n and punch these areas m ay be stun ned or slam med according to
them out. I n this case, the o pponent's m ove proceeds the results of the charge, but only one dice roll is made.
normally until the player chooses to i nterrupt with his Shooting to Neutralize: A special form of bull 's-eye
character's action. result, this is used to shoot a gun or other weapon from
This tactic is particularly useful when a player is wait an opponent's hand (like in the Old West). M ake an Agi l
ing for an opponent to move his character into a certain ity FEAT as if for shooting. A Yel low result means the
area, or to get close enough to be hit. weapon has been shot from the hand without damaging
P u l l i ng P u n ches: Though mentioned i n slugfest, this the target. A Red result means that the weapon has been
bears repeating: It is possible to deliver less than maxi shot from the hand, and the target takes normal shooting
m u m damage. Som e powers mention l i m its in their de damage.
scriptions, others note that no red uction is possible. I n Shooting to Stu n : This is a trick shot, i ntended to
general , attack forms where it is possible t o have less crease the side of an opponent's head to knock him out.
effect include blunt attacks, force powers, g rappl ing, and A bulls-eye is considered a stun res u lt (the target m ust
charging. make an End urance FEAT roll against stu n n i ng or be
Attacking M u ltiple Targets: A hero may attack m u lti knocked out). A kill result stil l means a kill.
ple adjacent targets i n a single turn with a blunt sl ugfest Double Team i n g : This is used when m u ltiple attackers
attack or energy or force attacks. All targets m ust be go after the same target. If one attacker gets a hold or

IJJ ffJ W {g fL
partial hold (wrestling attack) on an opponent, the other Hitti n g Big Things: Large targets are easier to hit
attacker gets a + 1 CS to hit. than small ones. I n charging, sl ugfest, shooting, and
Combi ned Attack: M u ltiple attacks in a single round throwing combat, the fol lowing modifiers apply:
h ave no additional effect on body armor or force fields. Up to 7 feet tal l No Modifier
The exception to this is if two ind ividuals strike at the
Up to 1 6 feet tal l + 1 CS
same spot at the same time. This will work if the two
U p to 22 feet tal l + 2 CS
attackers are with in one ran k of each other (one hero has
Over 22 feet tall + 3 CS
Amazing Strengt h , the other Monstrous, for exam ple). If
the in dividual with the lower Strength m akes an Agi lity Modifications apply only to FEATs determining if a hit
FEAT, the one with the higher Strength gets a + 1 CS for is m ade, not to damage.
dam age agai nst the target (and only the higher-Strength H itting Little T h ings: It is tough to hit small things,
individual needs to roll to hit). while small things can hit bigger thi ngs fai rly easily (this
Bli ndsid i n g : A character who is taken by surprise is is Ant-Man's secret to success). I n slugfest, shooting,
easier to hit than one who was expecting an attack . A and throwing combat, the fol lowing modifications apply:
blindside attack gains a + 2 CS to hit and the character Reduction Agai nst
being attacked cannot add Karma to any of his die rolls
that turn. Down to 6 i nches No No
The J udge h as final say on whether a character is Down to 1 i nch - 1 CS + 1 CS
b lindsided or not, but here are some gu idelines: if the Down to 1 /4 inch - 2 CS + 2 CS
target is struck from behind, is d istracted by another Smaller than 1 /4 inch - 3 CS + 3 CS
attack, if the attacker is playing possum , or if the attack This protection does not apply against area attacks .
comes from a supposed ally or other unexpected qu arter. Fighting i n the Air: When fighting a n opponent w h o i s
Shield i n g : A hero m ay j u m p in front of another charac airborne, use t h e following rules:
ter who is about to be shot, either with a weapon or a 1 . A character i n flight can be slam med regardless of
power. On a successful Agil ity FEAT (G reen result or the target 's body armor.
h igher), the hero becomes the target instead of the in 2 . A character suffering a great slam is moved away at
tended vict i m . the ai rborne speed , not the ground speed .
A i m i n g : If the character h as a chance t o ai m his 3 . A character charging from the air, dropping straight
weapon or power at a stationary target for one rou n d , he dow n, gains a + 4 CS to hit.
gains a + 1 CS to hit (but not to damage). Fighting i n the Dark: I ndividuals fighting i n the dark
Moving Targets: It is harder to hit targets on the move. who do not have infravision or senses that al low them to
The following speeds give the targets the followi ng modi locate their enem ies in the darkness suffer a - 2 CS to
fiers: all com bat FEATs.
U p to 5 areas/round - 1 CS
6-1 0 areas/round - 2 CS
1 1 -Plus areas/round - 4 CS
Point-Blan k Range: There are cases where a shooting
attack should not miss (though it occasionally does), like
a g u n held next to a hostage's temple. The attacker
gains a + 3 CS to hit in situations li ke this, and the result
is always b u m ped u p one color (from Yellow to Red , for
exam ple). Red resu lts are treated as Red .

Ru n n i ng the Ga me
We stated earlier that the MARVEL S U P E R HEROES'" ture, as wel l as an idea of where the plot will go. He
game system is run by one person acting as a Judge, knows who the bad guy is (even if the heroes don't right
and the others acting as players. The players are li ke away), what he wi l l be doing, and how he will react to the
actors, taking the parts of the main characters, the he heroes.
roes of the M arvel u n iverse. The J udge takes care of We've incl uded a number of m i ni-adventures at the
everything else: the settings, the bad guys, the innocent end of this section to get the J udge started , but he is
bystanders, the boasts, and the presentation of the ad encou raged to design his own adventures, as well . Use
ventures. The J udge is not so m uch an author as a stage the m i ni-adventures as a guide to building your own ad
manager, putting all the pieces out for the players to use. ventures. Here are a few things to get you started .
Do the heroes find the villain looting a jewelry store? Are An adventure starts with the J u dge describing the
there any witnesses to the robbery? Can they locate the setup to the players. The setup is presented as boxed
bad g uy's secret hideout? What h appens next? All these text in the m i ni-adventures. It illustrates the scene and
things are presented to the players by the J u dge. sets the mood in the players' minds . The adventure can
But how does the J u dge p u l l it all together? How does begin on a typical street on a typical day, i n a park on a
he p rovide a world, in this case the Marvel u niverse, for Su nday afternoon , or at night, when most law-abiding
others to explore and adventure in? What are his tools? fol k are in bed and asleep. Here's a sam ple:
This section contains the J udge's tools and rules. If
you ' re a pl ayer, it's not really necessary to read this sec It's late at night. The light of the full moon dances
tion , nor should you read the m i ni-adventures. across the wet pavement, silhouetting the dirty build
ings, but leaving the alleys in deep shadow. From your
roof-top vantage point the city spreads out l i ke a blan
Ru n n i n g a n Adventu re ket . It's peaceful , at least as peaceful as a city that
A typical session of the MARVEL S U P E R H E ROES never sleeps ever gets. Suddenly, in the distance, a
role-playi ng game runs an evening and involves the burglar alarm splits the quiet of the night. Someone
J udge and a few players. For starting J u dges, we recom has broken i nto a store!
mend no fewer than two and no more than six players.
N ew players should take one of the established Marvel Pretty good , huh? We've got the basics down here. It's
Super Heroes we provide in the Campaign Book to play. night, you can see by the light of the moon , and there's a
Those who have played before can get adventurous and robbery i n progress. The Judge told the players where
create their own M arvel Super H ero to play with (see they start (on a convenient roof-top-heroes are always
C haracter C reation at the back of this book). in some convenient location to respond to a crime) , and
It will help if the J udge thinks of a typical playing ses what they see and hear.
sion as writing a com ic book with friends. All the action of What now?
an eveni ng's play represents one or two issues of the Now we find out what the players want to do. The
book . There are fist-fights, a l ittle character development, J udge asks each of the players what they want their
some h umor, some pathos, threats to the world (or at characters to do, given this situatio n . It's reasonable to
least the i m mediate vicinity), sudden rescues, amazi ng assume that most players will wish to i nvestigate-they
FEATs , bad jokes, and finally some resolution. The might say " Let's go check out the burglary al arm by
J u dge knows the i nitial set-u p of the evening's adven- flying/ leaping/ web-slingi ng/ heading down the stairs ! "

The players may also ask for more information , l i ke a crate marked explosives"). If the resu lt is Red, then
"What rooftop are we on? " , "What d i rection is the alarm give out the best amount of information, and maybe a
coming from?" "Can we see any activity from that little advice as well (" He's i n front of an open create
area?" or " Do we hear pOlice cars answering the alarm marked EXPLOS IVES . Are you sure you want to use a
i m mediately?" fire-based attack on him?") . ,
By answering these q uestions, the J udge helps the Once the players tell the J udge what they are doing
players understand what is h appening in the game, so ("We ' re going off to see what the alarm is about"), the
that their characters can react properly. The J udge usu J udge checks his description of the adventure to see
ally has some description (either in the m i ni-adventure or what happens next. Sometimes (usually at the start of an
one of his own creation) of where the heroes start and adventure) the J udge has some more boxed text. Often
w here the bad guys are. Based on that descriptio n , the he is just given a description of what is occurring, and
J udge can help the players u nderstand what is going on . m ust describe it to his players.
The J udge can l ay out the map, pOint to a particular Here's a boxed-text example:
roof-top, and say "There. That one ! " The location may
be already i ndicated in the description of the adventure's You arrive at the scene of the crime. It is the back
setup. The J udge can also point out the location the loading dock of a small fur shop. A large truck is
alarm comes from . Looking at h is description, the J udge parked at the dock. Two guys are flinging furs i nto the
wou l d guess that from where the players are standi ng, back of the truck, a third is at the wheel, and the
they cou ld not see any activity. truck's engine is running.
The i n itial boxed text says all is peaceful and q u iet,
with nothing out of the ordinary. There are no flying ene
m ies visible from the roof-top , and no amazing power This is what the heroes wou ld see if they suddenly
came on the scene. Often the description of the adven
flashes goi ng off, signifying a battle. Keep that descrip
ture will j ust state what is there and leave the information
tion in m i n d . Failing to mention a huge blimp (really a
secret base for the bad g uy) hanging over the city wou l d for the J udge to pass on to the players. For example:
b e wrong-it's something that t h e player characters
Fennerman's Furs is being robbed. The front of the
wou l d h ave seen .
shop is dark and the door locked, but the alarm is com
W h e n passing on information , take into account what
the player characters are doing. I f they are searching for ing from the back dock. There's a truck backed up to
loading dock. Two goons (with standard goon statistics,
cl ues with all the time in the worl d , or looking out over
armed with knives) are throwing furs from the shop into
the city, or not involved in battle, then they will be able to
the back of the truck. A third goon (with a handgun
take it all i n . If they are in the heat of the battle, they may
not see everything they need to see (like a bad guy stuffed i n his belt) is at the wheel . The truck's engine is
sneaking away). As a rule of thu mb, i n battle, the players running. The Scorpion is within the truck, helping to put
away the furs. They are moving swiftly since the alarm is
should ask one or two short questions which do not need
stil l ringing. One turn after the heroes first see the truck,
long explanations. Long expl anations slow down the
battle. the two goons will jump i nto the back and they will take
I f there is a question as to whether the hero wou l d off, heading west to a base in an abandoned warehouse.
notice something (such as, for exam ple, if there's a big
There's a lot of information there , but not all of it will be
crate of explosives d irectly behind the bad guy), make an
I ntuition FEAT. If the FEAT is White, they don't notice avai l able to the players. The players would not know (at
least not im medi ately) that the Scorpion is within the
anything. If the FEAT is G reen , they get a l ittle informa
truck. They would not know that the front of the shop is
tion (such as " He's i n front of a crate"). If the FEAT is
locked (unless they arrived at the front of the shop in-
Yel low, give out a l ittle more in formation ("He's in front of

stead of the back). And they would not know what the the Scorpion will leap out of the sh adows of the truck,
bad guys i ntend to do, if no one stops them. trying to blindside his foes with h is tai l . Alternately, if the
When giving i nformation , always remember to describe Scorpion hears someone on the roof of the truck, he will
the scene from the player's viewpoint. If a hero h ad X try to strike through the roof (Typical (6) m aterial) and
Ray Vision , h e might be able to know that Sco rp ion is in take an enemy by surprise. The truck driver will panic at
the truck. Otherwise that information will only be re the first sign of heroes, and try to drive off, driving over
vealed when someone looks in the truck, or when Scor anyone in his path.
pion steps out (an d li kely clobbers someone). The goons will surrender if Scorpion is defeated. Oth
Now, regardless of how the heroes get their informa erwise, they will rely on him to protect them from su per
tion (from boxed text or the DM givi ng the description), it powered heat. The Scorpion will fight until he is knocked
is the players' turn to tell what they are doing. One hero out or otherwise immobil ized . The cops will arrive on the
m ight want to j u m p down and break and take out the scene six turns after the heroes.
robbers on the dock. One might want to j u m p down on Generally, these descriptions point out the most logical
the truck itself. One m ight want to move towards the front course of events. This will not always be the case, partic
of the truck and p ut it out of com mission by punch ing out ularly if the characters are using a variety of heroes.
the radiator. The J u dge knows what his guys are doi ng, Spider-Man may leap down and fight the bad guys , while
at least i n itially (they are going to fi n ish loading and get the Invisible Wom an might just turn invisible and follow
away from the cri me scene-they h aven 't noticed the them to their warehouse, to see if there is anything else
heroes yet). they have stolen . In general , the J U 9 ge needs to be able
Once the situation h as been presented and the p layers to play it by ear, and change h is scenario as the charac
h ave announced their i ntentions, rol l fo r initiative and the ters react. The Judge sets up the story, and then adjusts
begin the battle. it as the player move through it-he does not dictate
We su m marized combat tu rns in the combat section , what the player characters do, but has the N PCs react
b ut the same princi ples apply to any situation where the accordingly.
heroes are doing one thing and the N PCs (characters Let 's say that the heroes decide to stand on top of a
controlled by the J udge) are doing another. The J udge nearby roof and challenge the goons (the heroes don't
decides what his characters are dOi ng. The players tell know that Scorpion is there), giving them a chance to
him what their ch aracters are dOing. Both sides rol l initia su rrender. Wel l , the written description says that the
tive, and the side that rolls highest gets to take its actions goons will not surrender as long as Scorpion is around,
first, the loser second. When all actions are completed, and that the driver is frightened of heroes and will bolt.
p roceed to the next turn . Therefore, heroes spend their turn challenging and de
Someti mes, the players themselves will be at cross manding surrender, looki ng neat as they do so. The bad
p urposes, l i ke two different heroes trying to grab the guys will be surprised. The goons on the dock will try to
same item, or one h ero trying to beat u p an opponent leap into the truck next turn , the driver will hit the gas
while another tries to prevent h i m . In situations l i ke this, and try to lay rubber, and the Scorpion will lie in wait if
both players roll in itiative separately, again with the high the heroes succeed in boarding or stopping the truck.
n umber going first. What if the heroes decide to beat people up first and
The description of the adventure (or the notes the ask questions later? They have the drop of the goons on
J u dge h imself h as m ade) will determi n e how the bad the dock, and could blindside them . If a hero tries to stop
g uys will react. Cont i n u ing with the example, things the truck, the driver will try to run over h i m . The Scorpion
could unfold as fol lows: will attack anyone who gets in range, hoping to take
The goons will finish load ing this turn and then j u m p them by surprise.
into t h e back o f t h e truck next turn, with t h e truck taking A battle can end up a n umber of ways, with the defeat
off. If the h eroes attack the goons on the loading dock, of the bad guys, the defeat of the good g uys, or some-

