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Day1 ; Difference b/w conventional M/C v/s CNC M/C, Application of CNC Turning center,
Control Panel MDI , CRT key function explanation

G-code, M-code, S, F, T function, Selection of tools & tools Type.

Program example for facing, turning, step-turning, radius, chamfer

Taper-Turing, Drilling. On simulator program verification for activities.

Day2; Program example for boring/counter boring, Outer/ inner

Diameter Threading, Grooving. Complex Part -profile. Different

Cycles G71, G74, G76, G90, G92, G94.On simulator Program verification

Practical hands on CNC for setting.

Day3; Different exercise for Practicals On CNC. Tooling Nomenclature for

Inserts, Tooling Nomenclature for external tool-holder, Tooling Nomenclature for

Boring bars.

Day4; Difference B/w conventional M1TR Milling v/s CNC Milling, Machine
Co-ordinate system axis control & direction. Program structure-code

M-code, S, F, T function, work co-ordinate system selection of tools & tool length offset, Cutter
diameter compensation, Different types Of cycle for Drilling, tapping, boring. Program Example
for face milling, End-milling.and exercise on simulators

Day5: Circular interpolation, Helical thread interpolation with I,J values .D-offset function
Co-ordinate system rotation .Dialing for work-coordinate, programming for material

Machining on VMC .