thing in between. The J udge should determine what hap series-a collection of issues tied together by a common
pens in either case. In this mini-description, if the Scor thread . That thread can be nothing more than a repeat
pion knocks out the good g uys, the bad guys hear the i ng g roup of characters, such as the Avengers, X-Men, or
approaching pol ice sirens and beat a hasty retreat, leav New Warriors.
i n g the crum pled bodies of the fallen heroes at the sig ht A campaign al lows player characters to g row and de
of a robbe ry. If the good guys win, the police arrive and velop over time. If a player is using the same hero from
take the bad g uys off the heroes' hands and throw them adventure to adventure, then the Karma gained from one
in the pokey. adventure is used in the next . The i n itial Karm a is ig
N ow comes the last part of the adventure, the award nored after the first session.
ing of Karma. Karma is a reward for a job well done, or a Resou rces and popularity may also change from week
penalty for a botched m ission. Karma is calculated based to week, depending on the ch aracter's actions, either in
upon how the characters perform-do they beat the bad his real identity or his costumed persona. Campaigns
g uys? rescue the stolen goods? foil an evil scheme? It is allow a hero to suffer the whims of the public fancy, or
also awarded for player actions-do they play their he benefit as a celebrity for actions above and beyond the
roes l i ke heroes? Karma may increase or decrease the call of d uty.
hero 's initial Karm a, so that heroes may have better (or Furth er, campaigns allow long-term rivalries and friend
worse) chances of s ucceeding in the future. Karm a has ships. I f a hero locks up the Scorpion one week, then a
its own section, after we talk about campaigns. few week's later the Scorpion may escape from jail and
go looking for the hero who nailed him. If the hero hel ped
so me firemen one week, a few weeks later those same
Ru n n i n g Ca m pa i g ns fi remen may be able to help the hero, either providing
A campaign is a series of one-night adventures played information or vo uch i ng for him as one of the "good
out over a period of time with a reg ular collection of he g uys."
roes. If an advent ure is a single issue of a comic-with Lastly, a cam paign allows player characters (and N PCs
set-up, battle, ch aracter development, and resol ution , as wel l) to engage in long-term planning , whether it be
then a campaign i s nothing more than a com ic book for a trip to the moon , or a plan to take over the world. A

plan can be put into action one week, picked up the next heroes work together, and their actions give them 1 00
week, and finished on the third. Karma, then they each get 33 Karma. If one character
did all the work , he gets the full 1 00 Karma. Division of
Ka rma Karma is left up to the J udge , and his decisions are final .

If a hero is to survive, he needs Karma. Karma i s used

to mod ify die rol ls, to increase abilities, and to keep the
Ka rma for Heroic Actions
hero alive so he m ay act heroically on another day. A hero is awarded Karma for stopping or preventing
Karma is awarded to the players by the J udge, accord crime while it is occurring, and for arresting and bringing
ing to the general guidelines provided herein . The J udge to j ustice the individu als i nvolved . Consult the summary
h as final say over the nature of the award and the of typical listed here:
amount, though he is encou raged to stay within the listed Violent crimes are those i nvolving injury to people,
g u idelines . Refer to the Karma Awards Table, and the including mu rder, assault, and kidnapping.
description of the various awards that fol low this intro Destructive crimes are those di rected against property.
d uction. Arson , bombings, vandalism, and rampages through the
Karma is awarded at specific times d u ring an adven city are considered destructive crimes.
ture. It is awarded at the end of a battle or conflict, at the Theft is the removal of property without threat or inj u ry.
completion of a task, or at the concl usion of an adven Shopl ifti ng, pickpocketing, and breaking and entering
t u re or evening of play. are all examples of theft.
Karma is not awarded while there is combat going o n , Robbery is theft with violence or implied violence (if the
n o r is i t awarding if there i s a potential for i m mediate goons are carrying guns, it doesn ' t m atter whether or not
combat. A hero cannot take on Kingpin 's fl u nkies, then they use them-it sti ll cou nts as robbery). M uggings,
burst into his office, expecting to use the Karma gained bank robberies, and stick-u ps are all considered robbery.
from defeating the fl un kies to take on the head man. Misdemeanors are lesser crimes, such a gambling,
Karma for specific heroic actions, such as saving a life carryi ng concealed weapons, drug possession , and d riv
or stopping a crime, is awarded as they occur. Simil arly, ing offenses.
Karma losses for com mitting crimes or taking a life are National Offenses are those crimes that th reaten the
im mediately put in force . secu rity of the nation , including treason , hij acking, terror
Karma is awarded for everyday actions as wel l , such ism, and drug and/or weapon sm uggling.
as for meeting up with normal responsibilities li ke com Local Conspiracies are meetings to plan to break the
m itments, d ates, and deadlin es. Heroes with secret iden law. If you r hero hears about a plan to rob a bank , with a
tities often h ave to balance their heroic and normal meeting that night, he does not have to wait for the rob
personalities . In addition , fine actions such as making bery in order to get any Karma for stopping it. Local con
pu blic appearances also increase Karma. spi racies are those that affect a small area, and include
Finally, while Karma may be awarded for the success most organ ized crime i n the city.
of the pl ayer characters, it can also be awarded for supe National Conspiracies are plans to break the l aw on a
rior play by the pl ayers themselves. If a player is running national level , usually by taking over a country or over
Wolverine l i ke Wolverine should be run (tough, short throwing its government.
tem pered , loves a roughhouse, struggles to keep his Global Conspiracies are those plans to take over the
n asty temper i n check), then he should be rewarded . world . Doctor Doom excels at global conspiracies .
Karma should be awarded to the individuals who per Other crimes involve those which do not fit into any
form the actions. If more than one hero is involved i n other territory-including d rug sales, forgery, counterfeit
stopping a crime, t h e Karma i s d ivided equally among ing, fraud, and computer crime.
them . All fractions are d ropped i n this d ivision . If th ree A hero gets Karma for both stopping or preventing the

crime (if possible), and for arresting the criminal respon ments as well-jobs, fami ly, and other factors of day-to
sible. So metimes a hero will be on the scene and able to d ay l ife. If a hero has gone through a week and generally
stop a crime. I n other cases he may not, depending on met his obligations (he only had to rush off from work
the situat ion. mysteriously once, say) he receives this Karma award.
Most heroes do not operate with the sanction of the Charities: Heroes can earn additional Karma i n their
local gove rnment, so a successful " arrest " usually super-powered identities by wor king for ch arity. They
means seeing that the miscreant is tu rned over to the may make personal appearances, perform acts of ch ar
proper authorities. It does not mean blowing them away ity, or make donations.
i n the act (Pun isher does not get Karma for send ing bad A personal appearance means the hero agrees to help
g uys caught in the act to their ulti mate reward). a ch arity by showing up at a fund-raiser to say a few
Rescues: He roes get a flat 20 Karma for every person words in favor of the charity. This i s a won derful chance
they rescue from death or i nj u ry. If they rescue more than for bad guys with a g rudge to storm the event and make
five people with a single action (such as preventi ng a the hero look bad . A hero gets his Popu larity ran k in
building from fal ling over), then the hero gets a maximum Karma for making an appearance in this fashion, up to a
of 1 00 Karma. maximum of 20 points. No more than one perso nal ap
Beating Up Foes: Heroes often fight s uper-powered pearance a week, pl ease (Captain America does per
vill ains, and as such are rewarded for bringing them in son al appearances all the time, but then again , he enj oys
ove r and above the regular awards for stopping c ri mes that sort of th ing). Known m utants need not apply (there's
and making arrests. If an opponent has an offensive this backlash thing).
power or major abil ity of Remarkable or higher, the hero Act of Charity: Super-powered individuals are also able
gets a ben efit Karma award equal to the rank number of to use their powers for the com mon good without beating
the h ighest abil ity of that foe (with a m aximum of Sh ift Z up bad guys, and should be rewarded accordingly. Per
(500 points)). If a hero defeats a ram paging Abom ination form ing a nice gestu re which is automatic (a flying hero
(w ho has both an u n earthly Strength and Endu rance) he gett ing a cat out of a tree) gains 1 0 points. One which
gets 1 00 bonus points. requi res a G reen FEAT is 20 poi nts, one which requires a
Yellow FEAT to succeed is 30 points, and one which re
Karma Awards for Personal Actions quires a Red FEAT (or a long period of time, like delive r
ing vital donor organs across country) brings 40 points.
Heroes have a life, too. Its not all funny outfits and Donations: If you can't be there, say it with cas h . The
beating up the bad g uys. Most heroes have a home life hero sets a rank for the donation , and makes a resource
of some type, as well as non-powered friends and rela FEAT. If successfu l , the hero gains Karma equal to the
tions. This " regular l ife" can prove to be a boon to the rank number of the resources donated . Automatic FEATs
super-powered heroes for acquiring Karma. Personal just get 1 0 poi nts of Kar ma (if you are rich, small dona
Karma is awarded to the in dividual hero (no group tions are not as important). No more than one donation
awards) if the hero in question makes commitme nts and per mont h , please. To ny Stark is g iving this stuff away,
l ives up to those com m itments. However, this is not al but then he l ikes to do thi ngs l i ke t hat.
ways easy, since being a Marvel Super Hero usually
means you ' re called away at the worst possible time to
save the world .
Karma Awards for Gam i ng Actions
Personal Commitments: I f t h e hero makes a commit Karma m ay also be given to the player characters if
ment to meet someone at a certain time and place (a the players are running them wel l . There are three types
meeting, date, or even a friendly poker game), and of general awards, but if the J udge wants to make ot her
shows up, he is rewarded with Karma . awards under special circumstances, he is welcome to
Weekly Award : A l o t o f h e roes have everyday comm it- do so.

Role-playing: If the player is running his hero wel l , he beaten u p by the bad gu ys, destroying prope rty, and
should be rewarded , regardless of his relative success. A most i m portantly by killing or allowing anot her character
player is l i ke an actor with a role, acting in character. to die.
Saying th ings that character wou l d say, and taking Comm itting Crimes: I f a hero commits a crime of the
actions that character wou ld take in the game is part of types listed above , he loses Karma equal to twice the
the entire pu rpose of role-playing . Captain America is amount he wou l d have received for stopping the crime.
moral , upstand ing , and believes i n both his nation and its Sometimes a hero is under the control of others, or must
peopl e. If the player run ning Captain America shows com mit a lesser crime in order to prevent a g reater trag
those values (such as rounding off an adventu re with an edy. This sti l l results in the Karma loss. The hero may
i m p romptu lecture on importance of voting), he should be occasionally be ch arged with a crime he did not commit
rewarded. The Ju dge can g ive up to 20 Karma points in (framed , as it were). This has no effect on his Karma.
this fashion at the end of a session. Permitting Crimes to Occur: A hero may choose not
Showing Off: Heroes love to u se their powers i n new to interfere with a crime, or be unable to prevent a crime
ways. If the h ero fig ures our something particularly neat from occu rri ng . I f this i s the case, he looses Karma equal
(like how to escape a deathtrap in a fashion the Ju dge to the amount he wo uld have received for arresting the
did not consider), or uses his powers in a neat and nifty cri m i nals.
fashion, he may be awarded u p to 1 5 Karma points at the Defeats: Getting beaten up is bad for the hero busi
end of the sessio n. This is a one-time award, of co u rse, ness. In order to add insult to injury, if a bad guy beats
since once you do it, it's no longer nifty and new. up a hero, then the hero loses 20 Karma.
Hu mor: Laughing in the face of danger is a hallmark of Destruction of Property: There is a firm in New York
comics , whether its the sn appy patter of Spider-Man or City called Damage Control which specializes in re pair
the dark h u mor of Punish er. Even Captain America gets ing the damage created from battles between powerful
in a few good li nes here and there . The Ju dge has it heroes and villains. They are probably the only group of
within his power to award 5 Karma poi nts im med iately to people in the city who are del ighted to see the amount of
any player who comes up with a joke, pun, or hum orous damage that results from a standard super-powered
story that breaks everyo ne u p . Remember, the point here dust-u p. For every area damaged in battle between a
is to have fun -let's reward it. hero and vi l l ai n , the hero loses 5 Karma (the vil lains
don't care).
los i n g Karma Throug h Actions Death : The most deadly th ing to one's Karma is to k i l l
o r al low t h e death of ot hers, whether i t b e innocent by
In addition to gaining Karma for actions in the game, a
standers or long-stand i n g vil lains . If a hero kills an oppo
hero can lose Karma as well . If the hero inflicts too much
nent, or through his actions allows a person to die, all
dam age to the surroundings while defeating a bad guy, or
Karma for that hero i s reduced to O . New Karma may be
acts in an unheroic manner, or leaves his friends high and
earned from that pOint, but new i n itial total is O. This re
dry, he may lose Karma points. It is possible for a hero to
mains true even if the character is so mehow brought
rack up a goodly amount of Karma in a battle, but to cre
back to life later. Deaths which are accidental but still
ate enough debits that his advantage is wiped out ("Yes,
caused by the hero, or result from the hero being under
you saved Staten Island from Fugu, the Sponge that
the i nfluence of anot her sti l l co unt-Karma is reduced to
Walks Like a Man, but in the process you've destroyed
O. Th ere is no Karma loss for robots dying .
three city blocks and missed a date with you r girl ! ")
Borderline Cases: There are a couple cases where this
death equals 0 Karma rule is relaxed. Sometimes one
losi n g Karma Throug h (Un)Heroi c Acts character will choose to die so save his or her team
A hero m ay lose Karma a number of ways, including mates. This is a noble deat h . Sometimes a bad guy will
com m itting crimes, perm itting crimes to occur, getting be crushed beneath debris, caught in a cave-in, or ot her-

wise faced with certain death, even though no body is Ka rma Pools an d Gro u ps
fou nd . This is a mysterious death (and leaves the door
open for the bad guy to resu rface). Sometimes, rather A Karma pool is formed by a group of heroes. Each
than being caught, a bad guy will destroy himself. This is kicks in as much Karma as they wish to a common ac
self-destruction. count. The enti re group may then use the Karma in that
I n cases of self-destruction , mysterious death, or noble pool to modify die rolls.
deaths, the J udge may choose to not wipe out the hero's Karma pools may be formed at the start of an adven
Karma, but instead just reduce it 50 points . These pOints ture, when the heroes get together. At the end of the
are not regained if the victim tu rns up alive later ( " Hi guys , adventure any Karma left is split equally among the
you thought I was dead , but I was really kid napped by an members of the group.
alien force who duplicated my body and has been mas Karma pools may also be made permanent. The mem
q uerading as me while I ' ve been recovering. G uys? bers of a group who fight well together may take on a
G uys? ") com mon name, like, say, Avengers, or Defe nders. All
There are a few heroes who have rejected the idea of members may pull Karma from that pool. The members
Karma as a life-protecting function, and will not hesitate of the group may make their own bylaws about how
to kill h i s opponents-The P u n isher, for one, and Nomad many people can be in the group, who can joi n , how
for another. Both usually have l ittle or no Karma, but also much Karma everyone needs to kick i n , etc.
wear heavy protection agai nst bullets . They confine If a hero who is part of Karma pool loses Karma
themselves to battling low-level bad guys. Neither is a through his actions, the losses are taken from the char
m atch for Doctor Doo m , as they do not have that Karmic acter 's i ndividual Karma first, then from the Karma pool
edge, so they m ake up for it in raw firepower. he belongs to. Fu rther, if a Hero who is a member of a
Karma pool kills another character, or allows through his
Karma Losses for Persona l Actions actions the death of another, both his personal Karma
and the Karma of the pool are reduced to O. This is p rob
Personal Karma gains are smaller, and as a result their ably why Punisher will never be an Avenger, and why the
losses are smaller as we l l . If the hero breaks a com mit rest of the X-Men have always kept an eye on Wolveri n e .
ment, whether it is a personal appearance, date , meet Noble and mysterious deaths, as well as self-destruction,
ing, or even showi ng up for work, he loses 5 Karma is handled as for individual characters.
points. It does not matter if he was i n the p rocess of sav A Karma pool lasts as long as its members want it to
ing the world or what, but he loses the 5 Karma. last. If a character leaves the g roup and the pool , he may
A J udge should always try to have about half of the take from the pool Karma equal to his share (a Karma
personal appearances and comm itments result in the hero pool with fou r members is split four ways).
having to make a choice between the com mitment and
acting as a hero. Don't d isrupt so many as to frustrate the Character Adva n cement (Opti o n a l )
players, but enough to show that holding down two jobs
(or two identities) is not the easiest thing in the world. Karma may also be used to advance a character's
ability ranks. It m ay affect the major abilities, resou rces,
Karma Losses for Ga m i n g Actions popularity, or power ran ks. If may also be used in add
new talents.
There are none . There are no gam ing actions that In order to raise an ability permanently to the next
result in Karma losses. Characters who don't role-play higher ran k, the hero m ust set up an advancement fund.
their characters we l l are not penalized, except for the He puts Karma i nto this fund and can not touch it until he
fact that they do not gain the benefits, and as such, do has enough to pay for the next leve l . It's l i ke a savi ngs
not h ave as m uch Karma as those who do role-play their plan, while normal Karma is like a checking account. At
heroes. the outset, the player determines what ability the hero

wishes to i m prove. As he gains Karma, the h ero m ay National Offenses (Arrest) 10
increase the amount in the fund until he can afford to Local Conspi racy (Stop or Prevent) 30
" p u rchase" the abil ity rank he is after. Local Conspi racy (Arrest) 15
It costs 1 00 Karma ti mes the rank n u mber of a major National Conspi racy (Stop or Prevent) 40
ability rank or power rank to raise it to that level. Raising National Conspiracy (Arrest) 20
strength from Excellent (20) to Remarkable (30) would Global Conspiracy (Stop or P revent) 50
take 3000 Karma Points. Abil ities m ust be raised one at a Global Conspiracy (Arrest) 25
time-if you r Agility is Poor and you want it to be Good, Other C rimes (Stop or Prevent) 15
you m ust first pay to m ake it Typical (600 Karma), then Other Crimes (Arrest) 5
pay to raise it to Good ( 1 , 000 Ka rma). Rescue 20
Abilities can n ever be raised above Shift Z. Abilities Five or more Rescues 1 00
and powers m ay never be raised if they are in the Class Defeating Powerful Foe 30- 1 00
1 ,000, C lass 3, 000, or Class 5 ,000 categories. Personal Comm itment 5
Popularity can also be advanced , representi ng a cam Weekly Award 10
paign of public appearances and good press. Popularity Personal Appearance + Pop. Rank
can be raised at a cost of only 1 0 times the desired rank (Max of 20)
n u m ber. So, going from Good to Excellent (20) would Act of Charity 1 0-40
take only 200 points. In addition , characters m ust per Donation + Resou rce
form one act of charity or public appearance for each Rank
attem pt . M utant characters are unfort u n ately not as well Role-Playing 10
treated , and m ust pay twice the listed amounts to in Showing Off 15
crease their popularity. H umor 5
Resources can also be improved through spending Commit Violent Crime - 60
Karma. It costs 1 0 ti mes the desired ran k number, plus Al low Violent Crime -15
200 Karma. So, going from Good (1 0) to Excellent (20) Commit Destructive Crime - 40
Karma is 200 points plus another 200 points for 400 total). Allow Destructive Crime -10
Final ly, the hero may choose to add n ew talents by Commit Robbery - 40
spen d i ng Karma. It costs 2, 000 Karma to add a new tal Allow Robbery -10
ent, and in addition , the hero m ust find someone with Commit Theft - 20
that talent to teach h i m . Only one n ew talent may be Allow Theft -5
added each "game-year" of play. Commit Misdemeanor -10
Karma Awards
Allow Misdemeanor -5
Commit National Offense - 40
Violent Crime (Stop or P revent) 30 Allow National Offense -10
Violent Crime (Arrest) 15 Commit Other Crimes -10
Destructive Crime (Stop or Prevent) 20 Allow Other Cri mes -5
Destructive Crime (Arrest) 10 Destroy Property - 5/Area
Theft (Stop or Prevent) 10 Public Defeat - 40
T heft (Arrest) 5 Private Defeat - 20
Robbery (Stop or Prevent) 20 Death - ALL
Robbery (Arrest) 10 Death (Borderline Cases) - 50
M isdemeanors (Stop or P revent) 0 Failing Personal Commitment -5
M isdemeanors (Arrest) 5
N ational Offenses (Stop or Prevent) 20

public appearance is treated as one rank hig her for the
R u n n i n g Pop u l a rity (Optiona l) day he makes the appearance (and then only if he shows
I n the Basic Game, Popu larity i s used as a way of de up). There is no penalty to Popularity for not showing up.
ciding the effects of the hero on the general populace , The "Stinking Muties " Option: All Mutants are viewed
how they regard him and how willing they are to help him with suspicion in the Marvel U n iverse. Therefore, if a
or at least fol low h is directions. mutan t's Popu larity increases for any reason, the playe r
He re's an example. At a theater, a fire starts back running the Mutant m ust make a FEAT roll to see if his
stage . Captain America, an U nearth ly popular g uy, Popularity really increases. All negative modifiers to pop
strides out on the stage and asks the audience to q uickly ularity invo lvin g Mutants will occ ur normal ly.
and safely evac uate the theater. He has a g reater chance
of doing this successfully than S pider- M an (who, while Ru n n i n g Resou rces
popular, is always being slammed in the media) or Wol
veri n e , who is a known m utant with huge claws sticking As opposed to making players keep track of funds (and
out of the back of his hands. whether those funds are invested, in CDs, in savi ngs, or
Further, Cap has a better ch ance of borrowing some checking), a resource ran k is assig ned to s how the char
one's car for a hig h-speed chase than either Spidey or acter's relative wealth . This will effect whether the hero
Wolveri ne. This is reflected in making Popularity FEATs. can afford things.
Popularity can increase or decrease as a result of the It is generally assumed that a hero can afford the life
h eroes actions, m uch like Karma. H owever, Popularity style he is currently living at-paying the bills, buying gro
can go negative (at which poi nt the hero is feared as ceries, repairing the funky super-hero outfit, etc.
opposed to respected-a lot of bad g uys get what they Resou rces reflect the ability to buy other things, like cars,
want in this fashion). plane tickets, small corporations, restaurants, and the like.
Popularity is also fickle. Many of the results of the he Consult the table of typical Resource FEATs. This is a
ro's actions may keep the hero popular in the public's partial list, but g ives a feeling for what is involved. I f the
mind for a month, maybe two, but then bad news will drive hero mu st pay for something, make a Resource FEAT roll
his popularity back down. Only certain heroes, like Cap against the i ntensity of the cost. Items m ore than one
tain America, conscientiously work at thei r Popularity. rank higher than the ch aracter's Resources can not be
If a hero defeats a costumed villain in public, his Popu normally bought, at l east not on the spur of the moment.
larity is raised by one ran k for one week. Regard less of The character can try again next week.
how many bad guys the hero beats up (publicly or pri As an optional rule, characters can chip in to buy
vately) , he o n ly gets this benefit once a wee k. At the end something, m uch in the same way they can use pool
of the week, the hero's popularity retu rns to its previous their attacks in battle. The two Resource ranks m ust be
rank. within one rank of eac h other. The higher ran k is then
If the hero is defeated by a costumed vi llain in public, i ncreased by one ran k.
his popularity is lowered by one rank for two weeks (peo A further option , if the J udge wants to get into more
ple remember bad news) . He can only suffer this d isad detail, is lending in stitutions, such as the local S&L. T h is
vantage once per week as well . At the end of the two takes the lid off affording objects u p to Amazi ng rank
weeks, the hero 's Popu larity returns to its previous ran k. i ntensity. H owever, the playe r character m ust th en be
If a hero is accused of a crime by the au thorities, his able to afford the payments on the loan-li kely one rank
Pop ul arity d rops two ranks. This is permanent change. I f less than the intensity of the item each month for 1 2
he is found guilty (regardless o f h i s true gui lt) h i s popu m onths. Fai lure to repay a loan will result i n the banks
larity slips another ran k. If he is cl eared of charges, his destroying your cred it rating (Resource rank drops one
Popularity recovers one ran k. rank), confiscating the items bought with thei r mon ey,
Acts of Charity: A hero making an act of charity or and in severe cases sending in a super-powered

legbreaker to demand payment (the last is only if you Military Jet Monstrous
deal with the Maggia). Palatial M ansion Monstrous
Major Corporation Monstrous
Typical Intensities for Resource FEATs Space Ship U nearthly
Clean C lothes Feeble Mega-Corporation U nearthly
Flop House Hotel Feeble
Bus/Su bway Fare Feeble Ru n n i n g Wea pons
Good Meal Poor
Modest Hotel Poor The Weapons Chart shows off a variety of weapon s of
Cab Fare Poor destruction that characters (players and N PCs) can buy.
Rent, 1 BR Apartment ( NY) Poor Some heroes will be equi pped with simi lar weapons, and
Car R e ntal, per d ay Poor some with specialized or mystical versions of them .
D i n ner and Movie Typical Weapons are listed by name, and have a series of
Stylish Clothes Typical notes fol lowing them:
Good Hotel Room Typical
Housekeeper Salary Typical Wea pons Chart
Bodyguard Salary Typical
Mechanic's Salary Typical Weapon Price
Range Damage M aterial Notes

Rent, 2 B R Apartment (NY) Typical Handgun PR PR TY EX Shooti n g

Mortgage, S m al l House Typical Attack
N ight on the Town Good R ifle TY TY GD GD Shooting
Tai lored S u it or Tux Good Attack
Lawyer Fees Good Assault GD EX GD GD Shooting
Doctor Fees Good Rifle Attack
B roadway Tickets Excellent Shotgun TY TY EX GD Shootin g
Plane Tickets, in US Excellent Attack
Comp uter Specialist Salary Excellent Bow PR TY TY PR Shooti n g
Salary 10 Workers/week Excellent Attack
Small Car Excellent Stun EX EX GD PR Force
Mortgage, Large House Excellent Rifle Attack
Designer Originals Remarkable Laser RM GD GD PR Energy
Sedan Remarkable Attack
Plane Tickets, Overseas Remarkable Kn ife FE 0 GD EX Edged
On-staff Lawyer Remarkable Attack
Penthouse S u ite Remarkable Kn ife, FE T GD EX Throwing
Personal P hysician Remarkable Thrown Edged
Salary 50 Workers/week Rem arkable Spear FE 0 GD GD Edged
Luxury Car I ncredible Attack
Salary 1 00 Workers/week I ncredible Spear, FE T GD GD Edged
Private Plane I ncredible Thrown Attack
Archaic or Mystic Texts I ncred ible Sword GD 0 GD GD Edged
Rare Art I ncred ible Attack
Flyi n g Car Amazing Blunt var. 0 + 1 CS Var. Blunt
Salary 200 Workers/week Amazing Weapon Attack
Mansion Amazing Thrown var. T M or S Var. Throwing
Old M asters Amazing Object Blunt

T = Weapon can be th rown-see Throwi ng Table. Rowboat TY GO TY FE
Var =Weapons have various prices and materials. Motorboat GO EX EX TY
+ 1 CS =In flicts damage eq ual to the attac ker's Speed boat RM GO IN TY
Strength + 1 CS. Ocean Liner ! MN GO TY RM
M or S =A th rown object can in flict its material strength * = Air Speed
or the attacker's Strength, whi chever is lower. t = Craft h a s VTO L abi lity.
! = Craft is compartmental ized.
Price: This is the Resource rank of the weapon. Weap
ons of higher than Excellent (20) rank will not be found i n Price: This is the Resou rce rank o f the vehicle. Those
common outlet stores at the mal l , but through special of hig her than Rem arkable rank are only available
dealers (some of whom work for the government, some through special dealers or build ers.
of whom work illegally) . Control : This is how q uickly the ve hicle can turn or
Range: This is the maximum range of the weapon . mane uver-the vehicular equivalent of Agility.
Damage: This i s t he standard damage o f the weapon . Speed : This is how fast the vehicle moves.
Some weapons are noted with an " S "-this means they Body: This is the material strength of the vehicle. Also
attack with that intensity of stu nning force. the amount of Body armor the vehicle provides to those
Material: This is what the weapons is made of, for use within from attacks.
in breaki ng it, if need be. Ve hi cles move from area to area in the same manner
Notes: These include if the weapon can be fired with as ch aracters. They do not normally enter b u i ldings ex
one hand , if it has special abil ities or odd attacks, and cept through garages, loading areas, and the like. The
what table is used when attacking with the weapo n. speed is the m aximum safe movement a ve hicle can
make. They can move any number of areas up to their
maxi m u m . In add ition, most (but not all) can back up at
R u n n i n g Veh i cles half their normal move ment rate.
The Vehicle Table shows a wide variety of standard Most vehicles can travel only in particular types of
vehicles for use in th e basic game. Like ch aracters, vehi areas-boats in the water, planes i n the air, cars on the
cles are described by a group of abil ity ran ks. In the case road, etc. It may be impossible to move a vehicle in the
of vehicles, differe nt abil ities are used : wrong areas (such as moving a boat on the road), or merely
difficult (moving a car off the road and into a park) .
Veh i cles Table When doing the difficult or unexpected with a vehicle,
the Judge can call for a Control FEAT. A Control FEAT is
Vehicle Price Control S peed Body
like an Agi l ity FEAT, but either the Control of the vehicle
Sedan RM TY GO GO or the Agility of the driver (wh ichever is lower) is used.
Min i-Car EX GO GO PR Examples of maneuvers which demand control FEATs
Luxury Car IN PR GO EX
Motorcycle EX TY EX PR include making a 1 80 degree turn i n a single area, hur
Police Car RM GO EX TY tl ing across wal ls, blitzing through narrow open i ngs at
Armored Car IN TY TY RM top speed, and other stunts common to hig h-speed
Tank AM EX TY IN chases in the m ovies. I n general, let com mon sense
P rivate Plane IN TY AM* FE p revai l-if it is i m possible, it is i m possible. If it is merely
Corporate Jet AM TY AM * PR d ifficult (landing a private plane on a Manhattan street),
M i litary Jet MN EX ShX * TY then many control FEATs might be needed.
Flying Cart IN EX PR* GO Fai ling the Control FEAT means the vehicle goes out of
Quinjett AM RM ShY* EX control. Out of control vehicles continue in the general
Fantasticart IN EX IN GO d irection they were goi n g , and stop entirely in the next
Skycycle t RM EX IN EX area forwa rd . If there is a wal l , tree, or other large ob-

struction in that area, they hit it, with nasty poss ible ef ships are noted as bei ng co mpartmental ized -they are
fects to the vehicle. divided into separate watertight compart ments. When a
If a vehicle hits another object (incl uding ot her ch arac compartmentalized ship is holed , the control and speed
ters) , con sider it a ram ming attack against the object. In are both reduced by - 1 CS. Only when control and
case of unliving objects, take the item's material strength speed are reduced to 0 (by multiple reductions of body to
as body armor. In cases of l iving targets, use either the o in diffe rent locations) does the ship beg i n to sink. Char
target's Body Armor or Strength (if they were taking a acters on sinking ships risk the danger of d rowning.
blocking action).
If the crash i n g vehicle takes equal damage to the dam Optional Rules for Veh icles
age it i nflicts on the other object, the occu pants take no
Acceleration & Deceleration : All vehicles accelerate
damage. If the damage is g reater than the Body rank, the
at 2 areas per round. They move 2 areas the fi rst round,
passengers are h u rt as wel l , taking all the excess dam
4 the next, 6 the next, and so on until they reach their
age. Regardless of whether the vehicle takes damage or
maximum speed.
not, the passengers must check for a stun resu lt.
A vehicle can drop its speed by 2 ranks in a single
Due to the nature of crashes, most Marvel Super He
round (from Good to Poor, for example). It can stop
roes try to avoid bei n g caught in thei r cars. I nstead they
faster, but this req uires a Control FEAT.
will try to leave a vehicle that is going out of control . This
Stopl ights: An optional rule that makes hig h-speed
is an Agility FEAT, with fai lure resulti ng in the same dam
chases in rush hour tru ly difficult, stoplights are fo und on
age and stunning as if they had remai ned i n the car.
the intersections of major roads. When confronti ng a
I f a vehicle is attacked , its Body rank functions the same
stoplight i n a chase, roll one die each tu rn to see what
as body armor-it is subtracted from all damage. Bullseye
color it is:
results can hit specific unprotected targets such as passen
On a 1 -4, the light is g reen. Rol l next turn and on any
gers or tires, ignoring the body of the vehicle. If the damage
other result it turns yel low.
taken by a vehicle is greater than its Body, the vehicle will
On a 5, the light is yel low. Next turn it will turn red .
no longer function. If it i s still movi ng, it will crash.
On a 6- 1 0 , the l i ght is red . Roll next turn and on any
other result it turns green.
Types of Vehic les Running a Red l i ght is a Control FEAT-not to ju st run
Motor Vehicles: Motor vehicles are the most com mon the l ight, but to avoid opposing traffic.
veh icles that heroes will encounter. They incl ude every Exceeding the Speed Limit: It is possible to increase
thing from trains to buses to taxi-cabs. Many motor vehi the maximum speed of a vehicle by one rank. However,
cles are noted as off-road vehicles-these suffer no all actions with the veh icle, i ncluding turns and the l i ke,
penalties for moving off-road . are now Control FEATs.
Aircraft: Ai rcraft are rarer in the city, but still occ ur. Notes for Air Veh icles: Air vehicles moving along the
M ost of the time in flight, aircraft are at their maxi m u m ground do so at ground speeds. When they reach a
speed-d ropping below that speed w i l l req uire a Control ground speed equal to their Speed rank, they take off,
FEAT to avoid crashing. The exception to t h is is taking and con tinue to accele rate unti l they reach their maxi
off and landing from a prepared site (like an airstrip). mum air speed. VTO Ls can take off and land vertically,
Land ing someplace that is not prepared for ai rcraft (such and while they do not require the space, they req uire the
as Central Park) requ i res a Control FEAT. Some aircraft equivalent ti me to build up enough force to l ift off.
are noted a VTO Ls-vertical take-off and la nding . They Air vehicles which are landing m ust slow to their
do not req u i re Control FEATS to land in odd areas. ground speed eq uivalent of th eir airspeed ran k . Landing
Water Craft: Water craft are pri marily boats. When a at hig her speeds is pOSSible, but req ui res a Control FEAT.
boat has been red uced to 0 body, it begins to sink. Large Altitude: Air vehicles move under the normal fly ing

rules. Ai r vehi cles without VTOL abil ities must move for first time a particular spell is invoked, make a Psyche
ward more areas than they move up or dow n . If they do FEAT roll (no Karma may be added to this rol l ). On a
not, they m ust make a Control FEAT to avoid crashing. G reen, Yellow, or Red rol l the spell fu nctions normally.
Crash ing an Air Ve hicle: Passengers within a crash On a White res ult, the spell misfires, with nasty res ults
ing air vehicle take da mage from both the vehicle crash left up to the Judge.
i n g and the fall. The do-it-yourself sorcerer may also try to create spells
on his own. In this case, a Psyche FEAT is made, to which
R u n n i n g Magic no Karma is added, with a Yellow or Red res ult indicating
success. On White or G reen res ults the spell misfires.
Individuals i n the Marvel U n iverse are extremely pow The results of misfires are left up to the Judge, but
erful, and contin ually seem to have new spells and abili here are some suggestions (you didn't think we ' d leave
ties that they pull out thei r hats to use against their foes. you hanging, here?) The misfi red spell could create a
Part of the wonder and excitement about spellcasting is freewill ed elemental made of the material used in the
that there is always someth ing new to try. spel l , which then goes on a ram page . The misfire cou ld
M agic in the MARVEL S U PER H EROES" basic set is open a gate into another di mension , where someth ing
handled on a very simple level. I t does not get into the nasty comes out. The m isfire could put the magical hero
nature of personal abilities versus un iversal forces, nor (and all i n his area) in a magical dimension where some
what greater powers may be i nvoked to cast a spel l . thing nasty lives. The misfi re could awaken some name
Mag ical spells which affect others may req uire a FEAT less evil that has been sleeping for millennia in the
roll based on the strength of the spell. In addition, in Allegheny Mountains, and now is heading for New York
cases of m i n d control and similar spells, the target gains to destroy the one creature that could send it back to its
a Psyche FEAT against the effects of the spel l . The kiss nameless dom ai n-the caster who awakened it.
of the Lorelei, native of Asg ard, is magical in nature and You get the idea? Don't be afraid to play hardball here.
can control the minds of men. Her victi ms are allowed a Magic is powerful i n the Marvel Universe . Magic is also
Psyche FEAT to avoid the effects. very, very dangerous to all but the most estab lished of
Magical spells d u plicate super-hu man abilities as l isted sorcerers.
in the Character Generation section . They are at the In any of the three cases presented above (mentors, old
wizard 's power ran k - 1 CS. A sorcerer can create body books, or researc h), one co mmon element is required by
armor, cause fire to a appear at com mand, take control of the wizard-Karma. Wizards researching spells put Karma
others m inds, or create i l lusions, and emp loy a wealth of into a separate account, much li ke Karma used for char
other powers. But fi rst he m ust learn the spells to do th is. acter advancement. Gaining a new spell costs 500 Karma,
All sorcerers have the ab ility to fire bolts of mystical plus 20 Karma times the ran k number of the spell. Creat
force (as energy or force attacks) and to create mystic ing a " Fire Generation " abi lity of Typical ran k costs 560 .
fields that act as a force field against all energy and force Creatin g one of Unearthly rank costs 2500 Karma.
attacks, including other magic. These abilities are at the All new spells are worked out with the J udge, and sub
power ran k of magical ability. Anything they gain beyond ject to his approv al. S pells which wou ld knock out the
that poi nt m ust be learned or acq uired in some fashion. balance of your campaign can be vetoed , though the
There are a n umber of ways to learn spel ls. One is to Karma saved can be used for other means.
have a master or mentor. This mentor is skilled in the Under the basic system for character generation, there
ways of magic, and instructs the youth in his abil ities. is no way of creating a magic-using hero. The Judge m ay
The mentor is also an N PC, created and controlled by choose to let the player create a magic-using hero at his
the J udge, which l i m its exactly what the mage can learn. own option (and risk). Any " powers" gained by such a
A sorcerer can also find spells and arcane rituals i n old hero in itially wo uld either be in itial spells learned by the
books, such as the Darkhold or Book of the Vishanti . The hero, or belong to magical items in his possession .

Cha racte r Ge n e rat i o n i n the
The fun th i n g about the Marvel U n iverse is that it is an
entire un iverse, filled with worlds and dimens ions and Or i g i ns
cities and villains and heroes. The fi rst thing the player does is pick what type of hero
Especially heroes. There are new ones turning up all we wants to be. Certai n types of heroes have advantages
the time. The New Warriors, Nomad, Ghost Rider, even in some areas (hig h-techs are usually Wealthy), some
legends of the past such as the Sub-Mariner are all ac have penalties in others (mutants have lousy Popularity).
tive in the heroic com m u n i ty. And there is room for more. The player creati ng the ch aracter can pick one of the
I t's strongly recommended to start out play ing the fol lowing " hero-types" from the listing , or just ro ll per
MARVEL S U PER H ERO ES'" Role-Playing Game a few centile dice and take his ch ances . . . .
times with the establ ished heroes-they've been around
for a while, have th eir powers p retty much under control, Origin Tab le
and are known figures. Get the hang of the game with
Spider-Man, Wolve rine, and the rest of the g ang. Then Dice Roll Orig in
branch out, create the Crimson Cockatrice and Com 0 1 -30 Altered H u man
mander Salamander if you wish. 3 1 -60 Mutant
And have fun. 6 1 -90 H igh- Tech
9 1 -95 Robot
96-00 Alien
Generati ng Characters
The fol lowi n g system is to create a "typical" hero for the Altered Hu mans: Altered h u mans are everyday fo lk who
MARVEL SU PER H EROES game system. It's not a com have been exposed to cosmic rays, gamma bombs, mag
plete and exhaustive study of all the powers, talents, and ical forces, radioactive spiders and the like, with the re
other abilities that a hero may be packing. In general , sult that they are " more than human " .
heroes created with this system will be less powerful Altered h umans are fairly common (in the heroic com
than heroes who have been spending most of thei r adult munity, at least), and most " typical " of su per-powered
careers hon i ng thei r abil ities. heroes. Altered humans can use tech nological devices
(Captain America, who would be considered an altered
Character generation has five steps: hum an, uses his sh ield), but the majority of their powers
1 ) Get an Origin come from within (such as the Fantastic Four's abilities) .
2) Gene rate Major Abilities Players who ch ose to create altered hu mans as heroes
3) Gene rate Variable Abi lities can raise one rank of thei r Major abil ities, after the rolls
4) Gene rate Powers & Talents are com plete.
5) Fi l l in the Blanks. Mutants: Another common grou p, mutants are mem
bers of homo superior, a new race of man born from
Before we beg i n , we should note that th i s is a random homo sapiens. Mutants have their powers with them from
system , working off die rolls. The dice someti mes provide bi rth by a genetic qu irk, but those powers usually only
unintended or unwanted abil ities. Therefore, we operate su rface later in life. M utants are generally feared by the
un der the one reroll rule-If a player real ly hates one of populace. M utants have a number of advantages and
h i s rol ls, he can reroll i t and i t alone, ONCE d u ring ch ar disadvantages.
acter generation . Players can increase O N E of th eir powers by one rank

when generating a mutant character (a roll of Amazi ng of their origin.
can be increased to Monstrous). There is no Karma loss for killing a robot or allowing a
Starting Resources for a mutant character are always robot to be deactivated . If " ki lled," a robot i s deactivated,
lowered by one ran k. and can be reactivated by a Reason FEAT against that
Mutant Popularity always begins at O. Mutants gain robot's hig hest abil ity. If ret urned from the "dead," a ro
Popularity at a slower rate than other ch aracter types. bot has 0 Karma.
In add ition , they may be subject to devices and powers Aliens: "Aliens" is a blan ket term that covers crea
that detect, alter, or nullify mutant abilities. tu res from elsewhe re-ot her civilizations, planets , or
High-Techs: Also called " hi-tech wo nders," these he d imensions. Inh umans, Atlanteans, Asgard i ans, Kree,
roes derive all their super-h uman abilities from inventions Skrulls, Ete rnals, and all the ot her creatures and races
and devices. The most com mon type of high-tech is the that are "n ot of the this earth" are aliens. When creating
hero in a battlesuit, like I ron Man, but other hig h-techs an alien ch aracter in the Basic game, the Judge will as
are characters like P u n isher or Black Widow, who make sume he is from a race that we have not en countered.
up what they lack in super-human abil ities with s u perior Aliens add 1 0 to their die rolls for their ini tial abilities
firepower. most aliens that end up on Earth are of at least Typical
Hig h-tech heroes ro l l major abil ities on the Random level, and usually m uch better.
Ranks table, but re-roll any rolls over SO for the fol lowing Aliens have one LESS power than rol led. This is the
abil ities: Agility, Stren gth, and Endurance. They are held price they pay for bei ng general ly tougher.
to maximum of Rem arkab le (initially) in these areas. Alien abil ities can either be natural or the result of
H i g h-tech heroes raise i n itial Resou rces by one ran k . tech nology (much like h i-tech wonders, though they do
Hig h-tech heroes raise their Reason by one ran k . not gain the advantage of the Body Armor option). If the
Body Armor Option: I f a hig h-tech has Body Armor as player decides that his ability is common to ALL of his
one of his powers, then he can choose to incorporate all race, he then gets a + 1 CS to that abil ity. (H owever, the
of his ot her su per-ab ilities into that armor as wel l (like J udge can then use critters from his home planet, also
Iron Man). I n ad dition, the armor will increase his normal with that abil ity, to bother the hero).
abil ities according to his Reason abil ity. Make a Reason
FEAT for each of Ag i lity, Strength, and Endurance . A
White result means no increase, a G reen result a + 1 CS Major Abi l iti es
to that score, a Ye l low res ult a + 2CS to that score, and a Roll for each of the major abil ities on the table below,
Red result a + 3CS to that score. Health is fig ured from taking into account the modifications of the rolled or cho
the new stats. However, when the hero is NOT in his sen character origin.
armored outfit, his abil ities remain normal .
Robots: Robots are artificially-created beings. They Random Ranks Table
includ e robots, synthezoids, androids, life-mod ule de
coys, and full cyborgs (where all flesh by the brain has Dice Rank
been replaced by inorganics). Machine Man , Vision, and Roll Rank N u mber
Deathlok are all robotic characters. 0 1 -05 Feeble 2
Robots are unaffected by powers that affect the h u man 06- 1 0 Poor 4
mind or emotions, while subject to those that control 1 1 -20 Typical 6
mach inery. Player character robots are assumed to have 2 1 -40 Good 10
self-repair circuitry that al lows them to regain Health in 4 1 -60 Excel lent 20
the normal fashion. 6 1 -S0 Rem arkable 30
Ro bots have an i n itial Popularity of O. U n l i ke mu S 1 -96 In cred ible 40
tants, they do not suffer f u rther in popula rity because 97 + Amazi n g 50

After modifications from bei n g high-tech with a battle yo u ' l l probably get a more varied hero. Which method
suit, or from being an altered hum an, no roll on this you use is up to yo u.
table can be above U nearthly. Rolls modified above For each power, roll its power ran k on the Random
U nearthly are considered U nearthly. Ranks table above. Remem ber that mutants can in
crease ONE power rank by + 1 CS at the start. Some
powers do not have power ran ks, and these are noted .
Va riable Ab ilities After d iscove ring powe rs, repeat the process with tal
Health: After the m ajor abil ities have been gene rated ents. Roll percentile dice on the Talents Available table to
(and all mod ifications made for origi ns), Health is calcu determ ine how many the hero has. Then either choose
lated by add i n g the ran k n u m bers for Fighting, Agility, the talents for yo ur hero or roll random ly.
Strength, and Endurance. If th ese ranks change as a
result of powers, then the Health needs to be recalcu Powers Avai lable Table
lated (tho ugh this usually means an increase, so the
players won't m i nd). Dice Roll # of Powers
Karma: After all major abi lities have been ro lled, and 0 1 -20 2
modifications made for origins, add up the ran k num bers 2 1 -60 3
for Reason, I ntuition , and Psyche. The resu lting number 6 1 -90 4
is the i n itial Karma of the hero. 91 -00 5
Resources: Roll on the Random Ran ks table above for * Aliens have one less power than the number rol led .
the i n itial Resou rces available to the hero. Remember
that m utants have resou rces of - 1 CS (minimum Fee
ble), and high-techs have resou rces of + 1 CS (maximum Power Categories Table
Monstrous). Dice Roll Power Category
Popularity: Popularity for new heroes on the block is
01 -05 Resistances
always 0 for m u tants and robots, and Good (1 0) for ev
06- 1 0 Sensory Powers
eryone else. If a non-m utant, non-robot hero has a secret
1 1 -1 5 Movement Powers
identity (no one knows who he really is), his in itial Popu
1 6-25 M atter Control Powers
larity is Typical .
26-40 Energy Control Powers
41 -55 Body Control Powers
Powers & Talents 56-70 Ran ged Attack Powers
71 -75 Me ntal Powers
Powers and talents are generated i n the sam e fashion. 76-85 Body Alterati ons/Offense
Roll on the Powers table for the maximum nu mber of 86-00 Body Alterations/Defense
powers avai lable to the hero (2 through 5). Remember
that aliens get one less power than is rol led. Then go to
the Power Categories table-this table tells you what
general category you r power is i n . You m i ght want to look
at ALL yo ur power categories before you get any of your
specific powers.
Once you have your general power categories, you
can either choose or randomly rol l you r powers in those
categories. If you choose yo u'll probably get a hero with
complementing powers (like Water Breathi ng, U nderwa
ter Combat, and Water Control). If you rol l ran domly,

POWERS LIST Energy Control Powers
Die Roll Power
Resistance Powers
1 -2 M ag n etic Ma n i pulation
Die R o l l Power 3-4 Electrical Mani pu lation
1 Resistance to Fi re and Heat 5 -6 Ligh t Ma n i p u l ation
2 Resistance to Ice and Cold 7-8 Sou n d Manipu lation
3 Resistance to Electricity 9 G ravity M an i pulation
4 Resistance to R ad i ation 10 Energy Reflection
5 Resistance to Poison
6 Resistance to Emotion Attacks Body Control Powers
7 Resistance to Mental Attacks Die Roll Power
8 Resistance to M agical Attacks
1 G rowth
9 Resistance to Disease
2 S h M n ng
10 I nvu l nerabi lity' In visibil ity
4 Elongation
Sensory Powers
5 Shape-Shift i n g '
Die R o l l Power 6 Body Transfo rmation '
1 Protected Senses 7 Animal Transformation-Self
2 Enh anced Senses 8 Raise Lowest Abil ity
3 I nfravision (or N ight Vision) 9 Alter Ego
4 Emotion Detection 10 Phasing
5 Energy Detection
6 Magnetic Detection Ranged Attack Powers
7 M utant Detection Die Roll Power
8 Astral & M agic Detection
1 Projectiles
9 Tracking Abi lity
2 Ensnarement
10 Combat Sense'
3 Ice
4 Fire
Movement Powers
5 Energy
D i e Roll Power 6 Force
1 -2 Flight 7 Sound
3 Gliding 8 Stunning
4 Leaping 9 Slas h i ng
5 Wall-C rawling 10 Acid/Corrosive
6 Light n i n g Speed
7 Levitation Mental Powers
8 Swi m m i n g Die Ro l l Power
9 Clim bing
1 Telepathy
10 Teleportatio n '
2 Image Ge neration '
3 Telekinesis
Matter Control Powers
4 Force Fields-Personal
Die Roll Power 5 Force Fields-Projected
1 -2 Earth Control 6 M i n d Contro l '
3-4 Air Control 7 Plant Control
5-6 Fire Control 8 Psi-Screen
7-8 Wate r Control 9 Mental Force Bolts
9- 1 0 Weather Control 10 Astral Projection

Body Alterations/Offensive 1 3- 1 4 Martial Arts A
Die Roll Power 1 5-1 6 Martial Arts B
1 7- 1 8 Martial Arts C
1 -3 Extra Body Parts
1 9-20 Martial Arts D
4 Extra Attacks
21 -22 Martial A rts E
5 Energy Touch
23-24 Wrestl ing
6 Paralyzing Touch
25-26 Aerial Com bat
7-9 Claws
27-28 U n d e rwater Combat
10 Rotting Touch
29-30 Acrobatics
Body Alterations/Defensive 3 1 -32 Tu m b l i n g
33 Resist Dom i n ation
Die Roll Power
34-35 Escape Artist
1 -3 Body Armor 36-37 Student
4 Water Breathing 38-39 Fi rst Aid
5 Absorption 40 Medicine"
6 Regeneration 4 1 -42 Law
7-8 Recovery 43-44 Law Enforcement"
9 Life S u pport 45-46 Espionage
10 Heal i ng 47-48 Pi lot (aircraft)
" Powers marked with an asterisk ( ) are generally more pow
49-50 Drivi ng (gro u n d vehicles)
erful than the others. If t h is power is chose n , it co u nts as 5 1 -52 M i l itary
TWO choices. If this power is rolled randomly, it cou nts as 53-54 Demolition
the next roll as well ( u n less it was the last rol l , in which case 55-56 Streetsmart
it stands as is) . 57-58 M u lti-l i ngual
59-60 Leaders h i p
There are many more powers in the Marvel U n iverse than 6 1 -62 B u s i ness
the o n es listed here. These, however, a good sam p l i n g for 63-64 Jou rnalism
begi n n i ng players. Those interested in f u rther expansions and 65 Photography
powers are d i rected to the MARVEL S U P E R H E ROES' 66 Artist
Advanced Set. 67 Arch itectu re
68 Performer
Ta l ents Ava i l a b l e Table 69 Oratory
Dice Roll N u mber of Talents 70-71 E n g i n eering
72-73 Chem istry
01-10 1
74-75 Physics
1 1 -50 2
76-77 Electronics
5 1 -90 3
78-79 Mechan ics
9 1 -00 4
80-81 Computers
82-83 Robotics
TALENTS LIST 84-85 Biology
Dice Roll Talent 86-87 Geology
0 1 -02 G u ns 88-89 Genetics
03-04 Th rown Weapons 90-91 H i story
05 Bows 92-93 Archeology
06-07 B l u n t Weapons 94 Mystic & Occult Lore
08-09 Sharp Weapons 95-96 Crime
1 0- 1 1 Marksman 97 Politics
12 Weapons Speci alist" 98 Lockpicking
99-00 Television J u nkie

Tal ents are explained in the Talents section of the appen
d ices. Fi nal Note
Following this section are two appen dices, fil led with
Last Ste p - Filli ng I n the Bla nks more information on powers and tale nts for use by the
heroes. But before we d rag off i nto the detail of all the
After all this rol l i n g and choosing, you now have a powers, let me add two more things:
handful of numbers. These defi ne of how strong your
hero is, how fast, what his powers are, and what his tal 1) We want to hear from you . I f you have questions o r
e nts are. Here comes the tough part-Who is this guy? sug gestions, send them to MSH Ru les Editor, clo T S R
Now comes the chance for the player to act as a Judge I n c . , POB 756, Lake Geneva, W I 531 47, USA.
and make up his own origi n . This is why we recommend
you start out on the establ ished guys-here you have to 2) If you ' re i ntrig ued by what you see h ere, and want
make this up out of the air (and you r own imagination). MORE stuff, then check out the MARVEL SUPER
N o tables or ch arts will give you the answers. H E ROES'" Advanced Set . The Advanced Set co ntai ns
Ask yourse lf the fo l lowi ng q u estions about your hero, MORE powers, MORE bad g uys, advanced information
to see if it gives you any ideas. on building neat superh ero stuff, magic, more vehicles ,
more weapons, new maps , a n d ch aracter advancement.
1 . What is your hero's heroic name?
2. H ow old is he or she?
3. Does the hero have a secret identity?
How does he keep it a secret?
4. H ow does the hero earn his living?
5. Where does the hero live?
6. What is the hero's personality like? Is the hero gener
ous, cran ky, friendly, good-natu red , tough, bitter, or
7. Does the h e ro have any hobbies or pastimes?
8. What does the hero's costume look l i ke?
9. Where did the hero get his powers?

Start with the Origin table selection or rol l , then branch

out with your own ideas. Altered humans were usually
changed by some freak accident. M utant powers usually
appear in tee nage years . Robots usually have a creator
and a pu rpose. Aliens might be representatives of their
homelands, or outcasts on the run. H ig h-techs usually
have a reason for building their battlesuits.
By assemblin g all these pieces , you have more than a
collection of notes and numbers-you have your ch arac
ter, a part that you can play, custom ized to your personal
objectives in the MARVEL SUPER H ERO ES''" Game.

Powe rs Appendix

tive Body Armor of this power rank against magical

Resista nces attacks that do physical damage (such as Mystic Bolts) .
Resistance to Fire and Heat: All damage from fire and Resistance to Disease: The power rank of this abil ity
fire-based attacks is reduced by the power rank num ber. will always be one rank higher than the hero's Endur
The hero is unaffected by any heat of less intensity than ance. All forms of d isease, including vam pirism, and
his power ran k. biological warfare, will use the power ran k of this resist
Resistance to Ice and Co ld: All damage from cold ance as opposed to the character's normal Endurance .
and col d-based attacks is redu ced by the power ran k Invul nerability: This power counts as two choices.
number. The hero may sti l l be affected by objects made The hero has a resistance to one of the above attacks at
of ice, but suffers no effects (like bei ng frozen) from cold Class 1 000 level-he or she l iterally cannot be affected
based attacks of less intensity than his power ran k . by the attack. Further, a playe r who rol l s this power again
Resistance t o Electricity: All damage from electrical can choose another resistance at Class 1 000 level.
attacks is reduced by the power ran k n u m ber.
Resistance to Radiation: All damage from rad iation Sensory Powers
based energy attacks (which incl ude atomic radiation ,
microwaves, gamma rays, etc .) is reduced by the power P rotected Senses: One or more of the hero's basic
rank n u m ber. senses (his choice) is protected from attack. Us ually
Resistance to Poiso n : The power ran k of this ability hearing or sight is chosen as the protected sense. The
will always be one ran k hig her than the hero's Endur hero uses this power to make FEAT rol ls agai nst attacks
ance. If rolled lower, it becomes the higher level. All at that wo uld affect the protected sense (such as goggles
tacks using poison (including knock-out d rugs and gas) that protect from blinding light).
will use this power's ran k as opposed to a normal End ur Enhanced Senses: One or more of the hero's five
ance FEAT. basic senses ope rates at the power ran k of this power.
Resistance to Emotion Attac ks: The power Rank of He can use this power rank to look for clues, spot items,
th is abil ity will always be one rank higher than the hero's or to benefit hi mself i n ot her situations in which an I ntui
Intuition. I f rolled lower, it becomes the higher level. All tion FEAT rol l would be based on that sense.
attacks that p rey on emotions will use the power rank of I nfravisi on: Also called night vision , the hero can see
this resistance as opposed to a normal I nt u ition FEAT. in the dark. In total darkness, the hero can see up to 5
Resistance to Mental Attacks: The power rank of this areas away without difficulty. The hero suffers no penalty
abil ity will always be one ran k higher than the hero's for fighting in the dark. This abil ity has no power rank .
Psyche. All mental attacks will use the power rank of this Emotion Detection: T h e hero can detect t h e emotions
resistance as opposed to a normal Psyche FEAT. This of others at the power rank of this abil ity. The power d oes
abil ity has no effect on magical attacks that prey on the not reveal the cause of any emotions, but only whether
Psyche, nor on emotional attacks. If the hero has the the i nd ivid ual is u n comfortable, sca red , lying, under
Resist Domination talent, he benefits from that, as wel l . stress, or wo rried . Robots are not affected by this power.
Resistance to Magical Attacks: This power d iffers Energy Detection: The hero can detect , identify, and
from Resistance to M ental Attacks in t h at it can be trace specific types of energy with the power rank ability.
LOWER than the Psyche, making the hero MORE vul ner The ability works best on unique forms of energy, and
able to m ag ical attacks. However, the hero gains effec- t rying to trace the more common energy types (say, ordi
nary radiation) requ ires a successful Yellow or Red FEAT.

Magnetic Detection : The hero with this ability can across vertical and upsid e-down surfaces. The method of
hook up with the magnetic field of a pla net and detect this ability is left to the player. The power ran k of this
aberrations in that field (incl uding massive power d rains ability indicates how effective his " stickiness" is. Typical
by secret bad-guy bases and bad g uys using mag netic su rfaces are listed on the table.
powers) with power ran k ability.
Mutant Detection: The hero with this power is attuned to Rank Surface
the specific mental radiation of mutant-kind. He can track Feeble Concrete or B rickwork
and identify a mutant character with power rank abil ity. Typical Glass & Steel
Astral & Magic Detection: The abil ity to detect the Good Steel Alloy
presence of m agical influence, or of individuals in the Rem arkable Oi l-coated surface
I ncredible Non-stick surface
stral plane (whether there by magical or psychic abili
tl S) . The hero detects and tracks magical infl ue nces Class 1 000 Frictionless
with the power ran k abil ity.
Lightn ing Speed: The hero with this power moves as
racking Ability: Basic physically tracking, aided by a vehicle with a maximum speed equal to his power rank.
heightened senses or mutant powers. The hero with this
This power will always at least one ran k higher than the
abil ity can track the physical passage of a target. A suc
cessful power rank FEAT al lows the character to stalk the
ero's End ur ce. The hero can use his Lightning Speed
Instead of Agil ity to perform Agility FEATs. He can turn
quarry for up to an hour.
without d ifficulty at top speed and can move up to top
Com bat Sense: This abil ity cou nts as TWO choices o r
speed and stop in a single ro und.
random rolls. It w i l l b e no lower than t h e I ntuition o f the
Levitation: The hero with this power can move verti
character, and if rolled lower, is set at the Intuition leve l .
cally a the power rank of this ability, covering a n u m ber
The power rank o f t h i s abil ity can b e used instead of of stones equal to the rank number in a single turn.
Strength for escaping, instead of Intuition for initiative
Swi mming: The hero can move through water at high
inst ad .of Ag i lity for dodg ing and catch i n g , and insted
speed, much as Lightning Speed allows the hero to
of Fighting for evad ing.
move q u ickly on land. This power does not give the hero
the ability to breathe underwater, but the hero with this
M ovement Powers power can choose Water Breathing as his next power
F light: Th hero with this power can move through the without making a rol l .
. Climbing: The hero with this power can scale vertical
air under his own power. The method of flight is left for
su rfaces (though not ones that are upside down) at normal
the player to desc ribe for his hero, and may include
ground speed rates. The su rface must have some form of
n? cket belts : natu ral wings, mental powers, etc. The hero
files at an air speed eq ual to his power ran k. h nd-h lds . In addition, the hero can move through tangled
pipes, ! nes, and other close areas, using the power rank of
Gliding: The hero with this power can g lide through .
the air, d ropping at least one story each round and land this ability Instead of Ag ility. This power will always be at
least one rank higher than the hero's Agil ity, and if below
ing withou damage. The hero can move up to the air
speed of his powe r ran k each turn as for normal flight, that, adjust the Climbing rank upward.
. Teleportation : This power cou nts as TWO choices or
but can not climb (Increase altitude). The method of this
rolls. Teleportation is the abi lity to move instantaneously
gliding is left to the pl ayer.
from pl ce to p lace without passi ng through the areas (or
a l:> ing: The hero can leap with Leaping power rank so lid objects) In between . The power rank indicates how
ability I n stead of Strength . This power will always be at
least one ran k greater t han the hero's Stren gth , and if far the hero can teleport. On arrival the hero makes a
Power FEAT. Upon a successful FEAT, the hero can act
rolled lower is increased to this level.
the sam e ro und he teleports, otherwise he is confused
Wa ll-Crawl ing: The hero with this abi lity can move
and disoriented for 1 -1 0 game turns.

If the hero teleports into a solid object, he takes dam + 1 CS by using this power.
age equal to TWICE the object's material strength. He is Fire Control Power: The hero with this abi lity can
then randomly teleported away, and will be d isoriented control existi ng sou rces of fire. He cannot create fire. He
for 1 -1 0 rou nds. can intensify exiting fires up to his power rank of inten
sity, creating fiery s hields, shapes, and swords that will
Matter Control Powers infl ict power rank damage. He can also shoot bolts of fi re
up to 1 area away with this ability, those bolts capable of
Earth Control Power: The hero with this ability can ma infl icting up to power rank energy damage or acting as
nipulate natural and semi-natural m i neral items. Artificial restrai nts (circling the subject such that movement would
or refined materials, such as steel and glass, are exempt result in damage).
from this power. A hero with Earth Control power can Water Control Power: The hero with this abil ity has
move as m uch earth as he could lift if his power rank was mastery over water. He can form it into shapes, including
equal to his Strength. A hero with this ability can create shields of power rank protection from fire and energy
weapons of earth (which infl ict as m uch damage as their weapons (though not physical weapons) and battering
material strength) and shields (which serve as Body Armor rams that i nfl ict u p to power rank charging damage. The
equal to their material strength). A hero with Earth Control hero with this ability can also swim at - 3CS speed . If the
powers can also create earthquakes of power rank magni hero has the Swim ming power, he can swim at + 1 CS to
tude, move earth (as in d igging), and part the earth to that speed .
entrap an opponent with the power rank of that ability. Weather Control Power: The hero with this ability has
A i r Control Power: The hero with this power has the the abil ity to i nfluence the forces of nature. The hero can
ability to manipulate air and wind. He can use gusts of create various weather types of up his power rank i nten
wind as ranged attack weapons, and create air shields of sity, over a range equal to his power rank number in ar
u p to power rank protection from physical m issile weap eas. These weather types include fog, heat, cold, rai n ,
ons (though not energy ranged attacks). hai l , snow, and lightning. The hero with this ability can
The hero with this ability can also fly at - 3CS speed. If also G l ide at - 3CS speed . If the hero has Gliding, he
hero has flight, he can raise his Flight power air speed by can glide at + 1 CS that speed.

reflect energy attacks as wel l , the attack has no effect
Energy Control Powers and is not reflected a second time.
Mag netic Manipulatio n : The hero with this ability can
manipulate the l ines of mag netic force . The hero can lift
and move metallic objects with power rank strength and
Body Control Powe rs
agility. They can use metal lic objects as th rown objects Growth : The hero with this abil ity can increase his size.
with power rank ag ility. They can also create force fields The hero with this ability can use his power rank instead
against metallic objects with power rank strength . If the of Strength when performing FEATs of strength including
hero also has force field gen eration, he can raise the those i n combat. A larger character is also easier to hit.
rank of that power by + 1 CS. Fi nal ly, a character with this The table reflects maxi mum height and the pl usses to be
abil ity can fly at - 3CS air speed . I f the hero has the hit for each of the sizes.
Flight power he can fly at + 1 CS of that speed. Rank Height Plus to be Hit
Electrical Manipulation: The hero can manipu late and
Feeble 8 + 1 CS
control energy. He is u n harmed by electricity up to his
Poor 1 0' + 1 CS
power rank intensity. He can also deliver a shocking
Typical 1 2' + 1 CS
touch of power ran k intensity. Those to uc hed (a Fighting 1 4'
Good + 1 CS
FEAT to hit) must make and Endurance FEAT at the in
Excellent 1 6' + 1 CS
tensity of the shock or be knocked unconscious (in addi
tion to taking damage) Remarkable 1 8' + 2CS
Light Manipulation: The hero can gene rate light as I nc redible 20' + 2CS
well as manipu late existing light energy. He can increase Amazing 22' + 2CS
or decrease existi ng light by his power ran k, as well a Monstrous 22' + 3CS
generati ng l ight of power rank intens ity. This light can be Unearth ly 30' + 3CS
used to blind an opponent fo r 1 - 1 0 rounds. The foe gets Shift X 40' + 3CS
to make an End urance FEAT to avoid this. Sh ift Y 50' + 3CS
Sound Mani pulation: The hero can manipulate exist Shift Z 1 00' + 3CS
i n g so und energ ies, dampen ing existing noise by the
power ra nk or increasing existing noise to the power rank Shrinking: The hero with this abil ity can make hi mself
i ntensity. He can cause others in the same area to make smaller, while retai ning his original strength and other
an Endu rance FEAT against the new i nten sity or pass abi l ities. In add itio n , the hero receives a CS bonus to
out. The individual with this power can also take Sound hitting larger (norm al-sized) opponents, while being
Ran ged Attack as his next power without rolling. harder to hit (by the same bon us.
G ravity Manipulatio n : The hero has control over grav Rank Height CS
ity. He can red uce the effects of gravity by his power Feeble 48 " 0
rank , allowing him to l i ft objects as if of that stren gth, and Poor 24" 0
if his power rank is greater than the amount lifted, he can Typical 1 2" 0
levitate it with power rank - 3CS abil ity. He can also
Good 6/1 1
m ake things heavy, such that living targets mu st make an
Excellent 3" 1
Endurance FEAT to move .
Remarkable 1" 2
Energy Reflection: The hero has the ability to reflect
I ncredible .5" 2
energy and force ranged attacks back on his attac ker.
The attacker's energy is retu rned to him if the hero's Amazing .25" 2
energy reflection is higher than the inten sity of the at Monstrous .1 " 3
tack. If the attacker can absorb, is invu ln erable, or can U n earthly .01 '1 3

At Shift X or higher for this abil ity, the hero shrinks into material strength of less than the hero 's
another di mension, called a M icroverse. power rank intensity.
Invisibility: The hero with this power can make his Gas: Power rank Body Armor but can move
body i nvisible from normal sight. This power does not through narrow openings, Flight at - 3CS
ne at I ocation by other senses, but all attacks against power rank air speed.
an Invl s lble character are at - 4CS (minim u m of Shift 0). Ice : Brittle , but infl icts power rank damage from
. .
In addition, all attacks by an invisible character that a col d .
hero cannot see are considered B l indsiding attacks. Metal : Such a s steel or steel alloy gains Body Ar
Elongatio n : The hero can extend parts of his body mor advantage .
(either by natural ability l i ke M r. Fantastic, or mechanical M inerals: Such a s diamond (Body Armor) o r sand
aids, l i ke Doctor Octopus) into other areas, and attack or (Body Armor and ability to move through
take other actions. How far a character can extend his narrow openi ngs)
body is determi ned by his power ran k . Water: Power ran k Body Armor, and can move
through narrow openings.
Feeble 1 area away Having a body transformation also gives you the d isad
Poor to Excellent 2 areas away vantages of the body-loose bodies l i ke sand, water, and
Remarkable or better 3 areas away. air can be swept up, ice is more susceptable to fire, fire
Shape-Shift i n g : This power counts as TWO random
to water, etc. As a rule of thumb, such attacks that would
rolls or chosen powers. The hero can change into the normally affect such materials are at + 3CS to hit and
shape of any animal, plant, object, or person he wishes. damage .
Animal Transformation-Self: The hero can trans
He does not gain the abilities or powers of the plant,
. form hi mself into an animal. There is a list of the animals
animal, object or person , nor the knowledge that the
person he is i m itating wou ld have. He retains his normal available in the Campaign Book. The hero retains his
size u n less h e has G rowth or Shrinking power. Changes i n itial Health, but gets those major animal abilities that
to a generic shape (a chair) are automatic FEATs, but are hig her than his own . He retains his own Reason
changes to a particular i m itation (the vice-president of I ntuition , and Psyche in any event. The hero also ga ins
the U nited States) requ i res a FEAT roll . the powers or abilities of the creature listed .
Raise Lowest Abi lity : This i s a catch-up featu re for
Body Transformation : This power counts a s TWO
randomm rolls or chosen powers. The hero can trans those plagued by truly horrible abil ities. Raise the lowest
form himself into another for m , and in that form gain the ability by + 1 CS. If more than one ability is lowest, the
abi l ities of that su bstance. For exam ple, a hero who can player chooses which ability to raise. This raise can af
turn into water can flow and not risk d rowning, energy fect initial Karma or Health.
Alter Ego: The hero has an alternate identity. This is
travels at the speed of light in straight l i nes, and fi re
causes inflammable m aterials to catch flame. Solid mate more than just a secret identity, this is another persona
with different abilities who can transform into the hero and
ials g ive the her? the equivalent of the material strength back. An example is Bruce Banner and the H u l k(s). Only
In Body Armor, with a m axim u m of the hero's power ran k .
T h e hero m ust choose what type o f su bstance h i s body mutants, altered humans, and aliens have Alter Egos
will i m itate (see list). high-techs and robots usually do not, and may re-roll this
result if they get it. The Alter Ego is rolled up as for a high
S ubstance Effect tech hero: no Abilities over Remarkable. The Alter Ego
Energy: I n stantaneous movement in straight l ines, may be faster, stronger, or smarter than the hero if these
energy attacks when charging. are the die rolls. The Alter Ego has no powers, but may
Fire: Body will melt opponents' weapons with a have his own talents (roll a second set of talents).

P hasing: The hero has the ability to reduce his own Effects Chart. The hero strikes opponents with his Agil ity,
density and pass through solid objects . The hero can pass infl icting power rank damage at a power rank range.
through solid objects u p to his power rank in material Sound: The hero uses sonic attacks at a distance, u p
strength, and pass through force fields of up to his power t o power rank range. The attack strikes a s a force attack
rank as wel l . If forced out of phase in a material object, the (with Agility to hit). It affects everyone (friend or foe) i n
hero takes damage equal to the material strength of that the area.
object. The hero can attempt to solidify inside other ob Stun n i n g : The hero has a stunning attack that can be
jects to i nfl ict damage-in this case both sides take dam used at a distance. The attack is effective up to power
age equal to the density of the attacker (though the ran k range, but does not i nflict normal damage. Instead,
attacker can use his Body Armor to protect himself) . it causes the target to m ake an Endurance FEAT against
the intensity of the attack or pass out for 1 -1 0 turns.
Ra nged Attack Powers Slashi n g : The hero has a ranged slashing attack (like
razor-ti pped boomerangs). The attack is effective u p to
Projectiles: The most common form of projectile attack power rank range, and infl icts power rank damage on the
is a g un (usually a specialized weapon) though there are Throwing Edged col u m n .
other forms, including quills , daggers, and other th rown Acid/Corrosive: T h e hero has a ranged attack that i s
objects. The projectiles have power rank range, and may acidic or corrosive. I t has a power rank range, a n d i nfl icts
have the shooti ng, throwi ng edged, o r throwi ng blunt power rank damage. It ALSO weakens material it hits,
damage of the power rank. Abil ity to hit is determi ned by such that material with m aterial strength of less than its
the attacker's Agility. power ran k is destroyed by the corrosive effect. The
Ensnarement: The hero 's m issile weapon does not m axi mum abil ity of this attack form, even with sh ifts, is
i nfl ict damage, but rather ensn ares an opponent with Monstrous (75).
power rank abil ity (such as Spider-Man's web-shooters)
at power rank range. The hero's Agil ity determines if the
target is hit.
Menta I Powers
Ice: The hero's attack form is ice, either as a solid attack Telepathy: This ability gives the hero the power to read
(Thrown Blunt column on the Battle Effects Chart) or en the minds of others, as well as to send thoughts to recep
snarement (Agility FEAT to hit). If thrown blunt, it inflicts up tive minds. A closed mind (su pposed a hostile one) will not
to power ran k damage. If ensnarement, it holds with power receive projected thoughts. A telepath can read the m i nd
rank strength. Range is determined by power rank. Oppo of an individual without mental powers on a successful
nents who are resistant to cold will take less damage from Power FEAT. If a telepath tries to read the mind of another
the entrapment, but not from the solid attack. telepath, that subject can resist the attempt with either a
Fire : The hero uses fire as a ranged attack form, hit successful Psyche or Power FEAT, whichever is greater.
ting on the Energy col u m n of the Battle Effects Chart. I mage Generation : The ability counts as TWO random
U n less the hero has Fire Control powers, his flame may rolls or chosen powers. The hero can create l ifel i ke illu
cause other nearby fires to spread. The hero strikes his sions, which sou nd and look real, but are really only de
opponents with Agi l ity, and inflicts power ran k damage. ceptions in the human m i n d . The hero can only create
Energy: The hero uses energy of some type as a ranged one i m age (or set of images) at a time, and m ust concen
attack, hitting on the Energy column of the Battle Effects trate on them. Breaking the concentration will cause the
C hart. The hero strikes his opponents with his Agility, inflict i l l usions to fade.
ing power rank damage at a power rank range. The target gets to make a Psyche FEAT rol l against the
Force: The hero uses concussive force beams of power rank of this ability when it is used . If successfu l ,
some type (l i ke Cyclops' ruby red eyebeams) as a t h e target is aware that i t is an i l l usion a n d can move
ranged attack, hitti ng on the Force col u m n of the Battle normally. If the target fails the FEAT, the target will be-

lieve the illusio n , to the point of feeling i m aginary dam control sentient plants, as noted for M i nd Control above.
age, believing it is h it, and otherwise reacting. Here 's a The control lasts for as long as the hero concentrates.
good place to m ake awards for role-playing. A character Psi-Screen : This ability is always in operation. It pro
cannot be killed by a phantasm. When 0 Health is vides protection against mental attacks , including mind
reached by i maginary damage, the character merely control and telepathy. This power will always be at least
passes out for 1 - 1 0 turns. one rank g reater than the hero's Psyche, and if rolled
Telekinesis: This mental power al lows the hero to lower is i ncreased to this level.
move items with h is m i n d . The power rank can be treated Mental Force Bolts: A mental version of force attacks,
as Agility or Strength for purposes of lifti n g things-as the hero can cast i nvisible force bolts by force of his
Agi l ity for delicate operations, and as Strength for heavy mind. Psyche instead of Ag i l ity is used to determi n e if
weight l ifting. The hero with this abil ity can throw things these hit, and they can strike up to power ran k range for
telepathically (still using Agil ity to hit), as well as try to power ran k force damage.
restrain a foe by telekinetic wrestling holds. Astral Projecti o n : The i n d ivid ual can parse off h is
Force Field, Personal : The hero with this ability has astral self from his body, l eaving his body beh ind as he
the ability to create a personal force field around hi mself moves about. The astral self has as m uch Health as it
alone. The force field absorbs all p hysical and energy would have in itial Karma (add the Reason , I ntuition , and
attacks, up to that of the power ran k. Additional damage Psyche ran k n u m bers), plus the power ran k of this abil ity.
will overwhelm the field, and be taken by the hero. The It can not normally be affected by physical attacks, but
force field van ishes if the hero is knocked u nconscious. can be affected by mental attacks and magic.
A personal force field has a + 1 CS bon us to its in itial The astral self moves at the will of the hero, either to
power ran k. locations (including those never seen before) or even
Force Field, Projected: T he hero with t hi s ability can other dimensions (though this is hazardous, particularly if
create a force field that covers an entire area, with ef they are i n habited by magic-using beings). The astral
fects similar to the personal force field. The hero can being cannot communicate with beings on the physical
expand the force field outward, but suffers a - 1 CS to plane, unless either party has telepathy or other abilities
effectiveness for every additional area i nvolved . The that permit such com m u n ication .
projected force field gai n s no advantage to its i n itial rol l . Beings can encounter each other on the Astral , with
M ind Control : This power cou nts as TWO for random the result that combat can occur. I n itial Karma + Power
roll s and chosen powers, as it is extremely potent. M i nd Rank determines Health, and Psyche can be used for
control allows the individual to take over another charac any astral com bat FEAT (Fighting, Agility, Strength, or
ter's mind. The target gets a Psyche FEAT again st the Endurance). Killing the astral self will result in the death
power ran k of the attacker for i n itial control . If the target of the physical body.
is ordered to do something he wou ld n ot normally do, or
if ordered to commit acts that will d irectly result in a loss
of Karma, the target gets another Psyche FEAT to break
Body Alterations/Offensive
the effect. Heroes under the effects of m i n d control can Extra-Body Parts: The hero with this ability has either
add Karma to their rol ls u nless otherwise prohibited . d u plicates of body parts (such as an additional set of
P lant Contro l : The hero has the abil ity to control eyes or arms), replaced body parts (such as claws or
plants, and is capable of making them perform u n insect eyes) or totally new parts, such as wi ngs or a pre
plant/ike behavior-li ke move, grow, and attack others. hensile tai l . The variety of these parts may create a n u m
The hero can control up to all plants in one area. The ber of new abilities for the hero. In general, n ew abilities
plants can attack with their m aterial strength of damage, gained through this power are a - 1 CS of what they
as well as perform Fighting and Strength FEATs. The would be if rolled otherwise (if wi ngs are chose n , and the
character with Plant Control can also attempt to mind power rank for this ability was Excellent (20), .the flight

resulting would be Good ( 1 0)) . for a power rank), as well as see underwater and survive at
Extra Attacks: This abil ity is always at least + 1 CS great depths comfortably. The hero can take the movement
better than the Fighting abi l ity, and if rolled lower than power Swimming as his next power automatically.
this, is raised to this level. The individual can make a Absorption: The player whose hero receives this
Power FEAT to m ake additional attacks: with White = power can choose to absorb a particular type of damage
attack, G reen = 2 , Yel low
= 3 , and Red= 4 attacks (such as fire, cold, energy, force, or sl ugfest). Any attack
against adjacent opponents. of that type against the hero infl icts no damage, but in
Energy Tou c h : The hero with this abil ity can harm stead is used to restore lost Healt h . Health can even be
others with his touch . Up to power rank damage may be "supercharged" in this fas hion beyond the original
i nflicted , using the En ergy col u m n of the Battle Effects Health level . The upper limit for extra Health is a n u m ber
Chart. A bullseye result can be considered a stu n if the equal to Health + Absorbtion rank n umber. Damage lost
hero chooses to try to stu n before making the attack. The from this "supercharged" state is removed from the ex
hero can always choose to infl ict less damage than cess Health first.
l isted, or cause lesser effects . Regeneration: The hero with this power recovers his
Paralyzing Tou c h : This touch inflicts no d amage, but E ndurance rank of Health every 1 0 turns (about a min
causes the i n divi d ual touched to make an Endurance ute) , provided the hero rests and takes no additional
FEAT agai nst the power rank of the this ability. Fai l u re damage. The rest must be complete. If the hero is re
indicates they have been knocked out fo r 1 - 1 0 turns. d uced to 0 Health, he m ust sti l l check for death under
Claws: The hero can make edged attacks against tar the Kill col umn of the Battle Effects Chart, but can regen
gets for up to power rank damage or Strength, whichever erate from this state if he l ives.
is LESS . The hero cannot choose lesser effects while Recovery: The hero with this power recovers lost En
using his claws. The power rank of this power is also the d u rance at a faster rate. This power can be used once
m aterial strength of the claws to determine how effective each day. A su ccessfu l FEAT roll returns one lost E n d u r
they are agai nst other materials. ance ran k. As a bon us, the hero can choose any of the
Rotting Touch: The character with this power has the nine resistance powers (except I nvul nerability) listed on
ability to infl ict up to power rank damage, on touch , by the Resistance Powers table.
decay and rot. Against organic materials (wood, cloth, Life Su pport: The hero can su rvive without air and
etc . ) . the to uch can attempt to break them as if the Rot water for protracted periods of time. This power is always
ting Touch power ran k were Strength . at least one rank greater than the hero's E ndurance, and
if rolled lower is i ncreased to this level . The Life Su pport
Body Alterations/Defensive power rank n u mber is the n umber of turns the hero can
survive in a hostile environment (such as a volcano) be
Body Armor: T h e hero with Body Armor has added pro fore needing to make E ndurance FEATs to survive.
tection against physical and energy attack, though not Heal ing: The hero can restore lost Health and E n d u r
those attacks that ignore Body Armor (such as magic or ance ranks to others (though not to hi mself). The power
m i n d control) . The Body Armor absorbs as m uch damage ran k n u mber is the total Health that can be restored in a
as the power rank n u mber; additional damage is re single day. Also, the hero can restore one lost Endu rance
moved from the hero's Health. rank each day. For each attempt at restoring Health or
Body Armor can take many forms, from thick skin to Endurance, make a Power FEAT rol l . A fai l u re in d icates
extreme resiliency to hard armor-it is u p to the player to no heal ing was performed , and the hero loses Karma
determine the hero's look. In addition , hig h-techs can equal to the power ran k n u mber of the ability he at
take this ability to create a set of battle-armor (like I ron tem pted to restore. A character without Karma cannot
Man 's) to use as the source of his other powers. Heal (this makes Healers particularly sensitive to the
Water Breathing: The hero can breathe water (no need Karma of their actions).

Ta l e nt Ap p e n d ix
I n General: Talents g ive the hero a bit of extra knowl Tu mbling: Allows the hero to m ake an Agil ity FEAT
edge and effectiveness in a particular fiel d , whether it is after ANY fall to land on his feet without taki ng damage ,
shooting guns or researc hing quantum physics. U n less up to a fall of his Endu rance ran k n u mber in stories.
otherwise noted below, a talent allows the i n d ividual pos Resist Domination: Grants + 1 CS to all Psyche
sessing it a + 1 CS to FEAT rolls wh enever that talent FEATs against me ntal attacks. This ability is common to
would be usefu l . The J udge has final say on the useful many of the st udents of C harles Xavier.
ness of a talent in a particular situation . Escape Artist: Grants + 1 CS on escape actions, as
Gun: Includes all handguns, rifles, and items that look well as + 1 CS to agility to wiggling out of locks, chains ,
l i ke g u n s , (blaste rs, lasers, etc .). ropes, and other restraints .
Marksman: G rants the hero a + 1 CS with any ranged Stu dent: A special catego ry. The student i s trying to
attack weapon that requires line of sight. A weapon used by learn as much as possible about everything, and as such
a marksman does not suffer the normal range penalties. does not gain an i m med iate + 1 CS to anythi n g , but can
Weapons Specialist: Cou nts as TWO choices or rolls. purchase additional talents at half normal price .
The character with this ability gets a + 2CS instead of First Aid: G rants the ability to halt the Endurance loss
+ 1 and then only with a particular (usually unique or
, of another character, including those at Shift 0 Health .
customized) weapon , such as Spidey's web-shooters or Those receivi ng Fi rst Aid regain one rank of Endurance
Cap's shiel d . The weapons specialist also gets a + 1 to immediately (if any were lost).
his in itiative when using his weapon and alone. Medicine: Counts as TWO talents. This talent acts
Martial Arts A: Allows the hero to stu n or slam oppo exactly as Fi rst Aid, plus the hero gains + 1 CS when
ne nts regardless of their com parative Strength and En deal ing with medical probl ems (diagnosis , treatment,
durance. It allows no ot her benefits . research, etc .).
Martial Arts B: G rants the hero + 1 CS to his Fighti ng Law Enforcement: Cou nts as TWO talents. The hero
abil ity when en gaged in un armed combat. has both Gun and Law talents .
Martial Arts C: G rants the the hero + 1 CS to g rap Military: Grants + 1 CS to all FEATs using military
p l i n g , escaping, and dodging actions. hardware, incl uding army weapons.
Martial Arts D : G rants the hero the ability to stun and Streetsmart: G rants + 1 CS to all FEATs involving city
s lam opponents even if no damage was i nflicted (as a l ife, including recog nizing and deal ing with gangs, and
result of Body Armor). general survival on the street.
Martial Arts E: Grants the hero + 1 to i n itiative rol ls. Multi-Lingual : The hero can speak several lan guages.
Wrestling: G rants the hero + 2CS on g rappling at Make a Reason FEAT. Wh ite = 1 ad ditional language,
tacks, through not damage. G reen = 2, Yellow
= 3, Red
= 4. No Karma can be
Aerial Combat : G rants the hero + 1 CS i n aerial com spent on this roll . The hero does not need to determine
bat. Th is talent is useful primarily to heroes having some what languages he speaks at the outset , but can spring it
type of flight power. If the hero does not, the player can on the J udge in pl ay.
choose anoth er talent i nstead of this one. Leadership: The hero is a recog n ized Leader. If he
U nderwater Combat : G rants the hero + 1 CS in under forms a Karma pool, it gets a 50 point benefit for as long
water combat . This talent is useful pri m arily to heroes as he is a member (one leader per Karma Pool). The
with the ability to breathe water. If the hero can not, the benefit is lost if he leaves the grou p.
player can choose another talent instead of this one. Crime: The hero is either a fo rmer criminal or well
Acrobatics: G rants the hero + 1 CS to dodging, evad versed in criminal operations. He gains a + 1 CS when
i n g , and escaping actio ns. dealing with criminals, including masq uerad ing as one.

Mi ni-Advent u res
This chapter contains short scenarios for the MARVEL When reading the paragraphs above, take the part of
SU PER HEROE S' Basic Set . the third man, since he's the one talking. He's a thug
(same as the other two) so give him that cornball New
When the Scorpion Stri kes! Yawk wise guy accent so fa miliar from movies-" Come
on, dah cops ' l l be here enny m i n nit." Funny voices often
Read the fo llowing to the players: help when ro le-playi ng, especially for the Judge, be
cause he has to j u ggle a n u mber of roles. Different
It is late one evening, and a full moon turns the city voices and accents help set the mood.
streets to a patte rn of gray light and black shadow . The two thugs have knives; the driver has a handgun .
From your roof-top vantage point the city spreads out More important, the truck is the hiding place of the Boss,
l i ke a blan ket before you . It is peacef u l , at least as who is overseeing the operation . The Boss is really the
peaceful as a city that never sleeps ever is. Suddenly, Scorpion (his stats are in the Campaign Book). The Scor
in the distan ce, a bu rglar alarm spl its the qu iet of the pion won't reveal himself unless the thugs run into trouble.
ni ght. Someone has broken i nto a store. The thugs' stats are also in the Campaign Book. Their
weapons are listed on the Weapons Table. The truck is
Put the cou nters representi ng the heroes (probably the noth ing special and has the followi ng stats: Control P R ,
fold-ups, but any figures will do) on the roof of the apart Speed G O , Body G O .
ment building on the northwest corner of 8th and Arthur Anyway, back to the plot. What happens next is up to
streets on the big street map. the players. Ask them what the ir heroes are going to do.
The alarm is co ming from the south and west, the far They have the drop on the bad g uys if they move i m me
side of Olson 's Five & Dime, at Schweinenger's Furs. diately. If they wait arou nd, the thugs may notice them
The heroes can choose to ign ore the alarm and in about (m ake an I ntuition FEAT rol l for the thugs. They ' re not too
ten turns pol ice arrive , but the robbers are long gone. If bright, but they may get l ucky).
the heroes decide to check out the distu rbance, they If the he roes do nothing (unl i kely, but it can happen),
have to leave their vantage point to get a closer look. the bad guys load up the furs, j u m p in the truck, and take
Action: The front and roof of the building are peaceful off on turn five or so. Skip down a few paragraphs and
and u ndisturbed . H owever, there is activity on the rear read what happens if the bad guys get away.
loading dock. As soon as one of the heroes is in a posi I f the thugs see the heroes or the heroes attack , the
tion to see the area behind the fur store, read the fol low thugs dOing the loading pull their kn ives . They attack
ing aloud. hand-to-hand (slugfest, edged attacks) if they are close
enoug h, otherwise they th row the kn ives and j u m p into
The fur store has unexpected customers, the type that the back of the truck for a qu ick escape. The wheelman
do their shopping at night and always want credit. A is a nervous character and will hit the gas at the fi rst sign
mediu m-sized truck is backed up to the rear doors of the of trouble. The Scorpion waits until the h eroes are en
shop, its engine running. Two men are at the back door gaged with the thugs (or the truck is prevented from es
of the shop, furiously flinging piles of fur into the truck. caping) and then attacks from behind, blindsiding an
A third man , at the wheel of the truck, sho uts to the opponent if possible.
others in a thin, whiny voice, "Come on , the cops will The thugs su rrender if Scorpion is knocked out. Scor
be here any min ute ." pion hi mself fights until kn ocked un conscious. H is op-

tions are fai rly straig ht-forward .
If the heroes let the robbery occur, and follow the truck, a rad io talkshow receives a th reat that the book fai r
it will d rive about a m i le to an abandoned factory (use the wi l l be attacked by foreign terrorists . It's i n all the
G lobe Press on the same map). There the thugs disem papers, and the city arranges doubled secu rity for
bark and d ivvy up the loot. There is nothing else at the the fair. Now it is Saturday m o rn i n g . Wh at are you
old factory. doing?
The police arrive on the scene about 1 0 turns after the
alarm goes off . If Scorpion beats the heroes he leaves Use the street map, in particu lar the area around
them behind in the al ley and m akes his escape. Rathbone Park. All areas of Rathbone Park are crowded
Aftermath : O nce the battle is done, you can award during the carnival (see page 1 4).
Karma to the conquering heroes. They get 1 0 poi nts for The heroes can choose to be on the sce ne either i n
preventing a theft and 5 points if the bad g uys are there thei r public, heroic I Ds or in their secret IDs.
to be arrested when the police show u p . If they defeat Set the scene for the pl ayers and mention the fol lowing
Scorpion they get 40 more points (Scorpion's highest things:
abil ity score). These are d ivided between the heroes. 1) Several carnival rides-a merry-go-round, tilt-a
C h aracters may get ad ditional Karma for good role play whirl, and small ferris wheel. They are in the wide grassy
i n g , doing clever things, or ju st doli ng out bad p u ns. areas of Rathbone Park.
("Ah, the fur's going to fly tonight"). 2) Small booths along the pathways se lling hot dogs,
Options: This is a very simple encounter and makes a food , games of ch ance (for charity) and promoting vari
good introduction to the g ame . It is des igned for two or ous book companies and books. There are a lot of book
three heroes with some super abilities-Captain Amer compan ies here, ranging from big g uys to small presses
ica, Puni sher, or Spider-Man at best. Thor could go with names like Spumante Brothers, Howling Cat
through these g uys in an instant. Games, and Lone Star Novels.
The J udge can change the scenario before the game 3) A l arge g roup of individuals near the lake are play
be gins in a n umber of ways. ing with radio-controlled boats.
1 ) Repl ace Scorpion with another bad guy. Loki or the 4) Doctor Doom . Or rather, an actor dressed as Doctor
Red S kull would not stoop to boosting furs, but Boomer Doom, signing autog raphs of Doom 's unauthorized biog
an g , Rhino , or Electro woul d . raphy " Doom: The Man and his Machines," from Sudden
2 ) I f there are more than th ree heroes or the players Death Press . This guy is a red herring. His "armor" is
are experienced, Scorpion has help from Boomerang, plastic and he has no weapons. Mention the fact that
Rhino, or Electro. Doc Doom is there and see if you get a reaction .
3) Bring in a re inforci ng hero (controlled by the Judge, 5) About a half-dozen cl owns are passing out "Re ad
of course). This works out n icely if the heroes get them ing is Fun" balloons.
selves in over their heads. If no one is playing Spider 6) A m i me encouraging people to engage i n a tug-of
Man , perhaps the web-sli nger shows u p two turns after war with an imaginary rope . Heroes in secret I Ds are
the battle beg ins. If the heroes are new in town , he might wonderful targets for such actions .
not know who is on what side. Everything checks out, for the sec urity conscious. The
carnival folk are all legitimate, as are the bookse llers
Dread of the Dreadnoug hts (though some wi ll take umbrage at being chal l enged).
Nothing funny about the rides, etc .
Read the fol lowi ng to the players . Give the heroes some time to settle in, get relaxed ,
when su ddenly. . . .
A book fair and carnival i s planned i n Rathbone Park,
announced as starting Saturd ay. On Friday afte rnoon , Action:

I n addition to personal awards for humor, role-playi ng,
A series of explosions blasts the lake, flinging radio and cleverness, the heroes will also be rewarded for
control led boats in all d irections. A large, metallic fig preventi ng violent cri me, arresting a violent cri min al (if
ure rises from the water, followed by a second, then a they catch Quentin), and rescuing people threatened by
third . The dread noughts h ave arrived! the dreadnoughts.
This is a very public setting, so the results of the battle
Three dreadnoughts appear in the lake area. Their will be publ icized in every newspaper in the city. If the
stats are in the Campaign Book. They try to make their heroes do a good job, their Popul arity goes up a ran k . If
way to the fountain area, where the booth of Lone Star there is a lot of damage, they get the blame and the i r
Novels is located, and decimate it. They also destroy Popularity slips a rank .
everything in the way. Options: This adventure i s laid out for three or four
The d read noughts attack anyone who get in their way, heroes of about Spider- M an 's or I ron Man 's abilities.
k nocking aside pol icemen and security officers. As an Punisher or Captain America will have problems with
added danger, the crowd itself stam pedes away from the these guys. If you r players are run ning l ess powerful
dread noughts, threatening to carry along any hero in its heroes, a single dreadnought can probably keep them
m idst (Strength FEAT to break free or move against the busy. If more heroes, or more powerful heroes, are bei ng
tide). used, then add more dread noughts ! Here are a couple
I n the m idst of this madness is a quiet little man, sti l i other things you can do as wel l .
standing b y t h e l ake with his radio-controlled boat d 1 ) The attack i s a cover for the " Mystery Man's : ' tru e
vice. He's the one responsible for all this. H I s name IS .
purpose-steal i ng an ancient treasure map from ItS d is
Quentin Isimolovich. Quentin 's latest book was recently play case in the Krupp Building main lobby. The attack of
rejected by Lone Star (" Passion in the Sands " - a ro the dreadnoughts is to draw off the security gu ards, and
m ance), and he seeks to get even . He even has the re the robbers (henchmen stats) m ake off with the map
jection letter in his pocket. The d read noughts are under while the " Mystery Man " watches from his limo.
his control via the box. 2) Kingpin is on the scene, in his limo. He is just rel x
If the heroes notice Quentin (if they are looking for .
ing, not up to anything in particular other than seeing If
something odd; otherwise j ust give them a Red Intuiti.on the th reat to the book fai r is valid or not . A dreadnought
FEAT), they m ight be able to get the box away from him attacks the limo, giving the heroes the odious task of
and avoid mass destruction. Good l uck. Quentin is an rescui ng the Kingpin of Crime.
excitable sort, and if th reatened or startled , he d rops the 3) Wel l , Doctor Doom is ticked off about his un author
control box. The dread noughts then regain control of ized biography, and sends a doom bot to pummel the
their actions and attack Quentin (he has innocent by hapless actor senseless as a warn ing to the publisher.
stander stats). The heroes must deal with a doom bot as well as the
The d re adnoughts fight u ntil defeated or destroyed. If dread noughts (or, worst of all, the doom bot comes u nder
attacked , they concentrate on the attacker rather than the control of Quentin 's radio device and starts ram pag
rampagi ng. ing as wel l).
Aftermat h : If caught, Quentin apologizes for his
actions. He bought the d read noughts from a " mysterious
m a n ." The real identity of that mystery man is is up to the The Ma l l is the Place to BEE.
J udge-perhaps the Red Sku l l , Loki, Machinesmith, or Lay out the interior map and point to the Keesh Mall
another powerful , mad genius. insert area. Tell the players that their heroes are some
If the dread noughts are destroyed but Quentin es where in the mall (wherever they want), in their secret iden
capes, Quentin will be mad at the he roes. He will seek to tities if possible. Ask them why they are there (shopping '
get other robots and get revenge. working, checking out a lead, whatever) before you begin. .

dome weighs about 500 I bs, is 20 feet high, self
It's Youth Group Week at the Keesh Mall, and in addi contai ned , and made of Poor stre ngth material.
tion to the standard bargains and s hoppers, there are If the bees are freed i m med iately, no one gets h u rt
a n u mber of Yo u ng Scientist projects scattered around (though the mall empties fast as H u mbug stands at the
the mall. In addition to displays showi ng how solar door shouting " Fly, my pretties!"). If threatened , H u mbug
power and internal combustion engi nes work, the cen and his men try to force open the dome with stun rifles o r
tral area is dominated by a large glass globe. This o n e of Hu mbug's little so u n d-bites. If their home is de
g lobe contains an energetic bee colony. T h e display is stroyed , the bees become angry, swarming out and at
funded by Stane In ternational . tacking everyone in the area. The stats for a swarm of
The buzzing of the bees trapped within the 20-foot bees are :
plastic bubble (complete with vegetation to show bee
plant relati onships) is a pleasant change from the ele F A S E R I P
vator music normal ly fo und in the mal l . The cal m EX FB FB EX FB FB FB
buzzi ng beco mes more agitated when the western Those attacked by bees m ust make an End urance FEAT
doors of the mall are blown off their h i nges by a sharp to do anything that roun d . H eavily armored heroes
buzzing noise! (Thing, I ron Man) will be u n harmed by the bees. The
St riding into the mall are five men. Four are dressed bees can inflict up to Good damage. They will swarm for
in black with hoods over their faces, carryi ng odd ri up to 1 0 turns before dissipating enou g h to escape. The
fles. The fifth man, their leader, is a thin guy in an crowd , of cou rse, panics and heads for the exits if the
o range and red suit with goggles . " I am the H u m b u g ! " bees get loose.
he declares, " a n d in t h e name o f the I nsect Liberation H u mbug and his men will fight until defeated (not too
Front I demand that you free these captive bees! " d ifficult a task).
Aftermath: This is a miscellaneous crime, but the heroes
Action: The four guys have innocent bystander stats should get 1 0 additional Karma points if they keep the bees
but are armed with stun rifles. One shot from one of from escaping. If the bees do escape, the heroes can earn
th ese is suffici ent to destroy the bees' container. The some Popularity by getting them back together (with force
fields, insect control, or other powers). New York, and now i ntends to recover it and retu rn to its
Options: None. This encounter is set up for heroes of all lair, smashing everything in its path. The behemoth is
power ranks, and is supposed to be humorous-being a very, very stu pid. It does not com mun icate, and if its
hero is not all beating up the Super Skrull. H u mbug is not thoughts are reached in some way, it fixates on the horn
so much a menace as a nuisance, and should be played and the fact that it belo ngs to h i m .
accordingly. He is devoted to the cause of insect rights. Aftermath : I f t h e heroes treat t h e creature a s only a
big monster, they p robably wi ll defeat it in time, though
The Behemoth Walks the creature may take out several city blocks in the proc
ess . If the heroes deduce what the behemoth is after (a
Read the following to the players:
tou g h tri ck) and convi nce the Brand Corporation to part
with the horn (Popu la rity FEAT) , then they should receive
It's Sunday morn ing, a time for long breakfasts, walks
double the regular amou nts of Karma for preve nti ng de
in the park, and a Su nday paper the size of the national
structive crime.
debt. Suddenly the news comes over the television : A
Options: This scenario is desig ned for powe rfu l he
huge monster has been spotted wad ing ashore in the
roes, such as the H u l ks and Thors of the Marvel U n i
dock area, and is heading for m idtown Manhattan!
verse. Less powerful in dividuals will likely have to use
more brains and less brawn to solve the puzzle, but they
The heroes are anywhere they want to be in the city,
but the monste r is heading down Seventh Avenue. De will receive g reater rewards for doing so.
pend ing on how the heroes travel , they should all reach it For those Judges with a more sinister att itude, the
about the same time, when the beastie is reaching the behemoth can be under the control of another bei ng. It is
up to the heroes to determine who is responsible and
eastern side of the map. The heroes can arrive at any
other map side, or at one of the subway term inals (if they defeat h i m . A couple suggestions:
travel in that fashion). 1 ) The behemoth is under the mystic d irection of Loki,
Action: The behe moth (use any spare coun ter, or a toy who wants the horn for his own m isch ievous intentions.
He wants to get it out of New York without com ing i n
dinosaur) appears on the eastern map edge. It 's about
th ree floors tal l , looki ng like a cross between a sperm d irect contact with his hated brother Thor.
whale and a d i nos aur (whale body and face, tyrano 2) Doctor Doom, who is fie ld-testing the behemoth
saurus teeth , legs, and arms). The behe moth 's stats are: control for another attack on Latveria's cu rrent despot.
This is a field-test-the horn of Atlantis matters not at all .
F A S E R I P A small mechanical device has been im planted behind
AM TY UN UN PR PR PR the creature's tiny brai n . This can be the start of a long
H ealth = 256 rivalry with Doo m , who is slow to forget affronts.
The behemoth has Amazing body armor. While it can 3) The Red Sku l l , who is seeking to fu rther weaken the
make edged attacks, it more often makes blunt attacks by threads holding American society together by p rovi ng its
stomping on its enem ies. It moves one area per round. heroes are dangerous. The beast should be m uch more
The behemoth is heading for the Brand Build i n g . Once vicious, its programm ing to attack anyone wearing a
there, it will rip open the glass front of the building, reach mu lti-colored costume (new heroes and those i n street
i n , and take a h uge horn from the lobby (the horn is there clothes would be exem pt).
as part of an "Atlantis Attac ks " display funded by
These are just examples of the types of adventures
B rand). The behe moth will then turn and seek to get off
you can run with the MARVEL SUPER H E ROES'" Basic
the map aga i n .
Set. Some are serious, some are fun ny, and some are
T h e horn was a n Atlantean re l ic , with n o special
doors i nto new adventu res . The fun of being a Judge is
powers other than that it was once part of the behe
to buil d your own adve ntures and test the abilities of the
moth's treasure hoard . The behemoth has tracked it to other heroes . Get out there and have fu n ! N u ff Sai d !

o Fe Pr Ty Gd Ex Rm In Am Mn Un x y z 3000
Excel- Remark- Incre Amaz Mon Unear Shift Shift Shift
Shift Feeble Poor Typical Good lent able dible ing strous thly X Y Z Class Class Class

o 2 4 6 10 20 30 40 50 75 1 00 1 50 200 500 1 000 3000 5000

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